Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ Chaos Rising Chronicles of Light ( Chapter -1 )

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Chaos Rising:
The Aria Of The Weapons Awakening
Book Eight
Chronicles of Light
Chapter 1: Beginning
It was a new year for duel academy, most of the students were gearing up for a new year and the sun was shinning down on Duel Academy Island. The chancellor sat up in his office looking at some files on his PDA, This he had intentions to push Jaden to his limits. The new duelists were a varied bunch from a duelist who was a pop star to one duelist who had beaten Pegasus and even Kaiba. There was no way this year was going to be easy, but he had no idea of what was really coming to Duel Academy.
“It’s day three aboard the S.S. dull and boring and I’m ready to jump overboard. This is about the worse cruise ever with no specialties what so ever. Just what kind of a cruise is this? I mean we got ten duelists on board and there are three females and one of then is a five hundred pound crocodile called Shirley. While another one is just some ditz called Britney, she is almost obsessed with the color blue. The rumor is she only entered on two conditions and one is she got into obelisk blue. Supposedly some sort of a star, which explains the attitude. And the last is from europe and I have not even seen her. And that crook just sits there with some guy called Jim Cook and they have not moved since the voyage started. Then there Professor Thelonius Viper, and with a name like that you know he has got to be bad, and every teacher has his pet so enter Axel Brody. He is not the friendliest kid on the playground so if you’re in a fight you want him on your side. At those wrap up the normal duelists, then there are the weird ones, four of them I have not seen since the voyage started and the last one is…”
“The last what?”
“WOW! You startled me, you really should not appear from behind like that, I was just recording the details of this fabulous voyage, so who are you?”
“Not that it is really any of your business, but my name Brett Illumine”
“Well my name is Adrian Gecko, so what is with the whole cloak thing? Are you going to be the next guy to try and take over the world?”
“What don’t you like my look?”
“Say did you say your name was Brett, the Brett from the news?” as Jim finally spoke for the first time to anyone.
“Yeah that’s my name, and who might you be?”
“You know his guy Jim?” Adrian chirped in.
“Yeah this guy is the one of the news, the one who has been beating all the star duelists, this guy came out of now where and in the last two years he has a perfect record and has only beaten so many duelists. I thought you beat Kaiba last year after you to got in a fight. By the way my name is Jim and that over there is Shirley” pointing to the large crocodile nearby.
“The media really are not my friend, and I hate those titles they have given me are not correct. I have never beat Yugi or Jaden so I doubt I’m the best, but that will change once we get to duel kingdom.”
“Yah they dubbed you the unstoppable duelists mainly cause of your signature dragon cards and the fact you don’t lose. Well except the one time you surrendered in the tournament last year at duel academy. After losing that duel, you went and beat the champion. It was quite a story” Jim was impressed to see such a duelist in his midst.
“So why are you going to duel academy Brett?” Adrian questioned him with an interested look.
“Looking to duel Jaden since everyone says he is the best, and you guys better be watching because it will be short. Now if you excuse me I got some things to check up on, so I shall take my leave”
Brett turned and began to walk away slowly flipping his hood back up before turning and leaving down the steps. Adrian watched with interested gaze thinking “well this year should be fun!”
Meanwhile Axel was practicing getting ready to duel when a forceful knock came at the door. “Who’s there?”
“Who do you think?”
“Sorry professor but there is a stalker on board and you cannot be too careful” Axel walked over opening the door. Professor Viper stood in front of him slowing walking in shutting the door behind him.
“I take it you had an unwanted guest, doesn’t this busy body know what curiosity did to the cat. Well, well, well, Adrian Gecko you can relax he is perfectly harmless and focus your energy back on the task at hand. Once we get to Duel Academy there will be a short ceremony to introduce the new duelists. Then we shall begin with the plan, these poor fools won’t know what hit them.”
As the boat pulled into duel academy each of the duelists got ready and departed from the boat each looking at the others with looks of hostility before departing on their way. Brett was the last off the boat talking his time to get his stuff ready and together. He had to be ready since Jaden was supposedly always ready. After getting ready, Brett departed heading to ward duel academy taking in the sights and sounds as he let cloak hang over his shoulders. He wore runner’s and jeans as well as a red sweater, and on his arm was a standard duel disk. His deck was loaded into his duel disk, he was ready for anything.
He took his time viewing the island before heading to the ceremony, but something was watching him from close by. Brett made his way, finally reaching the doors to the main building but then he heard foot steps. As he turned he saw one of the other cloaked figures from the boat. “What’s a matter you been following me for a bit, you want to duel or something cause I got to get to the ceremony” Brett was not amused with this guy tailing him.
“Your existence is a sin” in a very quiet monotone voice was all the mysterious man in cloak said to him as he continued to look at Brett.
Brett was not sure what to make of this, he had no clue who this guy was or what he wanted; but he was late. Brett opened the doors and began to run down the hall to where he was suppose to be, and as he did the cloaked figure ran past him cutting him off before launching a fist at him. Brett barely moved in time to dodge as the other fist flew at him the opponent began to spin launching punch after punch before beginning to launch kick after kick.
Brett could only helplessly parry attacks till eventually he began to use his blocks to fight back. As a spinning kick came flying towards Brett grabbed his leg stopping his rampage of attacks before tossing him back. Brett was worn down but not defeated as he looked at him “this was not part of the duel academy package” lightly chuckling.
“Welcome students to a new year at duel academy. We have many new duelists from all around the world, and they are all here today. Most are top of their class but I’m happy to announce we have a very special person who is actually joining as a student. Despite the faculties thoughts and even against my wishes he is joining Slifar red. Now I guess we should start introducing the students, right after the duel academy pledge by our student rep Blair Flannigan!”
“Not this freak again” Chazz said.
“Hey Chazz it’s your girl friend” Hasleberry responded as he and Chazz argued.
“Wow the chancellor got a new special duelist to join. That’s so cool; I got to duel him! Wonder who he is?” Jaden questioned wondering who this new opponent was.
Brett flew back as he crashed into the wall. The last punch had knocked him straight back against the wall as he looked up “You know I have tried to be nice, but I’m late so move out of my way!”
Brett jumped up landing a fist straight in the opponents face, knocking the hooded man back a few steps. He looked directly at Brett as deep dark voice bellowed from beneath the hood “this is ridiculous! You should not be this strong yet, do not think you have won” as the cloaked man fled down the hall.
Brett had no idea what had just happened but he was late, he needed to get there fast!
Blair was nearly finished her speech; but the Chancellor became worried since everyone was not yet at the ceremony. As Blair finished, she moved off to the side of the stage giving a slight wink to Jaden with a big smile. Jaden could only smile as he knew Blair was infatuated with him. The chancellor retook the microphone continuing to introduce the new duelists despite the fact the star was not here “very good. Now we let’s introduce our new duelists!”
Brett ran down the hallway’s taking turn after turn. He ran at top speed trying to get to class quickly. Brett was already late, and had just been held back even more due to that fight. This was putting his plan in jeopardy, he needed to get there. He finally got to the right door allowing himself time to straighten himself up before entering.
All the other duelists had been introduced, but Brett had still not arrived. The chancellor was disappointed since Brett had never shown up. “And last on a sad note it seems our special guest duelist has decided against coming this year” as the students were unhappy with this new piece of news mumbling and whispering.
“Sorry I’m late, I got held up by a rather annoying person” as Brett entered the room at the back of the class.
“Are you our new student?” Questioned the chancellor.
“Yes that would be me, and I can save you some time, I will just introduce myself!” stepping forward, he leapt into the air landing on the stage, turning around and tossing his cloak away, “My name is Brett Illumine and you all probably know who I am, and I’m going to be in Slifar red. And I’m only going to accept the best duelists challenges.”
Jaden was ecstatic over the news; this world class duelist was going to be a Slifar red just like him. He could only hope that he would grace Jaden with a duel. Blair was surprised; this was not the guy she remembered from last year. Brett dueled her at the end of Duel Academy’s last year and when they battled Brett did not seem like this at all.
“And those are our duelists for the year; so join me in welcoming them” as the students applauded there new students “now let me turn things over to our new visiting Professor, Tholonius Viper!”
As Viper walked up to the front, he passed the chancellor he bowed and said “It’s an honor” before continuing on “for those of you who have heard my methods are strict you are correct. However with that being said I have always thought there was a method to my madness. You see, I believe actions speak louder then words so why don’t we skip over the pleasantries and get down to business and start this year with an exhibition match?”
The crowd began whispering again as everyone was shocked, Brett stood behind him with a smile right across his face this is what he had been waiting for. “Simmer down so I can choose the competitors.” And after a brief period of thought, “Jesse Anderson and his opponent will be Duel Academy’s top student Jaden Yuki.”
As Chazz was devastated it was not him, but Brett hated this exclaiming “Hold it there Viper! I did not come all this way just watch a show I would rather be dueling.” Brett did not want to wait for his chance at beating Jaden, he had been waiting all summer for this, studying and making sure his deck was ready, but he had enough of this waiting.
“Feeling a little anxious are you? Perhaps you could take on the winner of this exhibition duel,” Viper sounded very condescending towards Brett; to which Brett replied “fine I already know who’s going to be the winner, so I guess I can wait a bit longer.”
Viper only chuckled “then I guess we have a little tournament, Jaden versus Jesse and the winner takes on the unstoppable duelist.” Viper began chuckling slightly harder as Brett looked angrily at him. Brett did already not like Viper since he was attempting to get between Brett and his target. “Very well! Now will the three duelists come here and hold out you’re right arm.”
As soon as they were in front of him he slapped on three bands across their right arms as Jaden questioned “what are these?”
