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CEO in the Host Club
Ch.3:Seto’s Blackmail

Seto typed furiously on his laptop while smiling evilly as if he was planning something Horrific. Joey and Mokuba sighed as they closed the door and walked away from the room.

Next Day

Seto strolled into the Host Club room late. He slammed the door startling them all he stalked over to where the Host Club was sitting at and he flipped there table over
« What are you doing! » Tamaki yelled.
« Shut up and stay quiet. » Seto said glaring at Tamaki before he turned his attention over to Kyouya.
Kyouya then noticed how Kaiba demeanor changed from a very neutral stand point to I’m about to make you lives a living hell.
« I want out of this club now. » Seto said smirking slightly.
« But we had our deal. » Karou and Hikaru said. Seto smiled over at them.
« I was wondering when you were going to say that. » Seto said as he pulled his laptop and turned it around to show them their family’s business current money saved.
« Watch what I can do to it. » Seto said as he typed in a random number and there profits began to drop drastically.
« What are you doing?! » Kyouya yelled glaring at Kaiba.
« Blackmail. » Seto said smiling, « I want you idiots to stay away from me and my brother understands. » Seto said returning there family money to normal and stalking out of the room.
« The Shadow King was defeated. » Haruhi said shocked. Kyoya turned over to glare at her before turning around and walking away slamming the door as he left the Host Club room.
« What are we going to do now Boss? » Karou asked. Tamaki looked back at the members of the Host club and shrugged his shoulders at this moment he honestly didn’t know what to think of what just occurred.
« We can talk about this tomorrow for now everyone head home. » Tamaki said as everyone gathered their thing and started to head home.

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