InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Universe: Inuyasha

Pairing: SessKag (VERY OOC. It’s AU though, and I doubt
Sesshoumaru would be such a homicidal freak in present-day Japan. I

Genre: AU, Romance, Slice of Life.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters do not belong to me

Author Notes: Ange here! I was so surprised by the amount of
support I got for this story! I didn’t know Inuyasha was still so
dearly loved, it truly warms my heart. :heart: Got a lot of
requests and sweet comments to continue the story, and although
that had been the plan all along, your words of encouragement
definitely helped. So here it is; this one is for you. Chapter two
starts now!

And They Call It Puppy Love

Chapter Two


« Handle every stressful situation like a
If you can’t eat it or play with it,
Just pee on it and walk away. »


« He’s married? That no-good,
prick! »

« Shhh! Not so loud! »

Kagome sent a nervous glance around the faculty
room. It was lunchtime, and most of the teachers were eating and
chatting with their coworkers. It was the only peaceful moment they
had during their hectic day of instilling young and hyperactive
minds with knowledge. Even in an elementary School, kids could
really put teachers through the ringer, and it was during this
sacred time that they exchanged horror stories like war veterans
with PTSD. Kagome imagined that teaching kids was like battling
demons in the Sengoku Jidai (if such a thing ever even existed back

At the outburst, a few teachers sent
reproachful looks towards Kagome’s table. Kagome smiled weakly,
waving politely, and turned back to her table partner.

« Sango, does everybody need to
find out? » Kagome hissed to her best friend and fellow teacher,
sending anxious peeks at the table behind them. The two elderly
secretaries were still looking at them, obviously trying to catch
some juicy gossip. 
Nosy old
Kagome thought

Sango leaned back into her chair, opening her
salad bowl with a frown. The angry lines of her face did nothing to
mask her beauty, nor did the tracksuit she was sporting. Although
baggy and totally unfeminine, Sango wore the gym teacher’s uniform
with such pride and style she even made Kagome kind of envious. It
didn’t hurt that Sango was built like an Amazon Princess and
nothing she wore could ever disguise it.

They had both started teaching at the school
around the same time, and though at first the grumpy gym teacher
could not stand sweet little Kagome, they had grown to appreciate
and respect each other. Hell, Sango was something like a big sister
to her. Despite being total opposites in the personality spectrum,
Kagome had come to find a loyal and loving friend in the pretty
tomboy, even if she 
was a bit rough
around the edges. But beyond her gruffness, there lied a gentle and
understanding woman who made Kagome feel safe and cared

Make no mistake though; Sango was as loving as
she was frightening, especially when you pissed her off. And right
now she was glaring at Kagome, fire burning behind those almond,
brown eyes.

« Find out what, Kagome? That you’re
being played by a cheating husband? I’ll scream it from the rooftop
of this goddamn building if I have to. Maybe that’ll knock some
sense into that ditzy little head of yours. » Sango snapped, biting
a baby carrot with more fierceness than necessary.

« It’s not like I knew he was
married! » Kagome huffed at her, crossing her arms.

« Ignorace does not excuse you from being an
idiot. » the older women countered.

« Sangooo! You’re not being fair. » Kagome

Really, Sango was making it out to be like
Kagome had planned this all along. She
want to be a
home-wrecker. She didn’t 
want to feel
attracted to a married man. A married man with a daughter and a
wife and two beautiful dogs and – fuck, she was attracted to a
goddamn Norman Rockwell poster! « Ok, so let’s say he
is married. » Kagome started again, trying to regain some
of her dignity, « It’s not like he ever led me on or anything.
Nothing happened between us. He was a complete gentleman, all the
time – never even made a move on me. It’s really not his fault that
his dogs just keep ending up in my house. »

Sango snorted at that. « Yeah, right. Listen,
Kagome, if those dogs are half as well-trained as you tell me, he
could stop them any time he wanted, like this. » Sango snapped her
fingers for emphasis. The fierce brunette leaned forward, her
signature high-ponytail swishing behind her. « Typical guy move,
using dogs to get to women. Face it, Higurashi, he wanted to get
into your puppy-loving pants. »

« Don’t be crude! » Kagome gasped,

« And don’t be naïve! Men are pigs. » Sango

« Did somebody call me? »

« Go away, Miroku. » Both women
said in unison.

