Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 3 Life of Luxury ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 3 Life Of Luxury
Blair’s eyes lit up about the idea of what was to come, and Britney slightly sneaked over to Blair’s ear. “Hey Blair this is so perfect…! Not only did you totally have a rich guy wrapped around your finger, but you are going to have loads of time to spend with him all alone in his mansion. This is so cool!!!” Blair turned her head with a clearly bright smile across her face; “Britney; stop giving Brett the wrong idea! I love him for other reasons, but yeah; I cannot wait for this!”
It was even difficult for Pegasus not to smile at every one of Brett’s friends getting excited; Brett was the only person who was not truly excited. Pegasus looked at him and addressed his concern; “The fact is that everyone on this earth saw your little battle. I need you to come and back my story up; unless you want everyone on earth to panic. Most of your friends intend to return back to their homes so why not give them a relaxing vacation. You all have earned it and I will not take no for an answer!”
Everyone agreed and Brett new that Blair was looking forward to spending time together. He could not refuse her of that considering that he wanted to go to, and he reluctantly gave into the thought that he was indeed trapped. Brett agreed and Pegasus moved everyone out the door, but the Chancellor called Brett back.
It was confusing to Brett at first, but he stayed behind and Chancellor Shepard began to address Brett. “Brett I know you have been through a lot, and I know the truth about what you are. Blair and the others explained already; the reason I stopped you is because I want you to know that the fact of what you are does not change how we feel about you. Most every one at Duel Academy knows the truth now, and we have taken measures to make sure no one will ever tell a soul.”
Brett nodded in appreciation and thanked the Chancellor, but before he could leave he could hear another request being uttered. “Brett one more thing; that red haired man behind you is he a friend?” Brett nodded and the Chancellor promised that he would be inducted as a student. Again Brett thanked him and left the office; he turned the corner to see Blair waiting for him.
Blair was the only one there, and she had been waiting for him and only him. She locked their arms together and began to lead Brett out side. “Brett I cannot wait; once we get there we can spend so much time together. I have been waiting to do this with you for so long; especially since the other dimension.” Brett smiled and laughed a little; “once I’m done with this whole cover up I promise we will spend more time together. If anything tries to tear us apart again… No I will not let it happen. Then later I promise we will go on that first date.”
It was more then Blair could bare to hear that piece of news. She could not help but become ecstatic about the idea; she had been waiting to do this with him for a while, and now it looked like her wishes were finally coming true. They exited the building to see a large helicopter waiting with everyone already on board. Brett was hesitant for a moment, but Blair just pulled him on board without even noticing Brett’s hesitation, and they sat down on board in the comfortable setting.
The helicopter took off, and Brett suddenly was even quieter then normal during the flight. After a short time the helicopter landed on another small island equipped with a small airport. Everyone exited the helicopter and was led to Pegasus’s private jet. Everyone got aboard and took a seat while marveling at the plane that looked top of the line.
This plane was equipped with so much that it astounded the duelists; there was more then enough room and seats for everyone. Stocked with drinks of many varieties, and so many different foods, and the duelists were amazed at the amount of space. Each seat was padded to extremes, and not an inch of this magnificent plane did not give the impression that it was for famous celebrities.
The further and further aboard Brett was pulled onto the plain; the more he fought back, but both Alexis and Blair guided him on to the plane despite his reluctance. Alexis sat on his left while Blair took the window seat to Brett’s right. Pegasus, Britney, and Axel all sat across from Brett. The others found seats and settled in; the only ones who did not marvel at the plane were Brett and Chazz. The door shut and Brett closed his eyes tightly and grabbed onto the arm rests with a good portion of his strength.
Blair looked over at Brett and wondered what was wrong; he looked like he was very uncomfortable, and she could not figure out why. “Brett are you ok…?” she questioned and Pegasus let out a quiet laugh; that grew into a much grander one. “He hates flying in general; he just has never liked planes or Helicopters no matter what age he was.” Chazz had been listening to this information, and spoke up from behind Brett; “wait a second. You can fly with your wings but you are scarred of flying in a plane…? Who the ehll else is like that…?”
