Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 16

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ichigo sat at his desk just starring at everyone talking,the sensei was absent today. The red head stared at his open notebook,the page he was currently writing on had one of his little made up stories. The brown eyed eight grader had gotten into writing,it seemed to be Ichigo’s calling. It was something he enjoyed and Yuzu loved reading what he wrote,they were her bedtime stories. She would wait eagerly in her bed for Ichigo to read what he’s written.
« Oi what ya writin’ Ichigo? »
Shirosaki hovered over Ichigo’s shoulder trying to read what was on the paper. Ichigo brushed him off and just put his head down on his notebook.
« Nothing really,it’s not done so you can’t look at it. »
The albino frowned.
« Ya damn hopeless romantic. » the white haired teen mumbled.
Ichigo was ready to say a come back when someone tackle hugged him out of his chair. The red head let a groan of pain escape his mouth. He looked down to see a head of black hair resting on his chest.
« Ichigo,I’m so happy to see you again. »
The brown eyed teen had the most confused look on his face.
« Oh Kenryu please get off of Ichigo. It’s never good when Ichigo gets mad. » Hanataro said worriedly.
The red head’s eyes widened and he placed his hands on either side of the teen that was on him. Ice blue eyes met with brown ones and a smirk blossomed on bother their faces.
« Kenryu,I didn’t know you came back to town. »
They both sat up and Ichigo hugged Kenryu,students were staring but to hell with it. Ichigo hadn’t seen his cousin in what felt like forever. The last he’d seen of the boy was when Ichigo was in fourth grade,Kenryu’s mother had remarried with a man named Ashido Kano and because of his job they had to move away from Karakura Town. Ichigo had heard that the ice blue eyed teen’s mother had recently died of breast cancer.
« Why are you back? When’d you come back? Does my dad know? »
Kenryu chuckled and began to answer Ichigo’s questions.
« Ashido got transferred back here and we came back four days ago. It took a while for us to get settled in,you’d think that two guys wouldn’t have a lot of things. But then again most of the stuff was mom’s… »
The black haired male let his sentence trail off into silence as he smiled bitterly at the floor. Ichigo gave him a concerned look and rubbed Kenryu’s back.
« Auntie’s death still hitting you hard Kenryu? »
Kenryu just shook his head as if to clear it and gave his cousin a small smile.
« I’ll be alright,but as for uncle Isshin,yeah he knew. I’m guessing he didn’t tell you,huh? »
Ichigo frowned and shook his head,already making up a plan for killing his father for not telling him something as important as telling him Kenryu was coming back.
« No,my dad didn’t tell me anything. »
« Oi Ichigo aren’t ya going to introduce him to everyone? » Shirosaki asked with his arms crossed over his chest.
The red head and his cousin looked to their right to see all of Ichigo’s friends looking at the two waiting patiently. Ichigo helped his cousin up off the floor and turned to all his friends.
« Guys,this is my cousin Ryusei Kenzaki. » the brown eyed teen gestured to Kenryu.
« But just call me Kenryu. It’s my nickname. »
Ichigo started from left to right telling his cousin who’s who and how he met them.
« Those two are Chad and Mizuiro,I met them last year. You remember Tatsuki,that girl that’s next to the albino,Shirosaki,her name’s Hiyori they argue like cats and dogs almost everyday. Their fighting always get on Kensei’s nerves,he hates it when people do stupid things he finds it annoying. You already know Hanataro I guess, Shirosaki used to pick on him a lot, I couldn’t stand seeing him not sticking up for himself so I helped him and we became friends. And those three over there are Nniotra,Ikkaku, and Kensei. We’ve been friends for a long while,since like first grade I think. »
« Then how come I’ve never seen them before? » Kenryu frowned.
Ichigo gave his cousin a small smile.
« It’s ’cause we would always go play at my best friend’s house. »
« Oh,the one that moved away. How is he? You still talk with him? »
« Yeah i still do. » Ichigo grinned.
As soon as Ichigo got home he stomped into the living room,where he was sure his father was watching TV.
« Hey dad,how come you never told me that Kenryu was coming back? » the red head said with a scowl on his face.
The older male turned to his son and shrugged.
« It must of slipped my mind since I’ve been pretty busy with the clinic. »
Ichigo heaved a heavy sigh and just excepted his father’s answer and made his way to his room to fire up his computer. Grimmjow and Ichigo had agreed to talk that day,it was starting to get harder to fit in time for their webcam chats because of school.
Ichigo messaged the blue haired teen the go ahead to start conversing. As soon as the red head saw the image of his best friend appeared on his computer monitor Ichigo grinned and greeted him in Greek
« Geia sou ti káneis,Grimmjow. »
And once again the blue eyed teen as baffled,the brown eyed teen laughed until tears began to gather in his eyes.
« Ya know I’m never going to get used to hearing you speak Greek Ichi. How the heck are ya learn it anyways? »
A proud smile emerged on Ichigo’s face as he responded, »I’m learning by myself. »
Just then Ichigo’s door was throw open and Isshin came in.
« ICHIGO MY SON! Why are you talking to yours-« 
The black haired male stopped mid sentence and began looking at the computer screen like a bird would,moving his head from side to side.
« Is that…Is that my other son? »
Ichigo slapped his forehead and Isshin ran over to the computer hugging it like the idiot he is.
« W-Wait,dad it’s only a webcam chat! »
Ichigo had to pry the black haired male off the screen. Grimmjow laughing his ass off.
« Wow Grimmjow,you seem to be growing up nicely. »
Isshin stayed and chatted with the blue haired teen for awhile and when the older male did leave all Ichigo and Grimmjow did was talk about their day.
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