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Chapter 20: So comes the next enemy…
After his misadventure in the construction yard, and still marvelling at the power of his newest Gladiator, Kiros decided to go into the centre of town to cool off. Within minutes, however, he was jumped on by a hyperactive Kiama, who was followed by a breathless Zewl and Mitsuko. « KIROS!! » they yelled in unison. « DON’T LET HER LEAVE!! »
Kiama giggled and ran off, leaving a bewildered Kiros.
The 2 tired guys stood and caught their breath as Kiama ran around the corner. « Erm…. » Kiros started.
« We were stupid enough to give her ice-cream… » Mitsuko explained between breaths.
« Oh… » was Kiros’ reply. The three of them shared a laugh before heading off to chase after the hyper little devil.
Meanwhile, Kiama in her hyperactive state and fun carefree was had collided with someone as she ran around the corner, easily allowing the other three to come around the corner. The figure towered Kiama, which scared her at first, but the outfit looked familiar, the white trousers, black Chinese style shoes and deep water blue Chinese-style shirt with the lighter blue dragon pattern, white fur and long white hair, which used to be up in a long ponytail, which was now messily blowing all over the place. Kiama was still on her butt since colliding.
« GOTYA!! » Mitsuko yelled as he dived onto Kiama, grabbing her tightly and tickling her as she descended into fits of giggles. He looked up at who she’d run into. « Eh…thanks for helping us catch this little terror. » he said before reducing Kiama into more fits of giggles.
« Don’t we know you? » Kiros asked as he and Zewl caught up to them. Aqua stood tall, lifting her head a slight bit, her lovely aquatic eyes looking at the three blurrily.
« Of all the people i didn’t want to run into… » She uttered weakly, a fresh trail of blood began spilling down her face in a near-river state before dropping from her chin and splattering the floor.
Mitsuko stood. « Are you okay? » he asked concerned. Kiama stood and looked up at Aqua. Aqua’s legs gave out, she closing her eyes weakly as she fell to her knees and then toward her side, her duel disk falling from behind her and shattering on the floor. Mitsuko launched forward quickly and caught Aqua. Lifting her up gently, he turned to the others.
« Let’s get her out of here. » he said. Zewl and Kiros nodded.
« What about Tail’s place! » Kiama piped up excitedly as she picked up the remains of Aqua’s duel disk, as well as her deck.
From atop a nearby building, the brown fox from before looked down on them. « Foolish idiots… » She said. « Aqua may have survived the duel, but that’s a strong poison flowing through her veins, she’ll be dead within an hour, 2 if she’s really lucky. » She laughed and walked off.
The 4 of them headed quickly to Tail’s place, entering the open door with a shout of « We need some help here! »
It took a while, but Tails came out from upstairs in her pyjamas, rubbing her eyes. « Huuh? What’s up? I go to take a nap and this…wait, what are you doing holding that heartless witch? » Tails questioned, waking up a little, stood in her flower covered pj’s.
« Yell at us later Tails, she needs help. » Mitsuko replied shortly as he laid Aqua down on the couch, Zewl and Kiros looking at her with concern. Aqua’s arm slipped from the sofa, blood finding it’s way down it to the floor.
« Oh jeez, she’s bleeding all over the floor… » Tails complained. « Right, right, I’ll be back in a minute… » She then wondered off into the back drowsily. She came back, yawning and holding a large first aid box fit enough to exist in a hospital. « Well, for what reason do we have to really help little miss heartless here? » Tails asked them. « You do realise she was trying to basically kill us, right? »
« Yeah well, she didn’t. » Mitsuko replied.
« If it is such a problem Tails, I am quite capable of caring for her. » Zewl stepped in, aiming to stop the situation before it escalated into an argument.
Crash! Tails plopped the box on the table, and the sound it made on impact showed it was not to be underestimated in equipment. Tails walked over to Aqua and then began to feel over her, pressing in locations to find where the blood was leaking from. « A cut on the head, seems to have teeth marks all over her body, and bad ones, the bloods coming through her clothes… »
« I don’t think that’s all that’s wrong with her though… » Kiros said quietly. Tails then, without caring that 3 males were in the room, began to unbutton Aqua’s top, slowly she managed to unbutton it to the point where she opened it up, and Aqua’s firm breasts were revealed for all to see.
