Fist Of The North Star Fan Fiction / Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3

Roku was quite pleased with himself. He’d managed to take a group of Marauders into a town full of oppressed people. Apparently a man had taken ownership by brute strength and hired muscle.

To say he and his boys were enjoying the fight would be an understatement.


Roku looked down at the man whose head was split wide open thanks to a mace coming down full force. « Well, that was anticlimactic, » he muttered under his breath as Gato lay bleeding out at his feet. « Oh, back to pillaging! » he shouted, grabbing a couple jars of sake alongside a couple young females that had been entertaining the mousy man.

The poor women were beside themselves. At first, they had thought the situation was beneficial for them, but as they noticed the saviours killing everyone, men, women and children alike, their views changed. Only a few of the prettier women were kept and even then, several were chased to exhaustion and then killed.

Glancing warily at their new captor, the young women wondered what fate befitted them.


Itachi glanced down the hallway at the young genins wearing a tread into the floor. You’re certain it was a genin that did this to her? » Itachi asked of Anko. Though he didn’t wait for a reply as he continued. « Was it /that/ genin? » he pressed. His only reply was a slight nod. The look of worry on his face replaced his usual smile.


Sasuke and Naruto’s eyes narrowed and they gave a nod to the other. Sakura, already knowing exactly what the boys meant, went into motion alongside the others. In a fluid motion, Naruto spun around and let loose a series of kunai.

As the kunai flew, a trio of water nin tried to avoid the approaching attack. As soon as the attack was avoided, they were met with the emptiness of a forest. A confused look was all they were afforded before being ambushed by Team 7.

Sakura, came down from above like a banshee, Her warriors cry was completely silent as she forced a dagger into the shoulders of the two closest to her. Before they could react, Sasuke rapidly went through handseals and blew a giant fireball at the three, roasting the foes.

As the three clones melted into water, three more ninja appear, each resembling the last three. « Wow, I never would have thought you brats would get the drop on our clones like that. » It meant to be an insult, but it fell short when the man talking burst into water.

A distance away, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were holding daggers to the throats of the original ninja. « B… but, how? » puzzled one of the three water nin.

The Team 7 from before arrived in the copse of trees. You really think we’d fall for a bunch of clones and a genjutsu? » challenged Sasuke, his aura of cool causing the ground to freeze.

Naruto completed for Sasuke, « You guys can dispurse. » So saying, the newly arrived team turned into white a plume of white smoke.

Without too much fanfare, the three genin of Team Itachi proceeded to pummel the rain village’s ninja into the ground, sending them into a world of hurt and blissful sleep. Sadly, they would wake up and realize that Sakura had merely placed them into a genjutsu and that while they were pummeling themselves, the three genin left with their scroll.


Rock Lee had never had the opportunity to bump into Sakura, so there fore he was not quite so enamored with the girl. So, as it was, Rock Lee was going into a spiel about the power of youth. Neji did his best to remain stoic, while Tenten wondered why she was even with this group…

The trio came upon a certain young man wearing a pair of glasses. For some reason he was wandering the forest on his own. Neji, not one to walk into an unknown situation, engaged his Byakugan.

As the Leaf nin approached the group, looking to all the world as if he were lost, Neji’s all-seeing eyes picked every detail. His eyes narrowed, though his vision was not dimished at all. « What do you want? » he challeneged.

Lee not seeing the reason for Neji’s fridgidness, thrust his fist in the air and brought it down in front of himself,  » The Power of Youth is burning brightly in your eyes! » declared the boy. « Although, I must ask what happened to your team? »

Tenten, just sat upon a rock and waited for the altercation to finally end.

Speaking honestly, at least as far as Neji could tell, the teenage boy answered. « My friends were killed, and now I’m just trying to get to the central tower. » For some reason, the Hyuuga boy was setting him on edge. It was strange considering he knew all of the boy’s stats and weaknesses.

Neji struck without warning, his 32 palm strike overcoming the young man’s defenses and shutting down his Chakra system, just enough to send him into unconsciousness.

