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[ P - Pre-Teen ]

By Maricruz

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Chapter 05: When Two Worlds Collide

At the Royal Rose Charm School for the talent show, it is Serena’s turn up on stage.

My friends all know it
How I adore him
I whisper to angels
What I’d do for him
He is the answer
To a teenage prayer

All of the other scouts were amazed how well Serena can sing. Luna was proud her student.

He won’t go steady
The crowd has told me
But I keep waiting
To have him hold me
Why won’t you listen
To a teenage prayer?

As Darien watches, he imagines Serena in a wedding dress. He knows that they are destined together.

However, while Serena was singing, all she could think of is Trunks. She could see his face everywhere, even on the scouts and Darien.

I await by the window at seven
And chill when my thrill passes by
His kiss could send me to heaven
Into his arms I would fly

Meanwhile, Trunks was riding down the highway on his new hover bike. He’s on his way to the charm school to see Serena, so he powered up his bike and started speeding down.

My heart goes Piddily Patter, Patter
Piddily Patter, Patter
Ev’ry time I look at you
Don’t I know a what’s the matter, matter
What’s the matter ‘bout Piddily Patter Boo Boo

When Trunks finally arrived at the Royal Rose Charm School, everyone from inside of the building were rushing towards to the front windows.

“Stay in your places.” Luna tried to keep the situation under control as she reach to the window and sees Trunks readjusting his pants. Luna went wide-eyed and rushed to the door, making an opening for Serena. The Moon Princess and the son of the Saiyan Prince made eye contact with each other and smiled. Serena playfully hide behind the curtain and came back out while Trunks shed a single tear. Serena let out a soft sigh.
Trunks shuffled his feet on his way to the entrance door when Luna came out to confront him with Darien and the Scouts behind her. “You must be Ms. Luna. Serena’s charm school teacher. Am I correct.”
“That I am, young man. And you must be Trunks. I’ve heard quite a deal about you.” Luna was still in control, even though she was slighlty impressed by this young Saiyan’s good manners.
“Yes of course. Listen I’m really sorry what happened to Serena and her friends today, Ms. Luna. Is Serena home? Because I’m going to sing tonight to start off our jamboree that we having tonight and I thought she would like to hear me.” Trunks hope that he’ll get Luna’s approval.
Just as Luna was going to say something, Darien snatched her tea cup and splased tea on Trunks face. Causing him to go blind for a moment. “Here’s what we think of your kind!” The jealous prince punched Trunks in the face, believing that he had over powered the half-Saiyan.
Serena just came out and she wasn’t happy by what she just saw. “How dare you hit him! You don’t own me, Darien! I have the right to hear Trunks sing!”
“Don’t get so worked up, Meatball Head. The punk got what he deserved!” Unaware to Darien, Trunks made a quick recovery, thanks to his Saiyan heritage, and knocked Darien out cold.
The other scouts rushed over to Darien. Serena wasn’t sure if she should be mad at Trunks hitting her boyfriend or happy that Trunks is not hurt.
“Come on, Serena. Let’s go.” Trunks offered his hand which Serena excitedly accepted and go with Trunks.
Luna followed them to try to talked sense into Serena. “Serena wait. Think about what you are doing.”
“Don’t worry, Ms. Luna. I’ll take real good of Serena, I promise. And it’s okay about my face. It doesn’t hurt.” Trunks reassured Luna.
“Please, Luna? It’s not a school night and I’ve been a good girl. Just one night of happiness that’s all I asked.” Serena looked into Luna’s eyes.
Luna just took hold of Serena’s hands. “But what if you get your dressed dirty.” It may look like Luna was concerned about Serena’s dress but in her face it saids ‘Of course, my dear. Now you go and have a good time.’
“Thank you, Luna.” Serena was happy that Luna decided to let her go and she and Trunks rode out of other school’s driveway. Leaving the scouts trying their best to revive the still unconsceous Darien.

A/N: Well it looks like Serena is going to have her fun after all. Now how will Trunks friends and family will react when they first meet Serena? Will the accept with open arms? Will Serena get to hear Trunks sing and see him fight at the Jamboree? Will Serena and Trunks formed a relationship? Will Darien ever recover? Find out next time on Cry-Saiyan.

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