❯ Chaotic Zero – Intelligent Duo ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After having walked in misery for a half hour,they stopped at an ice cream shop to drown their sorrows in sweet,soft serve goodness.
The Kiken brother shared a cone,using the brotherly love thing to draw in girls who would buy them some extra cones while blushing furiously.
Of course,Jun and Jin gave the cones to Mace,dropping the scoops into a bowl that Mace was eating.She would sigh,growling something along the lines of, »Are you trying to fatten me so you can eat me? » or « Damn this stuff for being so good. »
Cain on the other hand,having no brother to love,sat off to the side glumly,running his hand through his hair in a cool and alluring way as girls squeeled and asked for hugs,autographs, and pictures with him.
He agreed and shared a cone with girls a few times.Other boys stood in awe of Mace as she gracefully lifted spoonfuls to her black lips and eating the cold treat,never getting any on her perfect lips although she did get some french vanilla on the sides of her black lips.
The twins hopped up to the opportunity,Jun taking the lead as he gracefully wiped some away with his slender index finger then lifted it to his lips and sucked on the tip of his finger while Jun liked some on the other side of her lips.
« Damn you guys,if I get something on my face tell me. »,she sighed,using a napkin to politely wipe the rest away quietly like a gothic queen in her leather jacket,open to show what she wore.
After their indivisual shows,they all left in seperate directions,soon regrouping after they were far enough from the ice cream shop.
« Seriously,thanks to you bunch of idiots,I’m probably never gunna go to that place again!Guys will be trying to wipe away imaginary bits of ice cream from my face! »,Mace pointed out in an angry tone as she stormed ahead.
It pleased Cain inwardly to see her mad at the twins,even if she was a little mad at him for doing the whole fanservice.The hope rose.Perhaps the charming little goth was jealous?
Jun and Jin were on her sides,striding faster than their normally casual saunter to keep up with the angry little rose, »We’re sorry! »,Jin pouted.
His brother mirrored the pout, »Seriously!We just really wanted to touch your face! »,Jun said in defense as Jin backed him up by stroking her cheek.
« Its so soft and smoothe!Like polished ivory! »,Jin complimented.They didn’t let up their shower of kiss-ass compliments until Mace finally smiled and forgave them for their utter idiocy.
Soon after,Mace felt the familiar intelligence of two minds communicating in calmed whispers to eachother as she walked down the street.By the luck Loki,or any other gods or godesses of the realm,bestowed upon her,she saw the next set of twins,the Chiryoku twins Sangeki and Higeki,sitting by the window of a library reading.
Their names both meant tradgedy when read all together but if you break ‘Higeki’ down to ‘Hi’ and ‘Geki’ it means ‘Blood Miracle’ while ‘Sangeki’ broken down to ‘San’ and ‘Geki’ means ‘Acid Miracle’
Extremly gothic names that Mace had written a poem for each then another that melded the two together.Such a beautiful piece of work it was that the poems were framed in the twins’ home,their indivisual ones above their head board and on the wall in the opposite direction of the front door.
Higeki wore an white button up shirt,baggy and left unbuttoned over a loose fitting,green, logoed shirt,the logo being a black heart broken,the pieces held together by a white dragon that rested its head on the top of the heart,its fiery red eyes glaring.
The white sleeves were short and ended a little above his angular elbows.Dusted dirtied the knees of his ripped jeans,which had tears on his right upper thigh and left knee.The holes had threads bare and fraying with some white-blue thread still holding on,spread across the holes.
A black and green checkered tie around his neck under the collar of his white shirt matched his green and black checkered Vans and his elbow-length,fingerless,gloves.His thin glasses were perched on his nose,the sun reflected off of its green frame.
Sangeki was a mirror image of his brother but with instead with blue.He had on the same shirt except that it was blue,the dragon was black,and the heart was white.His gloves and Vans were blue and black along with his matching tie.Sangeki’s glasses were also perched on his thin nose,the metallic blue frames shining with the light from the sun streaming through the window.
His jeans were the same fading blue of his brother’s but were darker blue and the tears were the reverse of his.They were like mirrors of eachother.Of course,they were twins so thats what one should expect.
The only physical difference is how they part their dirty blonde hair and the color of the fading,demi-permanent,highlights in their hair.
Sangeki parted his shaggy bangs towards the right subtly while Higeki parted his to the left lightly,although neither of the parts in their hair was very prominent.
The highlights in Higeki’s hair were in shades of green while his brother’s was in shades of blue.Both wore black nail polish and just a hint of black eyeliner around their big,chocolate brown eyes that resembled the eyes of a puppy.
Their eyes often held curiousity and almost always held a hint of knowing and thought.Even though their faces could seem very young and boyish,they could look serious and older.
The twins were confident,curious,intelligent,mature,and were sometimes extremely blunt when talking.They were almost always seen holding books and here they are,reading in a friggin’ library.
Sangeki and Higeki were Mace’s age and she had dubbed ‘Sanu’ and ‘Hiu’ as their indivisual names,like she did to a lot of people.Like Junsei and Jinrei,their nicknames were a shortening of their real names but for then she added a ‘u’ at the end.
They both had black leather collars around their pale throats and a silver bracelet on their wrists,Sanu’s on his left wrist while Hiu’s was on his right.
Out of sheer impulse,Mace jumped at the window.Luckily,Cain had predicted this and open the window from the outside before she had launched at it.
She was thrown off balance for a second and spun in mid-air,summersaulting into the library and causing a huge chain reaction of crashes,thuds,and streams of curses.
When Cain and his rivals peeked in,Mace had landed on Sanu,straddling his hips,with Hiu on her back,his legs straddling her hips loosely from behind.
