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Title: And
They Call It Puppy Love

Category: Anime/Manga » Inuyasha
Author: ButtButtDoodle
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Family
Published: 02-01-16, Updated: 06-17-16
Chapters: 4, Words: 18,806

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Universe: Inuyasha

Pairing: SessKag (VERY OOC. It’s AU though, and I doubt
Sesshoumaru would be such a homicidal freak in present-day Japan. I

Genre: AU, Romance, Slice of Life.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters do not belong to me

Author Notes: Hey Howdy Hey! Ange here! This has been a long time
a-coming. I’ve been dying to make a SessKag fic from the moment I
even learned what the heck fanfiction was, but I could never quite
find the right story. Plus, there are SO many amazing SessKag fics
out there, I always felt absurdly inadequate. Nevertheless, I
decided to finally get this little fic out of my system. It is by
no means a literary masterpiece, but as far as fics go, I’m quite
pleased. I hope you guys like my first SessKag fic, R&R please,
I live for comments.

And They Call It Puppy Love

Chapter One


I approached a kid and asked:
« What is love? »
The kid answered,
« Love is when a puppy licks your face. »
I laughed, but then he added,
« Even after you left him alone all day. »


Kagome Higurashi always considered herself a
dog person.

Cats were great, mind you. She had owned one
herself back in high school, and she adored the ever-loving shit
out of that lazy furball. Dogs were just so much more expressive
with their love, though. There was nothing like arriving home to a
wagging tail and floppy ears, the sheer joy of seeing you there
practically palpable in their twinkling eyes.

This was the exact scenario that awaited her
when she parked her car on the curb and stepped onto her front
porch. The only problem was: Kagome didn’t own any dogs.

« Where did you come from, little guys? » Kagome
spoke softly to the 
 twin Doberman dogs
currently lying on her welcome rug. They seemed happy to see her,
tails fanning lazily and tongue lolling to the side, but Kagome was
still wary. You never did know with dogs, especially with strays.
She stood apprehensively on the stairs, debating whether she should
turn tail and lock herself in her car until the dogs decided they
didn’t want to use her porch as a bed-and-breakfast anymore, or if
she should confront them somehow.

Well…The dogs
seem aggressive. In
fact, the closer Kagome edged towards the entrance, the happier
they became. One of them stood up and bounded down the steps toward
her, circling around and making Kagome both nervous and giddy. The
other one seemed quite content to bask in the shade offered by her
porch, but looked on at its brother’s antics watchfully. The more
curious of the two sat in front of Kagome and barked, tail

Okay, so they were kind of
 Kagome admitted, her
blue eyes crinkling at the sides as she smiled down at them.
Despite the reputation that their breed had, both Doberman seemed
like over-grown puppies the way they were acting with

« Excuse me guys, I really need to get inside. »
Kagome laughed as the Doberman licked her fingers, even nibbling
them (quite gently) when she tried to push him aside. « I wonder,
where on Earth did you come from? » she breathed to herself,
slightly dizzy with this odd turn of events. Meanwhile, the dog
nearest her rubbed against her pant suit, ecstatic that she wasn’t
shying away from him.

Encouraged by his friendliness, the young woman
knelt down, careful to place her purse on the steps. She patted the
Doberman on the head, trying to calm him down. His butt would fly
away from his body if it continued to wag like that. « Easy, big
guy. » Kagome giggled, whilst trying to see if he had a tag of some
sort in his black leather collar. His fur was smooth and healthy;
he was definitely someone’s pet. « Did you run away from home, boy? »
Kagome baby-talked, letting out a cry of triumph as her fingers
closed around a metallic tag. « Let’s find out who your parents are.
Stay still, baby. »

Her cooing words had an opposite effect though.
The affection only seemed to further thrill the dog, who was
practically vibrating from excitement. The other dog perked up,
suddenly jealous that his brother was getting all the attention
from the preppy raven-haired woman. With a fluidity that belied his
lethargic state just mere seconds ago, he stood up and ran towards
them. Kagome’s baby-blue eyes widened as she suddenly found herself
with two very large dogs vying for her attention. « W-wait! » She
tried to stand up, but all too quickly both dogs tackled her to the
ground. « Easy, guys! »

