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Chapter 21: Changes all around.
« Interesting… » Nazaruda spoke. Kiros went pale. He knew it would come to this. « However… » Nazaruda continued.
Oryas chuckled. « Kiros used to work for me as my little…errand boy. » he glared at the hare. « Until he decided to get a new, better life. » he turned back to Nazaruda. « What better way to solve both our problems? »
« You underestimate Aqua’s prowess… » Nazaruda said. « And sending an under experienced boy with wavering loyalty is not in my favour, so…I will recommend a test. »
Oryas laughed darkly. « Nazaruda, I can assure you…Kiros is the best assassin I’ve ever had working for me, and I’ve had a lot. Even if Aqua is as strong as you say, not even she would be able to survive Kiros’ assault. Besides, why would she doubt his intentions? He did rescue her, didn’t he? » The frog grinned. « Besides, Kiros knows better than to betray me. » Kiros nodded. He’d seen all too often what Oryas did to those who betrayed him, the tortures, and the screams, still haunted him.
« Kiros…attack me… » Nazaruda ordered. « Use any means and treat it like an assassination. » Nazaruda however continued to stay in his seating position, not moving his eyes from Oryas. The young assassin sighed, and vanished quickly, re-appearing instantly behind Nazaruda with 2 deadly blades in his hands, millimetres from the neck of the sitting man.
Nazaruda faded, his jacket slumping over the seat, and he prodded Kiros violently in the back of the head. « Aqua moves at about this speed. » He said. Kiros growled, and swung his daggers at Nazaruda, feinting to his left as he brought his foot up to his right to kick Nazaruda in the ribs. Nazaruda faded again and was back in his seat, jacket back on, like he’d never moved. « That’ll do. » He said.
Oryas was clearly impressed. Kiros on the other hand was not. He slammed the daggers into the desk, imbedding them halfway into the blades as he stormed out. The crime lord chuckled. « A slightly unfair test Nazaruda. » the frog grinned.
« That wasn’t my test. » Nazaruda said. « I want him to kill someone of equal speed, strength and reaction time to Aqua. » Muri walked out, following Kiros. Kiros had left the brothel, and was sitting in the gutter outside, head in his hands.
« You shouldn’t be here… » Muri said to him.
« It’s who I am. » he replied sullenly.
« And why is that? »
Kiros shrugged. « It’s what I’ve always known. » he stood and kicked the curb. « Muri, all I’ve ever known is this life. Hell, I killed for the first time when I was 4 years old, because that bastard frog told me to. I ran away because some sick part of me deep down began to enjoy it… »
« You should have remained on the outside… » Muri said, returning back inside.
He sunk back to his knees, in the gutter, where he felt he belonged. « It’s where I’ve always been… »
« Don’t you think he has potential though Nazaruda? After all, how many 13 year old hares do you know who can move like that, and with such precision? » Oryas continued, not liking the fact that his best assassin was being belittled so easily.
« In actually life, I would have killed him fifteen times over before the blades would have neared my neck, you know that as well as I, and like I said, I only used the exact speed and cunning as Aqua. » Nazaruda replied. « Beside, this test also helps me out, since Kirika is expendable and just expended, I want rid of her anyway. »
Oryas thought to himself, taking drags from his foul smelling pipe. « Well…I have an offer for you Nazaruda, if you’re interested. A little wager shall we say… »
« ..Go on… »
« I’ll wager that not only can Kiros kill Kirika and Aqua, but that he can do so without coming back without so much as a scratch. If I’m right…you train him. Make him better than he already is. »
« … » Nazaruda thought for a moment. « You have that much faith in him that he can take out my third strongest, fastest unit and Hiei’s fastest unit with full command over any water nearby? »
Oryas chuckled. « I have every faith in him. Question is, do you have enough faith in Aqua and Kirika to meet the wager? »
Oryas sighed and stood, turning his back to Nazaruda and staring out of the window. « I’m a rich man my friend. Richer than most could ever dream possible. But I’m getting old. The whores outside don’t interest me anymore. The drugs don’t excite me like they used to….. »
He turned slowly to Nazaruda. « If I’m wrong, and Kiros returns with the slightest mark, or even if he doesn’t at all…I will hand over everything to you and retire, a happy, rich man. »
« I see. » Nazaruda said. « So I win either way. »
« And either way, Aqua dies. » Oryas grinned. « Did you really think I’d send an antidote without a guarantee? »
« Fine then, I’ll take this challenge, I will however send with Kiros two from my arsenal to make sure the job is done. » Nazaruda stood. « And no, not particularly, what did you give them, per chance? » Nazaruda asked, standing up.
Oryas opened a draw and tossed a small vial of a foul looking red liquid. « My contacts in Radical City call it the ‘Red Lotus Elixir’. Made from the deadliest toxins known, one drop is enough to guarantee death within days. »
« The antidote I sent to Aqua for the snake venom had enough Red Lotus in it to wipe out a small country. » the frog grinned evilly. « Fear not my friend, whether Kiros fails or succeeds, Aqua is gone. »
Nazaruda looked into the vial curiously. « I see…so you poisoned her further. »
« Consider it a gift. I’m sure you can put it to good use. And should you need anymore, I can get a hold of as much as you want…although it doesn’t come cheap. »
« Hm…Shena might find interest in this… » Nazaruda said. « Well then, I think I’ll send the boy on his assignment then. » Nazaruda headed to walk out.
