Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1: Preface ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Hey everybody! I’d been having kind of trouble with figuring out a few things with “Sacrifice”, writing a series of independent short stories that together could tell a much bigger one, happened to be a far more difficult task that I first conceived it. I decided that in order to work out the problems I have with the story, I needed to explore the background of the different approaches I was using, with hope of finding there the missing pieces of my puzzle. I guess it`s going well so far, because I’m finding a few developments I’m really getting to like. So, here it is the first one, I hope you people like it!
Desclaimer: I have no claim on anything concerning Saint Seiya or its characters; they all belong to Kurumada Masami and his geniality. You can tell this because if I had anything to say about it, Seiya and Shaina would end up together and I really don’t see that as a very realistic option. Anyway, isn’t this what fanfiction is about?
A Saint Seiya Fanfiction
Abstract: Seiya needs his time alone to speak with his Goddess, in these private moments he tells her about his life after her absence. Seiya x Shaina, other parings. Mild language and violence, rated T just for safety.
Tell me, my Goddess… What have I done right, in this life or another, to be rewarded with this vision that is my lover?
My sand-woman… my shimmering Amazon. She lays asleep on her side. Her framed, moon-bathed shapes are the dunes of the dessert where I lose myself. Her glittery skin is made of millions of rough miniature jewels, armed with an endless figure of minimal edges, sharp as blades. It offers no resistance to my advance, but as it slides over my soul, it scrapes away the coarsenesses. Slowly… day by day, year by year, she smoothes my undisclosed scars. She wants to stop the ache; she wants to make me shine again.
Why, why, my Goddess! Why are you playing deaf to my pleas? I just need to know… it is this truly a blessing, or just the foreword to the misfortune that will throw me the last blow, and finish me at last? I don’t know what is in your head or what is your plan for me, but keep in mind that the higher you let me go up, the worse will be the fall and the crash… and this time I’ll be shattered in so many pieces that no one, not even you my beloved, will be able to put me back together. Am I trying to threaten you? No, I couldn’t. I’m just scared of losing you, and then her. I haven’t seen you in a long time, I don’t know if I ever will (in this lifetime, anyway)… I only know that if someone takes her from me, I will die. You hear me, Athena? I’ll die!
I wouldn’t dare to threaten you, ever. I’m just letting you know: If you let the sand slip from my fingers, it will be another two hundred years before you can see me again.
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