❯ Chaotic Zero – The Home And Lifestyle Of The Goth And Fandom ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lazily,she sat in her desk after groggily waking up and going through her morning routine and she was now wrapped in a towel.Her wet,multi-colored hair streamed down her back and cascaded over her shoulders like a wild and messy waterfall of color.The roots were naturally black although her bangs had always grown in black and dirty blonde.
The dirty blonde,black,and bloody red bangs covered the left half of her face and reached a little past her chin.Her hair faded from black into a mess of colors in pastels and metalics and other shades of blonde,fading hot pink,dreamy ceruleans,vibrant greens,electric blues,lively reds,flaming oranges,and pretty violets in all shades.
« Mace-chan! »,called her older brother,Hikaru Tsubasa Koutei,from behind the door.His knuckles rapped on the door.
« What?! »,Mace called back as she bit into a stick of pocky,suspending it in her mouth as she logged on to her favorite fan fiction site and continued reading an amazingly sexually explicit AllenxKanda yaoi that she enjoyed.
« I’m gunna leave for work so call if you need anything! »,he yelled to her.She grunted,half hearing him as she fixed her attention to her screen as Kanda was tying Allen up with his own belt and telling him how long he has waited for this very moment.
She gasped in utter surprise at the screen, »How unexpected! »,she exclaimed as Lavi stormed in,demanding that he be apart of this.
As she glued her eyes to the computer,Hikaru came in, »Did you even hear me Mace? »,he asked and took in the sight before him.His sister,Mace Zero Koutei,was in a black towel,eating pocky and apparently reading yaoi infront of the computer screen.Her thick black curtains kept the sunlight out of the darkened room and the lights were off.
« Seriously Mace,you’ll ruin your eyes like this and you’ll get even paler if you avoid the sunlight. »,he pointed out worriedly.She spun around in her chair and angrily chewed her Pocky.
« Yeah yeah,whoever said you could tell me how to live!?Hikaru,you know I prefer the night to the day and I’d like to minimize the time I spend in the sun. »,she laid her different colored eyes on her elder brother.His hair was like hers,black roots and natural dirty blonde bangs that covered half his face,although it was the right half and his eyes were bright crystal blue like their dad’s.
« I’m just saying that if you don’t take care of yourself you’ll die early. »,he explained in that concerned tone again.Mace glanced down at her body.Her legs were runner legs despite never going outside,her arms were slightly toned yet slender because she worked out in the house.Due to lack of sun,her skin was ghostly pale and the bags under her eyes were dark and black.
« At least I’m not smoking dope or something unlike other people my age. »,she gestured at the window with a nod of her head,referring to the pack of teenagers across the street who did nothing but hang around the apartmet complex and smoke dope and drink hard liquor they bought off the old man there who sold to minors.
« Yeah I know and thats good but still… »,he began but Mace cut him off rudely, »Whats wrong with my life style?I work out,I stay in shape,and I maintain a good weight plus my teeth are pearly white! »,she opened her mouth and showed off her minty fresh teeth,her pointed canines long and fang like.
« Damnit Mace!You sleep away your days,only getting up to eat,work out,and read doujinshi and fanfiction then get up at sunset and does God knows what until early in the morning then go back to sleep! »,Hikaru slammed his fist into the wall angrily.
Mace stood up and growled at her human brother.What did he know!?He was full mortal while Mace was half demon.Her left eye was purple and her right eye was blue for God’s sake!She looked more like her demon mother than her deadbeat human father may they both rot in their graves!
She watched as her older brother opened the curtains,shedding light into the messy room with blood red carpeting,black walls covered in posters of anime and bands,clothes strewn across the floor,manga and books in piles around the filled wooden book case,and her black and red guitar leaned up against the right side of her book case.
Her three swords were displayed on a rack attatched to her wall over the bookcase and a giant Bleach wall scroll hung over her computer desk,Ichigo Kurosaki and Byakuya Kuchiki glaring at eachother with equal bloodlust.The desk itself was wooden with a long,flat,black screen,sleek black hard drive and a glossy black keyboard.Her laptop sat atop the harddrive charging while her messengar bag with Gir singing the Doom Song hung next to her desk on a hook in the wall.
A silvery grey file case in the corner held all her files in alphabetical order,all about her night job and her degrees.Her passports,travelling papers,registration forms,license,and resumes were in there as well as alias profiles.She didn’t attend school much and instead hung out around the college sometimes with her goth college friends.All boys of course.Most of her other friends she had met on jobs..