They were so big though, she couldn’t push them
away, and that primal side of her brain just kept
‘Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh
shit -‘

A shrill whistle pierced the air, and the dogs

« AH! UN! Leave her alone! »

Kagome barely registered the shouting voice
when a pair of strong arms hoisted her up in the air. Kagome
squeaked as she suddenly found herself upright, being pulled by the
waist as if she were a toddler. 
‘Weee’, she thought
absently, before she was set on her feet, her vision swimming.
Kagome was still trying to gather her bearings when she abruptly
got a face-full of snowy white hair, as a large figure shielded her
and attempted to calm the two dogs.

« Sit. » The voice commanded

On cue, the two Doberman dogs sobered up faster
than a politician accused of sleeping-around, and promptly sat on
their haunches. Kagome watched in awe as the puppy-dogs that had
seconds ago attacked her with their affections were suddenly turned
into two fierce watch-dogs. Kagome’s gaze turned from the dogs to
the person in front of her.

His back was to her – And what a back it was, she thought, eyes roaming up and down admiringly. Broad
shoulders and a wide masculine back – the kind you read in
harlequin novels- dipped into a slim waist. His arms were covered
by a white running jacket, but Kagome knew that there must be
muscles underneath by the way the fabric stretched at the biceps.
And his butt – don’t get her started. Thank God for sweatpants.
They were for women what yoga pants were for men; a gift from

What truly captivated her though was the long,
snow-white hair cascading down his back and ending just above his
hips. He wore it tied at the nape of his neck, and idly Kagome
wondered how much conditioner he used to keep it so enviably smooth
and shiny. It had to be a lot. Gallons of it, even. Maybe they
could trade beauty secrets – 
Dammit, Higurashi. Focus.

Kagome attempted to make herself modest again,
smoothing down her frazzled hair and clothes. « Wow…how did
you do that? » she asked her knight in brand-name sports attire. The
man turned towards her and Kagome had to hold back a

« Forgive me. Did my dogs hurt you? » the man’s
deep voice rumbled. Kagome tried to find her voice, but for the
life of her it had gotten stuck somewhere between her lungs and her
tongue. She shook her head slowly, trying to not gawk at the man
too obviously.

Hot-diggity-dog, he was fricking gorgeous. If the back had
been eye-candy, the front was the entire sweets factory. Kagome
didn’t think men like him existed outside the pages of magazines.
He was built like a goddamn tank, and so
 tall, sooo

« Miss? » the man questioned, and Kagome snapped
out of it. His hands were lightly resting on top of her shoulders,
supporting her, and Kagome had to crane her neck almost completely
backwards just to meet his gaze. His face was pale, concern etched
across his marbled features.

« I’m sorry? » Kagome stuttered,
Get a hold of
 she screamed shrilly
in her head.

The man eyed her like she had been hit on the
head one too many times. And maybe she had been, because she
couldn’t focus on anything else but those 
gorgeous amber eyes.
Were they contacts? They had to be. Jesus, she could almost swear
they were yellow, or a color that had yet to be invented, something
with a cheesy name, like Honey-suckle Sunflower or Molten Gold Lava
or –

« This Sesshoumaru has asked if you are all
right. » He repeated, slower this time. He seemed very worried or
just irritated, she couldn’t tell. Kagome tried to concentrate on
his words without being sidetracked by his loveliness. Meanwhile,
the man – Sesshoumaru, her mind supplied – gave her a once over,
checking if she was injured. « I saw my dogs jump at you. » The man
turned piercing yellow eyes towards the stoic animals, furrowing
his eyebrows. « Ah and Un are very wary of strangers. I’ve never
seen them behave in such a manner, or take to a person so
quickly. »

« Oh, I have that effect on dogs! » Kagome smiled
breathlessly, waving away his scowl. His face was way too pretty to
be scowling like that. Sesshoumaru’s frown only deepened further at
her comment. Kagome felt flustered by those scrutinizing

« I don’t know how to explain it! I guess
animals are just drawn to me. Lucky me! » She laughed airily, trying
not to babble. Kagome was incredibly self-conscious under that
steady, yellow gaze. Maybe because he looked like a supermodel and
she looked like…well, like she had been tackled to the ground
by a two-dog football team.

