❯ Chaotic Zero – Double Trouble ( Chapter 2 )

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Cain had mere seconds to blink before he was hit by a flying Mace who tackled him to the red carpeted floor,the chair falling over as well and the kunai he was playing with lodged itself in the ground,mere centimeters from his beautiful pale cheek.
« Uh yes. »,he cleared his throat,attempting to sound professional as he continued, »You will be locating and capturing a renegade anime character in the streets of Tokyo,Japan where he is believed to be hiding out. »
She was ontop of him as she grabbed at his leather jacket and shook him,banging his head on the floor, »Do you realize that you are talking to me!? »,Mace questioned hysterically.
He pushed her off and got up,standing the chair back up and dislodging the kunai from the ground while she was mumbling things to herself about Cain’s sick jokes and to stop mesing around and bullshitting her.
« I assure you Zero,that this is no bullshit.I am not joking.Two scientists are to blame for this situation.Professer Ichijima and his colleague Professer Sato were experimenting with virtual reality and accidentally brought an anime character,the prey you will hunt,into the real world and unfortunately he escaped. »,Cain calmly explained as if he wasn’t stating something that went against all the rules of nature.
Mace pulled off the hospital mask then sighed as she turned to him,the little crimson red backless wing earrings dangled from her earlobes and shook gently as her body stood up and watched him with a pained expression.
« I apologize Cain,but please,listen to me,for the sake of my brother,find someone else in Sector 6 to- »
« No!YOU listen to ME! »,he roared angrily,the small blue orb on his lone earring on his left her swung around on its silver ring, »There is no one as skilled as you are in tracking and capturing a difficult target!You are the Ombre De Solitaire-The Solitaire Shadow of our Unit!!That won’t and can’t be changed about you! »,Cain grabbed Mace by the shoulders and pushed her against the wall by the window.
Cain looked at her intensely as she growled at him, »Okay,I’ll do it but at least tell me who I am tracking down so I can track him down. »
« Not just he its they.Two males.You may be very familiar with them. »,Cain said then continued when he saw the confused look on her face, »Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke have come to our world. »
She froze and when he let go,she slid to her knees on the ground,her bangs covering what was left to see of her stricken face.
« Uhm,Zero…are you…? »,before he could finish,she bounced up and shook her bangs from her face attractively, »Do you have any idea how awesome this is!? »,she yelled in his face.When he opened his mouth she pushed him aside and began stuffing clothes into a black bag along with her PSP,its charger,her XBox 360 with games,controllers and headset,all her weapons,and her hair stuff and make up.
« I’m BETTER than okay!!!I’m euphoric although I forgot what that means! »,she yelled in a fast and excited voice,stringing some words together.
« O-okay. »,Cain smiled a little,glad to see that she was feeling better.He watched in slight confusion as she scribbled in red pen on black paper.The glittery crimson ink flowed over the paper,showing up as clear as it would if it had been on white paper.
« What are you writing? »,asked the raven haired boy as he watched her make her way down the stairs with it,scribbling her elegant cursive furiously.
She kissed it with her black lips before folding the paper and placing it in a little light red envelope that had a thin,silky,red ribbon curling and twirling down the left side of the envelope’s back and ending on the bottom right corner.
Mace smoothed out her lipstick in the mirror displayed by the kitchen then placed the small note on the kitchen table with a lonely expression on her pale face.
Cain sighed and eventually followed her upstairs to the second to the last on the left,only seperated by one door from Mace’s room.
She pulled out a key that was around her neck by a thin little silver chain that Cain hadn’t noticed before.Mace was trembling slightly as she unlocked the door to a room with dried blood stains on the walls and puddles of blood forever caked into the blankets.
Cain nearly jumped at the horror scene as he took in the bloody room,the ceiling-to-floor sliding mirror doors to a closed closet and the one window that was boarded by wood that seemed like it was done in panic.
« What is this….? »,he started his question but was unable to gather the correct words to ask his question.
« My parents room.It happened three years ago and the blood is still here.Hikaru and I….we just can’t step in this room… »,her dirty blonde bangs covered her eyes as she looked away.
She took off her eye patch and seemed to be stroking her mask that she had rushed off downstairs to get along with the silver,wheelless,board she had strapped on her back.
