Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 20

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It was New Years Eve and Nemu Kurotsuchi,Grimmjow’s cousin and Mayuri’s daughter,came along with her father to spend New Years with Thaleia and Alessio. The black haired girl was three years younger than her cousin and obviously must take after her mother. Ichigo was introduced to Mayuri and all the blue haired male did was look the teen up and down. Grimmjow’s uncle looked at the red head with little to no interest and ended up just saying a simple hello and his name. Ichigo felt stupid for feeling all nervous about Mayuri inspecting him.
Two hours later Ggio and Ulquiorra came by. All eight of them sat in the living room eating snacks and conversing while the television was on. The red head noticed that Nemu was very quiet and just staring at the TV,not saying a word as she sat next to Ulquiorra.
« Hey Grimm,whats up with your cousin? She doesn’t talk much does she? »
The blue eyed teen glanced at his cousin and shrugged.
« Nemu was never very talkative. She only talks when spoken to most of the time,I guess she’s just very shy. »
Ichigo frowned, »Maybe she acts different at school? I mean right now seeing your cousin sitting next to an equally quiet Ulquiorra makes me think they are kind of similar. »
Ulquiorra looked over to the brown eyed teen as if saying ‘hey I heard that.’ The red head gave the green eyed teen an apologetic smile.
« I’ll go talk to her,maybe it’ll leave a better impression than just judging her by her cover. »
Ichigo took the few steps to Nemu and smiled when she looked up at his face.
« Hey there,I’m Ichigo Kurosaki your cousin’s best friend. »
The green eyed girl put her hand in Ichigo’s larger hand and they shook.
« I’m Nemu Kurotsuchi. It’s nice to meet you Fráoula. »
The brown eyed teen’s eyebrow twitched and a look of disbelief crossed his face.
« Wha-What? »
Nemu giggled and then smiled.
« I’m sorry,it’s just that xádelfó mou told me that you’re name has two meanings and that fráoula is one of them. He told me he didn’t remember the other meaning. Could you tell me? »
Ichigo was floored,her smile was so nice and he began to wonder why she just keeps a look of indifference instead.
« Oh…um yeah my name also means he who protects. That’s why my parents named me Ichigo. »
« Oh,that’s good then because I was wondering what kind of parents would name their child after a fruit. »
The red head chuckled at this and shoved his hands in his pockets.
« Well, celebrities call their children weird things,but I guess if a normal family named their child something weird they’d get picked on like no tomorrow. »
« Did you ever get picked on Ichigo? »
« No…not really. I mean I did get picked on a little because no one ever really remembers the other meaning of my name. If I ever have a kid I sure as hell wont give him a name like mine that means some type of food and that means something else at the same time. »
Grimmjow watched Ichigo interact with his cousin. The blue eyed teen thought it was nice that the brown eyed teen got Nemu out of her shell so quickly. He’d never seen her talk so much,heck Nemu never even talked like that with him. But deep inside the blue haired teen was feeling something he couldn’t really put his finger on. Ggio pinched Grimmjow to get his attention.
« Dude,why are you giving your cousin a weird look? »
A look of shock flashed on Grimmjow’s face. He hadn’t realized he was making a face,he just thought he was just looking at them with a blank stare and nothing more.
« O, óchi. » Thaleia said as she walked out of the kitchen with her hands on he cheeks.
« Whats wrong? » Alessio asked.
« I…I forgot to make the Vassilopita. »
Mayuri sighed and Ggio whined.
« Grimmjow do you think Urahara’s shop is still open? » Thaleia asked her son with a sad expression on her face.
« Um,maybe. He told me he was going to have his shop opened later even though it’s his birthday today. »
« Oh yes,it’s Kisuke’s birthday today I totally forgot. Hold on Myrtilós,let me go get his present so you could give it to him for me.  » Alessio smacked his forehead and ran upstairs while mumbling how stupid he was for forgetting his friend’s birthday. The brown haired male came down with a cane in hand and a small smile on his face.
« Here you give this to Kisuke and wish him a happy birthday along with a happy new year,alright Grimmjow. »
The blue eyed teen sighed and nodded his head.
« Let me go get my coat and then I’ll be back with the Vassilopita. »
He went up to his room and then was at the front door ready to leave.
« Wait,I’ll go with you Grimm. »
Ichigo was right behind the blue eyed teen with his own coat in hand.
« Entáxei. »
Ichigo smiled and they both walked outside. As soon as the cold air hit the two Grimmjow began cursing in Greek,he didn’t like the cold he hated it.
« Here’s the plan Ichigo. We walk fast get in give this cane to old man Urahara,buy the cake and get out. I hate gamiméno cold. »
« Okay. » was Ichigo’s only response.