A quick response followed Chazz’s remarks by Brett in a slightly stressed voice; “I hate these death traps. It is so different when you fly by your self. I hate flying in these things no matter how safe they are!” Blair was surprised to see that he was so afraid; Always he was so strong, but no he just was not. She grabbed Brett’s hand and he loosened his grip so not to hurt Blair; even despite the overwhelming nervous feelings. “Do not worry Brett I’m right here ok?” Blair asked him and he seemed to lose tension, and even relax.
Chazz spoke up in regards to the to Blair’s statements. “Where are the barf bags because I think I’m going to be sick? Slacker love is making me ill…” Chazz finished with a laugh but was silenced when Blair got out of her seat and hit him on the back of his head. Alexis also gave her hand to Brett who still had his eyes shut; he took it without any second thought and loosened up slightly more, but still squeezed her hand.
Everyone one did up their seatbelts and the plane began to taxi down the runway. Each rumple and sound testing Brett’s fortitude, and Blair returned her hand to Brett. The plane started down the runway; the plane gained speed and Brett tightened his grip, but not enough to hurt the girls. The plane slowly rose higher and higher till it reached a safe altitude. The seatbelt signs went off and every got up out of their chairs to stretch and explore the plane.
Blair and Alexis slowly coaxed Brett up with reassuring comments; the stability of the plain also easing Brett’s fears of flying. Britney got in close and helped him slowly up; all three girls led Brett into the open areas of the plane and slowly his confidence grew. Then plane hit a sudden bump in turbulence; causing the plane to drop about a thousand feet in a second. Brett dropped to his knees; his confidence instantly gone with no chance of it coming back soon. He put his hand over his head; wishing for this plane ride to be over immediately.
All three girls giggled and commented to the other; on how cute it was that Brett was afraid. The girls huddled around him and all three hugged him trying to comfort him. Chazz shook his fist and got really angry; “Why does he always get the girls…? Come on he is afraid of flying; who is that cute…? Girls are suppose to like the Chazz; not some hero who turns into a wimp!”
The girls ignored Chazz, and Jesse walked up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. “Sorry there pal, but when it comes to women Brett seams to be the king at pull-in stuff like this off. I do not think I have not seen a lady yet that has not been close to Brett; wonder why that is…” Jim walked over sipping from the drink he had obtained. “That Brett is one smooth mate when it comes to ladies. Lucky guy; maybe I should ask him for some pointers; after all he won Blair over like it was nothing… course he did fight some nasty guys.”
Syrus walked over and poked Chazz; “do not worry Chazz; one day we will find a girl that can even stand you!” Chazz hit Syrus on the head with little concern for the amount of force, and Syrus reeled in pain. Everyone else laughed at the joke that was made and Chazz went back and sat down. “Why did I even come on this vacation with you slackers?”
“My son, you sure like to keep interesting company… I cannot believe how many you have made though; this is truly wonderful!” Pegasus laughed and went back to his seat. Samantha stood off in the distance and watched silently, but soon Jesse looked over to her and snapped her back to reality. “Hey Samantha you been acting real strange lately. I mean you been even quieter then usual; and you have been keeping an awfully close eye on Brett. Something on your mind…?”
Samantha closed her eyes and shook her head; “I’m sure it is nothing to you. But ever since Brett collapsed after the day he came back; I have been keeping a close eye on him. It did not even show any signs of fatigue before that; it does not make sense. I just am very worried about him; someone should take care of him. No one else here seems to be worried about him…”
Jesse backed off a bit and Jim stepped up to her; “that’s funny, for a second there I thought you were implying something. Brett is just fine and if there is a problem then we shall deal with it when it presents itself. Blair can look after Brett just fine; it’s nice that you are concerned but you sound a little jealous. That would be a shame since we like you; you just leave Brett to Blair, and everything will workout.”
Samantha turned and walked away with a smug look across her face. Jesse and Jim looked to each other, but could not accuse her of anything yet. The rest of the flight was filled with some conversation. Soon they landed at an airport and the group split into two groups. Pegasus and Brett left in a long luxurious car; while the rest of the group was to take a helicopter back to Pegasus’s private island.