The clothes strewn across the floor were all from Hot Topic while her goth lolita style dresses and cosplay were hung neatly in her open closet.Shinobi gear was strewn haphazardly on the top shelf in her closet.A kunai sat on the right edge of her desk and a long,black leather coat hung on another hook in the wall by her window.
Her unmade bed was a black matress with black sheets with the symbol that was on every Excorcist’s jacket imprinted on it and « D.Grey Man » was under it in silver and grey outlined in white.The pillows were black satin and red silk while her fluffly cotton blanket was in a heap of black on black in itself.
She had three tvs in her room.One was on her wall,one on the ceiling over her bed,and the other was big and on top of a set of drawers like a normal tv.DDR mats were rolled up next to it along with her charging PSP,cellphone,Nintendo Wii,PS2,and XBox 360.Games were piled haphazardly in the top drawer while controllers were either on the floor or in the middle drawer and her XBox Live headset was ontop of the tv.
Instead of a top drawer there was a cable box,DVD player,stereo with a radio and CD player controlled by the silver and blue remote on her desk,and an adapter with several plugs and wires hooked up to her many game statios and a wireless connection to her computer.
Huge black stereos were on either side of her room,the door was between the tv and right speaker.Little silverish grey speakers were set up around her large room in various places for the surround sound effect.A black and red amplifier sat next to the tv.
Mace hissed at the light and growled angrily at her brother, »I’m in a towel you pervert! »,she yelled and threw her Kanda plushie at him, »GET OUT!! »,Mace ordered after he dodged the flying Kanda which hit the wall and landed ontop of her Skelanimal jacket on the ground.
« Whatever,I’m going now.Don’t sleep all day and try to get sleep at night.Maybe you could go outside or something. »,he suggested as a giant panda sent him falling over on the ground.
« Score! »,Mace grinned wildly and caught the giant bear almost as big as her when it was returned to her via air.Hikaru shook his slightly tanned head and closed the door,walking down the stairs and out of their large condo.She sighed and closed her curtains after his sleek black SUV left the parking lot below.
Mace skillfully tossed three Apollos in the air and expertly caught them on her tongue in a triangle pattern before eating them and chewing as she unwrapped her towel,lazily throwing it on her spinny chair.
She looked at the neon green numbers on her alarm clock that displayed 1:00 pm brightly even when she turned on the light in her room.Mace brushed her silky hair,not that she really needed to seeing that it stayed in place when she woke up,and smelled the scent of strawberries and passion fruit.
The pale youth pulled on her black and red bra and panties before searching throught the black drawers aligned to fit the left wall of her closet and face the right wall.
She fished out a pair of form fitting black short shorts,a black mini skirt that looked like Leenalee Lee’s from her favorite anime D.Grey Man,a grey spaghetti strap under shirt,and a tight black tank with the kanji for ‘Nightmare’ in blood red printed vertically down the left side of her torso infront and a red dragon on the back.
After dressing,she pulled on red and black,thigh high,striped socks and matching elbow length,fingerless gloves.Her black nails scratched her abdomen as she yawned on her way downstairs for breakfast which consisted of two Cherry Poptarts and a Jumbowl of beef teriyaki ramen.
« Itadakimasu. »,Mace yawned out as she broke her chopsticks,although she wasn’t raised to her half japanese side at all,she liked to enjoy their traditions.It filled her with pride that she and her brother were born in Tokyo,Japan although they were raised in London.
Her combat boots awaited her in the entrance hall along with her board and a mask,paler than her with a smiling red mouth,black eyes,and a purple symbol over the right eye that was painted to look like Allen Walker’s with the upside down star.
It seemed to laugh at her and beckon to her to wear it outside.She shook her head of such thoughts since she didn’t go outside much during the day.She wore that mask at night,when she covered her left eye with gauze and tape along with a black hospital mask that had a white skull and cross bones on it,to conduct business.
Her tall brother Hikaru would come home from work sometime after sunset and eat dinner alone since she ate breakfast alone and we ate lunch seperately.
Mace dimly recalled from the back of her mind old memories of when their parents were alive.Although their parents fought all the time back then,she missed those days because she and Hikaru didn’t have jobs and they could play and hang out together.She still slept her day back then but sometimes awoke to play video games or read.
That was a time before she had her mysterious and shady job as a hired thief,part time assassin,and bodyguard.Most of the time she was a thief or bodyguard and made sure to be careful when taking on jobs because she didn’t want to end up having to steal something she was supposed to protect.
She furiously wiped away the stray tears that escaped,scolding herself harshly that they were dead and rotting before she went off to the dark confines of her room to sit on the balcony outside her window.
There were two windows in her room.One was at the head of her bed above the headboard,which was the one Hikaru had opened,while the other was on the far end of her bed on its side.There was a place for her to sit or lay down with pillows and a folded up Naruto blanket.
