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DBZ vs. NC
By Maricruz(Mari, Maric, Maricc, Mar, Anime-iac, Animeiac)
Disclaimer: DBZ is the © property of Akira Toriyama. Night Court is the © Warner Bros.
A/N: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’ve decided to let go my co-author Sorrow_forever_more and my beta Star0307. Thank you for your help but I think I should try to do this fic on my own. I wish you the very best of luck.
Chapter 03: The People vs. Piccolo
The court staff was having their recess break in the Harry’s office to discuss the cases and the current events. Their latest topic was a certain sporting event that was coming to Madison Square Garden.
“So is anyone here going to that Martial Arts Tournament shindig?” Harry asked while he is polishing his armadillo.
“I am Harry,” Mac answered first. “Quan-Li’s cousin is one of the competitors in that thing.”
“And you and Quan-Li are going to be there for support?” Harry surmised.
“Well that and plus the fact that he said if he wins he’ll give us half of the prize money to pay off our debts,” Mac confessed with a wide grin on his face.
Harry turned to Christine. “How about you Christine? Thinking about taking Little Charlie to go see the tournament?”
“Oh, I don’t think so Harry.” Christine denied. “I do not want to expose my son to violence.”
It was Bull’s turn to speak. “It’s not really about violence Christine.” He explained his view of martial arts. “Martial arts teach you about self-discipline, self-control, and self-respect, in addition to respecting others, finding your inner strength, and letting you become one with your surroundings.”
Every once in a while Bull amazes everyone with his unknown intelligence.
“That was incredible about what you said Bull.” Christine was clearly impressed by it.
“Of course,” Bull added some more, “It’s kind of like ballet except with a lot of punching and kicking and quite possibly someone will get seriously hurt.” And once again the real Bull comes back.
“What about you Dan?” Mac turned over to the DA. “Are you going to this tournament?”
“Yeah right, why should I waste good money just to see a couple of guys beat each other up when I see something like in the corner of Main Street for free?” Dan answered nonchalantly as he took a sip of his coffee.
“You know there will be female fighters in this thing.” Mac was trying to pique Dan’s interest.
“Probably about the sizes of each half of this building.” Dan was still not fascinated.
“Oh that’s not true Dan.” Mac was trying to get Dan to see another side of female martial artists. “Most lady fighters are basically well fit.”
“What pray tell do you mean is in ‘well fit’” Dan was still not interested.
“Well martial arts helps many women to keep their bodies nice and slim.” Mac was for sure this will get Dan.
“Is that so.” And it worked.
“Would I lied?” Mac flashed a sly smile. “Just imagine those fighting ladies wearing those skin tight body suits.”
Now that got Dan’s attention. “Keep going.”
“Some times they come in two pieces. Halter top and spandex shorts.” Mac knows what types of outfit that Dan likes to see women wearing or not wearing. “And when they fight they make those noises that you usually hear in those ‘movies’ you like to watch.”
Dan was shivering in anticipation.
“Their hands grabbing, slapping, groping, rubbing, and pulling each other hair.” Mac keep on adding more and more. “Ripping each other clothes apart and if you are lucky something just… might… pop… out.”
Dan couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. He grabbed Mac by his sweater and pulling him close to his face. “Give Me Tickets!”
“See I knew you would like it.” Mac gotten through Dan.
“Easy there Dan.” Harry tried to calm Dan down. “First let go of Mac and we’ll see if we can get you tickets.”
Regaining his senses, Dan unclenched his hands and release Mac from his grip. “I’m sorry for my little outburst.” Dan apologized with some dignity.
“Hey no biggie Dan.” Mac knows that Dan didn’t mean to be that hostile unless he is one of his ‘dates’. But He made a quick mental note not to ever do that again.
“How about you Ross.” Bull asked. “Are you going to see the tournament?”
“See it? I’m going to be in.” Ross announced.
“Ross I didn’t know you practices martial arts.” This was new to Christine and she knew Ross better than anyone.
“Of course I do.” Ross stated proudly. “My women’s self-defense group selected me to be their representative. We hope that this tournament will get us more students.”
“Well I wish you the very best of luck Ross.” Harry express his good fortune.
“Why thank you Sir.” Ross accepted Harry’s gesture. “And Dan, I’ll be wearing one of those skin type outfits.”
