Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 21

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ichigo was sitting on the back porch of the Jaegerjaquez home looking out over their backyard,watching the clouds go by and staring off into space. He sighed,his breath coming out in a puff of white,it was kind of cold since there was snow still on the ground. The red head pulled his gloves out of his jacket and put the on,for the cold air was biting at his hands. The young teen had become depressed after New Year’s because of the few days he realized he had left with Grimmjow and it was no secret that everyone else knew of it too even though Ichigo had tried his hardest to hide it.
Alessio and Thaleia had tried their hardest to cheer up the red head,even the friendly Ggio joined in the two’s effort to have the brown eyed teen happy. Ulquiorra was just as distant as ever and gave Ichigo one piece of advice,he told him to just suck it up and try to make the best of the time he had left. But what got him more depressed was that Grimmjow wasn’t making an effort to make the red head feel better. It made the teen feel kind of unwanted because all he wants to do is be near the blue haired teen.
The red head blushed and shook his head,he scolded himself for thinking like a girl and began poking the snow with a stick. Today was the last day and he was to go to the airport at night,he’d get home by the next day in the middle of the day. All his things were packed and Alessio had put Ichigo’s suitcase in the car. Thaleia was cleaning the house and Grimmjow had gone to run some errands for his mother.
« Will…Will he even see me off? » Ichigo mumbled to himself.
The teen hear footsteps getting closer to him,but he ignored it and kept poking at the snow. Grimmjow plopped down next to the red head and sighed.
« Hey,what are you doing here in the cold. »
« Just sitting here. »
Grimmjow scowled, »Looks more like you’re moping around to me. »
Ichigo glanced at the blue haired teen from the corner of his eye.
« Well it’s not like you really care. »the red head mumbled.
The blue eyed male narrowed his eyes, »Excuse me? Would you like to repeat that fráoula? Did you just say I don’t care? »
« Um… » The brown eyed teen felt a horrible feeling wash over him,he felt like he said something he wasn’t supposed to.
« Eísai gamiméno Pláka mou,Ichigo,what the fuck is wrong? »
Grimmjow was furious,he was beyond pissed and the red head was unsure of telling his best friend how he felt. Ichigo brought his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them,as he hugged his knees he sighed. The red head didn’t want to embarrass himself.
« Well after New Years you became a little distant and that made me more depressed than I already am. Everyone tried to cheer me up but you wouldn’t even look at me sometimes…It hurt and I don’t wanna leave you,Grimm. »Ichigo’s voice cracked when he spoke the last sentence and he looked close to crying. The blue haired teen’s expression softened and he scratched the back of his head.
« Ichigo,look at me. » Grimmjow whispered to the red head. But the brown eyed teen refused to look at him. »O Theós diáole,look at me. » the blue haired male growled as he placed both his hands on either side of Ichigo’s face and forced him to look him in the eyes. The Kurosaki male just stared at the blue haired teen with wide surprised eyes and a frown on his lips. »Ichigo,I don’t like it when you’re sad and hurting. You know damn well that I would try anything and everything for you. Anything for you to not have that hurt look on your face. I hate it when you’re sad and back when we were younger I would stay by you till I was sure you were fine. But now… »Grimmjow frowned and shook his head. »I can’t just say everything will be fine and that I’ll see you tomorrow,cuz I’m not going to see you tomorrow or the next day. There’s nothing I can really do now because only God knows when we’ll see each other again in the flesh. »
Ichigo’s bottom lip trembled and a tear rolled down his cheek. The young Jaegerjaquez male wiped the tear away with his thumb and caressed the red head’s left cheek .
« I don’t want you to leave either,but your family and everything you know is over in Japan. It’s just something we’ll just have to deal with. »
The red head practically jumped onto Grimmjow’s lap,it shocked the blue eyed male but then he wrapped his arms around his friend. Ichigo buried his face into Grimmjow’s neck and breathed in his scent. A light blush dusted the blue eyed teen’s cheeks as he tightened his hold on the red head. It was nice and quiet for a while before the Jaegerjaquez spoke again.
« Now man up and quit acting like a gynaikón,Kurosaki. »
Right when Ichigo was about to sit up and retaliate a flash of light flashed from nowhere. The two teens heads snapped in the direction of the door that lead back inside to see Thaleia with a camera in hand and a wide grin on her face.
« M- Mitéra! » Grimmjow yelled and he blushed beet red.
« Trying to keep warm huh?You two looked so charitoménos,I just couldn’t help it. »
The blue haired woman giggled as she ran back inside the house before her son could whine about taking such a picture. Ichigo looked to Grimmjow,he blushed madly and pushed the blue haired male away from him.
« Hey! What’d you do that for? »
« Y-You were too close. »Ichigo stuttered.
« Eh? You’re the one that jumped my bones. »
All the red head could do was glare at his best friend and said male just gave a hearty laugh.
« C’mon,I wanna do one last thing for you before we have to take you to the airport fráoula. »
The Kurosaki teen followed the Jaegerjaquez with a pout as he mumbled to himself. When they stopped in front of one of the trees in the backyard,Ichigo looked at Grimmjow with a questioning look. The blue eyed male just grinned and took out a pocketknife. He began to crave into the bark of the tree and it got the brown eyed teen wondering what the hell Grimmjow was doing. Because if the other teen did so much as give him a piece of bark and say it’s a present for him as a joke,Ichigo would slap him upside the head.
« There done. »Grimmjow announced.
The red head looked over the blue haired teen’s shoulder. Engraved in the bark of the tree was I.K + G.J BFF 4EVER. Ichigo held a hand up to his mouth to try and keep in his laughter but he just had to let it out. Grimmjow glared down at his friend.
« Man Grimm,best friends forever huh? It’s so cheesy. » the brown eyed teen continued to laugh and hold his stomach.
« Hey,don’t make fun of me. If you don’t like it then I’ll just break the bark around it so no one would know whats there. »
Ichigo waved his hands as if to say no.
« No,no. Leave it,it’s fine. »
The red head gave Grimmjow one of those heart melting smiles that always made the blue haired teen feel all warm inside.
« Oh,hey. When’d you get a pocketknife? » Ichigo asked.
Grimmjow just grinned, »Ggio gave it to me,but don’t tell mitéra. »
Alessio soon called them both back inside so they could all get ready to see Ichigo off.
Eísai gamiméno Pláka mou-You’re fucking kidding me
O Theós diáole-God dammit
charitom&eac ute;nos-cute
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