« She didn’t seem the type to wear a bra…and what do you mean Kiros? » Tails asked, having heard him. She continued to examine the holes in Aqua’s body.
« She’s been poisoned….quite badly. » Kiros replied.
« How do you know that Kiros? » Mitsuko asked. Kiros just shrugged and mumbled something about ‘this and that’
« Well, you’re right on that one, these look like bites created by snakes…big snakes…. » Tails said as she walked to the box, leaving Aqua completely exposed from the stomach up.
Mitsuko clicked his fingers and looked at Zewl. « Wasn’t she fighting some chick with snakes when we saw her last old man? » Zewl nodded. « What snakes though I cannot say. »
« This is true… » Zewl said, stroking his beard in thought.
« Well, she’s screwed, I’ve no idea how to deal with poisons. » Tails said, seemingly not caring. « I mean I’ve dealt with fumes and made antidotes for those, but actual poisons and I got nothing. »
« I know someone who can help… » Kiros said quietly. « But…. »
« But what? » Tails asked.
Kiros sighed. « Nothing. » he said quickly as he began to study the bites on Aqua’s body. Without another word he turned and left, running out the door.
« What’s up with him? » Tails questioned. « I can clot her blood, but I’ve no idea how badly the poison will take effect, she has minutes to live at least, but knowing a poison, not long after that. »
Zewl sighed. « Well, I guess all we can do is wait until he comes back… »
« Well, I’m going back to bed after this. » Tails yawned. « Don’t wake me up unless you need to. » Tails then began to disinfect and bandage the wounds Aqua sustained. « Why are you caring about her anyway? »
« Because she needs help. » Mitsuko replied. « No matter what she did, I can’t stand by and watch. »
Tails hesitated. « …Yeah, i guess i’m the same really, i can’t just sit back and watch her die knowing i can delay it at least a little…i’m just cranky…sorry… » She said.
« She cost me some dear friendships…i won’t forgive her for that, but, allowing you to see her body is my way of paying her back, i guess…wow, she’s got bigger boobs than Amy does… » Tails trailed off. Kiama giggled slightly as Mitsuko and Zewl face-palmed.
Kiros walked in the darkened streets, constantly looking over his shoulder. He came to a small, almost un-noticeable hole in the wall. He sighed before walking inside. As he entered, he looked around. As usual, there were women in various states of undress, and all of them doing various drugs. As they reached up to him, he coiled away in revulsion, and hurried to a small doorway on the opposite side of the room. As he heard moans and sighs coming from behind him, he knew better than to turn around. The whores this man employed were the sickest and most twisted in the entire underworld, and Kiros didn’t need any more nightmares.
He pushed the door open, and he emerged into a room, larger than the last but with a lot less light. A fact Kiros was glad of, as he could just make out 2 figures writhing just metres from him. Fighting back an urge to hurl, he walked forward, and a large, fat frog sat forward, blowing smoke from a strange looking pipe.
« Well, if it isn’t young Kiros. » the frog said in a hoarse voice. « Didn’t expect you to be heading back this way again. Should I be honoured? » he said, twisting his large lips into a sick, evil grin.
« Mr Oryas…. » Kiros started. Oryas held up his hand quickly, and Kiros knew better than to keep talking. « Now you listen here boy. I’m not some charity, I’m running a business here. You can’t just come and go when you please! » he fumed.
« I know sir….that’s why I’ve come back….for good. » Kiros sighed, shrugging his shoulders in defeat.
« OUT!! » Oryas said sternly. The room quickly emptied. When it was just him and Kiros, he chuckled. « Damn boy, you’ve put me in one awkward position. What makes you think you can just waltz in here and pull this crap? »
« Because I’m the best you ever had, and the best you’ll ever have. » Kiros replied.
« Well, that is true…. » the frog stood, hands clasped behind his back in thought.
Oryas laughed darkly. « I know you better than that Kiros. I raised you to be what you are. And I taught you better than this, so what is it you want? »
Kiros told Oryas what was going on, and Oryas nodded darkly. « I see…. »
A knock came at Tail’s door. Tails, however, had already returned upstairs, leaving Aqua under a blanket and wet towel on her bandaged forehead with a fever and the 3 others in the room. Tails walked down in her normal clothes and to the door to answer it.
