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Ranma Kurata

By Maricruz

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We last saw Misako telling Ranma that she wants to adopt him and that took the young martial artist by surprise.

Yes Ranma I believe that this is the best and possible legal way for us to get you out of the trouble that Genma and Nodoka had made you go through.” Misako got up and walked over to Ranma. “So what do you say Ranma? Would you like to be a Kurata? Would you like be my son?”

I uh I…” Ranma was now speechless.

Chapter 04: A Rei of Hope

After hearing Misako that she wants to adopt him, Ranma just look at her awestruck. “Misako, I don’t know what to say. That is I uh…”

I understand that is all so sudden for you, Ranma. Very well I’ll give you time to think about this.” Misako respected Ranma’s space.

Have you given this decision much thought, Misako?” Rei asked.

I know it sounds pretty radical but it’s the best way to solve Ranma’s problems that Genma and Nodoka caused for him. However, the decision is up to Ranma if wants to or not. Who knows, this maybe the first decision that he actually gets to make for himself.” Misako confirmed.

Well if it helps Ranma to get his fresh new start then I’ll do what ever I can to help.” Rei gave his support.

If Ranma says yes does that mean he’s going to be my big brother?” Sana is excited about the whole idea.

If Ranma chooses then yes he will.” Misako assured her adopted daughter.

Cool, I’m getting both a big brother and a big sister!” Sana hopes that Ranma will say yes.

Now that’s a 2-for-1 deal!” Babbit flew over.

For some odd reason Ranma sense some sort of comfort by all of this. First Rei agrees to be his big brother then Misako wants him to be her son and Sana wants to be his little sister. Man I don’t know what else to say. Sure I want to settle down my problems. But what would the others will say if they…. Ranma’s train of thought were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of Rei’s cell phone.

Hello, Rei Sagami speaking.” Rei put his hand over his phone. “It’s the studio and they need Sana for the Coconut milk commercial.”

Again? But I thought we’ve finished it yesterday.” Sana never did like doing some rework, especially on a weekend.

Well apparently one of the coconuts had a crack and the directors are afraid it will ruin the product’s image. So they want you to do it again with a new coconut.” Rei explained.

Fine I’ll do it.” Sana sighed tiredly when she agreed.

Why don’t you take Ranma with you? I’m sure he’ll enjoy a tour of the studio. Who knows, it might be fun for him.” Misako suggested.

Hey yeah that sound’s like a great idea.” Sana perked right back up.

Well Ranma, what do you think? Would you like to come the studio with us?” Rei wanted Ranma’s opinion.

This was the first time that Ranma has been asked for his opinion on something. Normally he was always been getting demands based on honour. But no ever asked what he thinks nor how he feels and when Rei asked him that question the first thing that Ranma came to mind is “Okay sure.” It was the first decision he ever got to make and for once in his life he felt good about it.

Okay then it settle.” Rei went back to his cell phone and let the studio heads knows that they’re on their way.

Then Sana noticed that Ranma has tears forming in his eyes. “Hey Ranma are you okay?”

Yeah, I’m fine, really.” Ranma wipe away his tears. He still needs to get over that ‘real men don’t cry’ nonsense. “I’m just glad that someone asked me about something rather than making me.”

Misako smiled at what Ranma said. It makes her feel good that Ranma had made a decision all by himself. If Ranma feels that way about going to the studio then the adoption idea may not be so bad for him.

Back at Nerima, we found Nabiki in a coffee shop sitting in front of one of their computers. She’s been using the internet to locate the where abouts of the Kurata’s residence. “Come on Ranma, where can you be?” Nabiki tried every search engine possible. Wahoo, Gaggle, Zing, even Yikipedia. They all gave her the same things about Misako and Sana’s bios and backgrounds, but no home address, no phone number, not even an e-mail address. Even their Byspace, Flitter, and Faceblock profiles don’t have the information she needs.

Nabiki was about to give up, that is until she noticed something in one of Sana and Misako’s photographs. It was a picture of Sana in costume from one of her theater performance at Kowamari Theater Troupe. “Kowamari Theater Troupe? But we don’t have that anywhere in Nerima.” Then it struck that this is her first clue. So she did another search on the theater troupe itself. By a stroke of good luck she found their location. “Good at least I got a lead.” Nabiki wrote down the theater’s address and logged off. “Do not worry Ranma this time I’m helping you for real.” And with that final thought Nabiki got up and left the computer with her information tucked inside her jacket pocket.

Over at the Tendo house, Genma and Soun were doing what they usually do in a crisis, playing/cheating on shogi. “What can we do, Saotome?” Tendo place his man-piece on the eighth square from the top. “That cousin of yours kidnapped Ranma, Akane is more unhappy than usual, Nabiki hasn’t been much help lately, and I’ve never seen your wife so upset before.”

I wish I know, Tendo.” Genma blocked Soun’s piece with his. “That ungrateful son of mine didn’t even put up a fight when that man ran off with him.”

You don’t suppose that Ranma was in all it? King me.”

Now now Tendo, this is Ranma we’re talking about. Check. That boy couldn’t follow a jigsaw puzzle if his life depends on it.”

Be as it may, Saotome. Checkmate. It seems to me that Ranma wanted to get out of the wedding.”

Well played.” The game, not Soun’s generalization of Ranma’s disappearance. “He always tries to get out of this arrange marriage. But the boy never has the heart to do so. Hey look over there.” Genma secretly swiped a piece while Soun was being distracted.

What? Where? » Soun was trying to find what Genma was pointing at. » I suppose you’re right. Try your luck again?” But when he back to the board he noticed that his winning piece was missing. « What the… I could have sworn I had a winning piece there. » Soun was going to ask Genma where it is but he saw a giant panda in his place with a sign that says ‘Don’t look at me I’m just cute and cuddly little panda cub.’ Genma Panda trying to look cute and innocent by sucking on his thumb. Soun just sweat dropped.

In the kitchen, Nodoka was helping Kasumi with today’s lunch. “It was nice of you to help me for making this meal, Auntie.”

Oh it’s no big deal really, Kasumi.” Nodoka gave the elder Tendo daughter her best playing smile as she cut up some vegetables. “It helps me relax after what happen yesterday.” She may look like she is helping but in truth Nodoka was still trying to formulate a plan of getting even with Misako.

I know this must be hard on you seeing your son kidnapped while standing around being helpless.” Kasumi was stirring some miso soup on the stove.

Nodoka irked a bit when Kasumi said that but she quickly recovered. “Well I admit I was somewhat shock but I believe that we’ll get Ranma back.”

Oh I think so too, especially it will help get things back to normal here. I do have one question though, that is if you don’t mind for me asking.” Kasumi felt a little embarrassed about this.

What is that you want to ask of me, Kasumi?” Nodoka giving Kasumi her best motherly look.

What did Ms. Kurata said to you over the phone last night?” After talking to Nabiki, even she was a bit curious about what happened on that night.