Holding the back of Sango’s chair, Miroku
leaned forward, a cherubic smile adorning his devil’s face. He was
wearing his doctor’s coat today for a change, although the sleeves
were pulled back, long sinewy muscles flexing as he gripped the
chair to keep his balance. He definitely wasn’t your typical school
doctor. Miroku oozed sex appeal with every wicked smile, and he
toed the fine line of 
appropriate to the
limit, disregarding the teacher’s staff dress code: long,
shoulder-length hair that he sometimes pulled in a ponytail,
body-hugging shirt that showed off his washboard abs, and tight
skinny jeans that hugged his finely-shaped ass in the
uh-mazing way. That
last part was actually an observation made by Sango, but hell if
she’d ever say it out-loud to the egotistical man.

Miroku flashed a dimpled smile at Kagome, his
soft grey eyes boring into hers. « If Ms. Higurashi needs any advice
on men, I’ll be happy to assist her in that area. How about you
come by the nurse’s office after school and -« 

« Finish that sentence Miroku, and I swear to
God I’ll shove this carrot so far up your sensitive bits, you won’t
ever have a vitamin deficiency. » Sango snarled, bestowing the full
power of her glare on him.

« Does this mean you’re still upset with me
about that silly misunderstanding last week? » Miroku pouted,
seemingly hurt.

« Misunderstanding? You were spying on
me! »

« So? »

« In the showers! » Sango

« Hello? Romantic crisis over here. Can we
focus? » Kagome waved at her friends, smiling weakly.

Sango sent her a peevish look, hunching her
shoulders. Whenever Miroku was involved, she always lost her

« Sorry. Look, Kagome, I don’t know what to say.
Are you one hundred percent sure that the kid was his? Or that he
was really married? »

« Well…I never saw a ring, now that you
mention it. » Kagome said, finger tapping her lips

« That doesn’t mean anything. » Miroku
interjected, grabbing a chair from a nearby table and making
himself comfortable with the two women (much to Sango’s chagrin).
« Guys take off their rings all the time to meet pretty girls. It’s
in our nature. » He shrugged.

« Not all men are like you, Miroku. » Sango
spit back spitefully.

« You only wish, gorgeous. » Miroku winked at
her, which only aggravated the brunette further.

« Okaaay…well, still no dice on the
ring-thing. And as for the little girl…well, she looked
nothing like him. » Kagome said, a tinge of hope in her

« Perhaps the child looks more like her mother?
It tends to happen. » Miroku added, stealing a carrot from Sango’s
plate and popping it into his mouth before the angry brunette could

« Who’s side are you on anyway, Miroku? » Sango

« And if that’s the case, I’m screwed. » Kagome
whined again, leaning forwards and resting her forehead on her
arms. « She was sooo cute, so her mom must be fricking adorable, and
I stand 
no chance in hell.
Not that I 
want to stand a
chance! » Kagome hurriedly added, waving her hands defensively.
« Because, you know… he’s married. And I don’t normally do
married men. »

« Or any men, presently. » Sango chimed in

Kagome groaned and let her head fall back in
her arms.

« Don’t downplay your looks, Kagome. You’d be
surprised. » Sango chirped up, smacking Miroku’s hand as he
attempted to steal another baby carrot. « Most handsome men are so
content with their own beauty, they settle for really ugly broads
on the first try. So that wife of his might look like gorilla ass
and you’re the first ray of light he’s seen in years. »

« Sango! » Kagome shouted, sitting up again with
a start.

« It’s true! » Sango said, laughing at Kagome’s
aghast expression.

« Well, I wouldn’t know anyway…can’t very
well ask him since we haven’t spoken in days. » Kagome tried to keep
the petulant tone from her voice, and failed miserably.