Lee gaped, making throatal noises as he wondered why his teammate would attack a lost person so brutally. Responding to the unvoiced question, Neji walked up tp the prone figure, grabbed the deck of cards and the hidden Earth and Heaven scroll. « He won’t be needing these if he no longer has a team. » Neji informed.


Orochimaru continued watching in silence as the runt with his eyes continued to display skills that superceded what the Sannin thought possible at his age. « This kind of improvement shouldn’t be possible, » he muttered. It seemed that the ninja was still holding something back. It would seem Itachi took soem time in training the boy. « Oh well, plans must change… » he whispered, vanishing just as Anko arrived.

Anko took into the appearance of Itachi’s team, and she marvlled at how well the three coordinated their movements. « Very interesting, you’d think they were a seasoned Jounin team, » she thought aloud.


Kimiko smiled, marvelling at the beautiful gift she had just gotten for her lord, Raoh. By a good deal of bartering and trading, she’d managed to get one of the strongest, yet beautiful women from the Leaf Village. This particular buxom woman would not have turned an eye back home as she normally wore pelts and scented herself like the wolves she kept. But, due to the trafficking and preparations, Hana inuzuka was looking every bit the role of a belly-dancing slavegirl.

Hana tried to grimace at her attire, but found she was unable to show any signs of discomfort, Kimiko’s genjutsu would not allow any such a thing. « My lady, » Hana began, hating referring to the woman as such, but compelled to do so, « what if my lord and master, Raoh does not approve of me? I’m not worthy to be in his presence, she protested.

Hana considered the words escaping her mouth, and compared them to her actual protest. To say they didn’t match up would be obvious. She wanted to curse, she wanted scream, but more than anything else, she wanted to escape her fate. The last thing, Hana was wanting was to be the play thing of an evil ruler.

Kimiko, smiled softly, brushing away an errant strand of hair from her own face. « My dear friend, Hana. There is nothing to worry over. Lord Raoh will either keep you in his stead or cast you away like he has to every other woman offered. Either way, you won’t survive the night mentally, and probably physically, intact. » The lilt in the Uchiha’s voice made the comment sound flippant rather than threatening. It almost sounded as if the woman wished she herself were in the position of Hana.

Hana nodded her head, consenting. With but a moment of nervous hesitation, Hana rose and followed the Uchiha out of her readying chambers and into the grand court of Raoh. She followed the patterns of the warriors as she stared at the doors’ artwork.


Raoh sat in his throne, recounting the past few years. Things had gone by even easier in this world than they had on Earth. It had taken him awhile to realize that he wasn’t in the heavens, but merely another world. The revelation having taken so long was attributed to Kimiko’s desperate Genjutsu causing mental damage, however temporary as it was.

Not for the first time, Raoh longed for a fight with someone like his brother or Juuza or even Fuudo. There was no real challenge for him here. He’d gone across the ninja continents and spread fear and destruction just to bring out anyone who could challenge him. So far, he’d only found one village with a worthwhile opponent, The village hidden in the rain.

Outside of this village, he’d found Orochimaru. Though the snake-lover tended to want to do more research than to fight. However, the man had amazing speed and skill. and so many techniques, Raoh could not count them all.

But all of that was a problem for another night. Tonight, his servant girl, Kimiko Uchiha had promised him something would make his day brighter. ‘I hope it’s not another woman’ he sourly thought.

In another room, a demure woman being led along, happened to sneeze.

Raoh looked up as Kimiko came strolling through the doors of his grand court. His eyes fell on Hana, and he suddenly felt as tho he were staring the the only woman that had made « feel ». « Y-Yuria? » he whispered, but quickly regained his composure. It wouldn’t do to show his men a soft side.

Raoh noted the Genjutsu in effect of the sheer-clothed woman. He marvelled at her porcaline skin, the brown nipples standing erect beneath the cloth, being scraped against with every step she took. Raoh’s eyes traced her lithe form from head to toe.

« Kimiko, remove the Genjutsu, I wish to take this woman with me to my bedchambers, » he ordered. With no further words, Raoh rose from his seat, towering over every man in the room and turned on his heels, heading to his private room.

Quick to obey, Kimiko released her spell and quickly pushed, Hana into Raoh’s quarters, happy that he’d finally accepted one of her « gifts »

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