Nodoka scowled for a second but put her smile back on so that Kasumi won’t suspect anything. “Oh she said that Ranma is alright and he is still with her.”

Oh I am so relieved to hear that. Maybe Ms. Kurata wanted help by getting Ranma out of that mess that he and his little friends made.” Kasumi was happy about Nodoka’s answer.

Yes that could be it.” Nodoka half hearty agreed though dare not show her true feelings at Kasumi.

That’s good because I didn’t want Nabiki to worry so much.” Kasumi resumed back to the stove.

You don’t say.” This caught Nodoka’s interest.

Well she has this silly little notion that you and Mr. Saotome were planning something dangerous for Ranma.” Kasumi put in the finishing touches in the meal.

Nodoka incautiously cut one of her fingers when Kasumi told her that. The pain was unbearable to Nodoka as she seethed through her teeth.

Oh my, are you alright. Auntie?” Kasumi rushed over to Nodoka’s side.

It’s okay Kasumi just a little cut.” Nodoka tried her best to hide her pain.

You’re bleeding! Here let me take care that wound for you.” Kasumi turned on the kitchen faucet and put Nodoka’s hand under the running cold water.

Really Kasumi you’re making too much of a fuss over a little cut finger.” Nodoka didn’t want Kasumi to suspect anything.

Now now, Auntie we must treat it right away or else your finger will get infected.” After washing the blood away, Kasumi brought out the first aid kit that she usually keeps around when ever Ranma and Genma have their sparring matches, or when Ranma’s friends/rivals/fiancees come over, or when Ranma and Akane have their little ‘spats’.

Nodoka chose to be the right time to ask Kasumi some more questions. “Now what was it you told me about Nabiki?

What? Oh yes, that. Well Nabiki told me that she over heard you and Mr. Saotome were using Ranma for some kind of devious plot.” Kasumi recalled while applying some iodine on Nodoka’s finger.

Oh really.” Nodoka still put up a strong front.

Yes, I’m told her that it’s wrong to eves drop on someone. I’m telling you that Nabiki has some imagination.” Kasumi opened a bandage strip from it’s package and placed it on Nodoka’s finger. “There that should do it.”

Thank you Kasumi. You’re such a sweet girl. I’m surprised that my son didn’t choose you to be his fiancée.” Nodoka gave Kasumi an approving smile.

Oh I don’t know about that. I’m afraid that Akane will never forgive me if I took up the engagement. Speaking of Akane, why don’t go and talk to her. The poor girl has been so depress since Ranma was taken. I’ll finish things up here in the kitchen.” Kasumi suggested.

Oh alright if you say so, Kasumi.” Nodoka bowed her head down and left the kitchen.

I’ll call when lunch is ready.” Kasumi informed.

Very well I’ll see you then.” And when Nodoka walked out the kitchen, she quickly hid beside the doorway, her happy smile turned into an angry frown in one second. So the Nabiki girl heard Genma and I talked about our plans. She knows Nabiki is an expert of gathering and selling information to anyone who requested it. If she tells Ranma then everything we worked for will be all for nothing. Then something came to he. Wait a minute, what am I worried about? None of us knows where Misako lives and neither does Nabiki, unless she did some research about it. An idea just popped in her head. If she did then I’ll just have to ask her about it. All I have to do is get Akane to convince her to our side. Then a wicked grin came over Nodoka’s face.

Whoa! Is just me or did just suddenly got cold in here.” Babbit shivered while passing through.

Inside of Akane’s room, Akane was telling P-chan, whom she recently found this morning from her jog, everything that happened yesterday. “Can you believe that perverted jerk Ranma ran off with that older woman? As if three younger fiancees weren’t enough for him!”

P-chan just agreed with her with angry squeals. How dare Ranma made dear sweet Akane suffer like this! When I find him I’ll make him pay!

Now Nabiki thinks that Auntie and Mr. Saotome had some evil scheme on Ranma.” It seems that Akane had forgotten about her conversation with Nabiki.

Bwee?” P-chan just looked at her all confused.

At that moment, they heard a door knock. “Go away! I’m not in the mood!” Akane didn’t want anyone to see her like this.

It’s me, Akane.” Nodoka announced.

Akane immediately got up when she heard Nodoka’s voice. “Oh I’m sorry Auntie, I didn’t mean to be so rude.”

It’s alright Akane Dear, we’re all pretty tired from what happen yesterday.” Nodoka showed the youngest Tendo daughter no hard feelings.

Akane let Nodoka in her room and the two both sat on her bed. She put P-chan on her lap and petted her pet pig. “Oh Auntie, I just don’t know what to do anymore.” The Youngest Tendo daughter let out a tired sigh. “First Ranma ruined our wedding by inviting those hussies of his, then he ends up going into one of his fights, and finally runs away with that older woman of his.”

Now Akane, you know that Ranma gets excited when he’s in a fight.” Nodoka comforted Akane.

But Auntie, we were suppose to get married.” Akane whined.

I know Akane, but we’ll straighten that boy of ours once we get him back.” Nodoka was trying to put Akane at ease.

You think so, Auntie?” Akane looked at Nodoka with some hope.

Oh I know so, Akane. I know so.” Nodoka drew Akane’s head closer to her shoulder and gently brushed her hair with her hand. And once we find that idiotic boy I’ll make sure that Misako will pay dearly for the humiliation she made me go through. Nodoka was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she wasn’t even paying attention what she was doing.

Ow! Auntie, you’re pulling my hair.” Akane shrieked a bit.

Oh I am so sorry Akane. I guess I’m still upset from the wedding yesterday.” Nodoka stopped when she heard Akane’s complaint.

It’s all Ranma’s fault that were are all upset. How can he let his own mother suffer like this?” Akane rubbing the pain out of her head.

Bwee! Snort!” P-chan agreed.

Now Akane Dear, lets not make that bother us. I’m sure everything will be fine once more.” Nodoka consoled.

I hope so, Auntie.” Akane sighed.

Just then there was someone at the door. “Hello, I’m home everyone.” It turns out to be Nabiki.

In no moment of time, the fumbling fathers clamber around Nabiki asking her all sorts of questions. “Did you find anything?” Soun asked first.

Where is that ungrateful son of mine?” Genma was second.

Then switched back to Soun. “What information did you picked up?”

Normally Nabiki would be charging for asking her questions but for once she is keeping this to herself. Plus those two were getting on her nerves. “I’m sorry you two but I don’t have anything on Ranma’s where abouts.” Hoping they would take her excuse.

But surely you found something.” Soun kept going at it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything.” Nabiki tried to keep her cool.

Very well if that’s how want to do this.” Genma pulled out some yen bills from out of his gi. “Here’s 10,000 yen if you can tell us where Ranma is.”

Ordinarily Nabiki would jump at a chance like this but to the fathers’ surprise the middle Tendo daughter said “No thanks.”

Okay okay 20,000 yen but that’s my final offer.” Genma brought out some more money.

I said No Thank You Mr. Saotome.” Nabiki repeated more sternly.