“Let’s just say they are a little welcome gift” Brett looked at Viper giving him the impression that he did not trust him “Students the exhibition duel will begin in one hour and not a minute later!”
As the students began to leave Blair ran over to Brett, “Brett! what are you doing here? Ever since that day last year I have so many questions that I have had to ask you…”
“I have no time to talk right now, I have to get ready for this duel” as Brett turned his head over towards Jaden. “Jaden I look forward to destroying you” as Jaden wondered if he even heard him right. Brett left not speaking to any one else, he was ready for this battle and it would play out the way he envisioned it.
Chapter 2 Light Shrouded by Darkness
Brett stood on the upper level watching and studying the duel, it was close but this was his last chance to study both of his opponents; he and his new deck were ready to win. Blair was watching Brett from the seats trying to figure out why he was here, his earlier actions had made her question what was wrong with him. Soon the duel ended with Jaden winning.
As the two duelists shook hands congratulating each other, Brett came down the stairs and entered the arena. “I have been waiting for this for a long time Jaden,” setting his duel disk into the ready position.
“Me too, I’m a huge fan of you’re dueling, your deck is so great and the way you duel is so excellent. So let’s get our game on!” Jaden could not help but praise his opponent as he set his duel disk.
“Then it is my duty to sadden you, because I got rid of that deck long ago, my new deck is all about your destruction! I will not lose, and I will prove that I’m better, prepare to fail, Jaden. I will show no mercy, and I believe visitors go first”
“Fine by me” Jaden was confused because this was not a legendary duelist he watched on TV, but someone else and everyone from Syrus to Chancellor Shepard knew that this was very different.
The life points raised to 4000 each as both drew five cards, then Brett drew one more before truly commencing his plan “I shall make this quick since I know your cards can save you in the long run Jaden.”
“Don’t you believe in the heart of the cards? You always said you did in interviews.”
“I traded that in for raw power, now I activate my Upstart Goblin giving you a thousand more life points while I draw another card. Next comes tremendous fire, so while I lose 1000 life points, you also lose 500. And next I shall place one card face down for a monster then I lay two more cards face down for a couple of traps and end my turn.”
Jaden’s friends looked on as the duel continued worried about Jaden but still encouraging his victory. As Jaden drew his sixth card Brett watched on “well I don’t know what those traps are Brett but I don’t care, I activate polymerization fusing Elemental Hero Avian and Burstinatrix to create Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, and I’m attacking you’re facedown monster.”
“Fine by me but I will activate it’s effect, and my morphing jar allows us both to discard our old hand for a new one” They both discarded their old cards for five new ones.
“Cool, a new hand for me so before I end my turn I lay down two trap or magic cards Now show me what you got champ.”
“You fool, this is your last turn I have all I need” as Brett drew another card “now first I activate Xian XU which will seal those trap or spell cards, and next, I think that I will get rid of that hero as I activate tribute to the doomed, and at the small price of one card from my hand, and now your hero is gone. Some hero that creature turned out to be; it really was quite pathetic. I’m not getting a fight to remember here, I really don’t understand how you are considered to be such a hero.”
Song Akuma no Keiyaku
And in an instant one of Jaden’s monster was gone “hey Brett why you like this? I mean is it something just for me because this is not cool!”
“Nothing is wrong with me Jaden, I have never felt better! After all your about to lose this then I’m going to be the best in everyone’s eyes!” As Brett held up one card from his hand two small spirits one of light and one of darkness appeared on the field.
Soon light and darkness began to swirl, clashing and rising into the air swirling further and further apart, dividing an swirling in large circles before colliding opening a giant rift above the duelist, creating a gaping dimensional hole in the ceiling. Then came a large creature slowly descending thought the hole dripping with a dark red goo As it touched down it roared loudly and full of pride, as the roar shook the stadium every duelist down to their very soul. The Dragon still covered with the red substance roared again as the substance dissolved. There stood the Chaos Emperor Dragon; bigger then the Slifar dorm and ready for battle. Brett stood there with an ecstatic look on his face ready to show everyone how great he was, “well Jaden what do you think of my creature, and all I needed was to remove a light and dark monster from my graveyard, I have been waiting for this. It has played out just as I wanted it to.”
“Sweet card man, but it still can’t beat me, I mean I still got 4500 life points, but that is one sweet monster.”
“Well looks like you are wrong again, you see there is a reason I played tremendous fire earlier, now watch as I activate the card Megamorph, and since I have less life points my card has twice the attack power. This is it Jaden, you have no cards to help you, this duel is over!” as the duelists watched on Brett was not pulling any punches but going straight for a win.
“Hey Brett, before you finish me I got one question for you.”
“Sure, I will bite what would the question be?”
“Why you dueling me like this, you’re earlier duels where so different, so what’s up with this? Your old strategies were not like this. Is beating me really that important?”
“Why?” as Brett began to think back to why he was doing this, why he went through all the trouble.
Then the duel was at a standstill as Brett thought long and hard as to why. Was it because he had hated Jaden? Slowly, he was thinking, as his dragon stood poised to attack, ready at a moment’s command. Brett was having conflicting thoughts, part of him telling him to finish Jaden, part telling him that this was wrong. Brett struggled with the reason, but then he remembered why. He began to clutch his head as he dropped to his knee’s, had his obsession about beating Jaden became the most important thing in his life and beating Jaden even overclouded the reason why he was fighting.
The crowd starred onwards as Brett was still on his knee’s clutching his head, he knew this was not right, he knew it, but he also knew he could beat Jaden. Blair stood on wondering what was going on, this is what Brett wanted and victory was in his grasp. “Hey Brett, you ok over there, I thought we were dueling and it is not over yet” Jaden yelled from across the dueling field.
Slowly, Brett raised to his feet gaining his balance staring down Jaden “yes it is Jaden, this duel is over!” He raised his hand over his deck “I surrender!”
The monster of a dragon faded away into nothingness as the crowd was speechless. The band took affect sucking energy from both players knocking Brett to his knees grasping his chest as if he had the wind knocked out of him. He heard footsteps coming towards him fast as Jaden rushed to his side “Brett you ok, what happened out there?”
“Sorry Jaden, I forgot why I was really dueling, but it was for the wrong reasons” as he slowly got to his feet, recovering from the bio bands effect, “you truly are the better duelist here Jaden, which is why I want you to hold onto this card for me till I have truly earned it”
Brett handed a facedown card and Jaden took it flipping it over as his friends rushed to his side “the Chaos Emperor Dragon, but this card…”
“I’m not worthy of holding it yet Jaden, which is why you will hold it for me, and some day when I’m worthy I will take it back” as he stared up into the sky of the dome before turning and beginning to leave.
“Brett Wait I have to talk to you about that duel last year!” Blair shouted to him.
“Sorry Blair, I need some time to think about why I’m here, but maybe later ok?’ as she shook her head.
Brett continued to leave as Viper took the opportunity to get more students as his guinea pigs. “Very well done, you all have showed you are exceptional. And now a few more exceptional duelists shall join the ranks.” Viper was now in the center of the duel field as he called down Blair, Britney and Chazz. “You shall all have the honor to test my new invention as well.”
Brett vanished through the door as everyone was still surprised about the events, but high in the rafters a cloaked man sat with a duel disk peering down on someone.
To be continued…
Chapter 3 The light of a Hero
Brett returned to his dorm for the night, he thought long and hard about why he was here. Jaden was not his real target, but who ever was dueling earlier was not him. Brett peered through his new deck looking through each of the cards as he thought silently “what did I do with my deck; this is not it.”
For a while Brett stayed up rebuilding his old deck from scratch, picking and choosing from the case of cards at his dorm. Slowly he began to remember the reasons why he was here. Slowly drifting of to sleep, he knew tomorrow he had to apologize to Jaden.
The next day the sun was shinning as Brett got up. He got ready for a new day, putting on his duel disk with his original deck back where it belonged. His room was on the second floor of the Slifar Dorm and strangely there was nobody around; the entire area was empty. It was no surprise since it was still early, but all of a sudden Jaden, Hasleberry and Jesse came running up to the dorm.
Brett jumped off the second floor landing down on the ground before beginning to run to Jaden “Hey Jaden I got say something to you!”
“Not now Brett, some duelist has kidnapped Blair and is holding her prisoner down at the docks. He says that he is looking for you” Jaden yelled back.
“What!” as Jaden finally got up to Brett “Jaden what’s going on, why me?”
“He won’t say, he will only duel you though, he says you have something he wants.”
“Then come on, let’s get down there now!” as Brett bolted past them running to the dock as Jaden and company followed, this was his fault and he had to fix it.
As they arrived at the dock, Brett beheld at a frightening set up. A long the pier was a floating metal square section and on the concrete walkway beside this platform was Blair who was strapped to a big metal chair. As the cloaked figure looked up to see the Brett, he slowly removed is hood, and the man had medium length white hair and green eyes, “well Brett I have been expecting you, I think this is a little to much for you.”
Brett ran down onto the platform past the rest of Jaden’s friends, and as he did, a large force field appeared behind him “who are you and what’s going on here?”
“Well since I could not beat you the other day at my game, I thought maybe beating you at your own game would be better, I went through all this for you or rather what you carry with you.”
As Brett could not help but grit his teeth “taking someone as a hostage and I saw the anchors and the chains, took this from a page in dueling history, cause this is the same thing that happened to Yugi Moto.”
“You picked up on that huh? I’m one for a little theatrics now and then, besides my goal must be achieved. The one who came before me failed to easily, I doubt you are that strong” the mysterious man said. Brett looked around “I will not fail these people, if you want me then just take me, leave Blair out of this.”