Ah and Un’s tail wagged in unison at the sound
of her laughter, bottoms moving excitedly, but they didn’t dare
stand up from their sitting position in front of their master.
Their delight didn’t escape the man’s notice, though. He raised an
elegant eyebrow and scoffed, dropping his hands and moving back.
Kagome thought he seemed amused, but the look was gone in an
instant and she couldn’t be sure. « If this sort of violence is
customary whenever you meet animals, then I’m afraid such
popularity is not something to boast about. » he drawled, and Kagome
could’ve sworn he was teasing her. His tone turned serious and he
stepped closer to her, his yellow eyes making Kagome feel like he
was X-raying her. « Nonetheless, if they hurt you in any way –

« Look, seriously, I’m okay. They were just
playing with me and got excited, is all. They didn’t even scratch
me, see? » Kagome stretched her arms out and turned full-circle on
the spot, as if to prove her point.

The man did smile then, the most infinitesimal
quirk of the lips. 
, Kagome thought

« All the same, I humbly apologize. We were out
on a walk when they suddenly ran off without me. I’ll be sure to
take better care of keeping them in sight. » He turned golden eyes
towards Kagome, an indecipherable look that made her toes curl. « It
won’t happen again. »


« Hello Ah! Hello Un! » Kagome cooed, slamming
the driver’s door and opening the passenger one. The twin Doberman
were already waiting for her at her doorstep and, as soon as they
saw her car, they ran down the front steps to greet Kagome. The
raven giggled at their endless energy, kneeling down to return
their greeting.

This sort of welcome had become a daily routine
now. For the past week, Kagome would arrive to her one-floor house,
only to find both over-grown pups already waiting for her there.
Kagome didn’t mind though. She had always wanted dogs when she was
a child, but her mother had never allowed it. The most she had
owned had been her fat cat Buuyo, and despite his sweet temper, he
wasn’t much of a companion.

Ah and Un were playful and surprisingly gentle
for such large animals. Kagome would pet their ears and rub the
underside of their bellies and they would go crazy with glee. On
the third time that Kagome found them on her doorstep, she had been
prepared. An old tennis ball she had from her tennis-playing days
back in college and some treats were on the back of her car, ready
for use with her new best friends. Kagome would throw the ball on
the small patch of grass on her front yard. Then she’d sit down on
her steps and laugh as the twins would fight over the ball, each
trying to be the one to bring the toy to her.

And then, after a few
he would

Speak of the devil…

Kagome heard his steps long before he called
out to her, and she turned around smiling.

« Forgive me, Higurashi-san, I do not know how
they keep running away from me. » Sesshoumaru apologized gravely,
attempting to drag both Doberman away from her by their

Kagome stood up from where she was kneeling on
the curb and dusted her knees. « It’s not a problem. Ah and Un are a
lot of fun. And I told you to call me 
Kagome. » She said,
playfully poking his shoulder. « After all, you let me call you
Sesshoumaru. »

« If I recall correctly, you chose to call me by
my first name all by yourself. » Sesshoumaru sniffed at her, and
Kagome laughed.

« Taisho-san just sounds so stuffy. We’re
neighbors after all! » Kagome chirped.

Kagome had been thrilled when she had learned
that the mysterious, gorgeous man had recently moved six houses
down from her. She had to practically pull that information out of
him, though. Sesshoumaru Taisho was a quiet man, very private and
rarely divulging anything about himself. Even after a full week of
seeing each other on a daily basis, Kagome didn’t know anything
aside from his first and last name., and that he was a big fan of
sports-wear. Although, if his brand-name jogging suits were any
indication, she could surmise that Sesshoumaru was quite wealthy.
Scratch that, 
loaded, she
corrected as his Rolex caught the glare of the setting sun. What he
was doing living in her shabby neighborhood was beyond her. She
wasn’t one to pry though; when he felt ready, he’d talk. Kagome
didn’t mind waiting.

