Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1 The Ones I love ( Chapter 2 )

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Chaotic Outbreak
Exia of Light
Endless Illumination
Chapter 1 The Ones I Love
Sudden coughing and hacking broke the gentle sounds of the meadow apart. The sound commanded everything’s attention towards the source. Slowly Brett hacked and coughed and struggled to move his body; he felt no pain anywhere in his body. His eyes opened to a blurry sky; his vision was failing him and none of his muscles could do anything. “Did I die? Is this the afterlife?”
Brett continued to struggle upwards when he felt a palm against his chest. “Take your time; you have not moved in some time. It will take some time for all of your motor skills to return.” A voice told Brett; he could not see well at all but he recognized the voice. “Siarnaq? Is that you? I can feel nothing in my entire body; am I dead? Did I fail everyone?”
“No you are not dead; not yet anyway…” Another voice said causing Brett to shoot upwards into a sitting position. “I thought you had no control of your muscles, but I guess you really are something special.” Brett’s eye sight returned and he looked over to see Váli sitting beside 4 other Exia. “Váli what are you doing here…? What happened? How long was I out…? Where am I? what…”
Lightning jumped down and support Brett’s trembling body; causing Brett to pause his assault of questions. “Easy there; you just woke up so relax. You need to take it easier; after all you took the worst beating of everyone here.” Lightning stopped after his sentence when he felt a poke to his side; he turned to see Aeolus looking down on him. “Stop stressing the guy out; he just came too after that battle and now you’re making him worried. You feeling any better; you idiot… I cannot believe you were dumb enough to try that.”
Sounds came back to the meadow of birds and wind blowing through nearby trees. Brett got all of his vision back, but he still had multiple questions. “Yes I think my vision is back to normal; I’ll live but how long was I out. How did I survive that attack; it felt like my body was disintegrating in the energy… Just how the hell could I have survived that attack? That attack clearly should have killed me…”
Brett sighed just when Theus began to answer; “well not to alarm you but you have been out for about three months…” Brett shot up; knocking everyone off to the side. Theus jumped up and grabbed hold of Brett; stopping him from leaving while Brett struggled against his grasp. “Slow down there; if you are worried about how much time has passed do not. This dimensions time passes at a much quicker pace then other dimensions. So these months are more like a few days or even hours to others. Stop worrying yourself; you still need to rest.”
Brett stopped his attempts and relaxed into a standing position, and Theus calmly continued. “I had a feeling you would be stressed by the idea, but that is why we came here. You can thank Siarnaq for everything.” Brett’s legs were still weak, and he collapsed into a sitting position looking up to the sky. “It is so peaceful here; how did we end up here?”
Siarnaq sat there in his cloak with his legs crossed. “No doubt you would want to know what happened. Brett when you were battling with Váli; you tried to stop his final attack, but it would have killed all of us. So I used my power over darkness to transport us to another dimension to avoid the attack. We were all hurt slightly but you were the worst because of your valiant efforts. So I brought us here and we evaded the attack; Váli unleashed it onto the empty dimension. But regardless you have finally recovered from that attack; and that is a beacon of light.”
Brett looked back to Váli who was sitting beside Siarnaq. “Why is he here? He was trying to kill us not to long ago. Also where is Fayt to…?” Váli looked at him momentarily before beginning to speak; “yes there is a story behind that too. When my attack passed it had left me completely drained of all my energy. Siarnaq returned and rescued me from dying out there. Since then I have had time to realize that you all are not bad, and perhaps that this truly is not your fault. I owe Siarnaq a great deal for saving me, and you all have my thanks for pledging yourselves against Jenova.”
Lightning walked over and put his hand on Brett’s shoulder; “so that makes us all allies. Unfortunately Fayt did not share that idea. He cursed all of us, and even himself for how weak he was; to think all he cares about is power. He told us he wanted no part of who we were. He left this dimension by himself and headed off somewhere. But even if he did he only has a days head start about…”
Siarnaq interrupted; his commanding voice drawing everyone’s attention to him. “More importantly is what he was promised. Jenova promised us each something in return for aiding her, and after fighting with him it clear what he seeks… Jenova promised him power and he intends to find her and collect. He could become a threat but all of us need to decide what we will be doing. We have many problems arising, and a thousand questions; even I’m wondering how to overcome it.”