Please Nabiki just take the money and tell us where Ranma…” Genma was determined to get his son back.

But Genma was cut off when Nabiki swatted the money out of his hand and the paper yen went flying all over the place. “I told you two, No!” Nabiki nearly lost her control but regain it quickly. “Now if you excuse me it’s been a long morning and I am tired.” With a fake yawn she passed by Genma and Soun with a confused look on her face.

This isn’t good, Saotome. Nabiki never refused a bribe before.” Soun was worried about Nabiki’s behavior.

I notice that Tendo. Maybe it would be safe if we give the girl some room.” Genma suggested while picking up the fallen money.

Quite right, Saotome. By the way where did you get that 20,000 yenning.” Soun knew Genma for being forever broke.

Oh I save it for quite some time now in case of emergency.” Genma laughed nervously and scratched his head.

Oh really, Saotome.” Soun gave his old friend a suspicious glance but decided to let pass. Right now their only priority is getting Ranma back. “Well if you say so.”

Kasumi heard Nabiki went by the kitchen. “Oh welcome home, Nabiki. Lunch will be ready in about a moment.”

Nabiki just stood there for a second then turned around to face Kasumi. “Kasumi, do sometimes feel that you ever regret it?” She sure pick a fine time to ask her older sister some personal questions.

Regret what, Nabiki?” Kasumi wasn’t sure what Nabiki was talking about.

About not taking up the engagement with Ranma and pushing Akane to him?” Nabiki reminded her that time when they first met Ranma.

By what ever do you mean?” Kasumi totally forgotten about that day.

I mean have you ever wonder what would’ve been like if either of us took the engagement or at least let Ranma decided to which one of us he wants or ever wanted to get engage at all?” Nabiki now is kicking herself for passing up that opportunity.

Now Nabiki, Father and Mr. Saotome made a pact that Akane and Ranma were arrange to be married to bring the schools together.”That’s all that Kasumi knows.

No, Kasumi, Dad and Mr. Saotome made a deal if a Tendo and a Saotome got together to join the schools.” That’s when Nabiki had and epiphany. “They didn’t mention that it has to be one of the children from both families. They didn’t mention that both children have to get married.”

What are you talking about, Nabiki?” Kasumi didn’t catch what Nabiki was saying.

That their so-called pact meant that it could any Tendo and any Saotome. Hell for all we know, Mr. Saotome and Daddy should be the ones that join the schools together. Not Ranma or Akane or you or me.” Nabiki is beginning to see the big picture.

What is it that you are trying to say?” Kasumi still didn’t quite get it.

I’m saying that not any of us where bound by their pact. The schools are up for grabs to any one who wants them from either families and since neither Ranma nor Akane wanted to be engage to each other in the first place both the schools are still free. Do you know what the funny part is? Both Daddy and Mr. Saotome totally missed error when the made that pact over ten years ago.” Nabiki nailed it.

Whoa! That girl has real detective skills.” Babbit compliment on Nabiki’s theory.

Oh my, poor Akane. She’ll be so disappointed when she hears about this.”Kasumi assumed that was the answered.

I doubt she will be.” Nabiki thought differently.

But this engagement means so much to her.” said Kasumi.

No Kasumi, Akane never wanted the engagement in the first place.” Nabiki reminded her older sister.

But if she and Ranma learn to get…” Kasumi didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence.


Kasumi was stunned, not by the slap from Nabiki, but by what she was saying.

Tears were welding up in Nabiki’s eyes. “I’m sorry for slapping you like that Kasumi, but like Dad, Akane, Mr and Mrs Saotome and everyone else this god forsaken town, you would not listen to reason. Instead you stay in that little fantasy world of yours because it’s safe. Well guess what Kasumi, the world isn’t safe. There’s always be weirdos and magic and any other strange things going on but I am not afraid of any of those things anymore.”

But Nabiki…” Kasumi tried to reason with her sister but to no avail.

No buts Kasumi. I’ve made up my mind. I am no longer going to stand-by while Ranma gets hurt ever again. I don’t care what people think of me. All it matters to if Ranma is safe. I’m leaving Kasumi and I’ll never want to come back here ever again. Once I’ll find Ranma I am going to ask him if I can be his fiancée again.” Nabiki proclaimed.

But the engagement…” Kasumi couldn’t believe what Nabiki told her.

Should have been taken be either of us but since you’re still afraid of Ranma’s curse I’ll be glad to do so.” Nabiki resume to get to her room, but before she retires, she leaves Kasumi with one final thought. “You know what Kasumi, people in Nerima always keep saying that you’re the most kindest and nicest and the sweetest person ever walked on this Earth, and I’ve always believe it. Hell I was even jealous of you. But after everything that Ranma went through just for our benefit and you just tune everything out when he needs help the most, I’m not sure if I believe in you anymore.”

That struck Kasumi straight through the heart.

Oh there’s one more thing Kasumi, you know the real reason why Dr. Tofu act like like bumbling lunatic when he’s around you is because he’s in love with you.” Nabiki gave something to Kasumi to ponder over.

Kasumi went wide-eyed when Nabiki said that.

I am not surprise you didn’t know that since you spent nearly all of your life ignoring the real world. Frankly, I don’t what Dr. Tofu sees in you. Well that’s all I can say. Good-bye Kasumi.” Nabiki quickly ran out of there.

Kasumi just stood there trembling. “I did not know.” She keep on repeating this saying in a low whisper and sunk down to her knees. All the years of taking care of this family ever since her mother’s death. All those time visiting Dr. Tofu when she needs to borrow and return something and giving him some of her cooking. All those time when Ranma has those fights with either Akane, his rivals, or his fiancees. All those times cooking, cleaning, shopping, tending to wounds and injuries. All the sacrifices she made. Time has finally taken it’s toll on her. “I did not know…” Kasumi did one thing that no one has ever seen her do before. She had a break down. “I’M SORRY RANMA! I’M SORRY AKANE! I’M SORRY DR. TOFU! I’M SORRY EVERYONE!”

Somewhere in the TV studio where Sana works, Rei and Ranma were watching Sana at the sidelines as she does her performance in this commercial shoot. Ranma was somewhat fascinated by what he is seeing.

I take it this is your first time in a commercial shoot huh Ranma.” Rei can tell by the look on Ranma’s face.

Well yeah, I just usually watch commercials on TV but I had know idea that people actually made them.” Ranma never had any interests other than martial arts.

Yeah I can understand why you would think that way.” Rei could use this advantage to introduce Ranma some new things that aren’t martial arts related. “Who knows, maybe someday you can be in a commercial.”

Oh I don’t know about that. Me and acting don’t go hand in hand.” Ranma swayed back and forth.

Are you referring about that time when you once tried out for the part of Romeo in your school’s play?” Rei remember that part in the story Ranma told last night.

I don’t like to be reminded of it.” Ranma still gets the blues when he remembers that the prize for the play was a visit from some Chinese actor named ‘China’. They should have been more specific about the prizes they promise.

