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Chapter 21
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Ranma paused in the doorway, watching with amusement as with a yell Akane demolished the stack of cinder blocks before her. “What’s the point?”
“What?” Akane asked as she whirled about to face him.
“What’s the point? All you’re doing is ruining some perfectly good blocks.” Ranma said as he leaned against the dojo doorframe.
Akane merely glared at him, declining to answer his comment. “What’d you want Ranma?” She demanded angrily.
“To talk,” Ranma replied without rancour.
Akane raised her eyebrows in obvious disbelief and said sarcastically, “You talk? That requires some thinking. Are you sure you’re up to it?”
Ranma ignored her poor attempt to rile him. “I really think that this fiasco should end.”
“What `fiasco’?”
“This thing with me being engaged to practically half the population of Japan and China.”
“We can talk about it when you get rid of your other fiancées!” Akane snapped in a dismissive manner.
“I have.”
What!” Akane screeched, stunned.
“I’ve ended the `engagements’ with everyone else already.”
“So what do you want to talk about?” Akane asked warily.
“I want to end the agreement between you and myself as well.”
“Who do you think you are? That you can just, out of the blue, one day decide that you don’t want to be my fiancé anymore?” Akane demanded, storming over to him and jabbed him repeatedly in the chest with a finger.
“It wasn’t out of the blue,” Ranma said with a shrug, “I’ve been thinking it for a while. Besides, you’ve never said at any point that you agreed to marry me. It’s always been something that’s been decided for us.”
“So, what about our duty to our families and our martial arts schools?”
“What about our family’s duty to us Akane?”
“What’d you mean?”
“Pop’s always preaching about, `being a man’, `honouring your father’, and `doing a son’s duty’. Well I’m sick and tired of hearing it!” Ranma growled as he moved away from her. “I hate those words—honour, duty, bah! They have no real meaning for Pops or you!”
“How dare you say I have no honour Ranma!” Akane screeched as she whipped out her mallet and sent it flying towards him.
Sankon Tetsusou!”[1] Ranma snarled, his suddenly clawed hand lashing out and ripping the wooden hammer to shreds.
The force of the energy moving through the air knocked Akane harshly to the floor. Leaving her staring aghast, up at Ranma in sudden wide eyed fear. This was an attack he had never used before and something told her that it was even deadlier than his others.
“That wasn’t what I said. That’s the thing about you Akane, you never really listen to me. Which is only one of your faults, you overreact to every little thing. And I hate to admit it, but you do have penis envy.”
She sucked in a breath, anger burning. How dare he say such things about her! It just wasn’t true!
“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Ukyo Akane, grow the fuck up!” Ranma snarled mercilessly as he crouched over her.
She slapped him, eyes burning with rage. Taking deep pleasure as his head snapped to the side and a red mark slowly began to appear.
With deliberate slowness he turned back to look at her, and then a clawed hand closed without mercy around her jaw. Claws digging into flesh, drawing drops of crimson blood.
Akane’s fear returned and escalated into pure terror. As she watched as Ranma drew her face inches from his. His grey eyes turning a glowing, pulsing blue than the whites of his eyes bled red. Along his cheekbones, ribbons of a dark purple appeared. A wild, purely predatory aura radiated from him.
“I’ve made my decision Akane. And just so it’s clear to you, I am no longer engaged to you, Ukyo or Shampoo. I’ll be moving out tonight.” Ranma said with excruciating deliberateness. His voice all the more menacing for its reasonable, gentle tone.
“And Nabiki-san? I wouldn’t develop those pictures if I were you. I don’t think you’ll like what they’ll show you.” Ranma said aloud as the mysterious markings and dangerous aura around him faded. With a jerk, he pushed Akane away and stood, then turned and left the dojo.
Akane touched her hand to her chin and started in incomprehension when her fingers came away damp with blood. In all their fights, Ranma had never actually physically hurt her.
“Nabiki-chan?” Akane said faintly as she looked wide-eyed up at her sister.
Nabiki stared after Ranma. She’d heard the entire discussion between her little sister and the Saotome son. Then that transformation that he’d undergone…. she had seen signs of it before the night following his disappearance. What did it all mean?
In any matter he could not be allowed to treat Akane in such a disgusting manner. He would have to pay for the insult to the Tendo family. And she’d start by having a long talk with the boy’s father, Saotome-kun.
[1] Sankon Tetsusou: lit. “Soul Shattering Iron Claw”, but in the anime this claw based attack of Inuyasha’s is called “Iron Reamer Soul Stealer”.
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