Dan just simply froze there. This was his only defense mechanism. If he shows any disgust Ross will beat him into a bloody pulp but he imagine her in one of those types of outfits he’ll never sleep again.
“Dan, Dan, Dan are you okay.” Bull tried to revived him.
“Don’t worry about it Bull.” Mac reassured the tall and bald bailiff. “He’ll be in that state for a while now.”
“What about you Sir?” Christine asked Harry. “Are you going to the tournament?”
“You bet your Princess Di figurine collection I am.” Harry admitted and the staff just gave him a funny look. “What? Just because I considered my self as a man of peace that doesn’t mean I enjoy a good bout every now and then.”
« Especially over at the cafeteria during meatloaf and turkey night. » Bull concluded for Harry.
« Well I guess it’s time to back to work. » Harry wrapped up recess as the staff were about to return to the courtroom when one of them just remember something.
« Um Sir what about him? » Bull was pointing towards Dan who was still in his frozen trance.
« I’ll handle this one Bull. » Ross walked up to Dan. « Her husband is coming. »
« WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? » That snapped Dan right back up. « Oh, uh just checking to see if my reflexes are fine. »
« I’m sure they are Dan. » Ross smirked slyly at Dan’s antics.
« Now that Dan is back with us let’s get back into the courtroom shall we? »
Back at work, Mac was handing Harry the next case. « Coming up, People vs. Piccolo. »
Ross escorted a strong looking green man who is about the same height as Bull with her special treatment that she hardly ever gives to any other offenders. « Now stay right here, tall, green, and handsome. » She gave Piccolo a wink and went back next to Bull, leaving the Namek baffled.
« You really like this guy do you Ross. » Bull stated the obvious.
« Well let just say I am considering of going green. » Ross send out sensual glances at Piccolo.
Piccolo quickly returned facing the judge.
« What’s the charge Mac. »
« Loitering on top of the Empire State Building. »
« State the Case Mr. Fielding? »
« Yes Sir, the defendant was uprehanded at 3PM when he refused to remove himself from the very height of the Empire Sate Building. »
« Defense? »
« Sir, My client claims that he wasn’t doing any harm and didn’t show any restraints when he was brought in. »
Harry turned to Piccolo. « Well that was very civilized of you. I appreciate your consideration. Care to explain why ignore the officers’s orders? »
« I was meditating to clear my mind so that I’ll be ready for the tournament. »
« So you’re competing in the World Martial Arts Tournament as well. »
« That is correct your honor. When I go into meditation, I often block out all other sounds around me. If I cause any problems then I apologized. » Piccolo bowed his head towards the judge.
« I must say you the most well-mannered defendant I have ever met in my life. » Harry complemented the Namek. « Anything else that both sides want to add. » He looked at Dan and Christine.
« Well since there was no damages reported I’m willing to let this go your Honor. » said Dan.
« Thank you Consular. Any word from the defense? »
« I agreed with the Consular, your Honor. » Christine added.
« Okay, on be half of the city of New York I accept your apology and since there was no harm done, I’m going to dropped charges. » Harry closed the case with the hammered of his gavel. « Would the bailiffs please escort Mr. Piccolo out of the premises. »
Bull and the ever so eagered Ross lead Piccolo towards the courtroom exit.
« If you want I can show you some positions that you have never seen before in your life. » Ross volunteered with a lusty grin.
Piccolo gulped and turned to Bull with a pleaded look.
« Relax, she’s gentler than she looks. » Bull tried to reassured Piccolo but that makes the Namek even more scared.
The rest of the staff just watched the bailiffs and Piccolo leave the room.
« I think Ross may have found a new boyfriend. » Christine said it with a sweet smile on her face.
« Oh please, one night with Ross and the poor guy will never walk again. » Dan, of course, disagreed.
« Give her some credit, Dan. » Christine debated. « Ross isn’t always so vulgar with her suitors, unlike some people I know. »
« Hey I have you know that I always treat my dates with respect. » Dan knew that shot Christine made was for him.
« Would that be before or after she ties you up. » Mac couldn’t resist getting in on the action.
Fortunately Harry stepped to before this goes to far. « Okay enough of this stalling and lets get ready for the next case. »
« Yes your Honor. » The other grudgingly agreed with Harry and started getting their materials in order.
A/N: Looks like another case ended but this time with out a hitch. Wonder who’s up next? Find out next time in DBZ vs. NC
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