Sorry, I should have been more sensitive about your feelings about that.” Rei hope that Ranma will accept his apology.

Heh, it’s okay. Not many people never were.” Ranma showed no hard feelings.

And cut! Okay folks lets take five and we’ll start off with Zenjiro getting hit the coconut again.” Announced the director as Sana and Zenjiro walked out of the set with Zenjiro rubbing his head. “Ow! Getting hit on the head with a coconut twelve times can wear a guy down. I just hope I don’t get a concussion.”

Hey Ranma, glad that you stayed and watched.” Sana was pleased that Ranma stick around for the shooting.

Ah it was no biggie. You were very good in there.” Ranma complemented Sana.

Thanks I’ve been doing this since I was five.” Sana was happy that Ranma is having a good time.

Wow no kidding!” This shouldn’t be a surprise to Ranma since he was a year older than Sana when he started taking up martial arts.

Yup, oh yeah, this is Zenjiro. He and I been doing commercials and in the TV show ‘Child’s Toy’ for six years.” Sana introduced her wayward cousin to her co-host.

Hi, I’m Ranma Saotome. Heir to the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts.” Ranma and Zenjiro shook each other’s hands.

Very nice to meet you, Ranma. Zenjiro, the leading man of ‘Child’s Toy’ and starred in many movies and commercials.” Zenjiro gave out a exuberant introduction of himself.

Ranma just gave out a small but nervous chuckle. « So I’ve heard. » He quickly shook it off. « So you do this sort of the quite often? »

« Ah I see you are interested of my life’s work. » Zenjiro assumed that was the reason why Ranma was here at the studio.

« Actually Zenjiro, we’re just giving Ranma a tour of the studio. » Rei chimed in.

Zenjiro felt deflated a bit but regain his confidence in a heartbeat. « Well if that’s so then how about I give Ranma the run around. »

« Sure. » Ranma agreed to let Zenjiro to be the tour guide.

« Then come on, Ranma my boy, and allow me to show you the greatness of show business. » Zenjiro starts off the tour.

Ranma sweat dropped a bit but still believed that Zenjiro is an okay guy, even if he is a bit nutty. Still he’s better than the Kunos. With that in mind Ranma followed Zenjiro with Rei and Sana close behind.

Back to the Kurata residents, Misako had recently invited a special guest who she claims will help her with Ranma’s situation. « So you understand the seriousness my Godson is in thanks to my no good idiotic cousin and that floozy wife of his. » Misako took a sip of tea. She was wearing one of her unique hats. This time, it resembles a little resort and spa, with Maru the chipmunk getting a tan on the poolside. « And since you are an expert of uncovering scandals and deep dark secrets I assume that you’ll be very interested in taking this offer. »

Her guest she was talking to was Kurosaki, the snake in the grass with a heart of gold, and she recently told him what Ranma told her. He doesn’t mind Misako’s hat. Since he’s a photographer, he is used of seeing things like that. « First I must say, Miss Kurata, that I am flatter that you think highly of me and I sympathize about your Godson’s plight. » Kurosaki turned from his optimistic tune to a serious tone. « Alas I’m just a photographer. I only take pictures of other people’s problems, not solving them. »

« I see. » Misako just continue looking straight forward at Kurosaki. She may not show it but Kurosaki can tell by the sound of her voice that she was feeling bad by his answer.

« However if it’s a detective that you want then I know someone who can help you. » Kurosaki had an option for Misako.

Oh and who do you have in mind.” This peaked Misako’s interests.

My brother, Brian Chattillon Kurosaki, the best freelancing detective in the business.” Kurosaki presented a business card along with a picture of his brother.

I didn’t know you have brother.” Misako was actually surprised by this little information.

Well actually he’s my half-brother but we have the same mother. His father left them when he was five and after she filed for a divorce and custody of Brian, they came to Kyoto, Japan, where she met my father. They dated for some time, gotten married, and had me.” Kurosaki gave as much of the story as best he could.

I see.” Misako looked at the picture then at Kurosaki then back to the picture. “Well I can see some similarities, at least in the eyes. But the rest of him is looks very foreign.

That’s because he and our mother were from Australia but we both have her eyes.” Kurosaki confirmed.

Misako study the features of Kurosaki’s brother in the picture more closely and couldn’t help but noticing that he looks almost rat-like with red hair, matching goatee, and glasses.

I know what you are thinking, Miss Kurata, and I couldn’t blame you for thinking about it. He’s a rat and I’m a snake.” Kurosaki let out a good laugh.

Misako chuckled a bit herself. It was good to see Kurosaki being good nature about it.

However, despite of what I just said, he is the best in the detective business. If anyone can find some dirt on your cousin and his wife then he’s your man.” Kurosaki highly praised of his brother.

Alright then, when will be a good time to contact him?” Misako decided to take Kurosaki’s word for it.

Well tomorrow, he taking my kids out to Asakusa Hanayashiki.” Kurosaki provided the information.

Oh is that so?” Misako found that interesting.

Yeah, on weekends, he takes them off my hands for a while whenever I have too much work to.” Kurosaki continued talking.

Really? That is awfully nice of him.” Misako was a bit moved by what Kurosaki just said.

Babbit making his appearance. “For those of you who are curious about Japanese Culture, Asakusa Hanayashiki is one of Tokyo’s oldest amusement parks. It consists of 20 attractions and eating establishments and quaint souvenir shops.” Then he quickly leaves the scene.

Yes, they love their Uncle Brian, plus it earns him some extra money.” Kurosaki topped off their conversation.

“Well then I guess I’ll just stop by if I ever ran into him.” Misako decided to take up the offer.

If you do, tell him his little brother saids hello.” Kurosaki gets ready to leave. “Thank you for inviting me to your home, Ms Kurata.” He bows down to her.

Misako gets up and bows back. “Thank you for your time, Mister Kurosaki.” She leads the photographer to the door and opens it up for him.

Remember, if there’s any problems, do not hesitate to ask.” Kurosaki steps outside of the house.

I’ll let you know if we need anything.” Misako standing underneath the doorway.

Very well, Good day to you.” Kurosaki saids his goodbyes.

And good day to you too.” Misako returned his adieu as he leaves the premises with her closing the door. She turns around and looks at the card and picture he gave her. “So Kurosaki’s brother is in the detective business. I guess snooping around must run in the family.” Misako gave herself a good laugh at that thought then another came into her mind. “If he is as good as Kurosaki then we have a better chance at winning. This is getting more fun each moment.” As Misako laughs, the fuzzy little tenant who dwelled in her hair ornament, couldn’t help but sigh and roll his eyes at his owner’s usual eccentric behavior.

Back at the studio, Zenjiro took Ranma to the set of Child’s Toy and starts talking about the show. With Sana and Rei standing by for any additional information. “And here is where we filmed one of our successful shows known as Child’s Toy.”

Wow, you mean you can make a whole TV show in here?” Ranma was very impressed by what he is seeing.

Of course, haven’t you always wonder about how we make Child’s Toy?” Sana asked.