« May I help you with those? »

« Hmm? » Kagome asked, torn away from her
thoughts. Sesshoumaru motioned to the boxes inside her

« Oh, could you? I mean, I don’t want to impose
but I could really use a hand. »

Sesshoumaru raised on of those elegant eyebrows
in what Kagome was quickly recognizing as amusement. « I did not
think you would actually accept. Usually women today would refuse
help out of politeness or to establish their
‘independence’. »

Kagome shrugged. « Call me ‘Damsel-in-distress’.
I’m not about to turn down help for the sake of upholding my
‘strong independent woman’ image. »

« How maidenly of you. » he clipped.  » Alas, I am
now stuck having to carry heavy things for free. »

« Does that mean you had no intention of
actually helping me? » Kagome mocked him, a teasing smile gracing
her lips.

« Truthfully? None at all. »

Kagome laughed at his frankness, pulling a box
out and turning towards him with feigned annoyance. « You’re
terrible. What about being a gentleman? »

« If you ask me, it is totally overrated in
today’s society. I am all for Women’s Lib. » He smirked, gently
taking the box from her. He tucked it easily under one arm, and
reached inside the car grabbing another one with ease. Kagome stuck
her tongue at him and grabbed the last box of papers, closing the
door with her hip. « Gentlemen are in vogue again, or didn’t you
know? »

« I am afraid you’re
Swag is the newest
thing with men today. Not that this Sesshoumaru would know of that.
I do not keep up with current trends; there are far more
intellectual endeavors to occupy my time. » he sniffed at her and
Kagome giggled again. She had come to appreciate his curt, if
rather odd, sense of humor. He was usually so serious that even
innocent play-talk like this was alarming coming from

Careful not to step on Ah and Un’s paws, Kagome
made her way towards the front door. She struggled for a few
seconds with the keys, then let out a small cry of glee as the lock
clicked. Kagome swung the door open and sashayed past the living
room and over to the kitchen. With a grunt, she dropped the box
onto her dining table.

« You can put them here! » Kagome called out to

The man appeared in her living room, cautiously
peeking around the home. He seemed unsure of his place inside the
house, like he was intruding in her sanctuary. His figure towered
over everything, filling the room with his presence, yet he seemed
to shrink into himself uncomfortably. The image was absolutely

« Perhaps this Sesshoumaru should wait outside.
I am a man, after all, and you are an unmarried woman,
Higurashi-san. People could talk- » he began, but Kagome impatiently
waved him towards the table, amused by his wariness.

« Oh, please. Don’t be silly, come
Mi casa es tu
, and all that jazz. » He didn’t
answer back, but wordlessly made his way inside, eyes scanning the
house discreetly. Kagome bit the inside of her cheek to stop from

Kagome wasn’t the type of person to invite
random men inside her house. She wasn’t an
idiot. Nowadays, with the
way things were, you couldn’t afford to be so careless. But she
knew, somehow, that she had no need to worry about Sesshoumaru.
Whoever could raise two dogs to be such kind and sweet creatures
certainly was someone worthy of her trust.

Carefully, Sesshoumaru placed both boxes on top
of the table. Without asking for permission, in that self-entitled
way that she found both appealing and aggravating, he dug into one
of the boxes and pulled out a paper. Who went through people’s
stuff like that anyways? He might’ve been uncomfortable with
intruding in her home- old-fashioned as it was- but he had no
qualms snooping through her stuff. Kagome watched in amusement as
both brows rose into his hairline and disappeared under his

« These are…tests? » he

« History tests, to be exact. » Kagome answered,
taking off her heels.

« You are a teacher. » Sesshoumaru surmised. It
wasn’t a question, but a statement. He was evaluating the test now,
eyes roaming down the page. His eyes suddenly looked up at her.
« What grade? »

« Elementary School. Third and Fourth grade,
History class.  » She replied automatically. Kagome placed her heels
next to a chair and took off her blazer next. She was about to take
this opportunity and ask him what 
he did for a living
when Sesshoumaru snorted. Kagome had the distinct impression that
he was laughing at her through his nose.

« What’s so funny? » Kagome asked, fighting the
urge to pout.

Sesshoumaru shook his head. « I cannot picture
you as an educator, much less a history one. »

« Oh, yeah, smart guy? Why not? » she was trying
not to sound offended.