They arrived at the island and were taken directly to the mansion where they were met by bodyguards of Pegasus. “Welcome to the estate of master Pegasus. You are all free to do as you please. Use any facilities on the island and enjoy your selves; compliments of Master Pegasus. If you need any assistance during your stay; please feel free to ask.”
Most of the group split up and took their time to explore the mansion. Blair, Alexis, and Britney headed off in a different direction as a group; leaving the others to do as the y please. Blair stopped when she saw a body guard; she knew exactly what she wanted to do. “Umm… Excuse me but where is Brett’s room?” The man in the black suit pointed down the hall before responding. “Master Brett’s room is ten doors down the hall. Master Brett has not been in that room for quite some time however.”
Blair thanked him and began to walk down the hall; she walked a few steps before feeling a hand pull her back. Alexis pulled her back and leaned over to whisper in her ear; “come on Blair; let’s enjoy their hospitality. There is plenty of time to rummage through Brett’s room later, and we can learn all about him. But for now why don’t you have a relaxing shower. I mean how many times will you get a real shower in a mansion?”
The more Blair thought about it; she would rather see what Brett’s room was like. Britney laughed; “let’s take advantage of this place; not like you won’t get to spend lots of time here. Still we will all get pampered; how many times you get a royal treatment. You have earned this too Blair; so come on. I promise later we will all see Brett’s room. First where are the showers?” The body guard led them down the hall; stopping after a few minutes. “Here is the first one; everything you will need is inside. The next two are a few doors down. After you are done please find the nearest person and they will escort you to what ever you want to do next.”
The thought of enjoying her self had not crossed Blair’s mind. Britney sighed; “think of it this way Blair. You get all cleaned up and Brett will want to spend that much more time with you. Every boy loves a prettied up maiden; and you are so stressed so go relax. Then later we will so go snooping in Brett’s room. I sure hope I can find something to use on him later.” Blair laughed and then ran into the shower and shut the door.
After running in and shutting the door; Blair went straight to work, and Alexis and Britney laughed. “That girl is really in love; she has a one track mind when it comes to anything. I would be worried if Brett was a bad guy, but he isn’t. Well if you excuse me Lexi; I’m going to go enjoy my self. Courtesy of Brett; I can’t believe even I did not know who he was.” Britney ran off and Alexis went to the other shower so she could clean up.
Meanwhile far away in Domino City; Brett and Pegasus were traveling upwards in an elevator. “I know you love this whole me calling you dad thing, but why must we go see this guy? Do we really need his help..? And for the record the only reason I’m being so nice is because my friends are around. I still have not forgiven you for what you did…”
His father just laughed and they exited out the elevator; despite how much Pegasus wanted to explain about that incident. Together they traveled down the hall, and the receptionist told them to enter and that they were expected. They entered the room and a familiar voice began to speak. “It’s about time you got here Pegasus; it is not a good idea to keep me waiting.” Pegasus smiled and talked in a condescending voice; “Oh Kaiba-boy; still soar about my son beating you in that duel? Or maybe you are still mad about that Duelist Kingdom or upset over little Yugi?”
“Don’t be so narrow minded Pegasus; I simply do not like you. Everything is a joke to you, and do not get me started on your adopted wash out son.” Pegasus could not hold back his laughter and let lose, but eventually calmed down to reply. “Funny I though you would like him considering how much you to are a like.” Brett coughed in an attempt to grab the others attention; “look can we just finish this. I would rather get back to my friends; I’m just not in the mood for all this. Besides Kaiba; you forget that I dislike you more.”
“So Brett you actually got some friends… How much did you have to pay them?” Kaiba asked and Brett became enraged. Pegasus broke the coming fight; Kaiba however had lost interest in antagonizing Brett any further. “One day maybe you may have the courage to challenge me; course you would only lose. For now let us all just finish this; Brett get changed into the presentable outfit. Go down the hall and change because there is no way I will be seen with you and those torn clothes. This is important; not some joke.”