Ranma had a sad frown on his face and hung his head a bit. “Actually I’ve never heard of that show, until now.” He was ashamed to admit it.

Wha? You mean never watched a single episode of Child’s Toy?” This upset Zenjiro quite a bit since he is very well known in the media world.

No, you could say that I don’t watch TV that much.” Ranma felt bad for saying stuff like that. “With my Pop, if I am not eating or sleeping then I am training.”

So your dad never lets you watch any TV show?” Sana was a bit disappointed by all of this.

Well maybe just a little bit but it was mostly news about something weird going on. Then he and Mr. Tendo dragged me to those situations. Always keep telling me that it’s a martial artists duty to fight stuff like that.”

In other words, they make you do all the work while they stay behind and do nothing.” Rei figured it out.

Yeah, that’s about it.” Ranma agreed with Rei’s answer.

Rei was seething with anger. Those bastards! How could they do that to Ranma? And they got the nerve to call themselves martial artists! Sure Ranma maybe the best in his generation but he’s still just a kid! Hell, Misako never makes Sana to put herself in danger.

Um Rei, are feeling alright?” Ranma was a little concern about his newly big brother.

Oh yeah, sure, Ranma. Just a little something in my teeth. Must have been from this morning’s breakfast.” Rei didn’t want Ranma to see him angry.

Then Sana gets an idea. “Hey, Ranma, what if you come back here Monday so that you see the taping of the show?”

Really? You’ll let me do that?” Ranma was happy when Sana invited him.

Well sure, Ranma my boy. You get see Sana and, your truly of course, in our best performance, and if you are lucky we’ll let you be in the show. So what do you say?” Zenjiro likes the idea of having Ranma around for Child’s Toy.

For once, Ranma was asked to something that doesn’t involve, dangerous monsters, or crazy martial artists, or unknown fiancees, or perverted masters. It was something that actually sounds like fun, and for that Ranma only has one answer for it. “Sure, okay. I’ll do it!”

Alright! This is going so much fun!” Sana was so happy that Ranma agreed.

Perhaps we should let your mother know about this and ask her what she thinks.” Rei was afraid if the people from Nerima might see Ranma on the show then they’ll come after him.

Don’t worry, Rei. I’m sure Momma wouldn’t mind.” Sana was confident about what her mother will say.

Oh-oh, looks like we need to get back to the set.” Zenjiro checked his watch.

Okay, lets get going then.” Since Sana was in a good mood, she didn’t mind going back to work. So she and the others went back to the commercial shoot.

Rei thought this would a good time to bond more with Ranma. “Listen, Ranma, we’ll understand if you wanted to change your mind.”

Why would I do that? I’ve never see a TV show being made before and it’s not like Sana and Zenjiro were making me. Plus you actually asked me if I wanted a tour of the studio. Pops, Mr. Tendo, and everyone else just expect me to do as they say.” Ranma really wanted to do this.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I mean it’s great that you wanted to see Sana perform. It’s just that, well, we know that you don’t want anyone else finding you and all. What I am trying to say is we wanted you to be careful and um…” Rei was struggling on what to say next.

Ranma looked at Rei curiously until he realized why he asked. “You’re really worry about me.”

Well we are trying to keep you safe and Misako didn’t want anything bad happen you…” Rei was cut off when Ranma hugged him

Thank you, Big Brother.” Ranma had tears flowing from his eyes. For once someone actually cared for his well being. Not because he is heir for Anything Goes. Not for the sake of honor, but for himself.

Rei was touch by this small display of affection. Looks like of that junk Genma told him is starting to lose it’s hold of Ranma. “Anytime, Little Brother.” Rei returned the hug.

Hey hurry up you two or else the director will have us working over time if we are late.” Sana reminded.

Ranma realized what he was doing and immediately let go of Rei. “Um sorry, about that. I didn’t mean anything by it, I mean, it’s not what you thought… uh what I don’t usually…. well, I’m not, you know….”

Relax, Ranma, you didn’t do anything wrong. I think it’s good that you are getting touch with your emotions.” Rei reassured.

So you don’t that it, uh well, weird of guys hugging each other?” Ranma was surprised that Rei is taking this well.

Look, what you did, was humanly natural. So it’s no big deal.” Rei was doing his best to put Ranma at ease. “Now lets catch up with the others.”

Ranma nodded and he and Rei got going.

So what were you two were doing back there?” Sana wasn’t sure was going on with her manager and cousin.

Oh just some brotherly bonding timing together. You know.” Rei answered.

Yeah just some talking, that is all.” Ranma backed up.

Really? I think it’s great that you two are getting along.” Sana accepted their explanation.

Yes, two brothers bonding, finding common interests and sharing secrets. It’s a beautiful thing.” Zenjiro is getting all teary eyed at the moment.

Rei and Ranma just chuckled nervously. “Yes, well come on. We don’t want to keep the staff waiting.” Rei urged everyone else keep moving, with the help of Ranma, of course.

While walking back to the sound studio, Ranma now thinks back to what just happened. I just hugged another guy as a guy and it didn’t felt weird to me. Whenever Kuno does that when I am in my girl-form or when Pop does his Cradle From Hell, I get creep out, but with Rei it was different. Could it be that I am… Ranma got scared for a second but then shook it out. Nah, Rei is my brother and that’s what brothers do.

Rei, of course, was thinking about it too. Ranma actually hugged me and in public. It was nice to see Ranma showing a little display of affection. Soon, all that other garbage that Genma taught him will be out of his system yet. The idea made him smile.

Back to the Tendo Household in Nerima, Nabiki Tendo was just finishing up packing a few belongings for her little trip. “There I think that should be enough.” She inspected to make sure she got everything she needs. “Now I need to find a way to get out of here. I can’t use the neither front or back door. They might be waiting for me, downstairs.” The middle Tendo looks at her window. “Looks like I have no choice.”

In the living room, both families were gathered around the table awaiting for one more to join so that they can get their meeting started. “What on could be keeping Nabiki?” Soun asked.

Perhaps she is still sleeping. The poor girl did look tired when she came home.” Kasumi poured some tea for her family and guest. She seemed to gotten over from her little episode.

Well should one of us wake her up?” Akane just wanted to get this over with. P-chan just snorted.

I’ll go fetch her.” Nodoka volunteer and got up to go upstairs.

As the others watched Nodoka leave the table, Soun cleared his throat a bit. “While Mrs. Saotome goes get Nabiki, maybe we should discuss some of the details in yesterday’s events.”

Very well then, Tendo.” Genma turned the rest of the group. “Does anybody have any ideas why that ungrateful son of mine deserted his own wedding?”

Because he’s no good timing perverted jerk!” Akane delivered her answer, very loudly.

P-chan squealed in disagreement. “Bwee! Bwee! Bwee!”

Now, Akane, I’m sure Ranma has his reasons.” Kasumi tried her best to calmer her youngest sister down.

Oh come on, Kasumi. He didn’t even put up a fight when that guy dragged him out of our home with that old lady following behind!” Akane was getting more infuriated than ever.