As soon as they got inside Urahara’s shop Grimmjow gave a sigh of relief.
« Thank God! Warmth! »
Ichigo took a look around and saw a tan skinned man with his hair cornrowed and a large handlebar mustache,which connected to his long sideburns,with a pair of rectangular glasses on his face looking at them. Grimmjow looked up to the man and greeted him.
« Hey Tessai,is Urahara here? »
« Hello Grimmjow,yes he’s here I think he’s in one of the aisles making sure everything’s in order before he has to close up. »
« Great thanks and happy new years Tessai. You stay here Ichigo I’ma be real quick. »
Before the red head could protest Grimmjow ran down to one of the aisles. Tessai looked at the clock and began gathering his things.
« Well,my shift is over. It’s time for me to go,I’m sure Kisuke will be fine on his own. »
And with that Tessai left and Ichigo stood there awkwardly near the only cash register in the store. Some minutes flew by and Grimmjow had still not shown his face.
« I thought he wanted to get in and get out. » Ichigo mumbled to himself.
A scream brought the red head to attention,he ran down in the direction he heard it from. A blonde man was trying to get up off the floor,it seemed he slipped on some liquid that was on the floor of the aisle. The brown eyed teen didn’t know if he should laugh or help the man up. And out of nowhere the same man that was struggling on the floor suddenly was grabbing Ichigo’s arms with a death grip.
« Boreíte lígo koutsoúvelo egó skéftika óti éginan paízoun fárses gia na sas to leptó- » The blonde looked Ichigo over and let him go. »Periménete na min sas Grimmjow. » the blonde scratched his head and gave an apologetic smile. « Sygnómi. »
« Eínai entáxei. » Ichigo replied.
Grimmjow walked over to the two laughing his head off.
« Man Urahara,I just had to do a prank cuz I haven’t done one on you in like forever. »
« Gee thanks for the birthday present Grimmjow. » Urahara said sarcastically. « So what do you need? I’m going to close up soon. »
« Oh yeah,bampas almost forgot that today was your birthday so he told me to give you your gift he got while I came to buy some cake. »
The blue eyed teen handed off the cane and Urahara looked at it with a sort of wonder.
« Great just what I wanted…A WEAPON TO CHASE YOU WITH! »
« Skatá O! »
Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo and ran towards the exit,he dropped some money at the cash register,he also swiped a bag and put the cake in it. They ran halfway to the blue haired teen’s house before stopping for breath.
« Y-You okay Ichigo? »
All the red head could do was nod as he gulped in air. Once they were fine they walked the rest of the home,Grimmjow shoved his hands in his coat pockets to search for his gloves and when he came up empty handed he cursed.
« Great I forgot my gloves at home. »
« Here. » Ichigo had his arm out stretched in Grimmjow’s direction. »Let me hold one of your hands and you put the other in your pocket. »
« Wha-What? Ichigo we ain’t little kids to have to hold each others hand. »
« Just give me your hand. »
Ichigo took hold of the blue haired teen’s hand in his which caused Grimmjow to blush. The brown eyed teen’s hand felt so nice and warm against Grimmjow’s cold one. The red head left no room for argument and all the blue eyed teen could do was let the bag hang at his wrist as he shoved his other hand in his coat pocket. Right when they were in front of Grimmjow’s house Ichigo stopped.
« Hey,why’d you stop? »
« Did you see that? »
« See what? » Grimmjow asked as he looked around.
« Is that snow? » Ichigo wondered.
« What? No way! »
They stayed still for a few minutes and just as Ichigo had said,it began to snow lightly.
« It’s beautiful. » the red head whispered.
Grimmjow grinned, »You act like you’ve never seen snow before Ichigo. »
The brown eyed boy looked at him and gave a small sad smile. »I haven’t seen snow fall with you for a long while. »The blue eyed teen blushed again and began to mumble to himself. »Grimm…I only have three more days with you left…After this…I wonder when I’ll get to see you again. »
Grimmjow didn’t know what to say,he didn’t have an answer for that either. For he had no idea either. The only sound the two hear as they held hands was the sound of Grimmjow’s family and friends counting down for the new year.
A.N:The end of this chapter seemed bitter sweet to me. Still got a long way to go 😀
Words in Greek:
xádelfó mou-my cousin
O, óchi-Oh no
Vassilopita-is a cake they eat between the whole family on New Years day
Boreí te lígo koutsoúvelo egó skéftika óti éginan paízoun fárses gia na sas to leptó- Periménete na min sas Grimmjow.-You little brat I thought you were done doing pranks on me the minute you- Your not Grimmjow
Eínai entáxei-It’s alright
Skatá O-Oh shit

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