One Piece Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I do not own One such an idiot.’ I think as I slam the door to the galley. I can’t believe that I just did that. How could I be so stupid. I just couldn’t help it. There he was, glorious in all his fury. We were having one of our usual arguments, insults flying back and forth, a blur of legs and swords between us. Then during a pause in our battle and saw the furious glee in his eyes and the smirk around he some how had around the hilt of the white katana in his mouth, I just couldn’t stop myself. lowered my leg and smiled gently at him, before slowly leaning forward and kissing his cheek. Realizing what I had just done, I backed away quickly, noticing his wide-eyed expression and slack jaw, the white sword having fallen from his mouth and now lay at his feet. Not waiting to see how Zoro would react, I fled into the only place on the ship that I felt was my only safe haven, the galley. here I sit now, knees drawn up, smoking cigarette after cigarette trying to keep the tears at bay. The confrontation between us, whenever I got the nerve to face him again or whenever he decided to break down the door, was going to be bad enough without showing such a weakness to the other man. hear a commotion out on deck as the rest of the crew returns from their trip to the village, Zoro and I had gotten stuck with guard duty, I would be headed to town later today, or possibly in the morning to stock up on food for when we set out tomorrow evening. I stood up and began preparing lunch, before our captain began yelling and trying to break into the fridge again. I decide to just make some sandwiches, not in the mood to cook anything elaborate, even for my precious ladies. a couple of deep breaths to calm my nerves, and splashing some water on my face hoping to make myself look at least half way normal, and lighting another cigarette, I open the galley door and yell that lunch was ready. After everyone had taken their sits around the table and dug into their sandwiches, I looked around and noticed the absence of a certain green haired swordsman. That is not really an unusual occurrence, he is always skipping lunch to train or nap, but today it just seems like a bad omen. He is probably too disgusted, or too busy thinking of the best way to kill me without the rest of the crew hating him.sadly, I take my sit and absently munch on a sandwich, too distracted in my own misery to try and stop Luffy from stealing food. I know that I am acting strange and I am sure that the others have noticed as well, especially if the stares I feel are anything to go by.really wanting to be around anyone else at the moment, I put down my half eaten sandwich and walk out onto the deck to smoke another cigarette. Closing my eyes and exhaling the smoke, I never notice the foot steps coming toward me or the body that stops next to me. shit-cook, » I am broken out of my thoughts by the unmistakable gruff voice. Wincing slightly I turn to face him, closing my eyes again, preparing myself for the punch he is sure to throw my way. After a few moments of waiting, and never feeling any pain, I open my eyes to a shocking sight. There Zoro stands, eyes cast aside and a light flush to his cheeks. marimo. » He stares at me for a second before forcibly grabbing the back of my head and smashing our lips together. I am so surprised by his actions that it take me a moment to start kissing back. stand there, in front of the galley kissing until our lungs demand oxygen, we slowly part so that our lips barley touch. « I love you, shit-cook. » He whispers before leaning in again.
Chapter 2