Now now, there is no need for name calling.” Genma may not like his cousin Misako but she is a member of his family.

Everyone else just looked at Genma funny. Never they had heard him defend anyone before, not even Ranma when ever Akane or his rivals insult or fight him or when the other fiancees try to get him. But for someone who had stole Ranma from the wedding? That was not normal for him.

What?” Genma felt uncomfortable when everyone was staring at him.

Well it just that….” Soun was cut off when there frantic footsteps coming from upstairs and heading towards the living room.

It was Nodoka and she looked like she has seen a ghost. “Nabiki’s Gone!”

WHAT?!?!” Everyone was in shock by what Nodoka had just told them.

I knocked on her door to see if she’s inside but she didn’t answered. So I open the door and check if she is okay, however when I did, she wasn’t there.” After Nodoka gave her explanation, the household rushed upstairs to Nabiki’s room and saw that she was telling the truth.

Nabiki? Nabiki! NABIKI!” Soun and the others frantically search Nabiki’s entire room but there was no trace of her. “Oh where can she be?!” As usual, Soun goes into complete panic whenever his daughters are in danger, normally Akane.

She couldn’t just disappeared into thin air.” Genma tried to be logical about this. Then he looked at an open window of her room and actually came up with a thought. “You don’t suppose she went out that window over there, can she?”

Are you mad, Saotome? Nabiki’s not a martial artist, hell she doesn’t even exercise! All she does is lounge around all day, reading her magazines, and eat snack food!” Sometimes Soun remembers the small details that does not involve fighting that goes around the house. Of course ignoring that fact, he ran to the window to look outside. “NABIKI!”

Maybe she went to a friend’s house.” Kasumi assumed.

But why did none of us seen her leave and why didn’t she tell us?” Then Akane remember that conversation she and Nabiki had. When I find Ranma I’m going to be his fiancee again and this time it will be for real!She wouldn’t, would she. That memory made Akane very nervous.

Well I don’t see her down there.” Genma looked all over from the upstairs window.

Oh my poor Nabiki! What if she is injured?” Soun knows that only Ranma can get out from a high place without getting hurt.

Now father, I’m sure Nabiki will be alright.” Kasumi soothed her panicking father, but small flashback from their little talk was triggered in the back of her head. I am getting out of this god forsaken town and I am never coming back!Oh Nabiki.

Nodoka decided to take charge. “This is no time to get hysterical! Genma you search the back yard. Soun, you take the dojo. Kasumi will call Nabiki’s friends and Akane and I will go to places Nabiki usually visits.”

Yes Ma’am!” Everyone went to their assigned tasks.

Kasumi was about to do as Nodoka instructed, when she noticed that the front door was left just a little bit open. “Oh my, someone left the door open. That is very thoughtless and with Nabiki missing as well.” After Kasumi closed the door, she managed to put two and two together. “She couldn’t have. Could she?”

By coincidence, we now see Nabiki running down the street with her belongings at surprising speed. I can’t believe that actually worked. She replays her escape plan in her head. “First, I went into one of the other room across the hall and wait for someone to ‘check on me’. Next, I allowed Nodoka to get the others to bring them to my room. Then while everyone else was busy looking for me, all I had to do is sneak pass them without being noticed and managed to escape from that house no problem. Ranma will be so proud of me. “Don’t worry , Ranma, I won’t let you get hurt again!”

Speaking of Ranma, we now see him and his new friends at a diner near the studio. With Rei, being true to his word, buying lunch for him. “Oh man this is great. Thanks Rei.” Ranma eating at a normal pace.

Glad you approved.” Rei was happy that Ranma is enjoying himself.

Zenjiro thought it would be a good idea to get to know Ranma more. “So Ranma, I hear that you’re a bit of a martial arts expert.”

Yeah, I guess you could say that.” Ranma actually being humble for once since his father is not around to smack him.

And at your age too. My my that is impressive. You know I once dabble in the arts myself.” Zenjiro tried to impress Ranma with some of his moves.

All it did is made Ranma to look Zenjiro kind of funny. “Um yeah that’s look pretty good.” He tried not hurt his feelings.

Yes it was, but I decided to stick to acting because it was my one true passion.” Zenjiro being all debonair and such.

Really, I thought it was because you hurt your hand when we did that kung fu parody sketch on the show.” Sana reminder of that incident causes Zenjiro’s ego to deflate.

Rei and Ranma chuckled at that little take until Zenjiro came back up again. “Okay, so other than martial arts, what hobbies do you have, Ranma?”

Ranma stopped eating when Zenjiro asked him that. He gave some thought but could only come up with one answer. “I don’t really have any hobbies.”

Really are you sure?” Now Zenjiro was curious.

Yes I am sure. I don’t have any hobbies what so ever.” Ranma now looks like he lost a best friend.

So you don’t have any interest other than martial arts?” Rei asked.

No, in fact, I don’t think I was even allowed to have any.” Ranma cast his eyes downward when he confessed.

Huh, what do you mean not allowed.” Zenjiro repeated.

Pop wouldn’t let me do anything that is not the art.”

But what about all that other stuff you told us you did in your story? Like the ice skating, or tea ceremony, or cheer leading.” Sana remembered Ranma mentioned those when he talked about his life.

Those involved martial arts and in the last two I was in my girl form.”

So what you are saying is that you can only do things as long as it has martial arts in them.” Rei was starting to see a picture here.

Right, it’s like Pops says, if it is not the art then it is a waste of time.”

I see then.” Rei managed to maintain his cool but also seething in anger. That bastard Genma! He wouldn’t let Ranma have the right to even try new things. He immediately gets up. “Ranma, would you mind if I have a word with you, in private.”

Ranma may not know why Rei asked him but the look in his eyes are telling him that it must be serious. “Well okay, sure.” He and Rei left the table walked to the other side of the diner and enter the mens room.

I wonder what’s that all about?” Sana was confused by all of this.

Who knows, probably just a brother thing. Best not to worry about it.” Zenjiro didn’t want to be a bother to Rei and Ranma.

Well okay if you say so.” Sana may have agreed to it but the look in her eyes say otherwise.

In the mens room, Rei washed his hands a bit while Ranma was standing a few feet behind him. “Okay Rei, now what is it wanted to talk to me about that you didn’t want the others to know.” Ranma already cognized that Rei didn’t brought him just for a little restroom break.

I thought we can have a man to man talk without Sana trying to butt in. You see, she have this habit of getting involved with things that goes over her head. She means well but sometimes it just makes things worst.” Rei made sure that Ranma got the point.

Normally in circumstances like this would made Ranma even just a little bit nervous, however since he with Rei, he has nothing to worry about. For some reason, he feels more comfortable than he with any other people. “Oh I see. Alright, so what do you want know?”

Rei took off his sunglasses and looked straight in the eye at Ranma. “Tell me, Ranma, have you ever did like martial arts when you a kid?”

