Death Note Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“Okay, class, please open your textbooks to page 24…” The teacher started her lecture, just as Hikari settled into a comfortable position. The students, studios as they were, opened up their books and immediately began taking notes about the history of Japan. Hikari chuckled at the mere thought of it; her advanced class had already done a thorough look at it twice. She didn’t need to look at it again.
So, she stared out the window, imagining what would happen after school finished. Would she have another ten page essay for her advanced class about the works of Shakespeare? Or perhaps, her mother would greedily gulp down her pills and expect Hikari to pick up the greasy burgers of McDonalds? Or maybe… Her thoughts were cut off at the sight of a small object hurtling towards the ground. She caught small writing in what was once white letters, which said Death Note.
Huh, she thought, as class ended. What a strange thing to find at our school. I wonder what it could be? She exited the room and went to find out.
The notebook had landed in the garden, right next to an old, mahogany bench. Two boys, clearly unaware of the notebook, laughed light-heartedly at some lame joke. As soon as Hikari approached, however, they straightened up, a light pink shading their cheeks. Hikari didn’t care; this notebook seemed far more interesting than unrequited love. Besides, it might give something to do instead of dating boring people and studying for her college classes.
“H-hello, Hikari,” the first boy, whom Hikari regarded as Idiot 1, stuttered. He didn’t make eye contact with her, which was just as well. She knew she would have no self-control, and laugh at the poor boy.
However, his friend, whom Hikari regarded as Moron 1, wasn’t so subtle. He stared straight at her breasts, causing an unsightly red to envelope his face. She coughed a little, letting him know that she didn’t appreciate where his eyes had traveled.
That snapped them both out of their trance. They quickly got up, and mumbled something along the lines of “see you later.” Then, they ran out of the garden, presumably to their next class. She watched them leave, and then slowly picked up the notebook.
Hmm… I wonder what this is. It has a weird title. Maybe it was something for occult freaks? The fact was though, it was interesting. When she opened it, a page of rules greeted her. It stated:
Death Note and How to Use It:
Any human name written in the Death Note will die.
Hikari stared at this, not quite sure if she read it write. Any human name written in the Death Note will die? What the hell? However, before she could finish a thorough investigation of the matter, the late bell signaled her next class. Hikari sighed; she would just have to wait until she got home to find out.
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