Mace made a pentacle in the air with her her index and middle fingers using her right hand while keeping her left hand over her heart,apparently clutching the key.
She the crossed the pentacle and it faintly appeared in the air and spun for exactly three minutes before seeming to burst open like a smoke bomb,encasing the room with an oddly refreshing and bright,sky blue light and purple smoke.
A sigh escaped her lips as Mace shook her head and ran her hand through her silky hair with a seemingly hopeless look on her pretty face, »Even using my powers as an « X-breed » I just can’t cleanse this room. »
« How did you do that…? »,Cain asked weakly,still in awe of the lingering smoke although the light had disappeared.
« It’s an X-Breed Excorcism of the lowest level.I’ve tried higher level things when Hikaru wasn’t home but I always passed out,usually I’d be able to close the door or something before I just black out… »,Mace smiled a little.
« You’ve been holding out on the Organization?! »,Cain yelled.Mace turned around slightly and expected to be met with glaring eyes and a lecture but unexpectedly saw an amused grin on his lovely face that Mace instinctly denied whenever asked about it.
« Uhm yes? »,Mace blinked owlishly as he began to laugh.Genuinely,which was rare for high ranking officials in the Organization.
As he wiped the tears from his eyes,he grinned at her as he held his side,which ached from laughing so hard, »At least you have a mind of your own unlike most of our other agents!I’m happy that you’ve found out more about your breed. »
‘He didn’t call me an X-Breed….’,she thought appreciatively and smiled at him, »Yeah whatever you bastard,you won’t be getting any closer to getting in my pants,boy. »,Mace grinned wider but then stopped and caught herself when her legs gave out.
« I exerted too much power. »,she grumbled as Cain held her up by her waist.They staggered together to the closet awkwardly,both glancing at their reflection occasionally.
Mace stepped away from him and touched the mirror softly then rested her forehead on its cool surface like she often did when driven in the limo after a long and difficult mission.
The closet glowed softly and opened silently for them.Cain walked into the closet after her and watched as the magical door closed behind them,leaving nothing but the dark.
No noise was made other than the sound of their soft,level breathing until Mace spoke up in a commanding voice, »Move. »,she said,pushing him rudely before snapping a light switch that had been behind Cain.
The light spilled into the closet interior and Mace pulled up her hair in those long,adorable signature pigtails.All the colors streamed from the long black ribbons that reached to her slender waist.
She knelt down,crouched on the ground like a ninja as she pulled out two little flashlights and handing one to Cain, »Turn that on and turn off the light.It’s batteries are new and should last us while we go through. »,Mace explained.
« Through where? »,he asked as he turned it on then got his answer when Mace opened a box structure that had been built to jut out from the wall and revealed a dark passage with make shift silver bars for a ladder.
« Oh… »,Cain muttered and followed her as she jumped in.The door above shut and he followed close behind her,jumping the last couple when she did.
They were met by a sleek black and red motorcycle parked perfectly by a road made of asphalt and cement.’An underground passage’,Cain thought,a thrill electrified him as it climbed up his spine.
‘I’m probably the only person she’s shown….’,Cain felt his hopes rise,thinking that maybe deep down under the thick layers of agression and indenial that he was important to her and maybe she loved him?
He shook his head as he followed her in the few steps it took to reach the motorcycle.Mace swung one finely toned,pale,runner leg over,her jacket parting as she did it.Even though none of her skin was directly shown,Cain felt heat rise to his face.
The sound of her impatient voice snapped him out of it, »Oi!Cain-teme!What the hell are you doing?!Get ON the motorcycle already! »,Mace commanded.
He nodded and got on as she was putting back on the black eye patch with the skull and cross bones on it and the matching black hospital mask under the pale white mask with its wickedly smiling face.
Mace started the gas abruptly,revving it up and making sure it worked fine.Cain wrapped his arms firmly around her waist and rested his chin on her left shoulder,seeing that the gauge was on full.
« Where are we going,dare I ask? »,Cain glanced at her sideways through his bangs,of course seeing no glimpse of the pale face he wanted to see.
« To gather up a team. »
« So headquarters…? »
Mace shook her head,as she began riding through the passage fast,which was « cruising » in her dangerous perspective, »We’re getting the best and not the rest.I want the unordinary ones because I prefer them to your ugly,middle-age,drones. »
Cain heaved a sigh, »You seriously don’t mean… »,he began but she cut him off for what,the fiftieth time today?