Sesshoumaru seemed to sense her annoyance
though, and raised two placating hands, one of them holding the
test. « Do not misunderstand me. Your effervescent personality
simply does not mix with the dreariness of the education system, in
my opinion. Though I am sure you are an excellent teacher. You look
like the type of woman who would get along with
children. »

« Oh… » Kagome spoke softly. She bit her
lip, unsure how to take his sudden character analysis. Was that
supposed to be a compliment? She coughed, trying to cover-up her
embarrassment, and faced away from him.

« You want something to drink? » she called over
her shoulder, feet padding softly over the tiled floor as she
walked towards the cupboards in the kitchen.

With her back turned, Sesshoumaru’s eyes freely
roamed down the length of her body as Kagome stretched upwards and
grabbed two glasses from the cabinets over the sink.

« Water will be fine. » He finally spoke at
length, eyes trailing the small of her back, resting over the soft
swell of her pencil skirt. He put the test down, hands

« Oki-dokes! Would you like some ice or – Jesus!
You scared me! » Kagome cried. She mock-glared down at the Doberman
who had bumped into her. « Un! Don’t do that, boy, I almost stepped
on you! » Both dogs had made their way inside, merrily roaming the
kitchen as if they owned the place. Very different from their
master, who had been anxious at first to enter her home so
casually. Ah settled next to Sesshoumaru diligently, but Un was
like a kid in a toy-store, walking circles around Kagome. She
laughed at his antics.

« How can you tell he’s Un? »

« Hm? »

Sesshoumaru was pinning her with that
indecipherable look again, the one that made her blood tingle all
the way down to her toes.

« How can you tell that one is Un? » he repeated.
His head tilted to the side, thoughtfully, and Kagome wondered if
he knew how adorable he looked. « They are both identical. Most
people cannot tell them apart. »

Kagome looked away, walking towards the
freezer. She pushed one glass against the water filter, and the cup
began to fill up.

« Ah is usually more laid-back and calm. He’s
like a big brother. Un is an rambunctious ball of energy. He’s
always jumping and looking to play, just like a little kid. » Kagome
said fondly, brushing a hand against Un’s outstretched neck. The
dog closed his eyes in pleasure, tongue lolling out lazily. « It’s
easy to tell them apart once you get to know them. »

« Hn. » Sesshoumaru grunted

Both glasses filled, Kagome walked towards the
dining table and held one glass out. Sesshoumaru reached for it,
his fingers ghosting over Kagome’s own slender ones, and Kagome
suppressed a shudder. Sesshoumaru’s fingers twitched almost
imperceptibly over her own, and painstakingly slow, he raised the
glass to his mouth. Golden eyes never once left hers as he put the
glass to his lips and took a long pull. Kagome licked her own
suddenly dry lips.

The most handsome man she had ever met was
standing inside her house, casually talking with her in what might
be construed as ‘witty banter’, and all she could think to talk
about was 
dogs. She seriously
needed to up her ‘game’ if she planned on getting anywhere with
him. Sesshoumaru pulled the glass away, and Kagome’s eyes wandered
almost compulsively towards his mouth, watched intently as his
tongue slid out and licked perfectly plush
God, just make out with me

« Excuse me? »

« What? » Kagome said, blinking away the

Sesshoumaru was staring at her strangely. « You
spoke. Something about ‘with me…' ».

Kagome blushed all the way up to her roots. Oh,
Good Fricking Lord on a Potato, did she seriously say that out
loud? She was mortified beyond reason, heart thudding loudly in her
ears. But if there was something the young teacher prided herself
in it was her quick-thinking.

« I was wondering if you would like to grade
some tests with me! » Kagome said brightly, trying to will her blush
away. Then, inspired by her idea, she plunged on. « Yeah! Doing
these by myself is a bit of a drag, so maybe you’d like to join me.
And we can eat some dinner while you continue to explain to me
exactly what an Independant History Teacher should look like. » The
last part was spoken in a teasing tone as Kagome leaned her elbows
on the table. 
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Did she just invite him over for ‘dinner’?

Look at you, Higurashi, making the first
 she thought smugly,
giving herself a mental pat in the back.