“HA! It is much easier to attack ones heart then one who has nothing to lose. What are the rules you ask? How does it work? Well simply put this is a duel, we each have four thousand life points and we each have one of these chains attach us to an anchor. Now, when you lose the duel, you will be dragged down to the depths, but do not think for one second that this is a carbon copy of that duel between Yugi and Joey cause each thousand life points you lose, you will get a huge shock. The chains will electrocute you, and while I will always get the full shock you have the choice of passing it all to Blair, all to you, or splitting the pain.”
Hearing the rules made Brett cringe in pain as the thought of this duel entered his mind, “You’re sick! How can you do this?”
“Easy, you have something I want and I will do anything to get it, which is why the force field so you’re friends do not interfere, and as for the victor, if I win, I get what I want. If I lose, then you can rush over and save her from that exploding chair, all you have to do is get the key beside her chair and get her off before the timer hit’s zero. By the way, you have 10 minutes to beat me and save her, well do you agree. Also note that only the winner will get the key to open the lock, it’s in the box near your feet.”
“Who are you, why are you after me?”
“I’m a ghost of a better man, the guy who attacked you earlier was a sibling, that does not seem to be important if you want to save that girl you care about.”
“Come on Brett, beat him” cheered Alexis and the rest of Jaden’s friends from beyond the barrier.
“You use your fists to fight as well?”
“No I’m more of a sword person now. Do you agree to this duel?”
Brett agreed nodding his head and ran over lock the chain to his ankle. They both set there duel disks, getting ready to duel as they both drew their hands as Blair was trying desperately to get loose as the clock began to tick down from five minutes. “I’ll go first if that’s alright Brett?”
“Fine by me; you’ll get trounced either way, so make your move!”
As the white haired man drew his card he could not help but smile “hey how chivalrous you are, `cause my luck seems to be paying off because now I activate my meteor of destruction and you start this duel by losing one thousand life points. But that is not all, as I activate 2 hinotama cards and you lose another thousand life points leaving you with half of your life points. Now you choose who gets the punishment.”
Brett took one look at Blair and turned back “I will take all of it.”
“What, Brett you don’t have to do that I can take some.”
“No Blair, I’ll be fine” as two incredibly powerful blasts of electricity blasted through Brett knocking him to his knees causing him to breath deeply.
“BRETT!” Blair shouted watching him fall to his knees as the others cried out as well.
“What’s the matter did that hurt, I mean the girl was willing to take some of the pain, why did you not let her help you could be the fact that…”
“Shut the hell up and finish your turn.”
“Oh what’s the matter, just not in the mood to talk about why you’re here? Well fine. I will just play one monster face down and I end my turn.”
Brett slowly got up and began by drawing his sixth card before beginning. “Alright I start by playing the spell double summon, which will allow me to summon two monsters. So first up is my Vorse Raider, and next I will follow up by summoning one of favorite monsters, Red Eyes Black Chick. I think I’ll activate his effect sending him away so he can grow up to become a Red Eyes Black Dragon, so with ought further wait, let’s even the score. Attack Vorse Raider!”
And as the creature leapt forward coming down on the card a surprise awaited “hold it. Now I activate my face down monsters effect, and Blast Sphere cancels your attack and attaches to your monster and next turn 1900 life points will be gone, sweating yet?”
“Yah, well you got one of my monsters, not my main one, Red Eyes crush him” as the large Black Dragon shot a fire ball blasting away 2400 life points leaving him to take the blow as well as two powerful blast of electricity. “And before your turn, let me throw two trap cards face down and end my turn.”
As the white haired man drew his next card he looked on the new card with content. “You will have to better then that, and you’re running out of time, and now I think that you lose another five hundred points with yet another hinotama card, now next turn it’s over…”
“Wrong, as now I think I will activate my Jar of Greed but also my Solemn Wishes card. So not only do I get a new card, but 500 more life points” as Brett smirked at him.
“Well, you out did me that time but you will still lose more points after this, I play one monster facedown and next I will end my turn.”
As Brett drew his next card, Vorse Raider exploded taking out 1900 points leaving Brett with only one hundred life points left as he said “I’ll take all the shock again” as two more powerful blasts rushed through his body knocking him completely down as he slowly struggled to get back up.
“Brett! Are you ok?” Blair was franticly yelling, still struggling to get out of the chair.
“Oh Brett, you try far too hard to be a hero when you should just fold.”
“You just don’t get it do you? I would never let anything happen to Blair” as he rose almost like he had no pain whatsoever.
Slowly a ghost like aura started to build around Brett’s body as he yelled out “now I end this” as he drew a card and the aura grew stronger “I activate Pot Of Greed so I gain 1000 life points total, and now let me draw the last cards of the duel” As Brett’s aura focused into his hand.
“Destiny Draw!” as the aura vanished into the two new cards as his look became focused “now your end! I sacrifice my Red eyes to bring out Red eyes Darkness Dragon and activate tribute to the doomed to take away your monster! Now Red Eyes take him down!” as the blast fried the opponent as he experienced two last powerful shocks as the duel ended.
Brett saw the key and ran over to Blair quickly unlocking the locks and freeing her and as he did, he dove out of the way shielding Blair as the chair exploded; taking the blast. Jaden watched in terror as they disappeared into smoke and dust, but as it cleared they saw Brett and Blair were ok. Brett was still shielding Blair and as he looked down on her he said “You ok?” as she nodded.
“Good to hear Blair, sorry I got you wrapped up in this” as Blair turned towards him to see him looking very unhappy.
“This is not over!” as Brett turned to see his opponent bearing a huge sword, it was long and it was wide, as he swung it and cut the chain instantly.
Brett pushed Blair away as his opponent jumped down on him. Brett narrowly dodged as the blade slid into the ground. Brett led him away dodging swings as he used his hands to divert the blade, but his opponent was way to fast. “Brett heads up” as Blair threw a pole towards him; he caught it protecting himself with that rather then his hands.
Brett fought back, landing skillful blows on his opponent. He hit him on his side before jumping back. Jaden and everyone was speechless at this display. But then the white haired man prepared his blade charging right into Brett; Brett used the pole to launch himself into the air. As the blade cut the pole in two, Brett grabbed his chain, spinning it around his opponent capturing him. The chain wrapped around his body, tangling him as Brett landed behind him, pulling it tight. Just then the timer went and the anchors released, dragging Brett and the chained opponent down to the ocean. As the barrier dropped Alexis ran by and grabbed the key diving into the water before reemerging with Brett a minute later.
Slowly they got back up onto the dock as Brett was very exhausted, coughing up water. Jaden ran over to Blair’s side. Blair grabbed a hold of Jaden and began crying “Jaden that was so scary!” as Jaden could not help but be caught off guard by Blair, Brett seeing this got up and smiled before getting up and went back to his room.
The others could not help but watch as Brett left without a word, but someone else watched from the shadows “maybe he does have a weakness.”Chapter 4 Thought and Reflection
The rest of that day, Brett stayed in his dorm, thinking about his opponent and why he was the target of those attacks. He could not face the others yet, he was sure they did not want him around after all the trouble he brought. He stared through his deck while laying on his bed, awake, staring into space just thinking about the events so far. He wondered if coming to Duel Academy was the right choice.
Day turned to night as he just sat there, and the time soon closed in on midnight. Brett was no closer to the answers he desired than he was ten hours ago. Suddenly he heard a knock as Jaden, Jesse, as well as Hasleberry broke in to his room. “Hey Brett, how’s it going? We got worried, are you alright? I mean, we have not seen you for a while.” said Jaden, walking over towards him.
“I’m fine. I have just been thinking about stuff.”
Blair was awake when she heard the events happening, since Brett’s room was right above hers. She could hear there voices since Jaden had no idea about how to be quiet. Her curiosity interested her enough to crack open her door, and since Brett’s door was opened, she was able to hear the conversation.
“Geez Brett, you’re thinking of leaving? Why?” questioned Jaden.
“Because after today, I’m convinced that coming here was a bad choice.”
“You cannot hold that against yourself, it was not your fault. Come on. We shall all go for a walk and we’ll talk about everything, okay?” said Jaden.
Blair’s curiosity was growing; this was interesting. Brett was leaving the island. She wondered about it before quickly getting changed back to her clothes, then quickly checking to see where Brett and the others were. the guys had finally coaxed Brett into taking that walk; Brett and the others were already on their way. Blair snuck out, following them along their path. Soon she caught up with them as they had stopped near the waterfall. Blair thought this was so cool. She could spy on Jaden, maybe she would find something new about him.
Song 1 Under The apple tree
She hid behind a tree that was close enough, so she could get a good earful of what they were saying. She got into position as she overheard Brett speak first, “guys I think I’m going to leave. `Cause of the fact that I’m the reason that guy kidnapped Blair.”
“What you taking about Brett, that is not your fault” pronounced Jaden.
“Yeah, it was that guy with the white hair’s fault!” said Hasleberry.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence guys, but I have no friends here, and I came here just to beat Jaden, I do not deserve to be here.”
“Well, I think you do and so does Shirley here” Brett and the others looked over to see Jim Cook with his pet crocodile strapped to his back, “I mean come on, heroes don’t usually beat them selves up this bad. Let me ask you why you really came here. I’m not sure of your reasons, but you’re a great duelist, and these guys must be your friends. Otherwise, why would they be trying to stop you from leaving?” Jaden and the others smiled in a bashful way.
“Yeah, that’s why we brought you out here Brett, we did not want to see you leave” exclaimed Jaden.
“Yeah, I mean the way you dueled today in that setup was awesome, you were amazing even though you faced bad odds; and even worse you took all those shocks. If you’re wondering me and Shirley saw you’re duel when we were relaxing by the coast.”