« Yeah.All four sets of twins,the brothers,Morticia and her brother Magician. »,Mace said then went into specifics on their names just to annoy him,he was sure, »Y’know…Jun and Jin,Shirou and Kuro,Sanu and Hiu,and of course Sora and Ryuu. »,she said,using their nicknames other than their full names.
The eighteen year old official groaned dramatically as he stared ahead with green eyes,lightly glazed with a glistening honey.


It had only taken them an all too short fifteen minutes to reach the Kiken house.Cain sighed and wondered why did the divine hate him so?
‘Kiken’ was the surname of the first set of twins they were looking for and it meant Chaos in Japanese,which perfectly suited the two seventeen year olds.
Junsei and Jinrei,called Jun and Jin.Those two were as clever as the cats and their eyes had slitted pupils just like their feline counterparts,Reijin and Seijun,called Rei and Sei,who were the cats they owned.
Jun and Jin were also very mischievous pranksters with a possessive nature to match their loud and exuberant voices.
One weird fact about these two were that they shared a mental link far stronger than the usual « Twin Connection » or whatever people called it when twins were able to finish their twin sibling’s sentences.
They literally « shared one mind » although they had two separate,devious little minds,those bloody devils.Cain hated them and the feeling was mutual.
The Kiken boys saw life and the world and one huge play ground.Just a game that they want to play until they can play no longer.
Its a horrid feeling when you can see the glint of mischief in their eyes.You always know that when you see that glint in those vibrant icey blue eyes,they’re telepathically planning ways to piss you off.
What pissed Cain off even more about the bloody devils was that they let Mace in on it a lot and she had,over the time she’s known them,learned to enter their private link anytime she wants.
She has the same ability to read minds,but says she prefers not to use her own powers unless she wants to.Mace is an angel.Sort of.Well,compared to those twin devils,she is one hell of a sexy saint.
Cain had no idea how long those devious twins had known her or how they met but all he really knew was that they were his bitter rivals and that they felt the same towards him.
He had always had a slight jealousy in his heart of when they would all share a look,a glance or even a passing half glance,that they had said something to eachother that he wouldn’t know.God knows what they say to eachother when she’s far away.
No matter how much distance Cain tries to put between them,they’re always talking.I bet she uses that thing she calls « Dreamscape Speak » to talk to them in the few hours she dreams.
In that world,that dream world where Cain had only been to once with Mace,they can do anything they want together.
He watched as Mace opened the door,greeted by their maid Kumiko,then waited as Kumiko disappeared behind the door.Cain could hear her old voice calling the young masters to the door.
Excited footsteps.A skid.A crash of some vase.The thud of a wooden chair tipping over and the satisfying sound of their bodies ramming straight into the door.Then the door creaked open and out flew the twins,straight onto Mace,who had tried to dodge but wasn’t quick enough.
‘She knew they were there and she could have dodged that easily if she wanted to..’,Cain thought glumly as he stood off awkwardly to the side.
The boys who hung on Mace’s arms were tall and bent down to stay at level with her neck which they nuzzled occasionally.They’re were almost as pale as the gifted prodigic girl they hung on and their icey blue eyes were almost the same shade as the vibrant blue in her right eye with ocean blue haze all over.
Jin’s shaggy bangs are dyed chocolate brown while the rest of his hair is raven black like his brother’s who has hair dyed to a dirty blonde.Both had streaks of the same color of their twin counterpart’s bangs to match the red highlights that colored the rest of their shaggy hair in haphazard places.
Jun was half an inch taller than Jun who had slightly darker skin than him.Their nails were painted black and black eyeliner lined their excited eyes.
Cain touched his own eyes self consciously,thinking to himself that maybe he should have worn eyeliner too.In embarrassment at the thought,he shrugged a little deeper into his black jacket.
Mace seemed as excited to see them as they were.She had gone on several missions lately and hadn’t seen them in a while,partly because of Cain’s suggestions in meetings with clients here and there about their best agent Zero.
It was no quick propaganda.People all over the world have heard of Zero,also known by an assortment of names like Rei-sama,The Solitaire Shadow and the Knight Of The Dark.
