InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Title: Picking Up The Pieces
Category: Anime/Manga » Inuyasha
Author: ButtButtDoodle
Language: English, Rating: Rated: K+
Genre: Angst/Family
Published: 09-15-10, Updated: 09-15-10
Chapters: 1, Words: 1,373

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

A butterfly, that’s what Kagome had always
reminded him of…

A seemingly small and frail being, free and
inspiring as she flew in the air, naively unaware of how large and
dangerous the world was: that was his Kagome. No matter the
obstacles or problems, she bravely pushed through, always
determined, always true. His big sister, a butterfly that thought
she was a hawk. She never let her weakness pull her down; she was
so strong.

He remembered how happy she used to be, bent
over that ratty yellow backpack, humming, or prattling to him about
something or other, overstuffing it with books and food until Souta
was positive it would be impossible to close it. Yet, Kagome always

And when she was finished, she’d look up, eyes
bright with glee and anxiousness only a teenager traveling back and
forth between times could appreciate. It always seemed ridiculous
to him; after all, it was her adventures in the past that prevented
her of working on her own time, her present, never mind her future.
But perhaps that was only jealousy at the fact that he could not
tag along.

Now only blank eyes stared back, and he felt no
jealousy at all.

It was late, or really early, he couldn’t tell,
when he woke up to loud thumping

He had gone to his parents for the Christmas
holidays, finally having a break from college. He was on his final
year now, medicine, and despite being overworked during the
semester, he did not look forward to his return home. His
classmates and friends didn’t understand. He didn’t bother
explaining why, because they wouldn’t understand this

Please, not tonight, he groaned groggily. Souta rolled over, and tried to
ignore the sound for a few minutes longer before it was impossible
to dismiss, and dejectedly got up.

Tiptoeing, he opened his bedroom door and
peered outside. The hallway was still dark, except for a room on
the end next to the stairs, its light filtering through the dimly
opened door into the dusty gloom. He made his way there, shutting
the door to his room softly. As he passed his mother’s room, he
heard soft crying, shut his eyes and hurried. He wanted to get this
over with.

A small bright sign reading « Kagome’s room! »
greeted him at the door, mockingly. He gulped, and slowly pushed
the door open.

Kagome’s bedroom was the same it had always
been. Bright sunny walls; her desk littered with pencil cases,
books and other random objects; her fluffy bed lined with white
clean sheets and pink comforter; stuffed animals everywhere – it
just screamed « teenage girl ». Despite the welcoming and innocent
visage, it always gave Souta the urge to scream. It
eerie. It reminded him of the past. Of what once was, and was
now gone. He looked down at the source of all the noise.

He found her kneeling in front of that stupid
yellow bag-
Stupid, hateful, worthless
– picking up things without
really looking at them, and pushing them inside. She didn’t look
up, and if she had heard his presence she didn’t acknowledge it.
She never did anymore.

It was that stupid dog’s fault.
He couldn’t believe he had once idolized him. It was because of him
and his promises and tricks that Kagome was like this now, and he
cursed him to hell a thousand times, regretting that he had taken
Kagome along with him. Deep down, he knew it wasn’t that man’s
fault, but anything to ease, even a little, the horrible ache in
his chest.

The silence, interrupted only by Kagome’s loud
packing, began to pool coolness down Souta’s stomach. He had to get
a grip. He had to do this. For her. Taking a deep breath, he closed
his eyes, and when he opened them again, a smile was in

« Kagome. » He called quietly, and the girl
paused in her incessant packing, but did not look up. « You
ready? »

Kagome’s eyes met his, and for one heart
splitting moment, Souta wanted to run away from the place, and
never come back. He wanted to run away
her. And he felt so guilty, because it was his sister, and he
couldn’t abandon her, not when she was like this. But staring into
those void lifeless orbs, he knew.

That wasn’t his sister. Not anymore. She was
lost somewhere deep where nobody could reach her

The butterfly’s wings were

He had almost missed his sister’s enthusiastic
nodding, and he rushed forward to help her with the heavy pack.
Shouldering the bag, he stretched out his hand for her to hold, and
guided her down the stairs, their mother’s gentle weeping trailing
after them.

Kagome rocked their linked hands back and
forth, so natural, so cheerful, and Souta had to stop himself from
looking at her, from searching hopefully, foolishly, his sister’s
face for some sign that she was back. And the urge was so tempting;
he felt his face inclining slowly to hers more than twice, as they
made their way to the shrine. He didn’t look though, because the
disappointment would be so staggering, he didn’t know if he would
ever be able to recover. But his family was already scarred,
recovery beyond reach for as long as the memory of this existed.
They would be an open wound forever.

« Kagome? » he whispered. He felt her change in
mood, a sudden anxiousness possessing her.

As they neared the shrine, Kagome’s step
quickened, till she was panting, half running to the door, and she
released her brother’s grasp, hands stretched out greedily. Without
grace, she crashed against the closed door, and clawed it open,
desperate now, and ran down the steps. Souta followed at a slower
pace, dreading what would come next.

Her blood-curling scream permeated the
darkness, and Souta closed his eyes in pain, before dropping the
bag and rushing to her.

Picking up the pieces. That was his job now, he
thought, as he leaned down to his sibling’s slumped form.
Carefully, he picked her up-
she was
so thin now, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep, all his fault, all his
damn fault
– and made his way back
into the house. A silhouette appeared on the window, and
disappeared, and Souta knew his mother was getting Kagome’s things
ready. He glared back at the shrine, and it seemed to be laughing
at them, with its door open invitingly and a yellow backpack
greeting near the entrance. But it no longer offered what made it
so special to his sister.

The well was closed, had been since the day
Kagome came back almost 10 years ago from the final fight with

She had been so incoherent, babbling and crying
and screaming, 
and god there was
so much blood
, but there was one
thing that they understood. The others were dead. The perverted
priest, the young demon huntress, the small kitsune, even the
lifeless miko- all dead. Inuyasha, in a last ditch attempt to save
her life, had plummeted his sister through the ancient well. He had
tried to save the body, but the mind had broken beyond repair. Just
like the shards they had worked so hard to gather, her mind had
shattered, and all presence of Kagome was lost. Kagome had been
stuck in that state for 10 years now, and each night she would try
to go back to the well, back to her friends, to find that the
portal had been sealed.

Souta and his grandfather had decided to board
up the old well again when Kagome kept throwing herself into it,
and injuring her legs. It didn’t matter how many times she threw
herself in, the past didn’t grant her passage.

The well’s magic was gone, and so was the
Sengoku Jidai, leaving everything behind except for the young high
school girl that used to travel through time. Now Souta was left
picking up the broken pieces.

But once cut, a butterfly’s wings never grow