Ranma was a bit taken by Rei’s question. Usually he would just give a ‘what do you mean? Of course I like martial arts’ type of answer but he knew that Rei wouldn’t accept that.

It’s not a tough question to answer, Ranma. Just tell me how you feel.” Rei didn’t want to make Ranma feel all pressured.

Well right now I feel like a little lost kid.” Ranma responded.

See, now was that so hard.” Rei smiled and placed a hand on Ranma’s shoulder.

Then Ranma continues on. “You see all my life all I ever do is martial arts. I’ve been doing it for so long, it’s the only thing I know. It’s my whole life. It is the only thing I have been taught. There is nothing else. I don’t think I can learn anything else. Sure it’s not a good life but it’s all I have. Without the art, I am nothing.” Tears flowed from Ranma’s eyes.

Rei now understand why Ranma is the way he is. “So this whole time when you couldn’t work out your problems back in Nerima is because….”

I don’t know how.” Ranma finished for Rei. “I don’t know how to do anything.”

Rei does his best to comfort Ranma. “It’s okay, Ranma. It’s okay. Let it all out.”

Martial arts is the only thing that likes me for me!” Ranma cried his little heart out on to Rei’s shoulder.

That’s not true, Ranma. I like you.” Rei confirmed.

Wha?” That took Ranma by surprise.

I like you and so does Sana, Misako, Shimura, Maru, and Zenjiro. Heck we all like you.” Rei gave Ranma a brotherly smile.

But what about my…curse?” Ranma wants to believe Rei but he knows his curse will bring nothing but trouble for his new family.

It’s no big deal. So what if you turn either a boy or a girl, you’re still the same person no matter what form you are in.” Rei wanted Ranma to see the bright side of things.

Even I could never by an ordinary guy?” Ranma hope that all Rei was saying is true.

Rei decided to use a certain phrase from Misako’s ‘My Daughter and I’ and give it his own little twist. “If you can’t be an ordinary guy, then why not be extraordinary.”

Ranma was taken back by that saying. Pop never says stuff like to me. It’s always been ‘be a man among men.’ my whole life. Hell, I don’t even know what that means. He starts to feel better.

You okay now?” Rei asked.

Yeah, thanks, Rei.” Ranma answered as he wipes his tears away.

Anytime, Bro. Anytime.” Rei and Ranma gave each other a Bro Hug. “Now lets back to the table before Sana gets worry and barges in.” Both had a good laugh and exist the mens room.

Returning to the Tendo’s Residence, the families had no such luck on what happened to Nabiki. “Are you sure we checked everywhere?” A highly stressed Soun asked.

Of course we did, Tendo. We check her usual hang out places.” A tired Genma answered.

I called all of her friends and they say they haven’t heard from her.” Kasumi brought in some tea to help everyone to relax.

But how can she just disappeared like that?” Akane was actually worried about Nabiki.

This is terrible! Oh where oh where has my little Nabiki have gone?” Soun wailed on. He usually acts like when ever Akane gets kidnapped or that time Kasumi was sick.

That’s enough, Tendo. Carrying on like that won’t bring Nabiki back.” Nodoka remained calmed so as not to arouse suspicion.

But Dear, we don’t were Nabiki has gone.” Genma knows the seriousness of the situation. What if she founds the boy and tells him everything.

Then we’ll just keep looking. She couldn’t gone that far.” Nodoka reassured everyone. Genma maybe an idiot but he is right. This would call for drastic measures.

Um I think I might have an idea where she might be.” Kasumi was being very apprehensive for saying that and everyone turned to her.

You do, Oh Dear Sweet Kasumi. Please tell us! Where can your sister has gone?” Soun demanded with much enthusiasm.

Please Kasumi, for the sake of the schools!” Genma as well.

Will you two move back and let her talk!” Akane couldn’t stand when the fathers were hoovering over her sister.

Well when she got back home, we started talking and asked me if we have any regrets.” For some reason, Kasumi feels bad for telling the families this.

Regrets, about what?” Akane asked.

About her and me pushing you on to Ranma.” Kasumi now see what Nabiki was talking about.

You mean it took you this long to finally figured it out?” Akane was being sarcastic.

Akane, that wasn’t a nice thing to say.” Nodoka scolded.

If it were Soun or Genma, Akane would’ve given them her scary angry face, but when she’s around Nodoka, she’s the perfect obedient child. “Sorry, Auntie.”

Continue, Kasumi.” Nodoka wanted to hear the rest of Kasumi’s story.

Well at first, I thought she was just being silly, but now I think about it, perhaps she was right.” Kasumi sees the errors of her ways. “Akane, I am so sorry about forcing you on to Ranma. It wasn’t right. We should have let Ranma choose if he wanted to be with any of us.”

This left Akane speechless. She never thought that Kasumi felt this bad. She doesn’t know whether to be happy or guilty. Sure she never wanted Ranma but she doesn’t Kasumi to be unhappy about this. “It’s okay, Kasumi. What done is done.”

This is fine and all but please Kasumi, what about Nabiki.” Soun was growing impatient, which earned him a glare from both Nodoka and Akane.

Kasumi continues. “Just as I was going to some phone calls like Auntie told me to, I noticed that the front door was left open just a bit. I thought somebody forgot to close it but then it hit. I think Nabiki might have left through that door.”

Everyone gasped at that last part. “But how did she do it? I mean we were all looking for her in her room.” said Genma while scratching his head.

Maybe that’s when she slipped past by us. We were all too busy running around that we didn’t even see her leave.” Nodoka hates to admit, but Nabiki was defiantly a clever girl to thought that up.

But I don’t get it. Why would Nabiki sneak away like that?” Akane was afraid what the answer might be.

I’m not sure, but I think she is probably looking for Ranma.” Kasumi wring her apron a bit in a nervous fashion.

Nobody else knows what to make of that bit of information. “Wait a minute, if she is looking for Ranma then why she tell any of us about it?” Soun was suspicious about Nabiki not telling the family.

Well I don’t know how to tell all of you this, especially you, Akane.” Kasumi feels like she is betraying both Nabiki and Akane at the same time, however, her family needs to know. “I am guessing that she is going to ask Ranma if she can be his fiancee again.”

The household just stares at Kasumi, blankly. The eldest Tendo daughter does not know what they are thinking. She was expecting some sort of outrage, however what happens next turns out to be a surprise. They burst out laughing.

Come on Kasumi, didn’t you remember what happen the last time when Nabiki took up as Ranma’s fiancee?” Akane said it between laughs but inside, she still remembers about Nabiki saying that she’s going to take up the engagement again.

Oh you really had us going there, Kasumi.” Soun was holding is stomach from laughing.

I mean seriously, the boy maybe an idiot but I don’t think he’ll fall for the same trick twice.” Genma trying to catch his breath.

Kasumi just looked at everyone funny. She doesn’t know what to feel. Part of her was annoyed when they didn’t believe about Nabiki wanting to Ranma’s fiancee again, yet part of her was relieved when they thought it was some kind of joke. So she went along with it. “Yes it is pretty funny.” She laughed.

