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Chapter 1

Orochimaru stood over the promanade, overlooking the village that he so despised. If anyone were to ask teh snake-man why he hated the village, they’d find themselves dead before getting an answer. So it will always remain a mystery.

Be that as it may, the man was merely observing. Today was the first day of the second part of the Chuunin exams.No, orochimaru is not a Genin, though, his plan did require that he go into the exams today.

Time had been forever changed as had the timeline, due in no small part to the inclusion of a new warlord. Beforehand, Orochimaru would have been on his, starting a village hidden in sound. Instead, he was a general to the Northern Army. An army led by possibly the strongest non-ninja on the planet.

To say Orochimaru was a lacky would be so far from the truth it’s not even funny. He was not a stooge or a goon. He was merely a ninja that possessed the ability to lead to a great degree. Though, he had a brain and knew better than to fight the man he served in a death match. Sure, the snake-man ha many techniques to preserve himself, but Raoh’s « magic » Chakra attacks seemed to follow all of his test subjects from body to body. It had been a very messy month finding out the result of that experiment. The poor boy, Rintaro, had been made to die gruesomely (ie: head explosion) several times over.

Had the timeline not changed, Orochimaru would had merely threw his plan together and mostly succedded in crippling the Leaf Village. But, this time, things were a bit different.

Turning back from his vantage point, Orochimaru took a look at his army of men. There were well over five thousand warriors, each more savage than the last. He was certain that at least half of them were no longer sane. But, who was he to be judgemental. « Okay, Roku, » he spoke, addressing his second in command.

Roku was a burly man, the sixth son of a great fist fighter, standing an easy seven-foot in height. Roku, for his part, was a bit brash and brutish, but loved to fight was darn near indestructible. had he been a ninja many would attribute his thick skin to a kekkei genkai. His brothers all possessed the same physique and the same hardened skin. Yet none of the men had anything resembling strong Chakra lines. No, they were merely brawlers. Extremely adept brawlers, but brawlers none the less.

Continuing his speech, « I’m going to join in on the fun and games below. It will be at least five days before my return. Make certain that the men stay here in the camp and don’t go looking for trouble. » The last was said as Orochimaru narrowed his slitted eyes. « If they bungle up my plan, then YOU will get to feed Mamba, one limb at a time. »

Roku shivered. Something about that snake man just set his skin to crawling. « Yes, sir! » he quickly retorted, and saluted. Seeing Orochimaru turn away and head for the village, Roku’s face went into a wide grin. « It’s party time, boys! » he called out. The reply was an emphatic cheering as the men tossed weapons in the air, brandishing alcohol. « Who wants to go down to the village and get some wenches? » he offered.


One young ninja, clad in bright orange with a swirl pattern on his back, took in the guise of a brooding individual. Said individual was not particularly on his team. HIS team consisted of Sasuke, Sakura and himself, led by Itachi as their sensei.

No, said brooding individual was a young man who had lost his whole family. Granted, he hadn’t lost the clan, but losing your siblings and parents in teh same night was bad enough. No, the interest of the girls were not on him as a trade-off of Sasuke. The girls still were in love with the class prodigy. But, For a lonely Inuzuka, brooding was what he did best.

« ano ne, Kiba? » tried Naruto, as he approached his friend. « Don’t give up hope just yet. Your sister could still be alinve! I heard Raoh doesn’t kill all the pretty girls! » he offered, trying to lighten the wolf boy’s mood.

Kiba’s annoyance grew slightly. He knew what Naruto said was true, but, even still, his sister wasn’t all that pretty in his mind and he wasn’t certain if he wanted her to be alive. Everyone in the village and across the five great nations heard what Raoh’s men did with captured women. That was a fate, he’d rather spare his sister of.

« Naruto, just shut up. » was the only reply to come from the boy’s mouth.

Naruto’s shoulders slumped. He and Kiba had been good friends for the longest time, and having the situation be as it was, was starting to grate on his nerves. Defeated, Naruto gazed once more upon, Kiba and turned to leave.


Itachi held a hand to his eye. It had been restored thanks to the unlikely appearance of Tsunade. Why she had arrived when she did was a mystery, but it had been in time to save his eye and restore his sight. However, a lasting effect of his eye operation had resulted in the loss of Sharingan in the one side. His students approached him, hope gleaming in their eyes. Today was the start of the second Chuunin exam.

« Oi, Itachi-sensei, » cried naruto as he and Sakura ran up to him. The young blond and the pink head were much faster in this timeline as their sensei took it upon himself to make certain his Genin were the best they could be. After all, his little brother needed a worthwhile opponent/rival.

« Hi, naruto, Sakura. I hope you two are ready for this second exam. I hear, Anko is going to be running it, » he stated. A small shudder rolled down his spine as one Mitarashi Anko slinked her way up his back from behind. « H-hello, Anko-san. How have you been? » he tried, stammering slightly.

