Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 18

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It was early Christmas Eve morning and Ichigo sat with his father watching the television. The fifteen year old had woken up early and found his father in the living room watching the news. He had asked his father if he could join him and of course Isshin didn’t decline the chance to spend some time with his son. The red head glanced at the older male,Isshin had this dead serious face on and it made Ichigo curious. Isshin Kurosaki was serious only when he needed to be and the brown eyed teen deemed sitting on the couch watching TV a non-serious situation. Just as Ichigo was going to ask his father if something was bothering him the black haired man turned his full attention away from the television and on his son.
« Ichigo,you know that Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love. »
It wasn’t really a question,it was a statement. The tone in the black haired male’s voice made the red head a little nervous. Causing Ichigo to play with his mother’s engagement ring that was resting against his chest hanging from the silver chain. The brown eyed teen always wore it under his shirt,he nodded at his father’s statement.
« Every Christmas you’ve spent it with us and your friends here. »
A look of confusion formed on Ichigo’s face as he wondered what his father was getting at.
« I think it’s time we change that for once,let me show you. Wait here. »
Isshin walked off to his room and came back with something in hand.
« Ichigo,I think this Christmas you should spend it with your most cherished friend. »
Isshin held out what he was holding and the red head’s eyes widened as he looked at what his father presented to him. It was a plane ticket to Greece.
« can’t be serious. I…I must be dreaming. »
Ichigo couldn’t believe it,his father had presented the teen with a chance to see his best friend face to face. Not words in a letter or on yahoo messenger and not an image on a computer screen,but to see Grimmjow in the flesh. Isshin gave his son a warm smile.
« I’m very serious son. I know how much you miss him even though you two talk over the webcam whenever you can. But Alessio,Thaleia and I had planned this for a while. »
Ichigo took hold of the plane ticket carefully as if it’d disappear and make him lose his chance to see his best friend.
« If you get ready now we could see you off at the airport. »
« Wha-What? You mean I got to go today? »
« Well yes,I mean if you want to make it over there in time for Christmas. »
« Dad…I don’t know what to say. »
Isshin ruffled his son’s hair and smiled.
« You don’t have to say anything for now,just thank Grimmjow’s parents when you get there and thank me when you get back. Now come on,go get ready. »
The black haired male stood his son up and ushered Ichigo up to his room to pack and get ready. A million thoughts were running through Ichigo’s head.
Grimmjow laid in bed with his face shoved in his pillow,trying to fall back to sleep. An hour ago his mother had gone into his room to tell him that his father and her would be going out for a bit. That they needed to go pick something up real quick and that they’d be back home as soon as they could. Thaleia had ran her fingers through her son’s hair when she told him this,so the blue haired teen still felt drowsy. Just when he was falling back to dreamland the doorbell rang,making Grimmjow annoyed. He grumbled all the way down the stairs and to the front door.
« Hey there Grimm,merry Christmas! » Ggio greeted.
The blue eyed teen moved to the side to let his friend in as he stared at the black haired boy with annoyance.
« Ggio,what’d ya want? Shouldn’t you be with your parents? »
The yellow eyed teen smirked at his friend and made his way to the living room. He sat on the couch in front of the Christmas tree.
« After I ate and opened presents with my parents,I thanked them and asked if I could come over to your house. Say,where are your parents? »
Grimmjow walked over to an arm chair next to the couch Ggio sat on and shrugged.
« I don’t know. All my mitera said was that they were going to go out for a few and that they’d be right back. »
The black haired teen hummed as he looked at the presents under the tree.
« Hey Grimm,is it me or does it look like you’ve got more presents under your tree than yesterday? »
The blue eyed teen furrowed his brows as he also looked under the tree. Ggio was right,there seemed to be more presents than the day before.
Alessio walked into the living room with a jump in his step and a very happy air about him.
« Oh! Hey Ggio,merry Christmas. » the brown haired male grinned.
« Merry Christmas to you too . » Ggio responded.
Thaleia stayed at the front door smiling with unshed tears in her eyes. It made Grimmjow worry for his mother,he walked over to her and stared down at her.
« Are you okay mitera? »
The blue haired woman nodded and wiped a tear from her eye.
« I’m just really happy and we have a surprise for you,Grimmjow. »
« What? »
The blue haired teen looked at his mother with pure confusion. All the petite woman did was give a bright smile,stepped aside and opened the door. Grimmjow’s eyes widened as he took in the sight of orange hair and brown eyes. Ichigo stepped inside the Jaegerjaquez home with a big grin as Thaleia closed the door.
