Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 15

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Grimmjow stood out and to the left side of an open classroom door. The blue haired eight grader had a deep scowl on his face as he looked up to a bucket that he was currently trying to balance on his head. Grimmjow believed that his teacher had it out for him. Always giving the blue eyed boy stupid punishments for stupid things,it got on his nerves a lot. The pre-teen began to try and move his arms that were resting at his sides,when a sharp voice cut through and the class inside got quiet.
Mayuri Kurotsuchi yelled as he made his way out of the open door. The man came out and stood in front of Grimmjow with a ruler in hand,he wore a light blue button up shirt with black slacks. The tan skinned,blue haired honey golden eyed man stared straight at the blue eyed boy.
« I can’t even cross my arms over my chest? » Grimmjow growled.
Mayuri just glared and shook his head causing the blue haired boy to glare back at him.
« No. » A simple no slipped from the older males lips.
« But- » Grimmjow began to protest.
« Don’t make me tell you to stand on one leg. »
« But-« 
Grimmjow mumbled to himself as he lifted his left leg in the air.
« What was that? Did you say something Jaegerjaquez? I couldn’t quite hear you,speak up boy. »
The blue haired boy mumbled some more not looking at Mayuri in the face.
« What? »
Mayuri put his hand to his right ear as if it would help him hear.
« I said,FUCK YOU! »
The honey golden eyed male’s eyes narrowed as Grimmjow gave him the finger. An angered Mayuri is never a good Mayuri,the blue haired male whacked the blue eyed pre-teen’s hand with the ruler he had in hand. Grimmjow let a colorful array curses escape his mouth as he moved violently from the pain in his hand. The movement caused the bucket of water to fall from his head and soak the boy from head to toe. Mayuri grinned at the sight before him of a wet Grimmjow on the floor from slipping on water with the empty bucket on his head.
The bell signifying that the school day was over rang,some of Grimmjow’s classmates paused at the door with slight shock but then they snickered as they passed him. Ggio came running out of the classroom like a bat out of hell.
« What happened? I wanna know whats so funny. »
The black haired pre-teen stopped in the door way and began to laugh his ass off with Ulquiorra at his side just shaking his head.
« Excuse me Ggio. » Ulquiorra squeezed by to go home,he walked a few paces away and looked back. »Don’t die of laughter,okay. »
With that the green eyed boy walked away and Ggio wiped away tears from his eyes.
« O-Oh man,ya look like a drenched cat Grimm. »
At this insult Grimmjow growled and tore the bucket off his head,throwing it at Ggio.
« Oof! »
The bucket hit the yellow eyed pre-teen in the gut.
« HEY! That hurt you kathysteroún. »
Ggio threw the bucket back and it hit the blue haired boy right in the face. Ggio laughed like a madman as he ran down the hallway.
« Ggio I’m gonna get ya for this. » Grimmjow scowled.
Mayuri cleared his throat to regain the blue eyed boy’s attention.
« Well then Grimmjow I hope you’ve learned your lesson now. »
« Lesson! What lesson? » Said pre-teen growled in frustration as he glared up at his teacher. « Why the hell do you treat me different from the other kids? »
The honey golden eyed man smirked.
« It’s because you’re my favorite nephew. »
The blue haired boy threw his arms up dramatically.
« I’m your only nephew! »
Mayuri chuckled as his nephew began to get up.
« Mitera’s gonna kill you when she finds out this is your fault. »
He gestured to his wet clothes. The blue haired older male frowned and crossed his arms over his chest.
« My adelfi posses no threat to me,Grimmjow. »
Mayuri turned and began to walk down the hall. He looked over his shoulder at Grimmjow.
« Well? Aren’t you coming? »
The blue eyed pre-teen had a look of confusion causing his uncle to roll his eyes.
« I’m offering you a ride home i?líthios. »
« Oh my! Grimmy what happened to you? »
Thaleia ran over to her son as soon as she saw him all drenched. She looked out the window and frowned.
« It’s not raining,so how did this happen? »
All Grimmjow did was open his mouth and his mother was glaring at Mayuri.
« Adelfos,did you do this to my boy? »
The honey golden eyed man just cocked his head to the side and crossed his arms over his chest and smirked.
« The anoitos was disrupting my class and as his teacher and uncle,I have the right to give him some sort of punishment. Besides what are you going to do? »
Thaleia balled up her fists and yelled off the top of her lungs.
Alessio walked in from the kitchen all wide eyed.
« Whoa,wheres the fire méli? »
At that moment Grimmjow sneezed. Thaleia turned to her son and rubbed his back as she lead him to the stairs that lead to the second floor of their home.
« Grimmjow go get changed out of those clothes méli,while I talk with your theíos. »
« Hold up mitera,have you seen Ggio around? »
The blue haired woman thought for a while.
« No. He didn’t come by like he usually does. »
Grimmjow nodded and headed up to his room.
« If my gios gets sick it’s over your head Mayuri. »
It was the last complain Grimmjow had heard from his mother as he entered his room. He was greeted with the sight of Ggio laying down on his bed throwing a tennis ball against a wall.
« Oi,how the hell’d you get into my room and get off my bed. »
Ggio stopped playing with the ball and looked towards Grimmjow with boredom.
« Yer window. » the black haired boy said as if it were nothing. »Ya really need to lock that thing or an unwanted person could come in. »
The blue eyed boy crossed his arms over his chest.
« I’m looking at one right now. »
Ggio smirked as he sat up on the bed.
« Them sound like fightin’ words Grimm. »
Said boy proceeded to crack his knuckles and walked closer to his bed.
« Well I do need ta get ya back from throwin’ that bucket in my face. » Grimmjow smirked as well.
The blue haired boy lunged for Ggio but the black haired boy was too fast for him and Grimmjow just ended up laying on his bed. The yellow eyed boy jumped on the others back,grabbed hold of the blue eyed boys head by his jaw and pulled back.
« N-Never! » Grimmjow grunted.
The blue haired boy grabbed hold of Ggio and tried to throw the smaller boy off of him. Ggio pulled on Grimmjow’s hair and the two rolled off the bed and onto the floor. Ggio had made a nice cushion for Grimmjow when they fell.
« OOOOWW! »The yellow eyed pre-teen howled in pain. »Ya damned giant!That hurt my back! »
Ggio felt his clothes and groaned.
« Ya got my clothes wet numb skull. »
Grimmjow grinned.
« Well that’s what ya get for tryin’ ta pick a fight with me mikroskopikós magní?ti?s. »
A.N:Um I hope it doesn’t sound like I half assed this chapter cuz I just really wanted to update this and my creativeness seems to be out of my hands lately. I also need to look for a beta since my big sis can’t really help me much anymore cuz she’s out of ideas too until I get to the high school chapters.
Words in Greek
mo?r&oacu te;-baby
mikroskopikós magní?ti?s-pipsqueak
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