Both the twins’ glasses had fallen off and while they untangled themselves to retrieve them and make sure they weren’t broken,Mace grinned widely.
« Hey Hiu and Sanu! »,she greeted as if she had not just been apart of a position that resembled a threesome about to happen.
Cain,Jun,and Jin climbed in through the window and gather up the books while Hiu and Sanu blinked.
« Uhm,hi? »,was Sanu’s reaction as he put his glasses out with a confused look.Hiu coolly put on his glasses and adjusted them up the bridge of his nose,making that clicky noise.
« Good evening Rei-chii. »,he greeted,his cool composure regained.Sanu followed suit as his twin brother slinked up gracefully from the ground.They straightened themselves and dusted away the dirt and dust that had gotten all over their clothes.
Hiu leaned down a little and held out his hand,Sanu doing the same thing in unison.Mace grabbed their hands and they pulled her up.
« Anyways,I have another away mission. »,she began as she was lead to a chair, »I’m going on a capture mission that’s taking me to Tokyo,Japan.It’s difficult so I’m gathering up a team of specialists to aide me. »,Mace continued as they pulled up chairs by her,listening intently as they pulled apart her pigtails and fixed her hair.
« And you would like us to join as well? »,they said in unison.Another thing about them was that they also shared a mental link.
« Yes I do. »,Mace said as they finished playing with her hair and returned her hair to pigtails while they shared a look.
Sanu got right on it, »The percentage of our success if very low.Japan,although being small in size,is fairly populated and it could take months,maybe years at most,to find anybody without a lead on their identity. »
Hiu cleared his throat, »But the percentage of someone in that population knowing about that person could raise the percentage of success. »
That was their other difference.Hiu spoke in positive percentages while Sanu pointed out the negatives.
They began another conversation where they talked and bouted together about the success rate and eventually agreed that it is risky.
Another thing about those two.They will always average it out and tell you bluntly what they found.
« On normal circumstances… »,Hiu began and Sanu continued, »We wouldn’t even consider doing such an absurd and time wasting thing… »
« But for you,we’ll do it. »,Hiu concluded as he adjusted his glasses again.Sanu stood and stretched fully before grabbing a book from the floor and placing it inside his blue and black messenger bag.
Mace hugged them, »Thanks you guys! »,she grinned and picked up Hiu,getting his messenger bag and the book he dropped then hand them to him.
The troup of one random otaku,two mischievous twins,two braniacs,and a jealous supervisor hopped out the window into the crowded streets.
As the twins walked behind her,they talk telepathically on their private link about how this away mission will give them more time to study the behavior of people,especially their favorite subject,Mace,or as they called her,Rei-chii.Rei meant ‘Zero’ in Japanese and they both though it was cute.
During the entire process of walking to their house,packing,and then dropping their stuff off at the Kiken’s home,they mused together about Mace.
While at a Starbucks getting frappicinos,Mace gets a call from one of the last two sets of twins that she had explained that she wanted to bring,the perverted Nikuyoku twins.
« Hello? »,Mace answered her sleek black cell and was replied to by familiar voices, »Hey there Raindrops. »
« Ehh??Sora?? »,Mace exclaimed into the phone,earning looks from the others at her table.She made frantic gestures to them.
« Yeah and me Lil Rose. »,called another deep,alluring voice, »Ryuu? »,Mace blinked, »Right on busty Rose. »
« Perverts! »
« Y’know,our addiction is purely carnal. »,they remarked together,using their signature line that referred to their drug-free addictions to physical connections.
« Shut up,anyways I want you guys to-« ,she was cut short by them saying something that was extremely perverted and made her blush, »NO WAY. »
Cain could hear,’Suit yourself’,and wondered what they said while Mace made negotiations with them and explained about the mission and that she wants them to join.
« Cain! »,he was snapped out of his thought by her whispering for him urgently after muttering a, »Hold on a minute. »,to her pervy callers.
She put the phone down and pulled him away while Sanu and Hiu began arguing with Jun and Jin about how good different frappacinos were,eventually putting Sora and Ryuu on speaker to join in on the argument.
« They want to meet with me alone.What should I do?I don’t even know the details in full and I need you to give them official details.I’m thinking that I should ask to have you with me as my advisor or something. »
« You never listen. »,he pointed out,sucking on his straw, »I do!Just sometimes you’re an asshole and I don’t want to listen. »
« Well that makes me feel a shitload better. »,Cain remarked sarcastically.Mace sighed then smirked inwardly.
« Oh well… »,Mace sighed as she shrugged, »I guess I’ll just go to them,alone and unarmed in this skirt with mere shorts under to keep them from doing inappropriate things.. »,she turned around,her back to him, »If I come back pregnant after a few hours… »,Mace turned around swiftly,her bangs messing up and hung attractively shaggily, »Then I’m so quiting. »
« Fine fine,I get the point… »,Cain sighed and they came back to the table to hear the oh so intelligent arguement ensuing at the table.
« Oh wow…I am so amazed at how you can hold such a serious and important conversation at such an unserious and carefree time. »,Mace spat out sarcastically and crossed her arms.
She grabbed the phone, »See you at your place in thirty. »,Mace said quickly then hung up and made her way towards the limo outside, »Let’s get to work on the paper work then.. »
Everyone groaned at the thought, »Then relax..? »,everyone lightened up and random conversations sprung up on the way back to Jin and Jun’s house,more of a mansion,while Mace just drunk Sprite and looked out the window.
‘Today has been such a long day and it’s about to feel longer…’,she thought,looking at the clock that said ‘3:00 pm’

Chaotic Zero – Double Trouble