Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Thank you so much, my dear readers, for giving me the chance to reach your lives. I’m honored. Special thanks to Inensify and spiritodellagobianco for the kindness of your words. I really appreciate the time you take to comment my story.
This chapter contains some violence, both physical and emotional. Nothing that could be too much for Saint Seiya fans, I think, but nevertheless consider yourselves warned.
So here it is… I hope you enjoy!
From the creation of my soul to the end of the universe, you are the reason of my existence. For the sake of you I broke the columns that held the ocean. I went to hell and heaven, and came back. I defied and battled the Gods.
My brothers and I, mortal boys as we were, never had a second thought about it… because it was all for you. There was nothing too hard to accomplish as long as we could hear your infinitely enchanting voice, and feel the miracle of your cosmo.
Alas, in this lifetime I am something more than your warrior, or your hero. I am a man like so many others. A man that has a name, a beating heart made of flesh, and hot blood inside his vessels. You willingly ripped yourself from me. Now, how could you demand my undivided devotion? She said you didn’t ask for that, and you only wanted us to find some peace and happiness. She said it so often that started to make me angry. How could she know what you wanted from me or not? She was every day closer to a maiden of your shrine, heavenly and unreachable.
One day I realized I was losing her to you, and it tore me apart. I could not let that happen… without even wanting it, bringing back the Shaina I knew became my personal crusade. But don’t take me wrong, it wasn’t really that hard… not to me at least.
So, Shun was away with his new wife, Hyoga and Shiriu (and family) left to their respective homes, and there I was, left alone with my thoughts… Nasty thoughts that involved a certain Italian woman in a blue dress, that refused to leave me alone. It took all I have in me, and the whole morning, to gather the courage to go looking for her. It was way past noon when I started searching. Tracing her cosmo wasn’t a difficult task, especially when she was training her disciples.
I sat there to watch her teach, very aware of how I was making her uncomfortable, but finding a wicked pleasure in it. Her movements were hard and unmerciful, but she couldn
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