Sesshoumaru set the empty glass on the

« I should leave, actually. » He said

Huh? « Oh. » Kagome felt herself deflating. What had just
happened? Did she get the mood wrong? She could’ve sworn he had
been making eyes at her over the drink. Despite feeling putdown,
she quickly recovered, flashing a smile as she straightened up.
« Ok! Next time, maybe? » she said, hoping she didn’t sound so
desperate. Which she probably did, anyways.

« Perhaps.  » He said, eyes averted. He was
suddenly very serious, his rapid mood-swing leaving her dizzy and
confused. « Ah, Un, let’s go. » Sesshoumaru called, patting his thigh
twice. The dogs quickly went to his side, ready to follow their
master out when-

« Oh, and… » he paused, and then
Sesshoumaru stood before her, and that imposing presence was too
much, he was too much. Kagome’s thoughts scattered as he leaned in
close, examining her face, eyes searching. 
Um!, was all she
could manage. He grabbed her hand, his strong fingers sending
electric shocks up and down her arm and all the way down to the pit
of her stomach. A cool glass was pushed against her numb fingers,
Sesshomaru’s own hand closing Kagome’s hand around the object. The
rather innocent gesture had Kagome’s heart pattering.

« Thank you for the water… Kagome. » He
murmured in his low baritone voice. Kagome felt a thrill at the
sound of her name on his lips. 
Say it again, she
thought dazedly.

When Kagome failed to reply, Sesshoumaru’s
eyebrow rose, amusement clearly writ on his angel face. « You’re
supposed to say ‘You’re welcome’… » he whispered, and while his
face was as serious as ever, there was an edge of tease in his
voice. Oh, that was 
definitely flirting!

Blushing prettily, Kagome stepped forward to
say something, but just as quickly as he had approached her,
Sesshoumaru turned around, dogs in tow, and left down the hall
without another word.

Disoriented, she followed and watched him walk
down the street from her doorway. When she could no longer see him,
she closed the door.

Kagome let her head fall heavily on the wooden,
flat surface and groaned.

« I am so not cool. » She whined. But a dorky
smiled threatened to burst through.

The next time she saw him, she would ask him
out on a date. A real date. With that self-imposed task, she nodded
firmly and turned around, already dreading the boxes of tests
awaiting her.

Next time…


« Hi Un! Where’s Ah? » Kagome called to the
Doberman as he ran towards her.

Kagome had arrived to her house, already
expecting the two dogs to be there, but only Un had been waiting
this time. Kagome’s eyebrows furrowed with worry. Ah and Un were
always together, they were practically glued to the hip. To see one
without the other was just plain disturbing.

Kagome was filled with sudden dread. Un seemed
to be in his usual high-spirits, so Kagome wasn’t too worried, but
she was still uneasy. She threw her purse back on her seat and
locked the car. « Un, let’s go take you home and look for Ah, ok?
Maybe he’ll be there. »

Seeming to understand her, the lively dog stood
up and went to her side, cheerfully trotting beside her.

Kagome really was preoccupied about Ah. That
was the only reason she was going out of her way to take Un back to
his house. It had nothing to do with seeing Sesshoumaru again. Not

Okay, maybe a little.

Kagome hadn’t spoken to Sesshoumaru since that
last little episode in her kitchen. That was a week ago! She did
see him on occasion though. During the evenings, when Kagome had
played herself to exhaustion with both Doberman, he would round the
corner to her house and whistle for his pets. Both dogs would
immediately respond and run towards their master. Sesshoumaru would
then wave at Kagome from the distance and then turn to head back
home. No casual banter or slightly-flirtatious talk. Not even a
‘Howdy, neighbor’. Nothing. Nada. Zip. The end.

It was like he was avoiding her.

Maybe he is, Kagome thought sadly, biting her lip. Perhaps he had
finally noticed the pathetic crush she had on him. It’s not like
she could hide it; Kagome had always been very transparent about
her feelings, something her friends had always teased her
mercilessly about. That sort of blatant honestly always seemed to
be a turn off for guys, who seemed to want some more mystery in
their girls. Not that Kagome knew a lot about what men liked.
Besides that 
one boyfriend in
high-school who she dated only out of pity
, she thought with a cringe –
Kagome wasn’t very experienced in the game of love.