Zero-Mace-has had jobs in almost every country so far in the world and had more stealth,skill and strength than most of the other,more experienced agents.
She also possessed wit,leadership skills,quick thinking,and the art of her well trained web of fool-proof deception.Mace could lie straight through a lie detector test and she had.Twice.
The twins looked at Cain with slight contempt seeping through,the silver outline of their slitted pupils seemed to glow with the sheer malice of their glare.
Cain returned the look and growled a little.They rolled their eyes disrespectfully and stuck their pierced tongues out at Cain.Jun had a red ruby and Jin had a blue saphire set in their dyed black,silver barbells while Mace usually stayed with her bare silver barbell.
Mace flicked them in the head affectionately like a big sister, »Oi,be good and at least try to show some respect to Supervisor Cain and apologize. »
Cain glowed with pure pride in his eyes to match the smug grin he wore as the twins gave a pout to Mace,then a scowl to Cain,mumbling their sarcastic apologies,no doubt at the same time plotting together to dye his clothes pink or something,like last week or maybe they’ll post gay porn all over his walls in superglue like the week before that.
As the group of people trailed into their large home,Mace took off her gear,leaving those big black boots of hers by the door with her coat,mask,hospital mask,and eye patch.
She was completely at home here as she chatted with Kumiko,saying a sincere ‘thank you’ when the old maid brought in a mountain of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
When Mace complimented on her baking kindly,the old maid blushed lightly, »Its just some honest work.Nothin’ special. »,she had drawled slightly in that old granny voice.
« Oh don’t be so modest Kumiko-san,these are amazing. »,Mace smiled and bit into a cookie with those pearly white teeth,her left fang biting into a huge chocolate chip.
Cain,Jun,and Jin followed up with also genuine compliments which left the old maid blushing and rushing off to the kitchen to fetch them glasses of milk.
Once she had left to do cleaning after leaving a pitcher of milk in the middle of table next to the cookies,Jun and Jin looked at Mace intently.
« So,what’s with the sudden visit? »,Jun asked,taking on his role and the older brother by only three stupid minutes.
« I’ve recieved a new job assignment from our beloved Supervisor Cain that sends us to the awesomeness that is Tokyo,Japan. »,Mace explained lightly then chewed on her cookie,politely waiting until she swallowed and chased it down with cold milk before continuing, »To capture two anime characters. »
Two things happened at the same time.First,the twins choked on their cookies,then second they knocked over their milk in their haphazard flailing to grab their cups of milk.
Cain burst out with laughter,his rich,pure British voice ringing in the halls as Kumiko ran in with a washcloth and a dust pan to pick up the broken glass on the floor and clean up the spilled milk.
Ha,two mischievous cats spilled milk.How ironic.
After the maid finished,she bustled off to retrieve two more cups,although all she could find in the cupboard was two wine glasses.
Jun dismissed her as Jin poor himself milk and drank it like he was a thirsty man in the Sahara Desert who hadn’t drinken for days and had just drinken a crapload of sand after having some bogus delusion about it being a pool of water.
It was rather funny as Jun had regained composure,his brother following suit and quickly as possible.They gracefully had their hands wrapped around the glasses,long,slender pale fingers stroking the glass slightly.
Damn those two for being so unimaginably graceful and,although Mace would never admit to ever thinking this,unbelievably sexy and mysterious as their slitted eyes were now intent on her,realizing that this was no joke.
Jun was on the right,although it was Mace’s left,with his cup in his right hand,his free arm resting casually resting on the arm rest as he leaned back,propping his elbow on the other arm rest,holding the glass to his lips every now and then to sip calmly.
Jin mirrored this pose as it was their signature pose.Legs crossed over the other,although Jun’s right leg was over his left,which was the opposite of his brother’s position.
When they didn’t drink,they held the glass close to their pale cheeks with their smoothe raised cheekbones,the cool surface of the top of the glass brushing against their skin softly.
Only a true eye like Mace’s could tell all these small gestures.She’s known them since a little while before her parent’s death three years ago.
« What happened? »,Jin asked,staring deeply and distractedly at the milk.It would have been so much better if they had been drinking blood red wine,or better yet some delicious blood…
Mace cleared her head of such thoughts,ignoring the slight tingling of her fangs as she began to speak, »Two professors were experimenting with virtual reality technology and accidentally brought to this world our two targets,Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. »
« And the memories of the the idiot scientists? »,this was Jun,who didn’t pull away from Mace’s eyes.