She hadn’t seen hair nor hide of her surly
neighbor since their last encounter. Even the lovable Ah and Un
were nowhere in sight! Every day after coming from work, she’d
expect to find both Doberman waiting for her at her porch as usual,
but her front yard had remained doggy-free for the past few days,
much to Kagome’s dismay. This had foiled her plan of attempting to
figure out her neighbor’s exact marital situation, crystal clear as
it may seem to her coworkers. As such, she remained in the dark,
with her hopes and dreams shattering with each depressing scenario
that crossed her mind.

« You know what sucks the most? I really liked
him, Sango. He was just so…so… »

« Hot? » Sango supplied helpfully.

« Different. » Kagome corrected with a wry smile.
« It felt nice to be around him, like I could be myself. But yeah,
it doesn’t hurt that he is totally swoon-worthy. »

« Okay, be real, Kagome; on a scale of Woody
Allen to Chris Hemsworth, how hot is the dude? »

Kagome giggled at the gym teacher, then sighed
deeply. « He’s so hot, he’d make Chris Hemsworth look like Rosie
O’Donnel. »

« Damn ». Sango whistled low.

« I know. » Kagome smiled,

« Entertaining as this hen-house talk may be, »
Miroku interrupted the girls, sitting up straight in his chair and
pinning Kagome with those grey eyes of his. His expression wasn’t
half as playful as it had been before. « I’m concerned about this
quite a bit; especially for your, Kagome. »

« Don’t be, Miroku. I can take care of myself. »
Kagome defended herself, pounting.

Miroku smiled kindly. « I wouldn’t dream of
suggesting otherwise. But Kagome, you’re a hopeless romantic. » His
face turned deadly serious. « I’m not sure what good that trait may
be in this situation. If the man is already in a loving
relationship, where even a child is involved, then perhaps it’s
best to just… walk away. That’s not to say that I think
you’re the kind of woman who would put herself in that position. »
He soothed, placing a platonic hand on her knee. « But temptation
does funny things to people. »

« You sound like a priest. » Kagome breathed

« Call it the voice of experience. » Miroku
answered gently. « It’s not a road you want to go down
on. »

Kagome bit her lip, looking down at the

« We just don’t want you to get hurt. » Sango
added. « You’re a great gal, and you deserve a lot better than a
married man, Kagome. » Sango reached across the table and squeezed
Kagome’s hand. Kagome squeezed back just as tightly, nodding her
head since her throat was too tight to form words.

Yeah. She just had to forget about the entire
situation. Kagome Higurashi was a decent, wholesome woman; she
didn’t do love affairs. She’d just continue on with her routine as
it was before a certain white-haired man walked in, and move on
with her life. No more Shesshoumaru. No more Rin. No more Ah and
Un. Easy.


« Hi, Kagome-chan! »

Kagome gaped at the little girl, who was
currently sitting on her front porch with two very vigilant
Doberman dogs by her side. In turn, the girl flashed that signature
gap-toothed smile of hers. « What took ya’ so long? Ah and Un were
getting bored, you know? »

This had to be some sort of cosmic punishment.
Were the gods testing her? What other reason would the universe
have for continuously thrusting this into her life when she had
sworn to herself never again to court temptation?

Although as far as enticement went, this was a
pretty inoffensive package. The girl – Rin, she recalled – was
swinging her legs back and forth on the porch steps, oblivious to
the turmoil her mere existence was causing Kagome. She was small
and cute and effervescent and Kagome really didn’t feel well about
this at all.

Plastering a smile, she slammed the car door
shut and walked towards her.

« Hey, Rin-chan, how are you? »

Rin’s eyes sparkled at the jovial greeting.
« You remembered me! »

‘How could I not?‘, Kagome thought glumly. Then something sparked into her
brain, and she swallowed, an idea forming. Maybe…

« Of course I remembered, silly. You’re
Sesshoumaru’s…? » Kagome trailed off, expecting the little
girl to fill in the blanks. It was a bit sneaky, and Kagome already
began feeling guilty about trying to manipulate the child in this
manner, but it was an innocent enough question, right?

For her part, Rin blinked at her blankly,
smiling that wide toothy smile of hers.

Kagome waited for an answer.

Rin smiled even wider.

Ah and Un panted cheerfully.