Before Brett could protest, Kaiba’s secretary came in and led Brett down the hall. “I cannot believe that I’m bailing your adoptive son out Pegasus.” Pegasus laughed; “well Kaiba we cannot let people know about anything that happened. It could cause a panic and we could all kinds of trouble; imagine what it would do for publicity.”
Immediately Kaiba slammed a hand to his desk; the rage completely in control of his actions and words. “That’s enough Pegasus; the only reason I’m doing this is for the publicity. Do not forget you will fund research into making it into a possibility as a way to repay me. You and Yugi still believe in that kind of stuff but I do not; so let us do this press conference and end this.”
Blair exited the bathroom cleaned and ready to go snooping around for anything; after all her boyfriend was reluctant to share too many details. She began to walk to Brett’s room when Britney grabbed her arm. “Come on Blair; me you and Alexis are going to get messages, and then we are going to get you ready for Brett. So come on!” Britney pulled Blair down the hallway and towards the masseuse; it was exciting, but Blair was more interested in other things.
Alexis stood there with nothing but a towel covering her body. Blair was nervous about taking off all her clothes, but eventually Britney pressured her into doing it. The three female masseuses got the three duelists to lay down. When the masseuse began to work on Blair; all her doubts quickly disappeared and she moaned from the sensation. “Oh wow…! That feels so good; I wonder if Brett would learn to do this for me…”
Britney and Alexis laughed despite how good their masseuses were; “Hey Alexis. Looks like Blair finally starting to unwind; even if she is focused on her guy. This is so good; I hope Brett is doing as good as we are, or I might start to feel real guilty for enjoying this. Maybe not so much after this though!”
Brett and the two older men had just finished the press conference. It had gone worse then Brett thought it could have possibly gone. Brett had publicly admitted to being Pegasus’s adoptive son which was a first, and a crushing blow after how hard he had worked to conceal it. Also Brett had been furiously questioned and was stressed beyond belief. Kaiba went to leave and Pegasus thank him for his aid in the elaborate cover up. “Oh Kaiba; thank you ever so much for your aid.” Kaiba continued to walk forward. “Stow it; just remember our deal and never bother me again with your problems.”
Pegasus sighed; “that Kaiba never changes. Well come on let’s get home so you can see your friends. You will all surely want to spend time, and I have a wonderful feast for all of you planned.” Brett looked down at his feet sheepishly before he said something he knew he would later regret; “thank you dad. I know I have not been the closest son, but thank you for doing all of this for me.” Pegasus laughed and began to led Brett down the hall; “do not worry about it. This is what family is for…”
It was starting to get late, and Blair and the two other girls had gotten dressed and were traveling down the hall. Alexis looked at Blair and had to ask a question. “So was that a good idea right?” Blair nodded her head; she felt so much more relaxed then before.
Suddenly; Alexis and Britney pulled her into the bathroom and combed her hair and put on a small amount of make up. “There you go! Now you are ready to knock him dead; I did not want to put on too much make up because you look better without any. Brett will be stunned by you; you look so well groomed! Not like he will notice…”
Blair blushed at the thought; Britney then pulled her a long till the got to Brett’s room. Alexis giggled and opened the door; “finally we get to see it.” They opened the door to see an enormous room. There was a huge bed and a TV that easily eclipsed even the bed. They opened the closet to see a massive closet that was bigger then Blair’s dorm room.
The girls rummaged through the closet and found a new outfit for Brett. “He should look good in this.” Blair stated while the other two girls agreed; but Blair knew what she was going to have to do. They explored more of the room; then Britney found something that made her gasp. “Look at this! Brett is a championship tennis player; he even has awards for swimming, and to a lesser surprise fencing.” Blair came over and marveled at the awards; it was something that none of them knew.