“Yeah, that girl that you worked so hard to save; then she goes to Jaden instead of you. And after you put your life on the line for hers. All you took for her was all the blasts off electricity to your body; then all of the life point damage too. Then you just saved her from that exploding chair before blocking the explosion. It’s not like you just stood by; she is pretty ungrateful if you ask me.” As Jesse spoke heart sunk; she had done nothing for Brett, her real hero.
With all that he had done for her yesterday, she had never thanked him or even shown any gratitude. She started to feel real bad about this; she never had thanked her hero who had saved her life twice in a single day. As she sunk down her back against the tree suddenly Brett piped up; “it’s not her fault guys, she likes Jaden more then me. Besides if it was not for me then she would have never been in that situation in the first place.”
“Oh I get it know;” as Jesse got real close to him. “That’s why you came here this year you like Blair don’t you, that’s why Jaden was you’re target; you wanted to show Blair you’re better and win her over right?”
Brett was speechless; he blushed turning his head away from Jesse. Jesse moved in fornt of Brett’s face; looking down at his shoes. “You really you like her?” questioned Jaden.
Suddenly Brett felt a nudge against his back; a small little dragon appeared from behind him giving a little roar, looking quite frustrated at Brett. “Whoa a duel spirit;” Jesse was surprised to see one; Ruby his duel spirit jumped up on his shoulder clear as day to everyone.
“Whoa never seen real duel monsters; did you guys just get those?” Jim questioned.
“We have always had them, but never has anyone else seen them. I have Ruby here; Jaden has Winged Kuriboh, and I guess Brett has this little guy.” The shy winged creature appeared behind Jaden; all of the spirits were clearly visible too everyone.
“It’s name is Red Eyes Black Chick, but I call him Red for short. He has an ability that allows him to be seen by people who normally cannot see him. But he causes more trouble with this ability; course he is really quite shy most of the time. It looks like it transfers to other duel spirits as well.” Red continued to nudge Brett; letting little roars go to express his discontent with his master.
“Sounds like he wants you to tell the truth as well Brett.” Jesse laughed a little after he finished speaking. Jaden was still amazed; Brett had a duel spirit too and he was a world class duelist.
“Fine, I like Blair that is why I came to Duel Academy. That is why I challenged Jaden and was so determined. I developed hate because Jaden was the only thing she cared about; I could not stand it. At that point, beating Jaden became my reason for my actions; I was such a fool. I cannot even accept forgiveness for my actions; all I can do is do is try to repay all of you for your friendship that you have shown me.”
“Well that’s good to hear. Hey Brett did you get any injuries from that duel? I mean you did block an explosion,” Jesse questioned with a rather serious tone.
“Well the impact hurt but I’m fine;” they all looked at him seriously doubting his statement. “guess you did not believe that huh? My back is a little burned and I have some bruises but I’m fine really.”
“Sweet looks like the old Brett is back; maybe I can finally get a real duel out of him.” Jaden said as he hoped up to his feat, stretching his limbs. “Maybe sometime, but I really have to thank you guys for believing in me. I promise I shall repay you all.”
Blair was shocked; that explained a lot of why Brett was the way he was. She felt really bad about the fact she had not figured it out sooner. There had to be some way to make it up to Brett. She sat there thinking about the situation; Brett liked her enough to save her life twice and take on Jaden. She had always admired him as a duelist; his skill was incredible. Blair thought about Brett and her feelings; was it possible she was falling for someone other then Jaden? Before she could think further on the situation, Brett spoke up; “well if I have friends her. I guess I could stay for a bit longer.”
Blair was happy to hear he was staying; maybe she could convince him to stay somehow. He was her hero after all, and Blair was going to thank Brett properly. Jaden was ecstatic; “sweet Brett is going to stay. We got a first class duelist as our friend; but we better get back and get some sleep we got a big day tomorrow, and unfortunately we got class as well.”
As the guys left; Blair sat there thinking about Brett. She was now determined to make him stay. After a few minutes she got up and walked back to the dorm She had a big day too; but else where new enemies began to plot.
“So you know what you are to do? Push him to his limits, and you shall be rewarded. His weakness is the girl, so use it!” The shadowed figure spoke in a deep voice with passion.
“Yes master, we shall do it as a team;” the twin voices spoke simultaneously to the large shadow.
“Remember make sure he uses all his power, even after the duel!” as the two hired duelist left, leaving the remaining character to chuckle in the shadows.
Chapter 5 Limits
Another day came; the sun shown Duel Academy, another perfect day for this little island. Brett had just begun to wake up; the sun shown through his window illuminating his room. He was well rested and ready to start another day especially after last night. The new found encouragement from his friends had boosted his spirits; maybe this year was not going to be so bad.
Brett got ready; he left his room shortly after, with his deck and duel disk. He descended the stairs a small voice came from beside him; “Morning Brett how are you today?” Blair said as she looked at him coming down the stairs from his room. “Look, I’m sorry about yesterday, I never properly thanked you for saving me from that situation.”
Blair gently blushed, causing Brett to quickly respond. “No their is no reason for you to apologize for anything Blair. It was not your fault for anything that happened. It was my fault anyway; you ended up in that position because I came to Duel Academy.”
“Well regardless of why it happened, you saved me from that maniac. I wish there was some way for me to repay you for saving me.” Brett turned bright red hearing Blair utter those words. “Maybe we could hang out after class today and talk a bit?”
“Su-Sure Blair I would love too;” Brett said, his voice quivering quickly accepting her proposition. “So you’re going to class right?”
“Well in a bit first I just got to get something from my room.” Blair smiled and ran back to her room as she spoke. “You just go on ahead, I will be right behind you; ok?”
“Yeah ok but remember after class?” Brett smiled back as he turned away and left. Blair turned back to her room; smiling at how easy it was to get Brett to comply.
Later Brett got to class, and he was still had some time before class started; some of students were settling into their seats. Brett noticed as he moved towards his seat that their was some sort of commotion going on near the front of the class. Many of the male students had gathered around someone; all with pens and papers as the female students looked on. Brett was wondering what could cause such a stir in the student population. Syrus squeezed out of the crowd landing on his face; Brett ran immediately over helping Syrus up to his feet.
“You ok Syrus?” Brett questioned, but never got an answer when a young girl’s voice came from the crowd. “Is that the cutest, most illusive duelist out there? I guess I Finally found him!”
Song 1 Kaze no Kodou
Then the crowd parted; revealing a girl in an Obelisk Bleu outfit with a movie star face, with a cute appearance. She jumped into Brett’s arms; grabbing hold of his arms forcing Brett to spin around. Her long blue ponytails moved gently with the spin; before gently falling into place. “So I finally get you back in my grasp. You are one tough little duelist to get but you are so worth it!” She was smiling from ear to ear, while starring directly into his eyes.
“Oh, hi Britney when did you get here?” Brett sounded very unenthusiastic, while forcing a small smile. “What are you sick? I was on the boat with you, but chasing you is like a ghost. It’s almost like you forgot I’m you’re girlfriend, geez isn’t that so silly right kid.”
“WHAT? Brett is Britney really you’re girlfriend. You’re so lucky to have a pop star duelist as you girl friend.” Syrus was jealous of Brett; starting to cry a little about how unlucky he was. “Syrus she is not my girlfriend” Brett said sounding very aggravated; “she just thinks she is. So are you still a pop star, or are you playing actually a real duelist?”
“Well my publicist said it would be better if I went as a duelist; and of course he wants me to be with you, I could not pass this up. But don’t get the wrong idea I love being with you. None of these other duelists could hold a candle to you, either in dueling or being so cute.” The news knocked most of the guy duelists out; they would do anything to have Britney as their girlfriend.
Then Jaden burst in the door panting hard, completely out of breath. He had just made it to class, and surprisingly he was not late today. Brett looked up, but still no Blair causing Brett to be a little concerned. “Jaden is Blair with you? She said she was going to be here, and she is never late.”
“No, she is not with me Brett;” the bell rang signaling class was about to start. Brett became increasingly worried. Blair was never late for anything, and never class since she was the class rep. Brett ran quickly up the steps; running towards the door grabbing Jaden telling him they had to hurry. Syrus, Chazz, Halseberry, and Jesse all ran out after Brett and Jaden. “Hey wait Brett, who is this Blair? She better not be a girl. I’m the only girl for you! Damn I’m not going to lose him again;” her blue eyes filled with fire passion. She gave chase to Brett, not wanting to lose him.
Song 1 end
Blair slowly woke up, coming out of a hazy state. The last thing she remembered was going into her room, when she was hit on the head with enough force to knock her out. She could not move and she felt something tied to the back of her she moved her head slowly trying to see who was behind her. Then she realized her feet were dangling in the air. She looked down to see that their was no ground bellow her feet. She saw that she was tied up; the rope securely holding her up. She looked past her feet to see a hundred foot drop to the ocean bellow; she immediately screamed at the top of her lungs.
Brett got out just in time to hear Blair’s scream; he looked around, tracking in on the source of the sound. Looking around till he realized it was coming from the cliffs. He immediately began to run over to the source of the sound. The rest of the group followed behind Brett, running trying to keep up with his heightened pace. Brett knew something was wrong, but if it was that group again it did not matter.
Brett ran up to the area where the screams where coming from. As he went over the hill, he saw a crane; attached to the rope the crane held up, was Blair and Alexis tied up together. The girls were back to back, Alexis was still unconscious; they hung from the crane overhanging a cliff. As Brett neared the cliff two people jumped in front of him, holding their hands out in front of them, blocking Brett’s path. “Stop now or to the rocks bellow they go.” The two men stood between Brett and Blair; the second one began to speak. “You shall duel or they shall fall, your chances are so very small.”