Mace looked to Cain and he nodded,taking over the explanation, »Erased completely.They have no idea what happened because of the overall shock of what they did.We are monitering them and are hoping that it will remain that way.Their items were confiscated but after its first use,the prototype had fallen apart. »,Cain cleared his throat.
Before Jun could reply,he continued, »Unfortunately,it left an unnoticable rift in time and space that leads to the anime worlds.You see,anime and manga people do exist and live by the avid imagination of the creator.Every new world is thought up by people in the second main centre world,which is our world.The first being a higher realm that Mace has been to before and if done properly can possibly do it again,seeing as to that she is of a higher breed than us humans. »
If only Cain had known that Jun and Jin weren’t as human as he thought.They grinned a little at the ‘us humans’ tid bit then glanced at eachother,nodded,and smiled at Mace.
« So why are we needed? »,the two chaotic little devils asked mischievously in taunting,sing song voices.
« For your superior tracking skills. »,Mace said then added telepathically,’and your skills as a breed also superior to the human race.’,to them.Thing was,they were literally little devils but weren’t the typical demonic monsters their was thought to be.
Although there are branches like that,just not in the branch the Kiken boys belonged to but they could have monstrous strength.
The way those two tracked people down was a combination of their different abilities.Jin uses his ability to sense the chi and souls of people and Jun used his sense of smell and his ability to find people who are either from other worlds,other breeds,or who are completely different from the rest.
That was how Mace had met them.Her chi and soul powers were flaring in Jin’s radar and Jun could smell her peculiar scent which was an overwhemling smell of roses,lilies,and other flowers he didn’t know about.Apparently,her vibrations welcomed them and drew them to her although it took them sometime to realize that the presence was her.
Jun had sensed her diverseness and that she was an unknown breed that hadn’t been found out about.
People of others breeds and worlds often called people of her kind the ‘Mysterious Branch’
or the ‘Kage Clan’ because her kind weren’t easy to find and so many mysteries surrounding them like ‘Why can they breed with humans?’,’Why are there half breeds stronger than the full breeds of other breeds?’,and so on and so forth.
Mace needed those skills of tracking now and the twins were eager to repay her for the time when she contacted their dead parents,another ability she had.
Of course,they owed her for other times too when she’s saved their lives time and again and she would always say, »You’re lucky I saved your sorry,identical,asses! »
Jun and Jin grinned a little wider, »Such lovely compliments from such a charming girl. »,they said after the brief pause in which Mace had told them the other reason.
Cain knew that something had passed between them,left unspoken,and that he could know Mace for the rest of their lives and still never know what they had said,like so many other of the unknown things before this and the unsaid things to be said in the future.
« Will you do this for me and join my team? »,Mace asked,getting to the point as she crossed her perfect legs and chocolate milk since Kumiko knew that she like it better and had left some chocolate syrup next to her glass.
« Yes of course we will! »,and in a flash they had jumped onto the table soundlessly and had run across the polished oak with quiet pale feet before jumping onto Mace who had wisely put her cup down to the side just in time as she got pushed back in her chair with the eager twins on her.
Then Jin realized something, »Team? So it’s not just you,us,and Supervisor A-Hole? »,he asked and Jun blinked owlishly.
« Yes team.We will go off in search of the other three Cross Twins along with Morticia and her brother Magician,along with Infinity and Gravity. »
The three males twitched at the names Infinity and Gravity.Each had horrible memories that were forever burned into their minds associated with those names.
« All their arguing…. »,Jin shivered.
« All that torture….. »,Jun groaned.
« All the paper works and damage reports…… »,Cain just full out hit his head on the table as the gloomy air began above their heads.
« This is going to be one hell of a fun trip….. »,Mace muttered under her breath,remembering the constant headaches that ensued when the Cross Twins,which was the name give to the four sets of twins,all born in their own seasons under different signs than the others,were all united.
So many rivalries,arguments….oh dear God so many headaches….
Mace groaned as well,sucked into the gloom, »On the bright side I brought a shitload of Aspirins…. »
The others nodded meekly all thinking,’Why must we be tortured….?’

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