“That was not the real Jenova you met” Váli said; looking down at the ground. “No one in any dimension you could access has ever seen the real her. The one you met at the previous world was a clone as well. Now that they control the Weapon of Infinity I doubt they will give any time in going after their real goal. I do not know what Jenova will do from this point on beyond her goal but she has thousands of clones operating under her command. Thankfully Olympus is still incredibly well hidden, but it will only take so long for her to get there and then the true chaos will begin…”
Suddenly before Váli could utter another word; Brett’s ears perked up and he rose. He starred into the sky with a panicked expression across his face. Lightning looked over at his friend’s panicked expression. “Brett what is wrong? You sense something going on somewhere?”
“I have to leave; my home is in danger! I can sense it I have to leave now!” Brett finished his statement and changed into his tech form. His form was fully regenerated to its former glory. Brett wasted no time and shot off into the sky at a greater speed then he had ever traveled leaving the others behind. “Do not worry Lightning; he will be fine. It is rather amusing to think that he has that kind of power when he is worried about her. If he had used that back when we were fighting then the outcome may have been different.”
Brett broke through the atmosphere at a speed he never thought possible. He paused up in space for a moment looking around at the stars and planets of a system. He could sense Blair barely but then he felt the rings presence; a small glimmer appeared off in space and Brett knew it was the ring leading him home. “Blair hold on I’m coming back… and I will not let anything happen to you!”
Brett’s body surged with new found energy and determination; he shot off in the direction of the glimmer of light. He had to make it there and quickly; what ever was there was huge. Brett pushed his tech form’s thrusters to their maximum extent of it’s capabilities. If he did not hurry then it was game over for all of his friends; something felt incredibly wrong.
Lightning ripped the sky apart and the incredible sound of thunder deafening everyone in ear shot. The sky turned back from its grey clouds from a perfectly clear day; demanding the attention of hundreds in moments. Almost every duelists and faculty member went outside to see what had happened. Blair and Marcel went outside; trying to find out just what was happening, but hoping that this was not what it appeared to be.
The dust and smoke cleared the area leaving everyone’s questioned to be answered. Almost all of the students had returned but two were not present. Blair’s eyes watered when she saw that both Jaden and Brett were missing from the group. She turned and but her head over Marcel’s shoulder. She still believed in Brett’s return but hope for his return kept growing dimmer each day; it was becoming clear that he may not be coming back.
Sadness was across everyone’s face over the loss of their two friends. Syrus stood there starring into space; tears poring down his face. He shouted Jaden’s name to the sky at the loss of his friend. Hasleberry walked over to Blair and made a small noise; Blair turned around to see a sad look on his face. “Sorry Blair; we found no signs of Brett at all. I’m sorry Blair but he may be gone.”
The news only saddened Blair and she turned back and began to cry with the same intensity as Syrus. Chancellor Shepard looked down at his feet; “there is no way I will be able to tell both families that they are gone. Especially Brett’s parent; he will never except this at all. Still this is hard to accept that they are gone…”
High above the planet three spaceships hovered high above. The commander sat on the bridge with his advisors; they looked on wards to the monitor in front of them. “Still no confirmation on the whereabouts of the Weapon of Light, Commander.” The Commander looked down onto the group of students. “Yes I see that but we have our orders; we will either lure him out or destroy this world. Regardless I think it is obvious what we must do at this point.”
Song Saikisen
“Very well sir; we have a go then. Signal Unicorn to begin approaching the planet, and tell the drop pods to launch. We have to make this perfect; tell them they have a go to use all force necessary!” The commander yelled to the other members aboard the ship. “We have a go… I repeat we have a go; all soldiers are to descend to the planet!”
The pods dropped from the bottom of three ships and began to descend towards the planet below. The soldiers and mechs inside of the pods all readied their weapons for an attack. The heat built up inside the pods as they descended onto the planet. A red aura of heat built up around the pods and sound of them descending to the planet commanded everyone’s attention.
The pods passed through the upper atmosphere and began to cool down; returning to their original green color. The heat did not affect any of the soldiers in the slightest because of their suits, and they were ready to go. The pods continued to descend closer to the earth. The pods split open releasing fifteen human soldiers down into the air; followed by nine machines that each carried a long laser canon in their arms.