“Wait a second that lame rhyming; you must be the paradox brothers. What could you possibly want from me. I get hit with a sword each time I lose points, or are you just mad about my adoptive father firing you.” The others arrived shortly after Brett; they saw the new set up, and Brett motioned them to stay back. “What are you blabbering about? We never had any intentions of hurting you, but you will be pushed to your limits.”
“Those fools! They were never to say anything about why they were dueling him. This puts far too much light on my plan. I will need to switch targets for the next duel, and something to get rid of Brett.” Viper finished speaking, watching on his computer while events unfolded. Scowling at events before his eyes, things where starting to go bad. “Those morons have just terminated there contract; but let’s see how much energy they can suck out of Brett.”
“Brett I’m so glad you’re here!” Blair shouted out, causing Brett to blush slightly while responding. “Don’t worry Blair I’m going to save you, and beat these losers. I’m world class and you are not so get ready to lose.” Alexis now woke up quickly looking at the situation realizing she was in trouble.
“Now listen to us;” the paradox brothers began speaking at the same time. “This is how the duel shall work. It shall be a tag duel consisting of me and my brother against Brett and another duelist. We have decided on Jaden for your partner. Should anyone interfere with our match, we shall end these females lives by pressing the button on this controller. Each team shall have 8000 life points and for each thousand life points you lose, we shall cut one of the eight ropes. Do you agree?”
“No he doesn’t cause the Chazz will be taking this duel; not Jaden. The Chazz will save his beloved Alexis by himself if he must.” Brett and Chazz had never really talked since last year since their last duel. They would have to work together to save the girls. “Very well we accept this substitution of players. Now Brett shall be first to draw, followed by Para, then shall come Chazz, and last shall be my turn.”
“You’re doom comes now!” they both shouted, and the duel began.
Britney was listening to the whole thing from further back. She was unhappy that Brett cared for Blair, much more then her. She was unhappy with this news, but she looked the girl over. There was no way Brett liked that runt, hanging from the string then the pop queen herself. She figured it was time to cheer her guy on; “Come on Brett win this one for me! You could beat these guys buy yourself for me right?” Brett and the others looked at her for a moment. Brett was becoming quickly aggravated with her, but he quickly refocused on the duel. The life points set as Brett and Para drew there first five cards, “Let’s duel” all four yelled at once.
“Well it’s my turn first so I will make it quick!” Brett took a card from his hand, placing it on his duel disk. “I summon my Nin-Ken Dog to the field and end my turn.”
“Very well here comes my turn, and now those eight ropes shall start to burn. I play a monster face down while I play a trap card as well. That is all for now, fool.” Para ended his turn while Brett and Chazz traded spots. Chazz closed his eyes; speaking to Brett as they passed. “Brett if you think this is a game then you’re dead wrong. You better not be holding me back, you have been a burden since last year.”
Chazz stepped up; a confident smile across his face. “I start my turn by playing my Y Dragon Head; and now attack the face down card Y Dragon Head.” The mechanical dragon came down on a Mystic Tomato creature; destroying the monster instantly. “Now my monsters effect activates as I summon a second Mystic Tomato from my deck in attack mode.” Para laughed, causing Chazz to scowl as he spoke; “big deal, you got a useless tomato. Now I use Brett’s monster to attack that new tomato.”
The second one was crushed; the new monsters effect summoned a new monster, known as cannon soldier to the field in attack mode. Chazz was unhappy, but at least his last attack but at least he took away life points. “Fine I place one card in my magic/trap zone, and end my turn. Don’t get too comfortable, I’m going to really start the pain soon.”
“That was your last successful turn, because you two still have not learned.” Dox said coming into position for his turn. Blood veins appeared on Chazz’s forehead; Chazz began to shout, “Enough with the stupid rhyming you dorks and just duel!” “Very well, I start my turn by changing cannon soldier to defense. Next I summon my Kaiser Sea Horse, and now I attack your Y dragon head.” Chazz and Brett lost 200 life points while their monster disappeared. “Now my Canon Soldier will sacrifice itself, to deal another 500 life points damage. Well you two shall lose soon enough; I end my turn.”
Brett and Chazz switched, and as hey passed Brett confidently said; “Just watch me go. I will beat these two by myself.” Brett’s turn started; he quickly drew his next card. Brett started his turn by tributing his Dog monster. A large slab of ice fell from the sky; the wind whipped around it. The ice broke apart revealing Mobius the Frost Monarch. “I activate my new monsters effect! So know I can destroy your facedown magic card. Not bad huh?”
“Not so fast! I activate that card, and it is my Mystical Space Typhoon. Since it is a quick magic spell card, I can activate it. Now my spell destroys your trap card.” The card effect activated destroying the trap Chazz had left behind. The Call of the Haunted disappeared, causing Chazz to yell. “Nice going you moron, is that world class dueling I hear about.” Brett only stood there; Brett retaliated with an attack dropping their opponent’s life points.
The score currently was Brett and Chazz with 7300 life points while the Paradox Brothers had only 6900 life points. Everyone could see Chazz and Brett were not working well together, and it was causing problems. Para stepped up to the field; drawing his next card before opening his mouth. “I play my premature burial card. This allows me to summon my Kaiser Seahorse back from the grave. Next I will play a trap and play a monster in defense mode, before ending my turn.”
Brett and Chazz continued to trade places, shooting comments on how the other was doing back and forth between them. Their teamwork skills left room for improvement, but so far it was working. Chazz started his turn by drawing a card; next he summoned yet another Y Dragon Head. It attacked the face down revealing the Dark Hex, who had 1600 defense points. Brett and Chazz lost 100 points. Chazz quickly moved to attack the Kaiser Sea Horse with the Ice Monarch. Their opponents lost more life points, as they scowl towards their opponents; Chazz laughed as he ended his turn
The next turn came; Dox was about to change the balance of power in this duel. Dox used his tribute doll magic card; sacrificing his monster to summon his over powered Suijin. His new monster was unable to attack due to the power of his magic card. Dox played a new monster face down defense position; then Dox quickly ended his turn.
Brett took over switching modes; he attacked the new face down monster revealing the Spear Cretin. The creature’s effect allowed both sides to summon a monster. Brett picked the old Y Dragon head in his graveyard in attack mode. Dox re-summoned the Dark Hex monster in defense position. A new monster was placed facedown before Brett ended his turn.
The Y Dragon Head was destroyed by Suijin causing more life points were lost. This time one of the ropes was released causing the girls drop a few inches. They both screamed loudly while everyone’s heart skipped a beat. Brett watched as Para ended his turn; Chazz step up to the field to start his turn. Chazz placed a new monster down defense position before placing another trap/magic card. The monarch monster destroyed another facedown monster before Chazz ended his turn.
Dox took over the duel; placing another monster in face down defense position. Next he flip summoned yet another Mystic Tomato. This time Suijin took out the Monarch, knocking more life points away from Brett and Chazz. Then the Mystic Tomato destroyed Chazz’s Ojama Black, that he placed face down earlier. The turn ended before Brett was finally able to go back for more; the duel was not looking well for anyone.
Chazz and Brett were not working well together; both wanted to save their respective girl, but neither of the guys liked one another. Brett knew this was not going well but he had a new plan; he placed a trap and ended his turn. Para started his new turn he skipped playing any new cards, rather destroying the last Y Dragon Head. The Mystic Tomato attacked the last facedown card defending Brett. This time Brett was ready as Marshmellon appeared; it’s effect activated, taking life points away from Para. “Sorry but it’s time to retake control of this duel. First Marshmellon cannot be destroyed; second because you attacked it in facedown defense position so you lose a thousand life points.”
Para ended his turn; this time Brett stopped Chazz as he was about to pass Brett. Brett whispered quietly to Chazz; “Look I know we do not like each other, but I’m not letting the girls suffer. That card that’s face down is a present for you; but just end your turn without doing anything.” Brett looked dead serious straight at Chazz; “well you do love that other freak hanging there; so I doubt you would betray me. Alright I’ll take your word for it.” Chazz stepped into position drawing his next card before activating the face down card. The trap Jar of Greed activated allowing Chazz to draw one more card before ending his turn.
When Dox started his turn he simply drew a new card playing meteor of destruction taking away from a thousand points. Dox ended his turn as another rope was cut causing Jaden and the others to become more concerned. Brett’s team’s life points were down to 4900. Each time Brett had been trying to block out the fact that more ropes were being cut. Brett was forcing him self to concentrate on the duel, if he lost then it was game over. The others had been shouting and cheering this whole time but Brett was dead focused, it was time to win.
Brett’s aura formed around his body while he trade places. Slowly the ghost aura became stronger; Brett drew the next card, his aura still present. Brett yelled; “I activate Pot of Greed! Allowing me to draw to more cards; and now Destiny Draw.” This time his aura went into the two new cards; Brett smiled as he looked at his two new cards. “I activate my Tribute to the Doomed. So now by getting rid of a card in my hand you’re Suijin is finished.”
Dox complained; his monster was rapped in bandages being destroyed by the magic cards effect. “I’m not done I summon my Luster Dragon and attack your facedown card” as the spear cretin was destroyed causing both players to summon another monster. Brett re-chose his Frost Monarch while Dox chose the old Spear Cretin as it went into face down defense position. Brett then got his Frost Monarch to attack the Mystic Tomato, destroying another thousand life points. His opponent picked another Canon Soldier to the field in defense.