Ok, so maybe try another question…

« What are you doing here all by yourself,
Rin-chan? Wouldn’t your Daddy get worried? » Kagome probed, sitting
one step down from the girl and scratching Un under his

« Nah, Daddy doesn’t care as long as I’m not
getting into trouble. » The cute girl commented offhandedly, as if
being left alone was something that apparently happened often.
« Plus, Daddy’s taking care of work stuff. So Uncle Jaken is taking
care of 
me. » She grinned

« Uncle Jaken? » Kagome tried to keep the despair
from her voice. If her uncle was called Jaken, then there went any
hope of Sesshoumaru possibly being the girl’s uncle –

« Oops! Don’t tell him I called him that! He
hates when I call him Uncle, says I should call
Jaken-sama. » Rin giggled,
very much revealing how little she cared of this Jaken person’s
opinion. « He’s a friend of my Daddy and Uncle, and sometimes he
babysits me whenever they have to do important stuff. »

Okay, then. Kagome saw the light at the end of
the tunnel. « So you have two uncles? » Kagome prodded

« Uh-huh! Uncle Jaken is super funny, though! He
always acts like he’s angry with me! » Rin bulged her eyes out and
pressed her hands against her cheeks, pushing her mouth into a beak
and forcing her voice into a squawk.  » 
‘Rin-chama, stop that right now! The great
Sesshoumaru-sama would not stand for that sort of
‘ » Rin dissolved into a fit
of giggles, her features smoothing back to childish glee. « Just
like that! Sometime’s his face will even
green! »

Kagome never thought she would feel pity for
someone she didn’t even know. She laughed all the same, Rin’s
lilting laughter infectious. « That 
does sound funny. So
where’s Jaken-sama right now? »

Rin signaled for Kagome to come closer, which
Kagome did, amused. Her kids did this all the time in class,
something which Kagome felt absurdly proud of – secret-sharing was
the ultimate show of trust in kids’ language. Rin cupped her hands
next to Kagome’s ears.

« Uncle Jaken fell asleep watching TV, so I
sneaked out! » She proclaimed conspiratorially.

« Rin-chan! » Kagome gasped softly.

« Are you angry at Rin? » Rin mumbled, her bottom
lip jutting out.

Kagome saw the beginning of tears welling up in
those big, brown eyes of hers, and recognizing the symptoms of a
massive tear-fest, she quickly amended her initial reaction. « No,
sweetie, of course not! But Rin-chan, you know you can’t sneak out
of your house without telling anyone. Especially all by
yourself. »

« But I’m not by myself! Ah and Un are with me! »
Rin exclaimed, hugging both dogs by the neck for

« Rin-chan… »Kagome said

« I left Jaken-sama a note before leaving! I
told him I’d be at Kagome-chan’s house. And I am! So Rin was a good
girl, right? »

Her tearful face looked up at Kagome, pleading
for forgiveness. Kagome sighed in defeat, extending her hand and
patting Rin’s hair affectionately. « Yes, Rin-chan was a good girl.
But don’t do it again, okay? Always ask an adult for permission
before going out. » God, Kagome sounded like an after-school PSA
commercial. It seemed to work on the little girl though, who was
nodding enthusiastically. « I will! » she promised.

« Rin-chan, you still haven’t answered my first
question. Why are you at my house? Wouldn’t you rather hang out
with Ah and Un at the park nearby or something? »

« I wanted to play with Kagome-chan! You
promised last time, remember? »

Kagome bit her lip; this was the exact opposite
of what she wanted to happen. The raven-haired woman had made it
clear to herself to steer away from this particular family. It was
not good for her constitution, or for her heart. And here she was
now, further entangling herself with this girl, and as such, with
Sesshoumaru. Her heart sank, desire and reason warring inside

Rin was looking up at her expectantly; hope
sparkling behind those childish eyes.

Perdition, meet Kagome. Kagome, meet

The woman sighed, and smiled kindly at the
girl. « I would love to play with Rin-chan. »

Shooting up from her sitting position with more
force than necessary, Rin whooped loudly, skipping on the

Kagome laughed at her energetic outburst. « So,
what do you wanna play, kiddo? Tag? Hide-and-seek? »

« Tag means being chased around, right? I was
chased by some really big dogs once…I didn’t like it. » Rin
said shyly, looking down at the ground embarrassed. « And there’s
not a lot of hiding places around here. Your front yard is
kinda…small. » She admitted apologetically, trying not to hurt
Kagome’s feeling. « It’s really pretty though. »

Kagome giggled at her worried expression.
« You’re right though; it 
is kind of small for
Hide-and-Seek. How about we just chill here and throw a ball for Ah
and Un to chase? » Kagome suggested cheerfully.

