Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Chapter 1 &2 ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: Ok guys just stick with me for a moment. My story of Hellsing starts 70 years after Integra’s death. (This is based on after the anime. I haven’t read the manga. I can’t find it, boo hoo, and cry. I WANT TO READ IT!) Anyway Alucard and Seras have been put to sleep and have slept for those last 70 years. Incognito is still dead (Walter is dead too if you haven’t figured that out yet) and England has had a time of peace that’s why Alucard and Seras have not been awakened or around. However now the freaks have come back with a vengeance and is after the Hellsing family more than ever with a new enemy and stuff, I’ll figure that out later. Ok got that? Good. Enjoy. This is my first fan fiction story thingy and I apologize for any spelling mistakes for names or places or anything, never be much of a good speller ok so be nice and review, review, and review! ^_^ Ps, rating mainly because of language used.
Chapter 1:
“Well you are the last remaining Hellsing now, Lady Lillian. Since the passing of your father, Master Jonathan Hellsing you are now the head of Hellsing and the Hellsing Organisation. It was a nice succession ceremony wasn’t it lady Lillian.” Vincent stated to her.
“Yes, if you say so Vincent.” Lillian replied. Since the passing of her mother 6 months ago and now her father she was the last remaining Hellsing and now she is the Head, Lord and Master of Hellsing and the Hellsing organisation. All that belonged to her father now belongs to her. The many soldiers, officers and the duty to protect England, the royal order of the Protestant knights and the crown was now hers to fulfill and she was only 17!
“Oh how I suddenly feel so alone.” Lillian stated and sighed.
“Now Lady Lillian you are not alone, I will always be here for you when you need me.” Vincent stated. Lillian looked up at him from her father’s desk and smiled.
“Yes Vincent that’s right you’re here for me.” She said. Vincent has been here ever since she was a young girl he was older than her him being 27. Vincent was Hellsing’s retainer.
“Vincent why did you apply to be the Hellsing retainer?” She asked him. It was funny, Vincent has been there practically all her life and yet she hardly knew anything about him.
“Well my father was the Hellsing retainer and his father before that so I guess it sort of just stuck with the family. My Great Grandfather Walter Dolneze was the first of our family so I guess he started the chain so to speak.” He replied simply to her.
“Yes I remember now your Great Grandfather worked with my Great Grandmother Integra Hellsing. He was known as the Angel of Death for his skills with his micro wires. You use the same skill and wires that he did.” Lillian stated.
“Yes that is correct Lady Lillian. I hope to one day be as skilled as him and provide my services to the Hellsing Organisation as he did those many years ago.” Vincent said proudly.
“Well from what I’ve seen of you with those wires of yours I think you’re pretty good yourself.”
“Thank you my Lady. Would you like your afternoon tea now?” Vincent asked.
“No, no thank you Vincent not right now, maybe later.” Lillian answered. She was too depressed to eat.
“Very well then my Lady.” Said Vincent and took it a sign to be dismissed. When he had left Lillian got up off fathers chair,
“No I guess it’s your chair now Lillian since father has gone.” She said solemnly and walked over to the portraits of her Mother, Father and her great grandmother Integra Windgates Hellsing. Integra’s portrait was always hung here, as she was the one of the greatest of the Hellsing’s. In her reign she had accomplished the defeat of the millennium group, defeated the vampire Incognito who nearly destroyed London. Dealt with the Iscariot foundation, Hellsing’s main opponent but now we still have a shaky truce, many a times survived many an attacks on the Hellsing Manner and had pretty much kicked the freaks butt. This was all accomplished through the help of the Hellsing’s two `pet’ vampires, Alucard and Sera’s Victoria. Only Lillian knows about them, as they have been kept asleep and hidden down in the dungeons since Integra died. The former Hellsing Master decided it was better this way as the threat of the freaks was thought to be passed and so they have slept for the last 70 years. And in that time her family had the occasional fight with the freaks however the human soldiers had handled it. The manner had also been rebuilt except from the dungeons and the library, they had been left untouched. Hellsing had also many businesses aswell. Thank God she didn’t have to handle them, business was not her thing. Lillian knew all of this from her late father who had taught her everything she would need to know to be a Hellsing and fight the impure souls that stalked the night. But Lillian was now alone, the last Hellsing and her father’s death could not come at a worse time. It seems the freaks had come back and with a vengeance. They were harder and tougher to kill and were multiplying fast. She knew this as she had read the reports and put the pieces together. She had tried to tell her father but he would not listen and now he was gone and had left her all alone. No matter what Vincent says she will still feel alone as she is now the Lord and Master of Hellsing and she was alone. She looked up at her great grandmothers portrait again noticing the similarities in them both. Lillian had Integra’s sharp and striking blue eyes and her white blond hair. Integra was only 16 when she became the head of Hellsing and was a brilliant leader and Hellsing Lillian thought.
“Even though we might look similar I’m not Integra and never could be like her.” Lillian said out loud and then walked out of the room.
Chapter 2:
“Lillian you will be the new head of Hellsing when I die.”
“Of course father. I will not fail you. I will make you proud.” Lillian said to her father.
“Yes of course you will, you are a Hellsing. You must never forget what it means to be a Hellsing…” Suddenly Lillian’s father was cut off in mid sentence. I freak popped up from nowhere and stabbed her father through the heart.
“Father, no.”
“Lillian run, run Lillian run now!” her father yelled at her, blood dripping from his mouth.
“Yes little Lillian, run, and run as fast as you can cause I’m coming to get you. The last remaining Hellsing will die at my hands! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…” the freak said while yelling at her. Lillian did what she was told to do and ran. She was in the manor and the hallway kept going on and on with no end in sight. She kept on hearing the freak’s voice laughing at her, she tried for the doors to hide but each of them were locked.
“The office I have to get to father’s office.” She said to herself and started running toward it. Seeing her goal she reached for the door and ran into the room closing and locking the door behind her.
“Bursting into a room like that with out knocking is extremely rude. Were you taught no manners?” Said a women sitting at her father’s desk looking at paperwork.
“Sorry ma’am I didn’t know anyone was in here.” Lillian blurted out, too concerned with the freak that was following her.
“Apology excepted. Now what do you want child.” Said the women looking up from her desk.
“You have to get out of here now. We’re being attacked by freaks, they are inside the manor!” Lillian said hastily.
“Freaks in the Hellsing manor you say? Then where the hell is that damn vampire Alucard and his pet.” Said the women sounding annoyed.
“The freaks are trying to kill me as I’m the last remaining Hellsing, he killed my father and I can’t find Vincent or any of the soldiers, not even my gun!” said Lillian also sounding annoyed. Then she looked up at the women and she realised it was her great grandmother Integra.
“Integra? Are you Integra Hellsing?” Lillian asked cautiously.
“No, I’m mother Teresa, of course I’m Integra Hellsing child. Well if the freaks are after you better go find them.” She said to her.
“Find who?” Lillian asked.
“Why Alucard and Seras Victoria of course.” Integra said.
Bang, Bang, bang.
The door shuddered and broke reveling a whole mass of freaks. All with eyes only for her.
Lillian woke up gasping for air.
“It was a dream, just a dream Lillian.” Lillian said to herself. She looked at the time, only a couple of hours until dusk. She had way overslept. She thought of the dream some more, had a shower and got dressed in her usual cargo pants and tank top and made her decision. She was going to wake up Hellsing’s ultimate weapon, the trump card of her organisation and reason why her family and England had lived and survived so long against the darkness. She was going to wake up the vampires Alucard and Seras Victoria.
Chapter 3-4