Brett at last ended his turn; his opponents had still 4000 life points. Brett knew they could win if this kept up. Para started his turn by playing a new magic card. “I activate ante card, now we both pick a card; the card with the highest attack wins, while the loser wins a thousand life points.” Brett picked his magic card double summon, while Para picked Gate Guardian. Brett lost another 1000 life points; while another rope was cut; the girls screamed again as the situation got worse. Para ended his turn; Brett and Chazz traded places while Brett whispered to him. “Time to win this duel Chazz. Go for it, destroy them!”
Chazz nodded with a big smile, while drawing his next card at the same time. “Ok you bunch of rhyming losers; you guys are finished now. I summon my X Head Canon in attack mode, and destroying your little Canon thingy. Guess my machine cannon is better then your scrap pile.” Chazz had a much bigger smile now that they had the upper hand; “now I place one last trap or magic card and end my turn.”
Dox walked up drawing another card. “Finally, now you shall face the thunder, as I now play my Soul Exchange so we both tribute a monster so I chose my Spear Cretin” as Chazz looked at Brett as he nodded “I choose my Marshmellon.”
“Now I can summon my all powerful, Sanga of Thunder.” The two paradox brothers laughed harder and harder till Chazz spoke up. “You fools, you just allowed us to win. I activate my Ring of Destruction; and I just happen to pick you’re Sanga.” As the ring attached to Sanga’s arm; the monster struggled against it as it blew up. 2600 life points were removed from each team.
It cut Chazz and Brett’s life points to 400 points; the Paradox brothers dropped to 2300 life points. More ropes were cut as only one was left intact, and the girls rope aloud them to fall slightly closer their fate bellow. Dox looked at his hand, there was nothing he could do; and he was wide open. All he could do was end his turn; completely disgust of how this team of duelists, who hated one another earlier yet worked together.
Brett stepped up drawing his last card he needed to win. “You guys are the worst kind of people; if you want me, go for me and never try to hurt the people I care about. I summon Red Eyes Black Chick and activate his effect; allowing me to summon my Red Eyes Black Dragon from my hand.” Brett paused for a moment; smiling at Blair before continuing. “People as evil as you could never win; finish them Red Eyes.” The dragon shot a blast of fire at their opponents; dropping there life points to zero.
The duel was over, and Brett breathed a sigh of relief, then he felt a mass amount of energy was drained. The band around each of the duelists that partook in the duel glowed; Brett and the others felt incredibly weak. Chazz however ran forward; despite the loss of energy, trying to save Alexis and be the hero again.
Dox swung his foot knocking Chazz off his feet. Para grabbed Chazz throwing him across the field landing near Jaden. “Brett you shall have to get through us to save them; we have even decided to be generous. You have a several minutes to save them. Do you think you can do it?” Brett removed his duel disk tossing it back to Jaden. “Guys stay out of this; ok?” The others stayed back watching from a far; Jaden held Brett’s duel disk, the timer began to count down. Brett quickly stretched before getting into ready stance; steadying him self for the fight to come.
Song 2 Chateau
“Get him!” said the brothers. Brett tossed his duel disk as the brothers ran towards him beginning to throw punches. The brothers split up, each taking an opposite side to Brett. Each of the punches flew close as Brett started using his hands to block most of oncoming punches, while dodging other punches. Brett narrowly dodged each one before doing a backwards flip, gaining some distance allowing him to regroup. Britney never knew Brett was this good of a fighter. The Para Dox brothers took a step forward straightening their right arms; a small dagger flew into each of their right hands.
Brett gritted his teeth; running towards the brothers. The brothers began swiping with their daggers, attacking only from the front. They moved around one another looking for openings, slashing in every direction. Each of the swipes came quicker as Brett narrowly dodged the next slash by Dox. Para took the other side as he slashed Brett’s arm. Brett parried each of the next series of slashes using only his hands, before spinning around Dox. Dox swung the opposite way with his dagger; Brett moved his hand around blocking the blade. Everyone could not believe Brett stopped the dagger. Brett got closer, elbowing Dox in the stomach knocking him down.
Brett grabbed Dox’s dagger, clenching it while blood dripped from his hand. Para ran forward jumping over his brother; Brett was forced to back up, giving Para room. After a brief moment the fight resumed; Para and Brett each slashed with the daggers. Each time the daggers connected with incredible force, causing both to pull away. Slashes flew threw the air while Brett slowly led them away from the cliff. Each of the following slashes became far more violent. Dox recovered getting up and running to Para’s aid. Para continued to slash each time the blade moving faster, and faster.
Dox stood back waiting for a chance to join, watching the fight unfold. The slashes continued; Brett studied the moves of Para. Para continued the assault; quickly becoming increasingly furious with the lack of hits on his opponent. Para leaped forward blade out; Brett dodged the blade as it went past his face. Brett flipped his blade; cutting Para’s hand causing both blades to fly through the air. Brett did a backwards roll; catching each of the daggers. Brett rose to his feet; tossing both blades well off the cliff. Para and Dox regrouped and were now side by side.
They both looked at him, angered since they were losing to their opponent. Dox ran jumping into the air while Brett moved out of the way; sidestepping out of the way. Para ran in, throwing punches while Dox threw kicks at Brett. Brett could only parry, before dodging two simultaneous attacks. Brett knocked both opponents back with his fists; the brothers flew through the air, landing on their feet.
Brett paused, allowing him to get ready to end the fight. Brett used his hand to motion Dox forward, and Dox took the invitation; using another ju6mping kick while Brett rolled forward dodging easily. Para circled Brett; striking right after Dox with his feet. Para ducked and turned using a sweeping kick; Brett jumping over Para’s leg. Brett continued to dodge as the battle continued; Brett threw another punch into Dox knocking him back. Para continued onward with the assault.
Dox recovered quickly; running towards them. Brett noticed, quickly turning to Para as he grabbed his punch, pushing him slightly backwards. Para quickly ran towards Brett again; Brett turned landing his foot on Dox’s leg. Leaping up into the air; beginning to spin his body in the air. Brett’s leg whipped around; knocking both brothers out cold with his foot.
Brett looked over to see that time was almost up. Only ten seconds remained. Blair and Alexis screamed for Brett to save them. Brett ran; the time still continuing to count down. Brett hurried as the band sucked more energy from him, but the band showed no effect on Brett. Brett was only a few meters when the timer hit zero. The final blade was released; cutting the last rope, leaving the girls to fall to their demise. The girls began to scream at the top of their lungs; tears falling from their eyes.
Brett was focused and determined to end this situation. His eyes focused on the rope, the only way to save the girls. Brett slid off the cliff, his right hand digging into the ground; while the left grabbed the loose rope, quickly whipping it around his hand multiple times. His hand dug into the ground; the weight of the girls became evident when the rope went tense.
Brett cried out in blistering pain; the ground went into Brett’s open wound. Brett’s wound was emanating blistering pain. Brett closed his eyes tightly; trying to forget the large amount of pain he was enduring. Blair and Alexis noticed immediately they were no longer falling. They stopped crying and screaming; looking up to see Brett hanging off the edge of the cliff. Brett was the only thing holding them up; stopping from falling into the ocean. They both shouted at the top of their lungs; “Brett!”
Jaden and the others got to the cliff in a hurry. Jaden got down on his knees grabbing onto Brett’s arm. “Brett hold on we will get al of you out of this. You ok Brett?” Jaden asked. Britney arrived at the edge of the cliff; shouting immediately, “Brett be careful! If you die I don’t think I could go on with my life.”
Brett laughed a bit at Britney’s comment before speaking up; “stay back guys, I have no clue if this cliff can support me and the girls; let alone all of you. Listen Hasleberry and Jaden, go to my right. I’m going to swing the girls up; do not worry about me till they are safe, got it!”
Brett began slowly swinging the rope back and forth, the girls began to move. Slowly the girls gained speed; rising higher and higher. “Are you guys already up there, and down there?”
“We’re ready up here;” Jaden and Hasleberry responded; the girls shouted nodded. The girls still terrified for their lives.
Slowly speed built up getting closer and closer, till Brett yelled loudly. Taking one last powerful swing; throwing a slight curve moving the girls to the cliff. The girls flew up through the air; right onto the cliff as Jaden and Hasleberry caught the girls out of mid air. Throwing the girls had caused Brett too sway too much; he lost his grip. Brett began to fall towards the ocean, when he felt a hand grab his.
Brett looked up to see Jesse with a firm grasp on his hand. Jesse smiled before stating, “you did not think you were going to die a hero, then I guess you will be sorry too say you got to live.” Jesse began to pull Brett; the cut Brett’s hand had coated Brett’s hand in his own blood. Slowly Brett began to slip through Jesse’s hand. “Brett hold on!” Jesse yelled as Brett continued to slip through Jesse’s finger.
Jesse struggled to hold on but it was impossible for him to hold on. Brett’s hand parted from Jesse’s; Brett began to fall downwards to the rocks bellow. Brett quickly shoved his hand into the side of the cliff. Brett came to a stop 12 feet bellow the edge of the cliff. Brett screamed from the pain as his body hung from the cliff.
“Brett hold on we will get you back up!” Jesse got up looking for a solution. Jesse went over to the crane; taking one of the blades used to cut the ropes. He ran over to the tied up girls; cutting the girls loose. Jesse searched the ground, grabbing the longest segment of rope, running back to the cliff. Jesse let the rope hang down behind Brett. “Brett grab on!”
Brett rapped his free arm around the rope multiple times. Brett wrapped the rope around five times, before pulling his arm out of the cliff. The weight nearly caused Jesse to fall off the edge; Jim came from behind Jesse grabbing the rope. “Don’t worry mate, not going to let anyone else get hurt today;” Jim stated to Jesse.