Alright, now that we had our little fun, it’s time to keep looking for Nabiki.” Nodoka took charge once again.

Right.” Everyone but Kasumi got up and left the table.

Aren’t you coming, Kasumi?” Nodoka stalled a bit.

Oh I thought it would be a good idea to stay here in case she comes back.” Kasumi hoped that she believes her.

Good thinking. Please let us know if you hear anything.” Nodoka accepts her reason and leaves.

Very well, good luck on your search.” Kasumi waved good-bye and was left alone with her thoughts. I don’t know why but I’m glad that they didn’t believe me. Nabiki, where ever you are, I hope you’re safe.

Somewhere in the Nerima train station, Nabiki just had tiny sneeze while sitting on a bench. “I guess someone is thinking about me.”

All aboard!” A train conductor called. That was Nabiki’s cue to gather her belongings and get on that train to her destination.

Nabiki took one last look at Nerima. “Well this is it. So long Nerima, may we never meet again.” And on that final note, Nabiki enter the train car as the door closed behind her.

Returning to the Kurata house, Misako was relaxing with some tea in her living room. Wearing scene of Venice, Italy with Maru wearing a Gondolier outfit, when a certain someone announced her arrival. “Hi Momma! We’re home!”

Welcome Home, everyone. How did the commercial re-shoot go?” Misako greeted her daughter and Rei and Ranma when they entered the room.

It went well as usual, of course Zenjiro complained a bit about having the coconut falling on head lots of times in the many takes.” Sana talked about her day.

Well as long the commercial will be good, that’s all that matters.” Misako turned to Ranma. “And what about you, Ranma, did you had nice time at the studio?”

Oh you bet, I had a blast! I got to see a commercial being made and met some new people, they even let me handle the controls in the sound room. Then Rei took us out for lunch. I also got to help out with the shoot!” Ranma was acting like an excited little kid.

Did you now?” Misako was happy to hear that fun at the studio.

Rei took his turn to step in. “Yes in deed, Ranma was a natural over at the studio. They showed him how to work a camera, set up props and equipment, and did a sound check. He also helped Zenjiro treated his head between each coconut hit.” He ruffled Ranma’s hair a bit. “I am telling you, this kid was meant to be in the TV production business.”

Hey come on Rei, cut that out.” Normally this would bugged Ranma quite a lot, but it’s different when Rei does it. He is actually having fun.

Oh yeah that reminds me. Momma, would it be alright if Ranma comes to our taping of Child’s Toy this coming Monday?” Sana hope that her mother will say yes.

Misako thought this over. “Well if he’s going to be there Monday, then he’ll have to rest up after tomorrow.”

What do you mean, Misako?” Rei had a bad feeling what Misako’s answer will be.

I was thinking tomorrow that we can all go to Asakusa Hanayashiki.” Misako declared.

Really? We’re going to Asakusa Hanayashiki? Oh Wow That I So Cool. Thank You Momma! Oh You’re The Best Momma In The Whole Universe!” Sana was running around with excitement.

Is this Asakusa Hanayashiki a good place?” Ranma doesn’t get out very much, unless it’s school, or fight, or training, or when ever Genma and Soun tried to force him and Akane to go on a date.

Oh you bet! It’s only one of the best amusement parks in all of Japan!” Sana exclaimed with her special enthusiasm.

You’re serious, that what that place is?” Ranma looked actually happy that he gets to go too.

Sure, haven’t you ever been an amusement park before.” Sana couldn’t believe that Ranma has never even heard of Asakusa Hanayashiki.

Sure I did. One time, the Tendo’s family chiropractor, Dr. Tofu, had these two tickets to family fun park, but he was planning on asking Kasumi out on a date with them. Of course Kasumi thought that he was inviting the whole family and we all ended up going with them.” Ranma remembered that time when he, his father, and the Tendo’s went to that park, which turned out to be chaotic when his fiancees and rivals showed up.

Well rest assure, Ranma, I promise that this time, it will be just four of us, plus Maru.” Misako pointed to her little chipmunk on top of her head.

Since you put it that way, okay, I’ll go.” For one, Ranma was certain that this will the one time he can actually have some fun without the NWC messing things up.

Hooray We’re Going To Asakusa Hanayashiki!” Sana repeated the phrase over as she jumped up and down.

That’s enough for now, Sana. Save all of that energy for tomorrow.” The hyper active child star did as her mother told. “That’s better, now why don’t you two was up while I as Shimura to make us a special dinner.”

Okay, Momma.” Sana turned to Ranma. “Hey Ranma, betcha I can find the bathroom before you can.”

Alright, you’re on!” Ranma accepts the challenge.

Great, loser has to do the dishes.” Sana wager as both her and Ranma get in their racing stance. “On your mark, get set.”

But of course, Ranma took off before Sana said ‘Go’. “Haha, see ya at the baths, Sana!”

Hey no fair! That’s cheating!” Sana followed behind in hot pursuit.

You forget that I practice Anything Goes, so this consider as legal!” Ranma shouted over his shoulder.

Oh you’re so going to get it! Just wait until catch up!” Sana shouted back as the two turn at the corner of the house.

Try not to break anything while running like that, you two.” Rei reminded the two racing youngsters very loudly. Then he turn his attention to Misako. “Okay Misako, just what do you have in mind?”

By what ever do you mean, Rei? I just want us spend some time together as a family.” Misako trying to act all innocent with her fan in front of her face.

Come on, I know that look. You usually don’t take Sana to an amusement park on the weekends unless you have something else in mind.” Rei knows that Misako was up to something since he worked for the Kurata family for so long.

Why Rei, I am hurt. All I wanted is to do something nice for the children and you think that I have different objective.” Misako was just as good actress as Sana.

Rei looked at her skeptically, but decided to go along with this little game. “Very well, I apologize for making such an accusation.”

Apology accepted.” Misako closed her fan. “Now why don’t you get ready for dinner yourself.”

Alright then.” Rei bows down to Misako. “Oh, there is something that I think you might like to know.”

This peaked Misako’s interest. “I’m listening.”

Ranma and I bonded today.” Rei told her.

Is that so.” Misako was actually surprised by this.

Yes I think you’ll be happy to know that Genma’s grip on him is starting to fade away.” Rei smiled when he said that. He knows that Misako will want this kind of information.

Do tell.” Misako has her sneaky look in her smile. She was elicited on what Rei is going to say.

Oh boy, I don’t like what this is going.” Babbit was very nervous what is going to happen next.

A/N: And so we end this chapter on that final note. What do you think will happen when they get to Asakusa Hanayashiki? Will they run into Kurosaki’s detective brother? Was this part of Misako’s plan on adopting Ranma and getting rid of Genma and Nodoka? Will Nabiki find Ranma and apologize? Will the Tendos and Saotomes find Nabiki? Will the rest of the NWC appear again in this story? Find out next time in Ranma Kurata.

Chapter 03: Ranma, Would You Like to be a Kurata?