InuYasha Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 2

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Cinnamon and Mistletoe

Chapter 2

Kagome remembered Shiori’s son. She remembered and annoying little boy that acted older than his age and shredded every bit of magic her four year old self would cling to. She also remembered the boy who would tell her tales of demons and curses far worse than those her grandfather ever came up with. What she remembered was starting to fade into shadow. He was coming their way and he was nothing like she remembered him; there still was the impossibly red hair which she had since only seen on one other person – a little kitsune currently inhabiting the feudal ages – and those green eyes would probably stick in her memory from now on for certain, he used to be shorter than her, now she felt dwarfed, and, though he might have been cute when they were little, could no longer be described by such a diminutive word.

She gulped and hoped no one noticed.

“Suichi, do you remember Kagome?” Shiori asked when her son was next to them.

“It’s nice to see you again” Kagome said eagerly, bowing in order to hide her blush.

“You used to spend a lot of time together when you were little” her mother explained.

 He didn’t seem to recall at first but, seeing Kagome’s flustered expression, something seemed to connect. “I think… we were still in primary when we last met” he hesitated.

They sat there uncomfortable as their mothers went on and on about what a pity it was they’d lost touch for so long and how they should have done this sooner.

“Have you seen Takashi’s youngest, yet?”

“He’s brought here along? She can’t be more than five! Kagome, wanna come see her? I hear she’s the cutest thing” Kagome’s mom said excited.

The girl gave Suichi a desperate look. Something inside her suggested a group of middle-aged women and five year olds wasn’t the best environment for a girl in her late teens.

Luckily, the boy picked up on her panic. “I thought we could … negotiate some hot chocolate and catch up. I haven’t seen Kagome in ten years, after all” he said.

Kagome smiled gratefully and added “If it’s ok with you, mom”

They hadn’t expected their mothers to agree so eagerly. What was there to be eager about?

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