A weasel stood there, dressed in a black suit wearing dark sunglasses. « Hey ‘dere, sweet’art. I’m told ya be ‘avin a pretty young thing in this ‘ere ‘ouse of yours who’s had a bit o’ trouble w’th some snakes? » he asked, his seedy eyes looking Tails up and down
« Aaaannnd…how did you know that? » Tails asked, backing away a little, being weirded out by him.
« Da boss told me. He said ta come ‘ere an’ hand someone the antidote to ‘da poison. Now, do ya o’ not? » he said, stepping forward, leering at Tails. Mitsuko appeared behind her menacingly, and the weasel retreated a little.
Tails put her hand out. « Yes, we have some trouble with a girl who’s poisoned, but how do you know what type of poison and what antidote to treat it, Also, what’s the catch? »
The weasel handed her the antidote. « No catch sweet’art, and da boss knows what it is thanks to ‘dat friend of yours, ‘da hare. » And with that, he slunk away, leaving a stunned Tails and Mitsuko standing in the doorway.
« He must mean Kiros… » Mitsuko muttered.
« Odd…oh well…any of you know what we gotta do with this? If so, feel free to take it off my hands. » Tails said, walking back inside to the others, kicking the door shut.
« Do with what? » Zewl asked from the sofa, Kiama sitting on the table swinging her legs back and forth.
« Antidote… » Tails answered.
« I would guess inject it. » Zewl offered. « It would get into her bloodstream quicker, and judging by the state of her fever, we don’t have a minute to lose. »
Tails shrugged and walked over to the med kit, taking out the longest needle she had available, getting a squeal from a specific young lioness.
« Awww Kiama…. » Mitsuko chided softly. « Come here. » she ran to her brother’s arms, hiding herself from the ‘evil’ needle.
Tails exchanged the vials with each other and tested that the chemicals went through perfectly. Then she walked over to Aqua, taking a pump bag from the box and strapping it to her arm, using it to tighten the blood stream and locate the veins, once done, she carefully and sickly stuck the needle in, the chemical being pushed into Aqua’s blood. « Last thing we can do for now. »
« I guess we just wait… »
« Dey got the antidote boss! » the weasel said in his high-pitched voice.
« Good…good… » Oryas replied as he took a drag on his odd shaped pipe. He turned to Kiros. « Now boy…about your returning to my employ…. » he was interrupted by a scantily clad fox walking in. « Sorry to bother you sir, but your guest is here. »
« Ah! Good, yes, show him in my sweet. » Oryas winked lewdly at the girl. « And make sure you give him everything he wants. »
« EVERYONE OUT! » Oryas boomed as the girl left. As Kiros went to leave, the frog grabbed his arm roughly. « Not you. You stay. »
Nazaruda walked in casually, with Muri by his side and the blue haired doll dress raccoon from the Shadows hideout. « Ah, we meet again it seems. » Nazaruda said, calmly. Kiros nodded politely, knowing first-hand the penalty for disrespecting the frogs honoured guests. Oryas stood and offered his hand to Nazaruda as one friend would to another. « Nazaruda my old friend. » he croaked in his hoarse voice. « It’s been too long! »
« In person, at least. » Nazaruda said, taking his hand for the casual handshake. « Tia, parameter please. » The raccoon nodded as she walked out, closing the door behind her.
Oryas grinned and offered a chair to Nazaruda, the one that sat in front of his desk. He returned to his own seat and relit his pipe. « I have some information for you my friend, that dear Kiros himself delivered to our doorstep. » Kiros felt sick; he knew exactly where this was going.
Nazaruda took a seat, one leg over the other and fingers pressed together in a plotting manner. « Do tell. »
Oryas leaned forward onto the desk. « Aqua is alive and well. »
This news Nazaruda frowned to. « I see…and what, may I ask, allowed her to survive Shena’s assault, guess she was careless. »
« Oh on the contrary my friend. » Oryas grinned. « She was dying, the poison from Shena’s snakes flowing through her. But when Kiros arrived, I had a dastardly evil plan. So I sent her the antidote. »
« There had best be a good reason for this, enlighten me. »
« She’ll die from Kiros’ blades… »
To be Continued….
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