Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 17

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ichigo laid in bed staring at the ceiling,not sure as to what to do. It was the weekend and the red head was sure everyone was out having some sort of fun. Karin had gone out to the park to play soccer with some friends. Yuzu was sleeping over a friends house and only God knew what Isshin was doing or if the man was still home. The brown eyed teen turned on his bed to lay on his left side and his eyes landed on a basket full of seashells on his dresser.
He got up and took the basket,emptying it’s contents on his bed. The biggest shell caught the red head’s eyes. A conch shell that had blue and orange swirls rested in Ichigo’s hand. The brown eyed teen grinned,remembering that all these shells were found by him and Grimmjow on Ichigo’s birthday. Ichigo snickered remembering that the blue haired boy said that he’d find him the prettiest shells that would remind Ichigo of the beach. The brown eyed teen remembered washing the shells of any sand as soon as he got home and his mother had put them in a basket for him.
The doorbell rang snapping Ichigo out of his memories. Ichigo began to put the shells back in the basket so he could go see who was ringing the bell. Just as he was done the ringing stopped making the red head shrug and think that maybe the person gave up and left. But boy was Ichigo wrong,his door flew open and in came an albino. Shirosaki,whit Ichigo’s father following after the white skinned teen with wide eyes.
« Ichigo,is this a friend of yours? »
The black haired male kept looking between Shirosaki and Ichigo with the most stupidest and confused face ever. Isshin thought it was every eerie how much a like they looked in appearance but just stook his head and began to make his way out of his son’s room just shaking his head.
« I must be imagining things. » Isshin mumbled as he closed the door behind him.
Ichigo sighed and looked up to the albino.
« What do you want Shiro? »
The yellow eyed teen crossed his arms over his chest and grinned with malicious intent.
« I’ve come ta kidnap and rape ya. »
Ichigo’s eyes became wide,his color drained and he seemed on the verge of fainting. Shirosaki bit his lip trying to keep the laughter in but he let it out.
« Oh,oh man ya should see yer face. Now all we gotta do is bleach yer hair and get ya contact lenses and ya’d look like me. »
The red head threw his pillow at Shirosaki’s face dead on and growled.
« Don’t even play like that Ichimaru. »
The albino sighed and threw the pillow back at Ichigo,but the brown eyed male caught it.
« There ya go usin’ mah last name,that means yer made with me,huh Berry? »
Ichigo made a frustrated noise.
« What do you want anyways? Wait how the hell did you where I live? »
The yellow eyed teen smirked and sat down on the edge of Ichigo’s bed.
« I asked yer cousin and I wasn’t kiddin’ when I said I was gonna l was kidnap ya. »
Ichigo gave Shirosaki an are you serious look.
« Alright,alright I ain’t gonna kidnap ya. But I wanna take ya out of yer house. I mean ain’t ya bored layin’ around doin’ nothin’? »
The red head glanced at his digital clock,it was only 1:03. And the albino had a point,it was very boring sitting around doing nothing. But he really didn’t feel like getting out of bed either. Ichigo laid on his bed with his back to the yellow eyed teen and mumbled.
« What was that Kurosaki? »
« I said I don’t wanna go out. »
Shirosaki’s right eyebrow twitched as his anger began to build up.
« And why is it that you don’t want to go out? »
« ‘Cause I just don’t feel like it. Wait-« 
Ichigo’s eyes widened as he just noticed that Shirosaki spoke a good clean sentence. You knew you were in trouble with the albino when he spoke proper.
All Isshin and Kenryu heard was banging coming from the second floor and tired to ignore the noise.
« S-So,nice weather we’re having. » Isshin chuckled with a worried look on his face.
« Uncle Isshin,I don’t think I could ignore that. »
The two black haired males stared at the stairs that lead to the second floor as muffled yelling began.
It took forever to get Ichigo ready and out with Kenryu and Shirosaki. All the way to the arcade the red head complain on how he was going to have to fix his room when he’d get back home.
« Ah,quit yer cryin’ Strawberry. Yer room got messed up cuz ya refused to go out with me. »
« Well no one told you to just come over. Did you stop and think for a second that maybe I wouldn’t have wanted to go out today? »
« Come on Ichigo we just thought you need to have some fun for once. » Kenryu said as he rubbed his cousin’s back. Rubbing Ichigo’s back always seemed to calm him down.
Nnoitra and everyone else had agreed to meet with the other three at the arcade. Once there Ichigo saw everyone spread out except for Nnoitra,Kensei and some white haired kid Ichigo did recognize. Three made their way to the others and Kensei saw them from the corner of his eye.
« Hey Ichigo,I hope you don’t mind that I brought my brother. His name’s Toshiro. My parents were going to go out so I had no choice but to bring him along. » The white haired teen said as he ruffled his little brother’s hair.
The white haired kid pushed at his big brothers hand,trying to save his hair from being messed up.
« Come on Kensei,leave my hair alone. »
The red head looked to his right to see that Shirosaki had a weird look on his face. You know that look people get when they think something is cute and they just have to have it,that was the look the albino was sporting. Ichigo just shrugged it off thinking nothing of Shirosaki’s reaction to Kensei’s little brother. Toshiro walked off while he tried to fix his hair and Shirosaki trailed after the boy.
« Hey Ichigo want to go play Rock Band? »
Ichigo nodded and thought nothing more of Shirosaki,the red head looked back at Nnoitra and Kensei.
« Catch you guys a little later. »
« Oi Berry Head,I wanna play a shootin’ game with ya later so after you finish playin’ with your cousin come back over here. » Nnoitra yelled.
Ichigo gave the two one last glance and he felt that something was different about Kensei and Nnoitra. Something he couldn’t put his finger on. The brown eyed teen knew they were close but in a way they seemed even closer. After playing three songs with Kenryu,his cousin the obvious winner because Ichigo never played the game in his life,the red head found Nnoitra still with the white haired teen.
« Okay Nnoitra,I’m done with my cousin. Now let me kick your ass at this game. »
« Nah Berry Head,I’ma kick your ass this time. »
Some people are good at racing games,some at rpg’s,some good with dancing games like DDR and others were good at games like Rock Band. But the red head was kick ass in shooting games like a lot of other boys his age. As Ichigo kept lasting longer than Nnoitra in the game,the black haired teen kept saying colorful words that made the brown eyed teen laugh. Once a game over appeared on the screen they both noticed that they had ran out of tokens.
« Mother fucker! I’ma shoot your ass into oblivion next time Strawberry. »
« Oh wow,even you know big words,huh Nnoitra? » Ichigo teased the skinny teen.
« Watch it Kurosaki. » Nnoitra growled.
The red head gave a bright smile,he was glad that Shirosaki had dragged him out of bed now. Forget having to clean his room once he gets home,Ichigo had fun. But he frowned at having to actually thank the albino for once.
A.N: I know there is no such thing as a Rock Band arcade game thing but I just like Rock Band more than Guitar Hero. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.
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