The remainder of the pods disappeared into waves of darkness; leaving the soldiers to land on the planet surrounding the all of the students. They pointed their rifles at the students and blocked off all escape routes. The large machines hovered above; waiting for a signal to even aim at the other students.
One soldier stepped forward pointing his rifle at the group of students. “We are here for the Weapon of Light; if he is here then come forth and save this world, or we will destroy it.” Alexis became angry at the threat intended; “He is not here! We do not know where he is; so leave us alone.”
The soldier walked over to Alexis; his face was not visible through the mask but he was still menacing. “By order of Balance we are here to capture and kill the Weapon off Light by any means necessary. If the Weapon of Light does not show up then this world will be forfeit. We have more then enough strength to destroy this world if he does not show him self. It is amusing to think he would not save this world considering what lives here. I thought he loved this girl, but I guess intelligence was wrong…”
“Shut up!” Blair shouted with more force then she knew she had; her eyes still watering with tears. “Brett would never abandon us; he loves me and he is more of a hero then most people could ever hope to be. He will come to save us; I know he will!” The sound of laughter came through his helmet; “is that so. Well maybe he will come after you all are dead; then he can die to. Sad to think we must make such a large sacrifice; but orders are orders. He will not come and you will all die; some Hero!”
Suddenly a surge of light came from deep space causing sensors aboard the ships to spike. “Large power source coming from deep space; the power level is vastly superior to the registered power of the Weapon of Light. Sir I think the Weapon of Light is coming. He will catch all of our soldiers off guard.”
The commander turned around and looked at the screen. “Get me a visual on what is coming now!” The monitor began to display Brett’s tech form, and the Commander gasped. “That is far more advanced; tell the troops to kill the hostages now! Tell them it is coming!”
The soldier received the message and lifted his hand to the sky and backed off. “Sorry but you all have to die; nothing personal it is just the job we were hired to do. Sad to kill off cute girls… but it is either you or us.” The soldiers all lifted their rifles at the students and the large machines lifted their cannons to students’ positions.
The cannons began to charge and all of the rifles triggers were started to be pulled. Everyone closed their eyes and prepared them selves for what was to follow. Blair jumped into Marcel’s arms and took a deep breath praying for Brett. Suddenly twenty six laser blasts came down destroying the fifteen rifles and the nine cannons. Blair let out a gasp and everyone opened their eyes to see that they were safe.
The soldiers through down their rifles that were melted and destroyed. “Damnit; it is here the Weapon is above us. How everyone get ready to engage.” The leader of the soldiers looked to the sky and all of the soldiers got ready for what was coming. Still he was not prepared for what was coming; not after what had just happened.
Song Tobe Freedom
“Now is the time for a hostage situation…” Shouted the leader and he began to run over to Blair but was cut off by another laser that shot down in front of his face. He got angry and grabbed his knife from a portion of his vest. The readied the knife but another laser his hand causing him to drop the knife.
A beam of light shot down though the sky; it stopped a hundred feet above the ground. Blair’s eyes lit up as she shouted; “Brett!” The new machine form was alien to some but Blair had no doubt who it really was.
The machine turned and flew off towards the ocean; the nine machines gave chase and each pulled out a new weapon. The machines flew after Brett but could not even come close to matching his speed. Brett got far enough ahead that he could turn around and began firing. Each shot hit a machine destroying it with that single shot, and quickly four machines fell.
The remaining five machines continued forward and powered up their axe weapons. Each axe had a laser blade; Brett switched his twin laser rifles for his swords. The five machines passed by Brett trying to kill him but each pass the swords diverted the axes. The fifth machine came at Brett head on and readied its arm for the coming swing.
Brett flipped in the air using the thrusters on his back; his foot struck the machine knocking it off balance. Brett completed the flip and brought his sabers across the struck machine and destroyed it. Brett turned back to machines that were coming back for another attempt at Brett’s life. The eight blue dragoon units on his wings flew off and fired their lasers destroying the final four machines.
Brett turned his attention to the sky; he lifted his arm and a blast of laser hit him. He was enveloped into the explosion and the soldiers by the students laughed. “He is dead after that attack; we have completed our mission.” Alexis chuckled despite the tears of joy from knowing Brett was alive.
Alexis began to speak up; “you obviously do not know anything about your target. Brett will not be killed so easily by that.” The soldier turned back; “what do you mean?” Blair dried her tears and looked at the black smoke that had enveloped Brett. Alexis walked over to Blair and put her hand on her shoulder. “He did not come all this way to be stopped by that weak attack.”
