Death Note Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 3:
Screech. Hikari suddenly stopped in the middle of an intersection. She could hear the angry shouts of the driver, along with some profanity, but that wasn’t what she was paying attention to at the moment. Standing at the corner of the street stood an auburn-blonde with big, caramel eyes and a petite frame. She had smeared on a coral lipstick, which popped against her pale skin.
“Oka-san?!” Hikari yelled, unsure if this woman standing in front of her was really her mother. Her mother never went out, not even to work or shop. Hikari wasn’t sure if this really was her mother.
But, her fears were confirmed when her mother answered sweetly, “Why, of course! Who else would it be?” Her mother smiled, something Hikari once thought was angelic. Now it seemed forced, almost fake. She didn’t like the way it looked.
“Hikari! Ne, why are you spacing out? You’re not listening to why I’m here, are you?” Her mother pouted, having the look of a deranged puppy than a sweet, innocent person. When Hikari didn’t respond, her mother continued, “I’m out looking for a job! I’ve decided that I can’t live on your father’s inheritance my entire life, so I’m getting a head start!” She smiled, signally she was done.
“So, what you mean to say is, you gambled our money away at some God-forsaken table, and now you’re worried you won’t get your fix, right?” Hikari replied calmly, almost like a stranger to some obnoxious child. Her mother’s expression dropped.
“Ummm… yeah. You nailed it, Hikari.” Her mother, the ever cheerful woman a moment ago, returned to a dejected state. This is more like it, she thought.
“So, will you please help me? Hikari, please do your mother, Miss Misa Amane, a gigantic favor!” But Hikari was through with her crap, and had already begun to walk away. It was time to figure out what this “Death Note” was all about.
Author’s Note: Misa does not belong to me. Neither does Death Note. Except Hikari.
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