Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 19

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ichigo had a limited time to spend in Greece,one week and three days to be exact. Some winter break right? The red head just wanted nothing more than to spend his break to the fullest with the Jaegerjaquez family.
« Dispatched in mankind’s darkest hour we are knights of the blue flame. » two blondes,a female and a male recited as they posed before getting into their fighting stance. They were both wearing some type of blue,white and red uniform,the girl had green eyes,a hat on and two guns in hand. While the blonde male had blue eyes with a katana as his weapon.
« The wheel of fate is turning. » the announcer stated. « Rebel one. »
« Why the hell’d you pick Noel Vermillion,Ichigo? I think she sucks gáidaros! »
« Says the one who’s getting his ass whopped with said sucky character. HEY! »
Grimmjow grinned, »Take that ya sissy! »
« Goddammit,I hate it when you use Jin Kisaragi. »
« Well tough cookies Fráoula. That’s what you get for picking a girl. »
« Hey! Noel can kick butt if you know how to use her well. » Ichigo pouted. « And I think her guns are cool. »
The two teens were currently in Grimmjow’s room playing BlazBlue: Continuum Shift on the Xbox 360. The red head had taken to Grimmjow’s bed and the blue haired teen sat on the floor. The two had been doing rematch after rematch,not giving up until one of them won more battles than the other. A knock on the door made them pause their fight.
« Come in. »
Thaleia poked her head in and then opened the door all the way and went inside. She looked at the two teens and shook her head and wagged her index finger at them.
« Ichigo agapiméni,is this how you want to spend the rest of your short vacation with us? »
The brown eyed teen and the blue eyed teen looked at each other and then shrugged. The blue haired woman frowned and proceeded to sit on her son’s bed.
« Grimmjow,why don’t you show Ichigo some of the sights? Show him what Greece has to offer tourist and you can even introduce him to Ulquiorra while you’re at it. »
Thaleia smiled as she waited for they’re response. Grimmjow thought for a minute and then a huge grin appeared on his face.
« Hey Ichigo,wanna go to the museum with me? I’ll even get Ggio to come and as mitera said,I’ll even introduce you to my other friend. What’d ya say? »
The red head furrowed his brows.
« A museum? I’m not sure-« 
« Aw c’mon. It’ll be fun I promise. Parakaló. »
The blue eyed teen pouted and tried to give Ichigo the puppy dog eyes. But instead of an ‘okay lets go’ the brown eyed boy busted out in laughter.
« M-Man Grimm,you’re not a kid anymore! You doing that looked more funny than cute! »
Ichigo held on to his sides as his laughter continued and even Thaleia giggled at her son. The blue haired boy glanced to the side with a slightly mad face as a blush spread on his face. The red head wiped some tears from his face as he smiled brightly at his best friend. Ichigo lightly smacked Grimmjow’s face to get him to look at him and let his hand rest on Grimmjow’s right cheek.
« Alright,lets go to the museum. »
The brown eyed woman smiled sweetly and clapped.
« Good,then its settled. I’ll give you both some money. »
Thaleia got up and made her way to the door,Ichigo made a noise causing the older woman to look back.
« But you don’t have to do that Mrs J. »
« Oh c’mon Ichigo. Don’t tell me you forgot that Japanese money doesn’t work here. » the blue haired woman replied quickly before the red head could further protest.
At that Ichigo blushed and scratched the back of his neck and looked down at his lap.
« I…I guess I kind of did forget. »
They all met up in front of the National Archaeological Museum,Ichigo felt like a little child standing in front of such a huge and long building. The red head was almost afraid that if he took one step it would all fall on him. Ulquiorra stood at the entrance with slight annoyance because the other three were taking their sweet old time.
« Tha boroúsate na perpatísei opoiadípote pio argí? » asked the green eyed teen.
« Do you want us to go slower? Cuz I’m pretty sure you’d love that wouldn’t you. » Ggio smirked as he teased Ulquiorra.
Ggio ran up to the green eyed teen and the two began to bicker in Greek. Ichigo smirked at the two and then looked to Grimmjow.
« Hey Grimmjow,how did those two become friends? They’re like day and night,they seem like two very different people. »
The blue haired teen looked at his two friends and then just shrugged as he continued up the stairs of the museum.
« I don’t know,I guess I just make opposites attract. Ya know,like Kensei and Nnoitra. I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t a mutual friend they would have never said a word to each other. »
« …I guess? »
The four paid the entry fee and Ichigo began to look around in wonder,for he didn’t know what kind of exhibits they had show cased around. A flight of stairs caught the red head’s eyes.
« Hey? Can we go down there? »
Ulquiorra just began making his way down the stairs without waiting and Ggio followed. Grimmjow pulled Ichigo to a map that showed what was where in the museum.
« Look see,the down stairs in perfectly fine. That’s were they have the vase collection and whole lot of other stuff. You can even go down into the basement where they have a museum shop,a buffet and an inner garden. C’mon. »
The two went down the stairs and there was an equally large group of people there as there was upstairs. Ichigo could only imagine how it was in the lower level where the inner garden was. The two saw various vases painted with many figures of that told stories of Greek myth and just plain ones of people. They found Ulquiorra with one snickering Ggio in front of one of the vases of the collection. Ichigo frowned,wondering what could cause the yellow eyed teen to snicker.
« Hey Ggio whats so fun-« 
The red heads sentence died down in his throat and got stuck there as his mouth became dry. Ichigo felt as if his eyes would pop right out of his head,grow legs and run away screaming.
« T-This is one o-of their new pieces. » Ggio said between snickers.