Song Strike Shutsu
The eight blue units returned through the black smoke, and the smoke cleared away revealing Brett still is tech form completely unharmed. On his right arm he had deployed a shield of energy that had fully blocked the blast from doing any damage. Brett lowered his shield and rushed over to his friends. He stopped above them just as another blast from the laser canons pierced the sky.
The blasts were each blocked by Brett with his shield. When the barrage of attacks stopped Brett traveled upwards into the sky at top speeds. “Sir the Weapon is coming straight for us. There is no time to evade, what are your orders?” questioned a soldier on the Bridge. The Commander was speechless for a moment but quickly changed his game plan. “All batteries open fire on the Weapon of Light. Do not waste shots on his friends; concentrate all fire power on him!”
Brett passed through the higher levels of the upper atmosphere at top speeds. Firing resumed when he reached space and Brett was pelted by multiple missiles and laser cannon blasts. Every attack hit his shield and Brett never gave an inch backwards. His thrusters continually pushed back and he waited for the perfect time to strike. He backed off without any warning giving him more room to evade.
The twin laser rifles were taken from Brett’s tech form and slammed together to form a single long rifle. Brett took a second to aim and fired a single shot that passed through two of the ships causing them to explode back into shadows. Brett flew in at high speeds and dodged the laser fire. He stopped directly in front of the ship and deployed the cannons on the form’s hips; destroying the long range laser canons on the ship.
More weapon fire tried to shoot Brett down, but Brett was far to fast to come close to hitting. He deployed his eight blue dragoon units; the units swarmed the ship and struck down the ships weapon systems. Brett stopped when the ship was disabled; he had no interest in killing these people. To his surprise the ship self destructed after a few seconds.
Brett turned around to see a large Planet sized enemy coming towards the earth. It was still some distance away from the planet but it would come no closer then it already was. “What are you?” Brett questioned and a large voice was sent through a communication field between the two. “I am Unicron!”
Brett looked at the tremendous opponent that continued to move forwards to destroy the world he called home. “I just got back; nothing is going to destroy my home world especially not you!” Brett shouted and his form changed again.
The new form was like all of his other forms combined. The twin white wings on his back stretched for miles across space. Along the top of the wings were large dragoon units; the wings were half metal and half angelic. The main body was small in comparison and was half his tech form and half some other alloy. The dragon head was armor plated and he had a set of mechanical arms and a set of dragon arms.
The new form shot forward and impacted onto the planet sized enemy; sending it a massive distance back through space. The planet stopped moving backwards and quickly started moving forwards again to achieve its goal. Brett approached again at high speeds and this time weapon fire filled space again.
All eight Dragoon units on each wing deployed and flew in front of Brett. The dragoons deployed small shields that took turns blocking in coming shots. The dragon charged up an attack in its mouth and let it fire. The blast hit Unicron creating a large crater in its outer armor.
Unicron next deployed his gigantic cannon that was on the opposite side to the crater, and aimed it at the creature that was quickly approaching. This time the sixteen dragoon units worked together and created a massive shield in front of Brett. The cannon did not have to charge, and fired a massive beam that was once again easily thwarted by the shield.
Brett stopped moving forward for a second with his large shield still blocking all attacks from hitting him “I cannot leave evidence that you existed; it will only cause a panic down on that world. I will banish you from all existence and you will not ever harm anything again.”
The mechanical hands slammed together and a long bladed sword of light formed in his hands. He firmly gripped the sword in his hands and used his wings to shoot forward. The form reached the speed of light and quickly approached the mechanical planet. The head of the form roared fiercely and inside Brett’s mind he shouted the name of the attack. “Banishment!!!” The form passed straight through the world and it disappeared into a blinding flash.
Song Senkou no hate ni
The remaining soldiers down on the planet were amazed to see no trace of Unicron. “What the hell!!! Is he gone? How could he have made an entire assault planet disappear like that?” questioned the Commander. “He has to be gone; he must have sacrificed him self. Nothing is that powerful!!!”
Before the leader of the ground troops could complain any more Brett broke through the atmosphere, but this time he was in human form. He still wore the same red sweater that was torn from previous battles. His Jeans were cut and scrapped, but as far as anyone could tell he had no injuries.