Rin nodded her head eagerly. « Yeah! That sounds
fun! »

« Okay, let me just change into a pair of
sneakers and then we can 
really have some
fun! »

Rin flashed that gap-toothed smile of hers, and
Kagome felt her heart squeeze. 
So cute, she squealed
mentally, trying to suppress a goofy grin at winning the little
girl’s friendship.

An hour and a half later, Kagome was asking
herself why she had been so worried in the first place. Rin was the
sweetest, most polite eight-year-old she had ever met, and they’d
had a blast running around Kagome’s front yard. She could totally
keep a friendship with the little girl without having to worry
about becoming romantically involved with anyone. Kagome was in her
zone after all; kids were her expertise. What had started as a game
of throwing a ball had quickly turned into Keep-Away, where Ah and
Un would refuse to give up their prized toy and as such the two
girls were forced to run after the devious Doberman. Kagome was the
least sweaty of them all, and all that exercise had raised her
spirits, putting her in a great mood. Rin on the other hand was a
wild mess, grass and leaves sticking out of her hair in all odd
directions, face flushed and sweaty. Even Ah and Un had managed to
get dirt all over their once-pristine coats.

Sesshoumaru is not going to be happy about
 Kagome thought with
panic, remembering how freakishly clean the man always looked.
Without a second thought, she rushed inside her home and returned
with a small bucket of water and three towels. God knew what
Sesshoumaru would do if he arrived to find his entire retinue had
not only run away from home, but were absolutely filthy to boot. It
wasn’t a full-on bath, but a quick wash and rub-down would do the
trio some good. Having just found out that Kagome was a teacher,
Rin chattered away about her best and worst subjects in school
(History being her lowest grade, go figure) while Kagome attempted
to wash one dog at a time. Believe her, it was more difficult that
it sounded.

As Kagome finished rubbing down both Doberman
with a damp towel (much to their obvious delight), Kagome turned
towards the remaining and most important member of their group.
With a fresh bucket of water in hand, she called the girl forward
to sit next to her on the porch steps. « Okay, Rin-chan, your
turn. »

Rin rushed headfirst, passing by Un as he
walked to join his brother. Ah was lying on his side in a patch of
grass, enjoying the last rays of the sun as he dried

The sun was beginning to sink low in the
horizon, casting the world in a pleasant golden light. Kagome tried
not to think of other gold-colored things as Rin settled dutifully
in front of her.

Shaking such thoughts from her head, Kagome
dipped the towel in the warm water. « Let’s get you cleaned up,
missy. » She said, poking Rin’s nose playfully. The girl giggled,
but otherwise stayed still as the older woman gently wiped her face
and neck clean. 
Okay, halfway
there, Higurashi
, Kagome thought as
she eyed Rin’s grass-infested hair critically. « Turn around
sweetie, so I can brush this stuff out of your hair. »

Kagome marveled at Rin’s acquiescent nature,
finding such obedience in a child her age both fortuitous and
disturbing. But who was she to complain? Comb in hand, Kagome began
the oddly soothing process of detangling the girl’s shiny, soft
hair. It wasn’t white, but it was definitely silky
‘Must run in the
she thought

At that mental comment, Kagome remembered her
original plan upon finding the girl in her doorstep. This was her
chance. Evil as it may sound to her nurturing school-teacher side,
now was the best time to find out what Kagome needed to
Well, here it

Kagome licked her lips. « Rin-chan, you have
beautiful hair. » She started, trying her best to sound

« Thanks, Kagome-chan, you too! » Rin chirped
back. Kagome could almost see that beloved gap-tooth making its

Kagome smiled. « Thanks, Rin-chan. Not as lovely
as yours, though. Or your dad’s. He has really
white hair; it’s so
lovely. » She replied, her tone completely nonchalant. She was
anything but, though. If Rin said anything to deny that statement

« He does! » Rin gushed, clapping her hands
together enthusiastically. « Daddy has the prettiest white hair
ever! »

Oh. Well, shit…

« And so does uncle! »


« Really? » Kagome replied, trying to quell her
frustration at the ambiguous answers and her guilt at slyly
interrogating an eight-year old girl. « So both your dad and uncle
have white hair? »

« Yup! Even Grandma Taisho has white hair! » she
prattled happily.

