Zoids Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Jamie and the Blitz Team Meet the Blue Eagle

Ch. 3

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It has taken me awhile to get settled in and to finish up some other writing projects, but after six long years, here is chapter 3 to my story. I hope that you will enjoy this chapter, I know it has taken me awhile to write this up, and hopefully it will be good, as a hard drive crash caused me to lose my completed works, so I am doing my best to pick up from where I left off, so this chapter will be more of a continuation and more stuff will be picked up in the next chapter 🙂 Enjoy 🙂


After about two hour of sleeping Jessie begins to have a nightmare about her ordeal, she begins to toss and turn as she relives being caught off guard and attacked by the back draft group, her last memory is of a black flying zoid attacking her, and then her rapid decent, and then nothing until she awoke in the Tauros base, she wakes up in a cold sweat, gasping a slight bit, as would anyone who awoke from a bad nightmare. Once she was able to calm down, she began to think to herself.

« How could they have caught me off guard? »

« Who or what was that black zoid…and how did he sneak up on me and go unnoticed. »

Jessie, still uneasy tries to fall back to sleep, but is unable to, so she decides to take a walk to the hanger to look at her zoid. She walks into the hanger and in the far corner she sees her blue Raynos, still badly damaged, except for the minor repairs that Jamie and Bit have been able to make to it so far, due to parts being so very hard to find for special zoids like her Raynos. She walks up to it and softly places her hand on her zoid, which to her, is like her best friend, it’s all she has left to remind her of her father, and so she has always done her best to take care of it.

She begins to speak quietly to her zoid.

« I’m sorry my friend…if I had been more careful they wouldn’t have surprised us like that, and you wouldn’t be in this shape right now. »

She takes a further look around the hanger, she notices Jamies’ green Raynos at the other end of the hangar. Until now she had never seen another Raynos, and didn’t even know others existed, because they are so very rare, and so few can pilot one. She works her way to a light switch to turn on a light over the Raynos zoid so she can take a better look at it, and she trips over a small bucket, which makes a bit of noise, after a few minutes nobody comes so she assumes that nobody heard the noise, so she continues to look at the green Raynos.

She thinks to herself out loud.

« I wonder who this zoid belongs to. »

About this time Jamie has awoken, because of the cold night, and is heading to grab an extra blanket when he notices a light on in the hanger, so he decides to go in and investigate to see who is in there.

« Hello? Anyone in here? »

He continues to look around in the hanger, going over to where the light is at.

« Hello? »

Jessie comes out from behind the Raynos and lets Jamie know its her that is in there.

« It’s just me Jamie. »

She startles him a bit after announcing her presence, because he was facing away from her when she did so.

Jessie giggles a bit and then speaks to Jamie.

« Guess I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t sleep? »

He smiles a bit and laughs a little.

« Yeah, was getting a little cold on the couch, so I decided to see if I could find some extra blankets. What brings you to the hanger? »

She decides not to tell Jamie about her nightmares, not just yet anyway, and decides that it will be better to just pretend she couldn’t sleep.

« Just wanted to check on my Raynos, was having a little bit of trouble sleeping, so I figured I would go for a walk, and stumbled upon the hangar, and wanted to look around, I hope that was ok. »

Jamie smiles again and nods.

« Of course it is, I just wish we were able to do more for your Raynos right now, the parts just aren’t that easy to come by, Bit is doing his best to find dealers who may have some, but I didn’t want to get your hopes up that we would be able to repair it completely anytime soon, I promise we will get it repaired though. »

« You should try to get some rest though, after all you’ve been through, and you need all the rest you can get. »

« I guess your right, I should try to get a little more sleep, but I’m curious about something Jamie, whose green Raynos is that? »

« Oh, the green Raynos, that would be my zoid, I used to have a Pteras, but Doc traded it for the Raynos, which I don’t mind, it’s a very good zoid, now that I’ve finally been able to get somewhat used to it. »

Jessie smiles a bit as she replies.

« It’s nice to know another Raynos pilot, especially since you rarely see a Raynos, much less anyone that pilots one. »

Jamie walks over and takes a look at Jessies’ Raynos and sighs a little bit.

« I just hope I can keep my promise, and that we can really get your Raynos back in the air, it’s a very nice droid. »

Jessie smiles and kisses Jamie softly on the cheek, who then begins to blush a bit.

« Thank you again for all your help. It’s very sweet of you to help me out with repairing my zoid, even though you don’t have to. »

Jamie, still blushing, stutters a bit as he responds.

« Y…you’re very welcome. »

« Well, I think I should try and get back to sleep »

« G…goodnight Jessie. »

« Goodnight Jamie. » She says with a smile as she walks back to Jamies room where she has been staying, and climbs back into bed and tries to get comfortable, but is still unable to get to sleep just yet.

Jamie stands there for a few moments, still blushing a bit, taking one more look at Jessies’ zoid, unsure of what he will do to repair it. He then turns the lights off, and heads back to the couch after grabbing a few extra blankets. He lays there for about half an hour, thinking to himself about all the events that have occurred so far, unsure of the strange feelings that he has.

« She’s just so nice, and another Raynos pilot just like myself…just something about her…but I don’t know what. »

« Is it possible that I’m falling for her…nah, can’t be, she would never like me anyway. »

He continues to ponder on those thoughts for a few more moments, until he feels a very loud rumble, followed by what sounds like missiles and the sound of shooting. »

Jessie, who is on her way to talk to Jamie, finally ready to just tell him that she has grown fond of him and likes him, feels the rumble herself and falls down onto the floor, unsure of what is going on. »

At this point Doc Tauros makes an announcement to everyone.

« Everyone wake up, we’re under attack…by the back draft group. »

Everyone runs into the main quarters where Doc Tauros is at to find out the situation.

Bit asks « How many do you think there are Doc? »

« Looks like quite a few from what I can tell, at least ten to fifteen back draft zoids are chasing and firing at us, this could be very bad. »

« So everyone get ready, because it looks like we are going to have a very big fight on our hands… »

This probably isn’t one of my better chapters, but trying to pick up after a few years wasn’t easy to do. I hope that you still enjoyed the chapter, and there will be more to come, I’m working from my memory of what I had written way back, and adding new stuff in as I go along, so again, I hope you all enjoy 😛 sorry for the cliffhanger, but don’t worry, it will be covered in the next chapter! Enjoy! 🙂

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