Jesse and Jim slowly pulled Brett up, slowly getting him onto the cliff and into safety. Brett crawled away from the cliff, completely out of it. Brett had used all the energy he had left in his body trying to stay alive. Jesse and Jim slowly helped Brett onto his feat. The two guys helped Brett away from the cliff. Jesse and Jim each had one of Brett’s arm over their shoulder. The girls were standing sidelines watching the ordeal; Chazz finally got back up from his crash landing, wondering what had happened. Blair ran over to Brett shouting in a panic, “Brett are you ok?” Brett did not answer; he was unconscious from the loss of energy. Blair became increasingly worried, shouting louder; “Brett!”
Jaden ran over comforting Blair, “don’t worry he’s just tired. I would be too after that kind of workout.” Blair looked up at Jaden; Jaden turned to Jesse, “we should get him to the infirmary right away.”
As everyone left, the Paradox brother slowly got up. They were in pretty bad shape; they got up leaving to see their employer, they wanted their reward after this set of events.
When they arrived at the old building where they first meet their employer; they entered the main entrance to see Viper. “We did your job, and did it right” as the Paradox brothers switched; “so pay us now, or we will have to fight.”
“You morons, you nearly gave up my identity and came close to destroying my plan. You may have gathered a ton of energy from that foolish boy. While this is essential to my plan, you created suspicion in that boy. You failed me, and as for that fact their can only be one reward…” Viper paused, pressing a button on a remote, dropping the brothers into a pit. Viper laughed as the trap door closed; “Never take a job you cannot finish properly. I will have to distract that boy away from my trail; I think Jaden shall be my next target.”
Chapter 6 True Love VS Worship; A Duel for Love
Song Splinter Of Sadness
Brett forced his eyes slightly open, despite his weakened state just after he had lost consciousness. Brett forced them open to see Blair in Jaden’s arms; his heart caused sharp pain with each beat. Brett was unhappy with this; but if she was safe then nothing else mattered, even if she chose Jaden.
Brett awoke moments later to find him self in a white room; barren of any life. It had no ceiling, no walls, no floor, no beginning, and no end. Brett turned around looking for anything, and then he turned back to see a man completely shrouded by darkness. “So you continue to defy you’re purpose. You have taken the first step now you shall begin to awaken. That is if you want to have the strength to protect that which you love. I will unlock your true power; so that one day I will claim it.”
The shadow leapt at Brett; he woke, sitting upright at an alarming rate. Slowly his heart rate returned to normal; he calmed him self wondering if the dream was real. Brett questioned who that man was; he calmed his mind before he came back to reality. He looked around and saw that he was in the infirmary; it was late in the day, but the sun was just beginning to set.
Despite Brett’s wounds; his body did not feel pain from his wounds. He un-bandaged his hand, to see the cut on his hand vanished; his hand was completely fine. Brett was still in his normal clothes, but was bandaged up where the cuts were on his body. Brett saw his duel disk on the table; he got out of bed getting his duel disk and putting on his shoes. Suddenly Blair came around the corner, gasping at the sight of Brett being so soon after his last duel. “Brett are you ok, you should not be out of bed so soon after what happened.”
“Oh, so the hero is up so soon.” Mrs. Fontaine appeared as well; giving a small laugh after she spoke. “So you are feeling well? You’ve only been asleep for six hours, and that is not nearly enough rest for your wounds.” Brett gave no pause; he immediately responded showing his hand to both ladies. “I’m fine, there’s no need to worry about me. My wounds have healed; I will stop being a burden and leave.”
Blair was sad to see him just leave; her head tilted down, she was very concerned with Brett. Mrs. Fontaine saw Blair looking sad, and realized what was happening between the two. Mrs. Fontaine spoke up to Brett, trying to stop him from making a mistake. “Brett I’m sorry but I cannot let you go by yourself. Everyone has heard all about what you did; so if I just let you go and something would happen I would be to blame. Maybe Blair should go with you; and you two should just go somewhere should go somewhere private to talk. I mean Blair probably has to thank you, and I’m sure she would not mind taking care of you.”
Blair’s head perked right up; she nodded and Brett stopped looking back at them. “See Blair wants too and I will not take no for answer from you Brett. You are putting yourself in far too much danger; it would be good to have someone looking after you. Even a hero needs someone to help him.” Brett looked down knowing that he was not a hero, but Blair soon latched onto his arm leading him somewhere.
Brett had no time to protest; he was quickly swept away by Blair. Mrs. Fontaine sat down on the bed; hopping that this would break the barrier between the two. “Well that should give them some time alone. I hope Blair is able get close; those two are cute couple.”
Mrs. Fontaine had spoken with Blair while Brett was asleep; Mrs. Fontaine knew at that point Blair had feelings for Brett. She had her reasons mainly because she thought they were a good match; Brett obviously cared deeply for Blair as well. Mrs. Fontaine also thought about the other girl who came who continually to the infirmary; proclaiming her love for Brett. Blair only appeared to be sad each time that this girl pretending to be in love with him. But she had given them a chance to be alone away from everyone.
Suddenly the door burst open; Britney came in, shouting. “Oh Brett, your girlfriend is here.” She came over to Brett’s be; but she only saw Mrs. Fontaine sitting on the bed questioning the older woman. “Where is Brett?” Mrs. Fontaine shrugged trying to slow the girl’s pursuit.
Britney was no fool; Blair was not here either and she was not going to let that runt win. “That shrew, she’s trying to steal him from me. That’s it; I’m going to teach her a lesson, and then Brett will be mine.” Britney’s eyes filled up with fiery fury as she ran out the door. Mrs. Fontaine knew there was going to be trouble eventually; hopefully Blair would return the favor for Brett. Hopefully Blair and Brett had a big enough lead.
Song End
Song Lucrecia Cresent
Both Blair and Brett arrived at the abandoned dorm. It was dark and creepy; but students were not supposed to be there, so it would be peaceful place for the two to talk. Blair led him deep into the old dorm; they sat down on the main floor, backs against the wall.
As they sat Blair leaned her head on Brett. Blair was enjoying being beside her hero; Brett was still lost in thought about everything that was going on. Blair broke the silence, speaking in gentle voice that grabbed Brett’s attention. “Brett thank you so much for saving me yesterday, I can never repay you for what you did. You should not have put your self in so much danger for me, you could have been seriously injured.”
Brett still sat there quietly for a moment; he was even more depressed that he had caused Blair more grief. “It was my fault you were in that position in the first place. If I had left the island you would have been safe. Blair I’m sorry for putting you in that situation; you do not have to accept me as your burden.”
“No it’s not you’re fault Brett!” Blair shouted getting right in front of him. She knew Brett was beating him self up because he thought he was the only reason she was in danger. Suddenly a hand came right across Brett’s face as a loud smack was heard snapping Brett out of his mood. Blair’s eyes watered as she spoke in a trembling voice. “You did everything in your power to save me, and you did it by yourself. You belong here with us.”
Blair was almost crying right in front of him; Brett got up bringing her back over to the wall as they sat back down. He put his arm around her shoulders; she leaned against him. Brett spoke again “I’m sorry Blair, thanks for being hear with me, it really does mean a lot to me.” Blair stopped crying; she closed her eyes relaxing against Brett, she loved to be by her hero.
They sat there for a few minutes before Blair began speak to Brett. “Brett? Last year when we dueled in the tournament, did you surrender to me because you liked me?” Brett paused for a moment before responding; “yes that is why I surrendered. When we dueled; I wanted to show you how good I was, but I never wanted to hurt you. Then afterwards when Chazz beat you and I heard about Jaden, he became my obsession. I wanted to beat him to prove I was better so I could get your attention.”
Brett smiled before he continued; “but I became a monster because of my obsession. That’s why the way I was at the start of the year, I cannot say how…”
Blair pulled on his arm tight, enough to get Brett to stop and look over at Blair. She began to speak to Brett still in a soft voice; “Brett I do not want you apologizing. I know the others all like you; they know you were not yourself. You do not have to apologize for anything that has happened. You never had to apologize for me getting kidnapped because you did everything to save me.” Blair looked up at him; she smiled as Brett pulled her in tight.
Blair was shivering since the dorm was cold; the sun had gone down and it was getting even colder. Brett got up taking off his sweater, all he had under was tee shirt on underneath. He threw his sweater over Blair’s shoulders; Blair immediately felt much warmer. “Thank you Brett” Blair said before Brett sat down; putting his arm over her shoulder.
Blair loved how nice Brett was being, he was such a gentleman. Blair looked up at him as she saw a silver necklace on Brett. “Brett I never knew that you had a necklace.” Blair sounded surprise; Brett took his free left hand, taking off the necklace giving it to Blair to look at.
Blair took the necklace; it was a normal silver necklace but attached was a ring. The ring was a fair size; but light as a feather. In the center was a gem Blair had never seen before, and was surrounded by eight other gems. They each where a different color but where all square, most were recognizable. The center gem was black, but it looked like cracks of light green light appeared. They soon disappeared as more little gleams of green light appeared. Blair’s eyes lit up as she spoke; “this is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen, where did you get this.”
“I’ve had this since I could remember. The day the person who adopted me found me; they found me with this. Doctors guessed I was thirteen but I had nothing but the clothes on my back and my ring. There was no information but I had knowledge of everything; except for where I came from. That was four years ago; but then I was introduced dueling. My name just came to my mind; but through dueling, I found purpose and some other things that became important.” Blair was staring directly at Brett, while he was telling his story.
Brett snapped out of his retelling; looking at Blair who was focused on him holding the ring tightly, trying not to drop it. Brett closed his eyes, knowing Blair liked it; “why don’t you hold onto it for me.” Blair shook her head; “No I could never hold onto something so important for you. I just never knew that about you, you never had any parents?”