« Does your mommy have white hair as
well? »

Rin froze, her chattering ceasing completely.
« …No. She doesn’t. » Rin said slowly, and Kagome didn’t miss the
quietness of her reply. She furrowed her eyebrows at the back of
Rin’s head.

« Really? Well, is it a pretty black color like
Rin-chan’s? » Kagome asked, picking out a particularly stubborn leaf
from behind Rin’s ear.

« It used to… »

« Oh? Did she dye it? »

« No… »Rin’s voice wavered, and Kagome’s senses
were in high alert then. « Mommy’s hair kept falling off… so Daddy
shaved it. »

Kagome’s breath stopped. She would’ve stopped
her motions, but autopilot kept her hands moving across Rin’s
scalp. Without missing a beat, Kagome grabbed the another hairbrush
next to the towels and began brushing the girl’s already smooth

« I see… »she said carefully, while inside
Kagome floundered over what to reply. What was the gentlest way to
probe this subject? Rin saved her the trouble by answering Kagome’s
internal turmoil.

« Mommy’s not feeling well. » the little girl
clarified, her head drooping slightly, shoulders hunched. « Daddy
said that she was doing fine, but I heard the nurses at the
hospital say she’s really sick. » Had Kagome been able to see her,
she would’ve seen Rin’s lower lip tremble. « So Rin-chan is the only
one with pretty black hair now… »

This conversation was getting real dark, real
fast. The motherly side of Kagome wanted to comfort the girl, to
keep her from revealing such family secrets that so obviously upset
her. Kagome heard a sniffle and felt her heart being

« If she looks anything like Rin, I’m sure she
still amazingly beautiful. Even without hair. » Kagome
murmured gently.

Kagome couldn’t see Rin’s face, but the little
girl’s ears turned a bright pink.

« She is. Daddy and I tell her so all the time
when we visit her at the hospital. » Rin nodded, and Kagome could
almost see the glowing adoration on the girl’s flushed face. The
older woman was glad she actually couldn’t see it though, because
the amount of shame from manipulating such a sweet little girl for
her own devices would have sent Kagome over the edge.

Rin began mumbling something, and Kagome leaned
down to hear her. « I’m sorry, what did you say,
Rin-chan? »

« I said, ‘Kagome-chan is also amazingly
beautiful’. Just like mommy. » Rin bashfully confessed, and Kagome’s
heart nearly imploded.

Okay, this little mission was officially over.
Kagome had hit an all-time low and this entire thing was not good
for her soul (whatever the hell was left of it.) She squeezed the
tiny girl from behind, earning a watery giggle from her. Her own
throat was tight, but Kagome managed a smile.

« You’re mistaken
You are the most
beautiful here. And the nicest and the sweetest and the smartest. »
She added for good measure.

Rin swiveled in Kagome’s arms, pouting. « Not
the smartest. » Rin declared despairingly. « I got a C in my last
History test. »

« Really? Well lucky
I’m a History
teacher. Tell you what, if you ever need any help studying for your
exams, then I’ll help you out, ‘kay? »

Rin’s eyes lit up, momentarily forgetting the
past conversation. « You promise? »

« I always keep my promises, Rin-chan. » Kagome
winked, poking Rin’s nose affectionately with one

Rin grinned at her comment. « You sound just

Suddenly, Ah and Uhn both stood up, and the
noise pulled both girls out of their little world and into the
present. Rin was the first to react, her bright smile on full-blast
as if ‘Glomp a Jaken Day’ had come a day early. « It’s -« 

« Sesshoumaru… »Kagome whispered, dread
pooling in the pit of her stomach.

And he did not look


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