One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Things between Zoro and I started out pretty rough. Of course we had strong feelings for each other, but it was a little strange in the beginning. Zoro never having been in a romantic relationship, and me never having been in a romantic relationship with a man. It took a while for us to figure how to act with one another. But then we realized that most things didn’t have to change. We still fought, we still argued and insulted one another. But now it was more flirting than anything. We had our romantic moments as well, kisses shared in the galley, in the bedroom before bed and occasionally on whatever island we happened to be at, cuddling on deck at night, watching the stars, walking hand in hand in the forests, usually ending up longer than we had originally planned, but enjoyable none the less. But today, Zoro surprised me. Today, after returning from the island, he suggested that we pack a lunch and go out and have a picnic. I was so shocked, but extremely happy, and I am sure he was shocked when I grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss before sending him a huge smile. is why, at the moment, I am making dinner, happily humming. I decided to make something light, since I knew that I would have to make everyone some snacks, if I was packing Zoro and I something to eat. Sighing happily, I opened the galley door and call for everyone to come in for dinner. Giving everyone their plates as the walked in, I sat down with them and began eating, a smile firmly on my face.look awfully happy today Sanji-kun, » Nami observes from her place next to me.yeah I guess I am Nami-swan. » I say smiling broadly at her. what has you in such a good mood? » She asks, smiling softly, shooting a fleeting glance at particular. Just having a good day I guess. » I reply looking back down at my food. rest of dinner finish quietly, or at least as quietly as it could be with Luffy in the room. After everyone was finished eating, they all, save for Zoro and I, wondered back out onto the really make you that happy, cook? » he asks, wrapping his arms around my waist as I feel up the sink to start on the dishes.up marimo, I just didn’t know you were capable of anything romantic, now let go and help me with the dishes. » I answer before turning my head and gently kissing him. He smirks at me as he moves beside me to clean the dishes. time are you wanting to go this evening? » should leave a little before dark, right as the sun starts setting. » he replies glancing over at me. I nod back and finish drying the last dish and putting it away. think I’m going to train for a while and then take a nap, before we leave. » He says kissing me on the cheek and walking out the galley. I sit at the table, lighting up a cigarette, contemplating on what to make for our picnic and the rest of the crew, so that Luffy didn’t steal what I made for Zoro and I . a couple of hours, Zoro and I set out, hand and hand to wherever it was that Zoro was wanting to take me. I didn’t really like him leading, but he seemed to want to keep our destination a secret so I didn’t mention it. Finally, just as it got dark he stopped atop a small hill. The hill overlooked part of the island, in the distance I could see the village and a bit farther away the sea and Sunny. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever seen. I turn to look at Zoro, to find him laying out the blanket and putting all of the food I had prepared on it. Smiling slightly, I walk over to him and sit beside him, leaning gently into his side. He smiles down at me and wraps his arm around me. I always love moments like this, moments when Zoro doesn’t care to keep up his image and doesn’t mind showing his sweet side, which no one but I get to see. is so amazing Zoro, the few here is so amazing. » I gush, leaning further into his embrace. I figured you would enjoy the view, Sanji. » He whispers, holding me a little tighter and laying his head atop mine. We sit like that a little longer, before beginning to eat the lunch I packed. After we finish the meal, we lay back on the blanket, my head on his chest and his arm wrapped around me. We lay there, talking about whatever came to mind, when suddenly Zoro tilts my head so that I am looking at the sky. I was confused for a second until I began seeing shooting stars. They started out slow, only one every few seconds, but then they suddenly filled the sky. I stare in wondering, never having seen a meteor shower before in my life. It had to be the most gorgeous sight I had ever seen. As I stare up at the stars, I feel Zoro’s arm tighten around me and a kiss placed on my head. I snuggle closer and feel as if my life is perfect.
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