Bleach Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 14

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« Oh boy,they’re at it again. »
Hanataro began to panic as everyone stared at the new brewing argument between Hiyori Hirako and Shirosaki Ichimaru. The pair had known each other since pre-school. The blonde and the albino never got along. They would argue about the smallest things. Anything could trigger it. Dumb questions like why is the sky blue,or why do people bother to memorize a song when all they do is sing along behind closed doors in the comfort of their own homes. The crazy thing was that Hiyori and Shirosaki would always be in the same classes every grade they passed. It seemed as if the head of the school was unaware of the ruckus the pair would make.
« WHY DO YOU STILL STYLE YOUR HAIR IN PIG TAILS? » Shirosaki yelled as he pulled on Hiyori’s hair. »IT’S SOOO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! »
The blonde pinched Shirosaki’s stomach and shoved him.
Nnoitra chuckled as Kensei’s rage began to build. The white haired teen clutched his desk in a death grip,trying to clam down. The stupid childish bickering of the pair was getting on his nerves like always. Kensei had built up a low tolerance for childish things.
« NO,IT’S FUCKING NATURAL! » Shirosaki crossed his arms over his chest and then smirked. »That’s why yer dad’s a faggot. Cuz you’re man enough for the both of ya. »
That’s when shit always hits the fan,whenever the albino makes fun of Hiyori’s father she always gets violent. The blonde haired girl punched Shirosaki square in the face. The audible sickening crunch of a broken nose made Ichigo cringe.
Shirosaki held his hand to his bleeding nose. Before anything else could continue the arguing Kensei blew up.
The white haired teen threw his chair at Hiyori. The blonde yelped and ducked in time for it to miss her. But it flew towards Shirosaki and made him fall back when the chair hit his stomach.
« You two fight like cats and dogs every minute of every hour of every God damn day in school. You guys aren’t in elementary school anymore. You two are seventh graders like the rest of us. Start. Acting Your. Age. » Kensei said through clenched teeth.
Just then the bell rang signaling that lunch time was over and the sensei walked in. She saw one Shirosaki with a bleeding nose on the floor sitting up while clutching his stomach,a Hiyori fidgeting and one heavy breathing Kensei.
« WHAT HAPPENED? » The sensei screeched.
Ichigo rolled his eyes,you’d think she was used to seeing this scene almost everyday. But in minutes she had put two and two together. The sensei sighed and pointed to the door.
« Hiyori and Kensei,go to the principal’s office. And um… » She looked around the classroom. »Ah! Ichigo take Shirosaki to the nurse’s office. »
The red head reluctantly got out of his seat and made his way out of the classroom with the albino behind him. As the two made their way to the nurse’s office Ichigo couldn’t help but study the teen that walked on the other side of the hallway. He found it creepy that not only did they share the same birthday,but how they look identical besides the hair,eye and skin color. Whenever the albino was around Ichigo he couldn’t help but to stop and stare.
« Oi,Strawberry. Why ya so far away? » Shirosaki snickered. »Afraid that I’d drain ya of yer color and be like me? »
Ichigo tried to keep a blank look on his face as the blood covered albino moved closer.
« No. » Was the only answer he gave Shirosaki. »Just stay away from me. »
The yellow eyed teen grinned as he stopped right in front of Ichigo.
« What? » Ya afraid I’d stain yer pretty clothes with my bloody hands? » Shirosaki waved his still blood covered hands in the air.
« I-It’s nothing like that. »
The brown eyed teen cursed himself for stuttering. Shirosaki reached out his right hand and touched Ichigo’s cheek. The red head’s vision began to blur and a concerned look appeared on Shirosaki’s face.
« So…So much…blood. G-Get away from me. » Ichigo whispered.
« Oi! Ichigo! Ichigo,are you okay? Get up Berry Head! »
Ichigo felt himself fall forward and everything went black.