« I-Ichigo? » the blue eyed teen whispered with shock.
« Hi Grimmjow. »
The next thing the red head knew he was tackle hugged and on the floor with Grimmjow on top of him nuzzling the red head’s neck.
« Gamóto na párei káltses kai ta paichnídia gia ta Christoúgenna! I fráoula eínai dikí mou! »
« What does socks and games have to do with anything? » Ichigo chuckled,he wasn’t sure what the last sentence was about that Grimmjow had said.
Thaleia blushed at her son’s statement and Alessio looked shocked. Ggio didn’t laugh and tease Grimmjow like the blue haired teen expected. He just looked at the two with a blank expression and calculating eyes. A light pink tint of color spread on Grimmjow’s face at the position he was in,he got up and helped the brown eyed teen up off the floor. Ichigo looked Grimmjow up and down taking notice at how much taller the blue eyed teen was,it still seemed that he had a lot of growing to do.
« When’d you get here? Wait why did you come? »
Ichigo scratched the back of his neck and smiled sheepishly.
« Well my dad had told me yesterday that he wanted me to spend Christmas over here with you and that I’d might as well spend the rest of winter break here too. Our parents had planned it all. »
The blue haired teen looked over to his parents and they smiled back at their son and he turned to them.
« How come you didn’t tell me? »
Alessio sat down on the couch as he spoke. »Well we thought it’d be a good present for the both of you. »
« We’d been planning this since October. We knew how much you two had missed each other because of how close you two are. » Thaleia added in as she ran her fingers through her husband’s hair.
And poor Ggio stood there confused as hell because they were all speaking Japanese so that Ichigo could understand them.
« Why don’t you take Ichigo up to the guest room so he can get settled in,Grimmjow? And then we can open presents. » Thaleia said happily.
Grimmjow nodded and lead the red head upstairs with Ggio tagging along. Once the brown eyed teen had his stuff in the room the two chatted as they headed back down.
« So I guess that explains why mitera was crying. »
Ichigo smiled, »Yeah once she saw me at the airport she ran over and hugged me. She was crying because she was so happy to see me again. I never knew how much I missed your parents as well until I saw them waiting for me. »
It turned out that Isshin had mailed Ichigo’s presents over to the Jaegerjaquez home weeks before the day Ichigo was to go over,that was why there were more presents under the tree.
« Oh! I almost forgot to go give Ulquiorra and his parents their presents. » Thaleia pouted as she held the last three wrapped present. She looked outside and then to Alessio. « Méli,do you think you could come with me next door? »
« Sure. »
Alessio got up from the couch and grabbed the presents from his wife and made his way to the front door. Thaleia turned to the three teens and smiled.
« We’ll be back in a few,okay. »
With that Grimmjow’s parents were out and the teens were alone. Ichigo got up from the floor and stretched.
« I think I’m going to go take a nap. Sleeping on a plane is never comfortable. »
« Okay Ichigo. »
The red head made his way up the stairs and into the guest room. As soon as Ggio heard the door close up stairs he turned his gaze to Grimmjow.
« Hey Grimm,what was up with that weird statement and with the nuzzling? »
« What? »
« You were all over your best friend and then that weird,’This Strawberry is mine.’ comment. »
The blue eyed teen glanced to his left side and a blush spread over his cheeks.
« I…I don’t really know. »
Ggio stared at his friend for a long time with a serious face,expecting a better answer than an I don’t know.
« What do you feel for the Fráoula? What do you think of him? »
Grimmjow covered his mouth with his left hand and had a look of great concentration.
« You gotta ask yourself these things Grimm,cuz I see something. And it’s obviously something you haven’t picked up on yet and neither has he. » the black haired teen nodded up got up and gathered his things. « I’ma go home now,but just think about it. I mean that blush on your face ain’t because it’s too hot in here. »
And with that said the yellow eyed teen left Grimmjow thinking in the living room.
« What do I feel for Ichigo? » Grimmjow mumbled to himself.
A.N:This idea came to me on Christmas Eve while I was drinking and being merry with the family. I actually planned it out in my story notebook for once. But yeah I hope you liked it Words In Greek:
Mitera-mom (I think I’ve already beaten this into every bodies head XD)
Gamóto na párei káltses kai ta paichnídia gia ta Christoúgenna! I fráoula eínai dikí mou!- Fuck getting socks and games for Christmas! This Strawberry is mine!
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