Death Note Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 2:
Klan, kon, klan, kon. The final bell of the day rang, sending a dazed Hikari into frenzy. She quickly recovered herself, and stood up. Looking around, she realized that everyone had already left, leaving an empty classroom to Hikari’s use. She smiled at the prospect.
But, before she could start using it, a young man entered the classroom. He had the navy blue blazer of someone from this school, but he wore bright aqua eye paint, with long, almost blonde hair that reached his shoulders. He sailed right past Hikari, straight to the window. His entire face seemed to light up, until an unhappy scowl rested itself there. Hikari didn’t know what he was looking for.
“Excuse me… Miss? Did you happen to see… anything unusual in the garden? You see, I lost this important notebook of mine, and it’s dire that I get it back.” His voice, though it was like velvet, was edging towards desperation. Hikari could tell he was trying to contain how anxious he was, but he did a poor job of it. She didn’t like how weak his voice sounded.
So, she responded in an almost bored tone, tinged with annoyance. “No, I haven’t, but maybe you could check the office? That’s where everything lost item goes…” She was interrupted by him slamming his fists into the desk, causing it to spit and sputter on the ground. That caused her to cringe.
After what seemed like forever, he responded in a more civil manner, saying, “Oh, my. I’m so sorry to have disturbed you over something like this. Thank you for your advice.” He smiled at her, before exiting the classroom, leaving a confused Hikari in his wake.
A young boy, dressed impeccably in a navy blazer and pant set, exited the classroom. He continued down the corridor, until he reached the black car waiting in the parking lot. He got in, and completely exploded.
“God… I hate humans! They are so unhelpful, so prideful, they make me sick! I hate that girl the most! With her snobbish attitude, she’ll be the first human I kill when I get my notebook back. Just you wait and see!” The car drove away, with the young girl in the front shaking. She wasn’t shaking from fear, though. The shaking was the only thing keeping her from laughing at the poor girl’s fate.
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