The girls explored for a while then sat down on the bed. Britney made a loud clap before opening her mouth; “well one place left to snoop.” Britney dropped down and put her hand under the bed. She found something and grabbed it; she brought it up and looked at the cover. The item was a plain binder, and inside were pictures of Blair from the end of last years Gen X tournament. “Oh my god; look at this he really does have a thing for you;. Way to get the rich guy Blair…”
Then Britney put back the binder; so not to arouse suspicion. Still she stood up and sighed, and after moments decided to share her feelings of disappointment. “You all this searching, and nothing that tells us why Brett hates his dad… I was really wondering what could make him hate someone as nice as Pegasus.”
Alexis stood up, and was more then intrigued at the mystery. “Well I don’t think Brett has ever told anyone why that is; no one ever knew that Brett was Pegasus’s adoptive son. Did Brett ever tell you anything Blair..?” Despite the fact that Brett was in love with Blair; he had not. Blair was really concerned with what could have happened, but nothing she could think of was bad enough to disserve this.
Then Brett came through the door; in his new black business suit with a red tie that he had worn to the conference. He had his eyes closed and sighed; when he opened them he saw Alexis and Britney standing in front of the bed. They were more then nervous to be caught, and Britney decided to quickly distract Brett. “Oh Brett look who got all cleaned up you; I think she did it just for you too.”
Brett gasped when the two girls stepped aside and his eyes saw Blair. She was in the same clothes but she looked like she had put a lot of effort into getting ready for him. It did not matter to Brett; he always thought Blair was beautiful. Blair ran over and gave him a big hug around hid upper mid section, while Britney put the binder under the bed. Alexis marveled at Brett’s new look; “wow Brett you really clean up nice.”
Despite the compliment; he looked down despite that he was hugging Blair back; he blushed and Blair saw him and laughed. She ran over and grabbed the new outfit; “here we picked this out for you. Go put it on!” Blair told Brett and he looked at what was to be his new look, and went into the closet and changed. He came out wearing a new pair of jeans with a grey t-shirt and a black vest over top with red trimming.
All the girls applauded Brett’s new look and Blair went over and gave him another big hug. Brett did the same but Blair soon pulled away and looked into Brett’s eyes. “It will do for now but I’m going to take you shopping later to get a better wardrobe. You must be starving after how hard you worked today!” The other girls laughed and all three escorted Brett to supper, but only Blair walked right beside Brett with their arms locked together.
All four of them arrived at the dinning hall; everyone else had arrived and was chatting amongst the group. Blair and Brett sat together while Alexis sat on Brett’s opposite side, and Britney sat next to Alexis. Axel turned and saw Brett, and immediately commented on the new look. “Hey Brett you finally changed your look; about time you finally did. This place is actually pretty amazing; even for a guy like me; got to thank you for this one…”
“No Axel you should not be thanking me, but my father. He is the one who has graciously aloud all of us to come here and use these facilities.” Brett finished his statement and heard his father laugh; “your friends are welcome here any time my son. Unfortunately you all must leave the day after tomorrow, but if you ever need a favor you can always ask from me.”
Blair was first to stand up and held her glass up boasting a toast to their gracious host; trying to follow Brett’s proper lead. Everyone else held their glass up and toasted Pegasus and his kindness. Then when the toast had finished they began to dig in to the banquet before them. Every kind of food imaginable was in front of them; everyone feasted and after an hour of choosing from main courses and deserts they were all full.
“Well I hope you all enjoyed the dinner, but now let us all go my private theater and we shall all take in a movie.” Pegasus got everyone excited but Chazz broke the excitement; “actually I had a different idea for entertainment. Brett I let it go earlier but I would like to duel you after you humiliated me last year.”
No one truly knew what Chazz was taking about till Chazz continued. “You never told any of them; fine then I will! After I beat Blair in that duel tournament at Duel Academy you challenged me in front of my fans afterwards. You made me look like a complete fool, and I think it should be my turn to do the same to you. You even claimed that you did it for that runt of a slacker.”
Blair gasped and turned to Brett; wondering what had really happened. This was news to her, and Brett decided it was best to explain; “yeah I remember now. After the way you beat her with those worthless Ojama’s; I got angry and wiped the floor with you. I do not really care about any of that now but nobody calls my girlfriend a runt or a slacker. I did it for Blair then, and I will do for her now!”
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