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Disclaimer: I don’t own Yami no Matsuei or Black Jack. Yami no Matsuei is owned by Yoko Matsushita. Black Jack is owned by Tezuka Ozamu. However, I do own the husband, wife, and niece who have appeared in this story.
Please forgive me if I get anything wrong. I have not read them both from start to finish.
This is my first fanfiction, so I hope it’s not too bad.
Warning: This story might contain spoilers and a little violence later on.
Well, enjoy!
It was time for Tsuzuki’s first lesson in cooking. Well, at least that was what Pinoko had told him. His first lesson was watching Pinoko prepare breakfast. Yea, that’s right, watching. Apparently the doctor had told her that his cooking was inedible. So, to get a feel for edible cooking, she had told him, you should watch me prepare breakfast. Then later, I’ll see what you can do.
Pinoko was just finishing breakfast now and called for the doctor. “Chenchei, breakfast!”
“Hai, hai,” was the quick reply given as he walked in.
As Tsuzuki and Black Jack exchanged pleasantries, Tsuzuki remembered what he first thought of the man. “At first I wasn’t sure what to make of him. After all, he does have black and white hair and that big scar running across his face. However, after I took a closer look at him, I saw that there was a sense of sadness and pain lingering in his brown eyes. After I saw that, I realized that he couldn’t be all that bad. And my suspicions were confirmed once I talked to him. He really does seem like a nice person-”
Tsuzuki’s reverie was cut short by Pinoko announcing, “Ok, I’m done. It’s time to eat, everyone!” as she placed a platter of pancakes on the table. Their drinks were already on the table (courtesy of Black Jack who asked what everyone wanted to drink when he came in).
Tsuzuki, Black Jack, and Pinoko quickly dug into the appetizing pancakes. Well, actually, Tsuzuki didn’t right away. He managed to add what seemed like a cup of maple syrup (at least to Black Jack and Pinoko) to the pancakes before eating.
“Do you always use that much syrup when eating pancakes?” Pinoko asked as she stared, mouth wide open.
“Pinoko, close your mouth. A bug might fly in while you’re not looking.” Black Jack chided her gently.
Pinoko swiftly did as she was told.
Even though he said that, both Pinoko and Black Jack (who wasn’t quite as interested in the answer) leaned forward to hear what Tsuzuki had to say. Which was, “Hai,” and his reason, “Sweets are my favorite thing to eat. In fact, I usually would use more maple syrup. Why I didn’t this time, is that the pancakes are sweeter than I am used to.” Tsuzuki smiled slightly as he explained.
At this remark both looked positively shocked (a thing which is almost impossible for Black Jack and a lot easier for Pinoko) and Pinoko was so startled that she quietly said, “Acchonburike!” (1)
When he saw their looks, Tsuzuki couldn’t resist laughing quietly.
At that moment the doorbell rang, allowing Black Jack to gracefully recover. Pinoko offered to get it, however, Black Jack ended up getting it. After all, he said, he was done eating, unlike a certain person, and would be glad to get it.
About thirty seconds after Black Jack left the room, Tsuzuki heard him asking, “Can I help you with something?”
The short, quick reply is as follows, “Hai, can you treat my niece?”
Tsuzuki was quite shocked on hearing the man’s voice that he clearly recognized from the cake shop the other day. After all, he hadn’t really expected the man to take his wife’s advice.
Just as he was finishing the thought, the doctor replied, “It depends on what she has.”
“She was hit by a car and now is in a coma.” The man replied.
Black Jack’s shocking answer was, “I’ll treat her for ¥40,000,000.”
“That’s a bit much to charge, isn’t it? And can you even treat people in comas in the first place?” Tsuzuki thought quite shocked.
“Well my wife did warn me that you charge a lot. And she did say you were the best surgeon in the world. I’ll have to accept that.” The man responded after a while.
The doctor quickly asked, “Is it possible for you to arrange that she is transferred here?”
And the man said but one thing, “Hai.”
(1) For those of you who don’t know what Black Jack is, Pinoko often says acchonburike when she is shocked.
Well, I hope you have enjoyed the story so far. Remember, I will try to update often (every few days I think) so if you enjoyed the story so far please come back later to check it out again once I have updated. Also, I’m still looking forward to getting my first review!
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