InuYasha Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1

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Author’s Note:  This is one of those very rare things – a finished story. It took me way too long to write it, but you’re lucky. I’ll post a chapter/day (9 chapters in total)

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and Yuyu Hakusho belong to their respective owners. I’m just borrowing the characters for some fun.

Cinnamon and Mistletoe
Chapter 1

Outside, the winds were howling and snow was building up in large drifts; inside, Christmas sprit was building up.

Kagome hadn’t planned to spend Christmas this way. Come to think of it, she hadn’t planned to spend Christmas at all. She usually put all her hopes in the New Year celebrations and spending them with her family. Christmas was an excuse to go out with friends, an occasion easily ignored by a girl who spent most of her time out of the normal flow of time, thus having most of her friend on the other end of a very strange temporal phenomenon.

Her mother wasn’t usually the one to get nostalgic, but she had her moments. After spending most of autumn cradling a photo album from her school days and most of November getting in touch with people Kagome was almost certain she’d never seen before, she had announced they were going to spend Christmas abroad with a bunch of her school friends and their families. This didn’t really say anything to Kagome until a week ago when her mother forbade her to go back through the well. “History can take care of itself for a few weeks” she’d said “and we’ve been organizing this little get together for ages”

There wasn’t much else to do – her mom took care of the packing, she already had a passport even if she never had the chance to use it before and, before she knew it, they were on their way to a little country in Europe she’d never heard before to spend the holidays in the mountains. One of her mother’s old friends had come up with the brilliant idea of not going to a resort so they were housed in an isolated lodge, large enough for five families to have fun without getting on each other’s nerves.

“Sorry I couldn’t introduce you properly to anyone yet, dear” her mother apologized. “It’s been a long trip and everyone’s had their share of trouble” It was a nice way to sum up the misplaced luggage, bad weather, poor travel guides and their initial shock when they realized Japanese English and local English weren’t on the same wavelength. It worked out eventually.

“It’s ok, mom.”

The woman looked thoughtful. “Do you remember my friend Shiori? We used to spend Christmas together when you were little…”

Kagome thought back to all those years ago and thought she remembered a woman that looked so much like her mother she had thought they were related. She used to call her “Aunt” and looked forward to here visits. “Was she the one with the red-headed boy?” she asked, wondering where did the memory of the little boy spring from.

“That’s the one”

Late in the evening they met up with everyone for diner. Kagome was right not to recognize anyone, her mom didn’t really keep in touch with her friends after her marriage and had lost track of even her closest friends after her husband had died. She did recognize the woman she was being introduced to right now “Shiori-san, right?”

The woman looked surprised and pleased “I can’t believe you still remember me, Kagome. I haven’t seen you since you were … seven? Eight?”

“We’ve been talking about you earlier” Kagome’s mother said. “We were also talking about your son”

Kagome found herself blushing under the gaze of the two women. Their conspiratorial smile made her blush even worse.

“You two are about the same age, aren’t you?” Shiori commented without any actual reason. “He should be around here somewhere…” she said looking around and waved when she eventually spotted the tall, red-headed youth that was her son.

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Chapter 2