The pretty raven blushed, pausing in her steps
and causing Un to look up at her. He whined, cocking his head to
the side. The woman pet his head absently.

Kagome hadn’t even had…she was
still…well, she’d never experienced sex yet. That was normal,
though…right? So she was a 25 year-old
 That didn’t make her a
leper, a pariah. She had just been more focused on her studies and
job then on boys, is all. That was respectable. Honorable.

Kagome covered her face and groaned.

These sorts of things had never really nagged
at Kagome. It wasn’t like she was in any particular hurry to give
up her V-card. It may seem old-fashioned, but she rather wait for
the « right one » than give it up to every stud she met (which
admittedly weren’t that many).

So the fact that sex was the only thing she
ever thought about whenever a certain white-haired neighbor came to
mind was absolutely mortifying. She felt like the horny schoolgirl
she never got to be during her teenage years, all that pent-up
sexual frustration finally catching up to her. And it wasn’t just
because he was 
pretty – she liked
to think she was less shallow than 

Sesshoumaru was a man of very few words, who
often left her feeling like she was standing in the shadow of a
Great Lord. He was dignified and sophisticated, serious and
eloquent. His moods were lightning fast and left the girl feeling
mollified more often than not. There was something about the prim
way that he chided her, like a principal, which she found
incredibly endearing. She wanted to poke at his perfect
façade, the way she used to poke her cat continuously until it
bit her, just to get any sort of reaction from it. It was a
sadistic kind of love and she knew it, but couldn’t help

Ignoring the fact that he looked absolutely
bored to death all the time, Sesshoumaru had a kind side to him.
Behind his stern eyes, she could see gentleness brewing quietly
whenever he called his two pets. It was a tender love, the kind
that made Kagome’s heart squeeze.

Was it pathetic that she envied two dogs for
what she couldn’t have?

And did she know Sesshoumaru enough for it to
be acceptable to even feel this way?

Well, regardless of all that, she had promised
that she would definitely ask him out on a date. She owed it to
herself to take a risk in her life and 
do something. It
might as well be with someone she actually liked, too.

« I found you! »

Kagome was taken out of her musings when
something bright and orange suddenly collided against Un. Kagome
jumped back, alarmed, but Un remained impassive as a very energetic
little girl attempted to hug him.

« Un, you scared me! Don’t ever do that again! »
The little girl, who didn’t seem a day older than eight, squealed
as she buried her face into his fur. The dog took the glomping in
stride and wagged his tail gently as he tolerantly allowed the
small girl to hang off his neck.

« Umm… » Kagome mumbled, feeling at a total
loss of what to do. She was worried that Un might take a bite at
her, but he seemed totally content with his
Oooh, but maybe she
shouldn’t pull his ears like that… « 
Excuse me. » Kagome tried again, tapping the girl on the

The little girl looked up at Kagome, all big
brown eyes and gap-toothed smile. « Thank you for finding Un! Ah and
I were so worried! » She cupped Un’s nose and kissed it noisily, her
freckled nose scrunching cutely. « You naughty dog, trying to play
hide-and-seek without me! » Behind the girl, Ah was making his way
towards them at a slow pace, obviously not as disturbed as Kagome
felt about the midget tormenting his brother. When he got there, he
nipped his brother’s ear in reproach, then licked the girl’s face,
much to her squealing delight. « Did you give the nice lady any
trouble, Un? »

Kagome tried to assess the situation, failing
miserably. « It’s alright, Un was a good dog. He always is
and… I’m sorry, but how do you know Ah and Un? » she blurted.
Kagome’s head was reeling.

« They’re my doggies! » the girl declared

« Your what…? » Kagome
echoed, when far off in the distance she heard a man

The little girl was instantly at alert, and her
smile became impossibly bigger as she spotted the figure making its
way toward them in the distance. She waved one hand in the air
ecstatically, the other still holding on firmly to Un’s neck. « Over
here! » she shouted, making Kagome wince at the volume (although,
again, Ah and Un didn’t even blink). The raven-haired woman turned
towards the figure, heart racing.