Blair was ecstatic to see the real him coming back to her like he promised. The soldiers were however not happy, and the leader was furious. “NO! It is impossible! Men remember we cannot go back so we must try and kill him. Give him no quarter and make sure he dies this time!”
Each of the soldiers grabbed a spare knife or a pistol waiting for a chance to attack. “Wait for him top get closer.” Brett however knew what was going on; he looked to the roof of the school while he descended. His blades still embedded in the roof; he focused in on them and moved his arms to his sides.
The blades teleported to Brett’s hands; he quickly slammed them together forming a single long sword in front of him. Energy fired out from Brett’s back and attached to his feet in the shape of a board. Brett began surfing in the air, and soldiers took off into the sky after Brett.
They approached him and began firing at Brett with their pistols while the men with knives closed in. Brett shifted his weight from side to side to evade some bullets; while blocking others with his sword. Brett closed in and slashed each of them with his sword. Brett knew these things were not human and that they had no purpose but to kill.
Each of the soldiers fell with no real opposition and Brett finished them in half a minute. He approached the ground and he let the board of energy disappear. Brett landed by the school at let a sigh out; his sword disappeared and he turned around to look at everyone who was waiting for him to say something like they all thought it was still a dream. “Looks like I can still make an entrance right?”
Blair could no longer wait any longer and ran towards to Brett. Brett could not keep his composure any longer, and he began to run forward towards Blair. Blair jumped up into Brett’s arms the two pulled the other into a deep hug. Blair’s feet could not touch the ground but she did not care any longer; this felt more like a dream the reality. “Brett I have wanted you back for so long; I never gave up on you coming back. I promise I will never let you out of my sight again.”
Suddenly the two heard many different people coming over. Soon they were all surrounded by most of their friends. Alexis smiled at Brett and looked at his face; she was startled when she saw something Brett never had done before. “Brett? Are you crying?” Alexis questioned and everyone’s attention was drawn to him.
Brett put Blair down and much to her surprise he actually had tears coming down his face. “I have missed you all so much; so much happened in the months I have been gone.” Everyone was puzzled to his very words; Blair looked up at him and began to speak to him. “Brett; only about a week has happened since you disappeared. It felt like a month without you Brett. We all have missed you a lot.”
Brett was surprised but not that shocked; Theus told him that things would have passed much faster. He was quick to notice one other key person still missing from the crowd. “Where is Jaden?” Brett questioned but no one could give him a response. Brett panicked and franticly repeated the question until Jesse spoke up. “Jaden is gone Brett; we do not know where he is. You see he came back to try and save me and you. But in the end he played the hero and stayed behind.”
Suddenly Brett felt a sharp and quick incredible pain in his chest and he dropped to his knees. Another blast hit him and he drifted off to sleep. Blair got down and checked his pulse to make sure he was fine. Blair breathed a sigh of relief at the fact he was okay. “He is fine, but then why did he pass out?” Blair asked and Alexis walked over; “He is probably tired. After a good night sleep he will be fine so why don’t we move him to the Red dorm and you can look after him Blair?”
Blair quickly agreed and the group dispersed off in their own directions. Blair was incredibly content to have Brett back in her grasp. She was not going to let him leave her again. She still had no clue about what he had been through but so long as he was safe and uninjured she was happy.
The Chancellor looked on at Brett and he began to think to him self; “It’s amazing to think what he has been through this year. I have heard from so many that what he did in the other dimension was amazing but this is proof of his abilities. The cover up worked but no doubt his father will want to meet him. He was worried so long ago when he did not come back the first time; I must let him know immediately.”
“So that is the Weapon of Light huh? Wow all that fight is in that little body huh? Makes me sad that I got to kill him; well it would if I had a heart. Now all I have to do is wait for him to be alone; no point spilling more blood then I have too.” Said a man a top of the Red dorm; his red hair and black cloak moved gently in the breeze. “Sorry you got to die.”
Meanwhile two people stood around a portal that showed them the events that had transpired. The female looked at the male with a serious tone in her voice. “Our first attack has failed… That is the target for sure; I sense now is not the best time to strike with that girl nearby.” The male nodded and continued with a similar tone. “Yes we shall wait… Then we will use everything we have to strike. The Erasers will erase his past and his future at the same time… for the grace of the Aura that guides us.”
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