« No…Mom! Please,please get up. »
Ichigo found himself at Masaki’s side,like all of those years ago when he was a child of nine years old. His hands on top of her own hand covering up the wound at her neck,trying to stop the bleeding.
« Mom don’t go. Please hold on. »
And just like back then her hand at her throat loosened. The gargling noise of her trying to talk stopped. The brown eyed boy sat there with blood all over his hands.
« MOM! »
Ichigo sat up quickly as he was breathing heavily while he took in his surroundings. He was on a bed in the nurse’s office and the bed next to him was a sleeping Shirosaki. When the red head moved to get off the bed he noticed an odd color on his shirt. Once Ichigo looked down he began to panic. There was blood on him. The brown eyed teen let out a scream,causing Shirosaki to jump awake. The albino went right to the red head’s side.
« What’s wrong Ichigo? »
Said boy was clawing at his white uniform shirt.
Shirosaki just stared confused as Ichigo ruined his shirt,after Ichigo threw his shirt on the floor and began calming down silence set in.
« Berry Head? » The albino broke the silence. »Are you afraid of blood? »
The brown eyed boy froze and started at his shirt and he wouldn’t answer the yellow eyed teen.
« C’mon, ya can tell yer buddy Shirosaki anything. Was it cuz ya saw some period blood on a used pad? It was that wasn’t it? Let me guess it was Hiyori’s pad wasn’t it? I should know cuz that chick is nasty. »
The albino continued his rambling trying to figure out if Ichigo was afraid of blood. The red head was starting to become fed up with Shirosaki and just let it slip.
« It’s cuz she died. » Ichigo whispered.
« Huh? What’d ya say Strawberry? »
« It’s because my mother died. »
Shirosaki’s eyes widened as he stared at the depressing look forming on Ichigo’s face.
« …How? »
The Ichigo felt his throat go dry.
« My mother died right in front of me when I was nine. We were going home one day after buying somethings and a guy came up to us. » The red head let his sentence trail off as he tried to let the next sentences leave his mouth. »She turned to me and made me go back to get milk cuz she forgot it. When I was coming back to her so we could both go home…the guy slashed at her throat and ran. »
Shirosaki stayed quiet,waiting for Ichigo to continue.
« She was bleeding a lot and I didn’t know what to do. All I could do was try to help her stop the bleeding by pressing my hands to her throat…That…That’s why I’m afraid of blood. »
« I’m sorry…for yer loss. » The yellow eyed teen whispered.
Silence once again came over them for a while,the air tense and kind of uncomfortable.
« I…I have a fear too. »
Ichigo looked up at the albino with curiosity in his eyes.
« What is it? »
« I’m kinda afraid of gettin’ too close to people. If I do I’m scared that they’d leave me. »
The red head frowned.
« Why is that? »
Shirosaki sighed and scratched his head.
« Well my story ain’t as tragic as ya and yer mom,but well me,my ma and my pa,we used to all live together when I was very little. My pa thought that we were doing okay and that we weren’t unhappy. But one day my ma up and left without a word. It turned out that she left us for another man. »
Ichigo looked at Shirosaki with sad eyes,this making the other teen feel uncomfortable.
« Hey. Don’t look at me like that,ya makin’ me feel weird. »
« But,aren’t you close to us and Hiyori? »
The albino tsked and scowled.
« Alright Strawberry don’t get me wrong,but just cuz I fight with Hiyori doesn’t mean I don’t like her. She’s pretty awesome and the broad cracks me up. »
This caused Ichigo to go into a fit of laughter.
« Oi,don’t make fun of me Berry Head. »
« I’m not it’s just funny that you confessed to liking her. »
« Hey I like her as a friend and don’t you dare tell anyone about this conversation you hear Strawberry? » Shirosaki pointed to the red head. « Cuz if ya do I’ll beat ya up and show you more blood. »
The brown eyed teen stopped laughing immediately and put on a serious face.
« Don’t even play like that Shirosaki. »
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