Sesshoumaru was sprinting towards them, and
when he reached them, he knelt down next to the small girl. He
didn’t so much as glance at Kagome though, instead focusing all of
his attention on the little girl with the bright orange

« Rin, what have I told you about running off
like that? » Sesshoumaru reprimanded, completely ignoring Kagome and
instead pinning the girl with fierce golden eyes.

The girl, Rin, didn’t seem faced by his dark
mood, merely pouted at him cutely. « But Un ran away. He could’ve
gotten lost! » she whimpered, hugging the Doberman

Sesshoumaru sighed patiently, and gently
disentangled her arms from the dog. « Un is a smart dog, child. He
would not get lost so easily. And if he did, this Sesshoumaru would
look for him. »

This answer seemed to satisfy the girl, who
smiled so broadly it looked painful. She leapt and hugged
Sesshoumaru with all her strength, giggling as she did so, not a
care in the world. Sesshoumaru grunted, pretending not to care, but
he scooped up the girl in his arms with such care that showed his
true feelings. He stood up, balancing the child to the side of his
hip. « Now let us return home before the others become worried. » He
murmured, kissing the top of her head, running his fingers through
her glossy black hair in a familiar way.

« Wait! I didn’t get to thank my new friend! »
Rin said quickly, pointing to Kagome, who had been standing off to
the side awkwardly, watching the scene with growing

Sesshoumaru finally turned to look at her, and
Kagome flinched at his blank stare. His face betrayed no

« Of course. Thank you, Higurashi-san, for
always taking care of Ah and Un. » He said curtly, and Kagome felt a
stab in her chest at the cold honorific.

« Y-yeah…no problem. » She replied softly,
her throat tight.

« You two know each other?! » Rin said brightly,
looking back and forth between the two grownups.

Kagome looked at the girl, with her bright eyes
and her upturned nose. She seemed at complete ease in Sesshoumaru’s
arms, as if she had always been there, and Kagome didn’t want to
think of what that meant –

« I’m his neighbor, Kagome Higurashi. » Kagome
smiled, extending her hand and shaking Rin’s. « Ah and Un sometimes
come and play at my house. » She explained brightly to the child,
trying to hide the hurt in her voice and pointing to her house a
few yards away. She needed to know who this girl was to

Rin seemed incredibly pleased with this piece
of news, nodding ecstatically. « That’s great Kagome-chan! I live
with my mommy, daddy and uncle in that house! » She pointed behind
her and Kagome could feel her stomach sinking. The house she was
pointing to…that was where Sesshoumaru had told
he lived. So that meant…

« Kagome-chan, would you like to play with me?! »
Rin exclaimed suddenly, brushing her dark bangs away from her face
impatiently and flashing Kagome that gap-toothed smile. « We could
all play together with Ah and Un! And you could even play with my
mommy and daddy! » She exclaimed, looking between Sesshoumaru and
Kagome as if this was the greatest idea ever. But before Kagome
could answer, Sesshoumaru interjected.

« Rin, you have not finished your homework yet.
You know how your mother gets about that. »

« Just five more minutes, please? I only just
met Kagome-chan… » Rin whined. Sesshoumaru gave her a piercing
glance and Rin immediately clammed up.

« Your studies first. Then we may play outside. »
Sesshoumaru stated with finality. But instead of being upset, Rin’s
smile came back ten-fold.

« Promise? You promise to play with
Rin? »

Sesshoumaru’s lip twitched, and Kagome swore
she saw the ghost of a smile. « Yes. I am a man of honor; I always
keep my promises. »

« And what about mommy? Will you play
her? »

« Of course. »

« And you promise to play with Kagome-chan
too? »

Kagome held her breath as she waited for
Sesshoumaru to reply. He didn’t look at her, merely down at the
innocent little girl in his arms.

« Perhaps. » He said.


Kagome felt her world tumble with one

Sesshoumaru turned around, walking towards his
home with his large entourage in tow. Rin peeked over his shoulder,
waving goodbye enthusiastically.

« See you later, Kagome-chan! Let’s play again
next time, ‘kay? Promise! »

« …’Kay. I promise. » Kagome whispered
weakly, watching his retreating back with a pang in her

And that was that.


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Chapter 2