The window had three panels and opened to a balcony with thin,rounded,white railing and a half moon cold marble surface to stand upon.She and her brother lived alone in this large house-condo thing.It was different from normal condos because of her inheiratance money and that her parents had it custom modeled to be different.
Mace sat on the railing facing the window to her bedroom while using both gloved hands to keep herself steady,although she knew that she would be able to gracefully land from here if she did in fact fall.
With her different colored eyes she scanned the street she lived on,grimacing in disgust as that same pack of dope-smoking idiots sat on the stairs over across the street.One nodded at her,making suggestive movements with his hips and gesturing with his hands that he and her would have a good time and that he would do things her her well-developed breasts.
She flipped him off,mouthing ‘Go to hell!’ and ‘In your dreams’ to him.He stopped and chatted with his buddies,no doubt calling her a bitch or something.Mace turned up her nose in disgust and held up her chin like a royal queen.
As the pack pointed like excited monkeys in some other direction on the street,yelling stuff about rich people,Mace idly let her eyes follow their pointing to a sleek black limosine that pulled up infront of her house in the parking lot.Before the occupant could come out when the driver opened the door,she dashed back into her house,full out leaping back through the window onto her bed before locking her window and closing the curtains.
Mace laid on her bed and closed her black eyeliner rimmed eyes,her long ashen lashes with black mascara applied to them brushed on her pale cheek.She slowly began drifting to sleep…
Unfortunately,someone was knocking softly on the front door,interrupting her attempt at rest.She unsuccessfuly tried to ignore it but it grew louder and she let out a long growl of despair, »Coming damnit! »
She ran down the stairs,sliding down the rail before gliding past the kitchen with her leather coat in hand.Mace opened the door to a pale eighteen year old with silky black hair that was slightly parted down the middle and framed his beautiful face perfectly.
« Hello Zero. »,he greeted,casually leaning sexily against the doorway in his black t-shirt,black jeans with studded belt and black leather jacket.
« Cain. »,Mace replied rudely to him calling her by her alias ‘Zero’ which was also her middle name.
« Well good afternoon to you.I trust you’ve slept well after last night’s mission? »
« Not really.I came home at 5 am,Cain.Hikaru was pissed and had a fit this morning about how I don’t take care of my body. »
« Really?I think your body is very well taken care of. »
« Pervert. »,Mace glowered at him through her bangs as she pulled on her leather jacket and zipping it up.
« Just stating the obvious. »
« Whatever.I still hate you. »,she remarked,finding it dissatisfying that he should see her without her mask.
« I love you too dear. »,Cain replied sarcastically as Mace searched her pockets for her hospital mask.
« Fuck you. »
« I bet you would. »
She roughly knees him in the gut, »Urusai! »,he doubled over and coughed hoarsely, »What was that?The 70th time this week? »,he croaked out.
She rolled her eyes and applied her black lipstick before lazily pulling on her mask.Out of habit,she clicked the silver barbell that pierced her tongue against her front teeth before she let Cain inside her house.
Mace slipped her actual mask inside a pocket in her coat before going upstairs to her room as she passed her parents room on the way.She and Hikaru had locked it away and board the windows.They hadn’t even cleaned the blood off the wall from that horrid night.
She shivered and Cain cast his cat like,bright emerald eyes on her, »Are you cold? »,he asked in genuine concern.
« No.I’m just…nevermind. »,she said as she opened her door and pulled off her jacket to go into her closet,pulling down her box of weapons, »So what’s the next job? »
He sat in her chair and toyed around with the kunai on her desk while he spoke, »You’ll need to pack your bags with enough clothes and supplies to last you a while since we don’t know when you’ll be back in London. »
Mace looked up from rummaging through her box of weapons, »Why? »,she asked as she grabbed the little silver and blue remote from her desk and turned on her stereo,blasting ‘Rumor’ by Miyavi from the bigs speakers and the little speakers around her room while opening the curtains,deciding to cut down the electrical bill by turning off her Gir Robot light with its glowing blue eyes.
« Its because that the only job we currently have for you isn’t here in London. »,Cain spun around in the chair lazily and twirled the kunai skillfully on its blunt end on his index finger once he stopped spinning and face the left corner of her room.
« But Cain,I just got home from another away mission two days ago and worked an all night stakeout afterwards then did a thief job last night!?Besides where am I going!? »
« Tokyo,Japan to retrieve a stray anime character. »,he said and in seconds,he had caused a chain reaction.
« EEHH!!?!? »

Chaotic Zero – Double Trouble