What decorated the vase was a bald,bearded,horse-tailed satyr balancing a winecup on his penis. The brown eyed teen slapped his hands on his face,desperate to not have to see the satyr.
« ARGH! » Ichigo yelled. »WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING! »
Grimmjow ended up joining Ggio and both laughed at Ichigo.
« I-I can see it even when I close my eyes! That’s just nasty! Its like the image is burned into the inside of my eyelids! I-I need some brain bleach! I need to unsee that! »
The blue haired teen rested a hand on Ichigo’s shoulder as his other hand was holding onto his stomach,trying to stop the laughter.
« W-Why ya actin’ like a kid Ichigo? Its just a painting on a vase. »
Said teen peeked through his fingers and glared at Grimmjow.
« Just a painting on a vase? Grimm,it has a penis drawn on there! »
The blue eyed teen snorted.
« You act like you’ve never seen a vandalized textbook with a penis drawn in it. »
« Well,I HAVEN’T! Oh god I gotta get away from that thing. I’m going back upstairs. »
Ulquiorra rolled his eyes as the red head ran up the stairs and the other two followed still snickering. They ended up following a group of tourists into a long hall filled pieces of bronze work. Animals,body parts like hands and even an Emperor Agustus bronze bust. It went on to another hall with some statue work,they passed many statues. Like one of a boy on a horse called Little Jockey,the statue of Nike a clothed headless woman holing something in her right hand and the Head of Apollon. The deeper into the museum the more the four saw,they even had an Egyptian collection. Ulquiorra looked at his wristwatch to check the time.
« Hey,it’s getting late. We should start getting back. » the green eyed teen stated before the other three continued to be swept away with the tourists.
« What do you think Ggio? »Grimmjow asked the yellow eyed teen. »Do you think we have enough time to go see the rest of the statues? »
The blue eyed teen was grinning from ear to ear as his friend thought about his proposal. Ichigo got a bad feeling about that glint in Grimmjow’s eyes,he always got it when he was up to no good. It seemed Ggio got the message and began to grin as well.
« Yeah lets go see the rest. You don’t mind do you Ulquiorra? » Ggio asked the emotionless teen,Ulquiorra just shook his head and shoved his hands in his pockets. « What about you Ichigo? »
« Should I be afraid? »the red head asked not sure if was prepared for whatever they were going to show him.
Grimmjow put an arm around Ichigo’s shoulders and began to lead him to where the other statues were.
« Ichigo,they’re just statues. »
It didn’t matter what Grimmjow had said,the first sight that greeted them was a nude statue of Poseidon posed as if he were going to throw his might trident. A small blush spread on the brown eyed boy’s face as they continued to walk on. The next was a statue of a famous Greek athlete wearing only a headband and had his hands missing. A sleeping woman statue came after,she was just laying on a long slab of stone with her face turned the other way as if she were ashamed of being seen and you could see her breasts. Well more like you could see everything because she was in the nude. As they past nude statue after nude statue Ichigo’s face continued to get redder and redder. Until one statue of a naked nymph,a baby angel and a satyr did him in.
« Nantekotta! Môgamandekinai! Anata wa, hitobito no nai ryôshiki ga arimasu ka? Dono yô na seiteki tôsaku-sha wa, tan’ni ôpun ni jibun no janku o hyôji shite hadaka no dansei to josei no chôzô o tsukuru? »
Ggio looked dumbfounded as he stared at the red head that just spoke Japanese really fast and mad sounding. Grimmjow was cackling his head off at what Ichigo had said.
« Alright, »Ggio started, »I understood some of what he said,but can you tell me the whole thing Grimm? »
« He was askin’ if the Greeks have any decency and that what kind of perv’s make naked statues. »
« You act as if you don’t have the same equipment as the men statues that stand around before you. » Ulquiorra stated.
Ichigo could swear that the corners of the green eyed teen’s lips were curled ever so slightly in a small smirk. The red head stomped as his anger started getting the best of him because he felt like Ulquiorra was making fun of him.
« That’s ’cause in Japan we don’t make statues of people in all their naked glory! »
Ichigo ran out of the museum like a bat out of hell and stopped at the end of the stairs of the entrance to catch his breath. A hand on his shoulder caused him to flinch away from the touch.
« M-Man Ichigo,you sure do run fast. »
Grimmjow stood next to the red head also trying to catch his breath.
« That wasn’t funny Grimm. »
Ichigo frowned as the two began to walk home. Grimmjow glanced at the brown eyed teen and smiled.
« Of course it was fun…for me. »
The red head pushed Grimmjow at his arm as the blue haired boy laughed his heart out. Ichigo notice that Ggio and Ulquiorra weren’t with them.
« Hey,what happened to the other two? »
« Hmm? Oh they decided to stay in the museum a little longer. C’mon lets get home fast before mitera begins to worry. »
A.N: BlazBlue is an awesome fighting game and I like the character designs. My little brother is more crazy about it than I am. And yeah I had to do a little research about the museum it was kind of annoying but ehh. And I made Ichigo’s vacation time the same as what we poor students in Elizabeth,NJ get…a very short winter break.
Words in Greek:
agapim&eac ute;ni-sweetheart
Tha boroúsate na perpatísei opoiadípote pio argí-Could you walk any slower
Japanese sentence:
Nantekotta! Môgamandekinai! Anata wa, hitobito no nai ryôshiki ga arimasu ka? Dono yô na seiteki tôsaku-sha wa, tan’ni ôpun ni jibun no janku o hyôji shite hadaka no dansei to josei no chôzô o tsukuru?-Oh my god! I can’t take it anymore! Have you people no decency? What kind of perverts make statues of naked men and women just displaying their junk out in the open?
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