Fist Of The North Star Fan Fiction / Naruto Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2
Naruto and Sasuke walked on opposites sides of the pinkhaired girl, both in silent comtemplation. Though if one were able to see their thoughts, they would see them as complete opposites. Sasuke was imagining being as good as his brother, while Naruto was imagining ways to impress the only girl in the area. Said girl was silent as she basked in the warmth of Sasuke’s prescence.

Glancing slyly to his side, Naruto stole a glance up and down of the girl he had a crush on. Had Sakura noticed, she gave no indication. It was as Naruto was about to speak that the three felt a presence approach. All three dashed into a tree, disappearing from sight altogther.

A young boy with redhair was flanked by a taller boy holding some kind of sack, and a girl with a giant fan.

The redhead spoke, « Mama says he was just over here. She wants his blood. »

The blonde girldislodged her fan from her back and in a fluid movement waved it at a copse of trees causing the line directly infront of her to vanish. « I don’t see anyone around here, » she stated in a huff. placing the fan back into place.

The redhead turned to glare at the girl, « Are you calling mama a liar? » he challenged. It appeared the very earth around the boy was beginning to roil and writhe.

The blonde girl shuddered adn quickly shook her head no.

Sakura seeing this as her opportunity to impress Sasuke ran her hands through a series of seals and launched a powerful Genjutsu, causing the girl and the taller boy to fall to the ground unconscious. « Strange, » she mused as the redhead seemed largely unaffected.

Gaara felt a moment of drowsiness encroach him, but he had always done in his life, he simply shook it off. His first clue that it was a actually a jutsu used against him, was the fact his sister, Temari, and brother, Kankuro, were unconscious. « You there, come out here and I may not kill you, » threatened Gaara.

Sakura cursed under her breath as she tried for the third time to put the boy to sleep, making no more progress. She was not about to reveal her position, so it was just fate when Ino stumbled out of a bush, followed by Shikamaru and Choji.

Ino was the voice of reason for her group, whispering at the boys, « This guy knows we’re hear, we may as well pretend to give ourselves up and take his scroll then run out of here. » she stretegised. Shikamaru, not wanting to put forth too much effort merely agreed. Choji, watched as Ino threatened to throw his bag of chips into the open unless he agree.

Having gained the consensus of the group, Ino led everyone out into the open. Hands raised high, the three appeared to be giving themselves up. « I’m sorry wee angered you, » Ino tried, speaking cutely as she wiggled her body in a very adult fashion. This had the added notion of drawing her teammates’ attention to her butt as well.

Choji dropped his bag of chips as he stared slackjawed at his team mate. Shikamaru was the first to recover and started using his shadow-binding technique to slide tendrils along the ground. Without warning, Shikamaru had control over Gaara’s body and began barking at Ino. « If you don’t hurry I won’t be able to hold him much longer! »

Ino took that as her cue and dashed forward, within reach of Gaara, taking the boy’s scroll. Gaara didnt seem to be all that concerned letting the girl near him. It was as she was reaching into his personal space that the groud erupted.


Shikamaru and Choji made a mad dash through the trees, dodging wave after wave of sand as the former carried the body of his fallen team mate. It had come as a surprise when Ino had ben ensnared by a sand coffin. It was only Choji’s meatball attack that allowed them to free her without her being completely crushed. as it was though, the girl was in critical condition with most of her major bones broken.

Unknown to the pursued, Gaara was not so much chasing them as allowing his sand to chase them. Naruto threw a dagger which managed to sail through the air and snag the scroll carrying it into a bush on the side. It had been a bit hard to watch a former schoolmate get hurt, but he’d been learning about remaining in stealth rather than allowing himself to be seen in the open so often.

Sasuke catching sight of naruto’s dagger went around the site and grabbed the scroll. As luck would have it, The scroll turned out to be a Heaven’s scroll, to match their Earth scroll. Sounding like all of the other birds in the area, Sasuke called to Sakura and Naruto.

The three regrouped and headed off in silence, leaping through the trees. It wasn’t until they were a good distance that Sakura finally leta few unshed tears fall tot he ground. « We may have been rivals, but I hope Ino is okay, » she uttered, doing her best to steel her voice.

Naruto nodded in agreement, adding, « yeah. Choji and Shikamaru too. »


Shikamaru spotted the gates to the forest of death. He and Choji had been running for their lives and more importantly for the ligfe of Ino. The exams were important but their team was more so. Abandonning the exams, the two Genin leapt over the top of gate and onto the grounds outside, gaining the attenton of the proctor. « Anko-san,! Anko-san! Ino’s hurt badly! We need some serious help! » he called out

Anko wasted no time, firing off a flare to signal the medic ninjas.


Gaara, glared at the prone forms of his siblings, annoyance clearly on his face. They had proven to be a hinderance already, falling victim to a genjutsu from a genin squad. Without much flair, he encased both in sand and coffined the two. No more worries in his life, Gaara moved forward, looking for the person, « mama » wanted him to kill the most.


Orochimaru grimaced, watching the young Uchiha and the Namikaze brat take Gaara’s scroll. It came as a surprise to him when an unseen third member of the team lept from ten meters away from him. Perhaps he’d been aruond ruffians too long if he hadn’t noticed a girl sitting to his side. his skills must be getting rusty or something. On that thought, he melted into the tree trunk he was standing on, vanishing without a trace.

AN: Yes, Temari and Kankuro are dead now. They won’t be playing a role later, awww boo hoo…
As to Ino, I’m sure if I want to kill her off yet or not. And before anyone says I’m so OOC, just remember that Kakashi never took time to actually train his genin team except when fighting Zabuza. That whole mission made the three kids into a team. This time they have a Sensei in Itachi. Kakshi is not in the picture. Can you honestly believe that if Itachi were still around and teaching his kid brother, hom he always loved, he wouldn’t want Sasuke to have a rival that could match him? Ontop of that, between Itachi and Minato, I have no oidea which of the two are faster or better ninja.

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