“None that I can remember. I was never close to adoptive father either.” Brett shook his head; Blair handed him his necklace back. While Brett put his necklace back on Blair began to speak. “I really enjoyed this time alone with you. I have not had any real time with you.” Blair knew she had to thank Mrs. Fontaine; she continued to speak wanting to express more of her feelings to Brett. “You know Brett we need to spend more time together. I would really like to spend more time with you, and get to know you better.”
Song End
Brett felt his cheeks go red with embarrassment; Brett had wanted to get close but did not know how to, and now Blair had done what he could not. The room was silent; but the silence was short lived by Britney who burst into the room, shouting loudly. “You boyfriend stealing little witch; why did you kidnap Brett away from me. You just want to steal him away because you cannot have him, so back off!”
Britney became erratic; continuing to shout at the top of her lungs with passion inhabiting her vice. “I’m going to kick you’re ass unless you leave Brett alone. He is MY BOYFRIEND! You could never be as perfect for him as me.” Blair got up of the ground; she began to counter Britney’s statements with passion inhabiting her own voice. “Brett does not want to be with you, he never liked you. You are just a stalker, he would rather be with me because I care about him as a person, not some promotional tool.”
Britney was angry, but so was Blair. They both stood across from one another, a fair distance apart. Brett quickly got up running in between the girls saying; “girls stop this there is no need to fight.”
Britney prepped her duel disk as she spoke “no, we end this now, and when I win Blair is never allowed near you again! I want Brett for myself.” Blair laughed, before yelling at Britney. “You win? You are going to lose because the power of true love is on my side. And I accept but when I win you are to stop this fake love thing with Brett and leave him alone. My love deck will be you; I care too much about Brett to let you have him.”
“Oh how cute you think you like him more then me; how amusing to think an ugly runt like you could give” smirked Britney. Brett was still in the middle trying to stop a brawl that might break out. “Girls I am not worth this much trouble. I’m not worth fighting over;” but he was silenced as both girls shouted at the top of their lungs, the words “YES YOU ARE!”
Brett stood their shocked and embarrassed; he had two beautiful girls fighting over him, and they both wanted him a lot. Brett could take on duelists with swords but there was more danger in getting in the way of this fight then his previous one. He slowly turned getting out of the way; he moved over to a nearby pillar. He arrived at the pillar; turning around and leaning against it. He figured it wise to stay out of this; both started the duel as Blair said “I will go first. Since the saying goes, ladies first.” Britney snarled shooting back “you little witch, go first it does not matter. I will win whether you go first or second.”
Blair drew her sixth card; she placed a monster facedown defense position, while placing two traps face down as well. Blair ended her turn, leaving Britney to start the insulting. “That is it” Britney gave pause letting a small feminine laugh. “You’re not very good at anything are you? It’s a disgusting thought, you with Brett. He would rather a pretty girl anyway.” Blair did not hesitate to join in the game; “No you haunting him for the rest of his days is a disgusting thought. And Brett has already chosen me over you; so he has a beautiful girl by his side, now duel.”
Britney drew a card before playing Cost Down magic card. She discarded a card from her hand allowing her to make the requirements for stronger monsters negate. She then summoned the Dark Magician Girl in attack mode. “You know this card is so me; so beautiful, so popular, so smart, and graceful and she is going to crush you. Just like I’m going to do right now; so attack DMG.”
The magician raised her staff summoning dark magic to gather above her staff. It was hurled towards Blair’s hidden monster. When the monster exploded Blair laughed, “You just destroyed my D. D. Warrior Lady. So now both of our monsters are removed from play. Looks like you are pretty upset; course my monster just trounced a version of you. Just like I’m going to do to you.”
Britney scowled before ending her turn; Blair quickly drew her next card. She summoned her old deck’s signature card. The Maiden in Love appeared in attack mode and began to attack; taking away 400 life points from Britney. But it barely hurt Britney, and Blair ended her turn again.
Britney took this as an opportunity of a weak monster being Blair’s only defense. She drew the card she needed to really put the hurt on this opponent. Britney smiled before saying; “you know there is a reason why my deck is called bodyguards. I have filled my deck with strong monsters that worship me; and strong knights who would give their lives for me. While you beat the card that is supposed to be me; but how will you do with the card I consider to be Brett.”
“I activate my Black Luster Ritual, so all I do is send my Gate Guardian to the graveyard so I can summon this, the Black Luster Soldier. He is so good looking he just screams Brett; my strong and brave knight in shinning armor. Just like in real life he is with me.” Blair smiled while she began to speak; “well he may be on your side, but love will open his eyes to the truth. I promise you just like in real life I will bring him to me.”
Britney just brushed Blair’s comment away; she played one trap card declaring an attack with her soldier. The monster came down on Blair’s monster, but she only lost 1100 life points. “What, you cheated, why did that happen, your monster should be destroyed.” Blair laughed again saying “Well my monster cannot be destroyed if it is attack mode, next I activated shrink causing your monsters attack power to be cut in half. Last your monster get’s a heart counter too; and as for what it does, you shall find out.”
Britney ended her turn; Blair drew another card. She started by saying, “ first I use the spell card Snatch and Steal” but Britney interrupted. “No you will not, because Magic Jammer stops you’re card after I discard a card to the grave. You honestly never thought that would work; did you?” Blair shook her head; “of course not. You cannot force someone to love you; I wanted to show you that before I beat you. I saw your trap but now real love will bring Brett to me. Now I play my Cupids Kiss magic card and it attaches to your Black Luster Soldier. Next I end my turn.”
Britney took over drawing a monster that was no use to her; she scowled at her hand of monsters that needed sacrifices. She commanded her Black Luster Soldier to battle again. Again Blair activated another Shrink magic card; cutting the damage down to 1100 life points. But as the battle ended, the Black Luster Soldier came over to the Blair’s side of the field.
“Why is my protector siding with you?” Britney questioned as her turn ended. The score was now 1800 life points for Blair while Britney had 3600 life points; but Britney had no defense against what was about to happen.
When Blair picked up her next card, she looked at Britney speaking in a calm and collected manor. “Do you get it now, you cannot force someone to change their heart but true love has brought Brett to my side. Brett knew that attacking a real lady was wrong. Now it’s time to end this! I play my Happy Marriage Card which gives my maiden the attack points of Brett; I mean the Black luster Soldier. This is the true power of love and there love right now between these two duel monsters; as real as my feelings for Brett.”
Blair commanded the two to attack causing the 6400 points of damage; ending the duel with an absurd amount of damage. Blair started to speak; confident and proud of how she had fought and won for Brett. “I won so leave Brett alone…” The bands around their wrists activated cutting Blair’s statement off.
Blair began to fall to the ground; Brett ran over grabbing her, and holding her in his arms. Then Britney collapsed; Brett ran over grabbing Britney with his left hand softening her landing, while Brett still held Blair in his right. Brett paused for a second, questioning to himself the situation. “What’s going on? Their bracelets activated as they collapsed;” but Brett shook off his curiosity, wanting to get the girls somewhere safe.
It was pitch black outside, but it bothered Brett little. Brett carried both girls; one over each soldier, and it took him well over an hour to get to his destination. Brett arrived back at his dorm; he was tired and worn down from carrying the girls. Brett set Britney down on the ground in his room, her back to a wall. While he put Blair in his bed putting the bed sheets over her; carefully tucking her in. Brett turned to see Britney up and about to leave. “Britney are you ok?”
“I’m fine Brett; I just wanted to apologize for my rudeness. I did start to go out with you for the publicity, but I did start to like you as something more. Brett you’re lucky to have her; take good care of her. She really does have a strong heart; so do not break it.” Brett looked at her speaking in a quiet voice so not to awake Blair. “Britney thank you; you are a better duelist then I give credit for. But I would be honored to have you as my friend. I worry with the attempts on my life something big is about to happen. I promise though to protect my friends, and especially Blair.”
Britney smiled, “I’ll take you up on that, from now on will be friends ok, tell Blair she is a very lucky girl. Be careful Brett; I still do not want anything to happen to you.” Britney left the room shutting the door after she left. Brett sat down in a nearby chair; soon falling asleep hoping tomorrow would be peaceful for a change. The words of that dark shadow from earlier, still haunting him.
The next morning came; Blair woke up; she put her hand on her head as she tried to remember what happened. She soon realized she was not in her room. Blair sat up as she saw Brett asleep in the chair near the bed in the middle of the room. She slowly remembered everything about the duel, including passing out afterwards. She realized that Brett must have carried her back and took care of her. She offered a gentle smile at Brett; she saw that there was no one else to be seen.
Blair was happy, ever since the duel she had come to realize how strong her feelings were for certain people. She got up taking her time; she stretched her arms and legs before sitting back down on the bed. She just sat there watching Brett sleep peacefully; he was cute asleep and he deserved the rest.
Slowly she worked up the courage to do something she had wanted to do since yesterday. She walked over to him slowly getting closer and closer. Soon she felt brave enough as she planted a kiss on Brett’s lips. Just then Brett woke coming out of his sleepy state, feeling Blair’s soft lips on his. Brett was completely caught of guard; he leaned back to the point his chair began to tip backwards. He fell backwards; came crashing down on the ground.
Blair walked to his side letting her hand out to help him up. Brett grabbed Blair’s hand; he slowly got up Blair began to speak to him. “I finally figure a way to thank you and this is how you act. Don’t tell me my face scarred you, or that you are embarrassed a pretty girl kissed you?” Brett could only come up with partial words; his face turned beat red with embarrassment. Blair grabbed onto his arm; tightly grabbing on to him, giving no way for him to escape. “Come on class will start soon and we cannot be late.” Blair smiled at him; leading him out the door towards the school.
Chronicles of Light Part 2