Anko, grinned from ear to ear. She loved doing that to him. Though if she knew he allowed her to approach she would have lost her mirth.  » I just came by to observe your little kiddies. I want to see them with their teacher before one of them dies, » he offered. Sadly, her statement was true.

Naruto was about to shout something when, a kunai sailed through the air, nearly stabbing the kunoichi on Itachi’s back. All eyes turned to see a young Sasuke sitting in a tree, a second kunai idly being tossed in his hand. « That’s enough from you, Anko. »

Sakura, little pink hearts in her eyes squealed, « Sasuke, you’re sooo cool! »

Sasuke, reveling in the glamour, leapt from the tree, landing softly, eyes closed the entire time. It came as a surprise to all when naruto ran up and sucker punched, Sasuke. « Teme! You think you’re all that, do you? »

Sasuke quickly jumped back to his feet, glaring at Naruto as his Sharingan eyes burned.  » Try that again, and I’ll the forest with your head! » he challenged.

Befor the two boys could say anymore, Itachi was between the two. « Hey, hey now. You two have got to calm down before you hurt each other! That will ruin your chance to win this competition!, » he tried reasoning.

Both boys huffed anbd turned their backs to one another. Smiling like the Sensei that he was, itachi addressed both again. « You two know you are both the two strongest and best skilled genins in this exam right? So if you hurt each other, that only stops you two from making it to the next level. But, » he began seeing how both boys’ chest swelled with pride. It was true, every word, Itachi spoke. His little brother had the potential to succeed himself, and Naruto was every bit as adept as his father had been.

Had any one in the village known that Itachi was training Naruto in the skills of one Minato Namikaze, they might have ran to tattle on him. It helped that Itachi happened to use a lot of Minato’s fighting style in his own forms, so he could always tell people taht naruto simply mirrored a dead warrior. Though explaining that one technique would be impossible.

Turning both of his students to look at him, Sakura as well as she had been waiting on the sideline, Itachi had them shake hands. « After you three become Chuunin, I want to see a great battle to rival the First Hkage and madara’s battle, okay? » But, not until you’ve passed the exam. »

Naruto griined and nodded his head emphatically as opposed to Sasuke »s sllight gesture.Sakura preened, she was ready for this exam, and she was certain that none of the other ninjas would know what hit them!.


Itachi looked from the paper of his assigned Genin to the ones sitting in front of him. He had retired from ANBU just to be his brother’s sensei. Sarutobi had sworn this to him. He wasn’t surprised to see his brother on the list. However, seeing the Kyuubi’s seal and an unknown, unremarkable girl in the mix, he was a bit beside himeself.

« Let’s see. You three already know each other and I know Sasuke, but I ned to know what your ambitions are. What do you aspire for your nindo? » he questioned. This would tell him if he should give up on the two other kids or not.

Sasuke, for his part was excited to know he’d be getting as much one on one training as possible with his brother. There was no better reward for all the years he had to put up with academy, the loss of his parents and the abandonment of his clan.

Naruto, as expected spoke up first, « I’m going to be Hokage one day! » came his infamous phrase.

Itachi, rather than be cynical as everyone else i teh blonde’s life had been, decided to level with him. « How do you plan to become Hokage? Your grades are the worst in teh school’s history, and your jutsus all suck. You should not have even been allowed to pass, except you managed to learn a Jounin-level technique. »

Sakura was busy giggling at the blonde grasping for words looking to all the world as a fish out of water. Turning to glare at Itachi, naruto could only come up with one thinhg, « One day I’ll be the greatest ninja the world ever saw, Believe it! » and crossed his arms in a huff.

Itachi nodded, wrote down a note in his book and turned to the still chuckling pinkhead. « And you? »

Sakura fought to reign in her bout of laughter. « i just want to be better than Ino, and to one day prove that I should be Sasuke’s wife! » she stated, bravely. The sense that a dozen girls were glaring at her back made Sakura look around for possible threats.

Itachi smiled briefly, having used a minor Genjutsu to rile the girl up. ‘Hmm, very responsive to Genjutsu,’ he noted and added to his notebook. « Okay. Well, I have two choices for you, » he finally said. « The first of which is what all Genins do, you can train as a group and go on many various crappy D-rank missions. » he paused to take in everyone’s excited expressions. « Or, ou can each spend time training with me indivually to bring out the best of your talents. I can’t promise you will all meet your goals, but at least you will have a headstart. Just remember the key to being a ninja is less about oneself and more about the village as a whole. »

Faced with the options, all three Genins answered within a split-second of the question proffered. « Train us! »

________End Flashback________

Naruto was visibly shaking as he was dreaming of being Hokage and propping his feet up on Sasuke’s back, what with the Uchiha boy being his foot stool. « When I become Chuunin, I’m gonna wipe the floor with you! » he declared.

Itachi leveled a glare on Naruto, causing the boy in orange to shrink in on himself. « Remember, Naruto, Hokages don’t gloat or brag about beating their opponents, they respect whomever they are faced with. »

Naruto, admonished, revised his daydream and speaking aloud, « Hai, Sensei. Sorry Sasuke. « 


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