« Oh, and Nazaruda… » Oryas said as his partner went to leave. Nazaruda stopped for a moment. « If Shena should happen to find a way to make the Lotus even more potent, I can put you in contact with the right people to make millions. Keep it in mind. »
« I’ll keep that in mind, she does love her poisons…even in duelling. » Nazaruda said, walking out.
The frog stood and returned to looking out of his window. He chuckled softly. « Finally, I can leave this god-forsaken place. Kiros my dear boy, your death will set me free. » he sighed and called the weasel in. Oryas nodded at the weasel and threw him a folder. « Get everything in order Marv. We’re retiring. »
Nazaruda walked out of the brothal and toward Kiros. Muri followed him out, though she never actually returned to the room he was in previously. « So, where’d you go. »
« Bathroom… » Muri replied.
« That was a long bathroom break. »
« It was better than out with the perverts… »
« You, Kiros, you’re under my orders for the time being, I have a job for you. » Nazaruda said.
Kiros stood and looked at Nazaruda. « Sure thing. Who d’ya want dead….? »
« An old expendable of mine, Kirika, ever since she lost to the champ of the world she’s been useless to me, there are conditions though. She has to have no trace back to me, on the chance you fail to kill her. Also, make sure you do it discreetly and I mean no news or anything of the sort, two of my men will join you in making sure it’s take care of properly. » Nazaruda said. Three separate tears fell down Muri’s face, though his expression remained the same and she made no noise.
« Discreet is what I do Nazaruda, or did the frogman not mention that between smoking his crack-pipe? »
« Just get the job done, your life is also expendable, but you knew that, didn’t you? » Nazaruda asked, then walked off, Muri waiting a while.
« It always has been… » Kiros muttered.
« So…you’re going to kill my mother…good luck with that… » She then began to follow Nazaruda.
Kiros sighed. « Sorry Muri…but this is what I do. What I’ve always done…. » he silently followed his new boss. `And what I’ll probably be doing until I die…’ he thought
‘I thought differently of you…your vision is clouded, your judgement is poor…You’re not who will rescue me from this prison…’ Muri thought to herself, another tear falling down her cheek.
Tails was in the kitchen prepping up some lunch for the current guests. « I wonder where Kiros is… » She said aloud, so they could hear.
« Who knows… » muttered Mitsuko. « I mean, I would have thought he’d be back by now. » Zewl seemed preoccupied with something, and the look on his face said it wasn’t a good thing.
« Maybe he got preoccupied somewhere. » Tails said, bringing out 4 cups of tea for everyone.
Zewl was silent as he stood. He looked out the window, his face dark.
« That freak delivering the antidote seemed odd, though… » Tails said. « Like…bad odd, you know? And I don’t mean the clear hitting on me thing… Kinda shady… »
« You should have given the word Tails. » Mitsuko chuckled. « I woulda knocked his block off quite happily. He was a creep for sure. »
« Honestly, I was more concerned about giving Aqua that antidote, which didn’t look right to me either.
Zewl turned suddenly. « Tails. » he said urgently. « I need you to find me some herbs; I want to check for something. »
“Something wrong? » Tails questioned curiously.
« Honestly… » Zewl replied « I have no idea. But something doesn’t feel right, and I have a feeling I know what it is. »
He grabbed a piece of paper from the table and quickly jotted down the names of some strange sounding plants. « Take this list to the alchemy shop in town. I’d go myself, but I suspect we need to be as quick as possible. »
Tails took the paper, looked and walked off. « Back soon then. » She said. « Look after the place while I am gone. »
Zewl watched Tails leave. He turned to Mitsuko. « Now m’boy, I need you to go and collect the weeds from the garden. I need a specific kind, the ones that grow near the cliff-edge, the red and green ones. Okay? »
Mitsuko blinked at Zewl. « Err….sure. Kiama, stay here with Zewl. »
Kiama pouted and sat on a chair, sulking.
Aqua opened her eyes slightly, a fuzzy view greeting her, though she didn’t move, and her eyes barely open. ‘Where am I…’ She thought to herself. ‘Have I been captured…?’
« You’re awake!! » Kiama squealed with delight. She ran across the room and picked up Aqua’s deck, holding it out to the beautiful woman shyly. « I rescued your deck miss. » she said cutely. Zewl walked over, and placed his hand over Aqua’s forehead, checking her temperature.
« Miss Aqua, how do you feel? » he asked softly.
« Numb… » Aqua replied.
« I’m not surprised. » Mitsuko interjected as he returned from the garden. He handed the weeds to Zewl. « I got as many as I could find old man. » The mole nodded. He turned to Aqua.
« Now, Miss Aqua, this may sound odd, but I have a feeling it may save your life. I want you to try and spit on one of these weed petals. »
« Don’t be so repulsive… » Aqua said, insulted.
« Repulsive or not, it could save your life young lady! » Zewl said sternly, placing the leaves in front of her mouth.
« You’re fool-hearty… » Aqua said, still not comfortable with the idea.
Zewl shrugged and smiled. « As you wish Miss Aqua. Enjoy your death, it may be quite painful. » he pulled away, and went to throw the leaves in the bin. Aqua opened her mouth and concentrated, with that a bubble of her own spit floated into the air, as she rolled over, it floated in the air above her.
« Have it your way, old man… » She said, nuzzling her face in the sofa.
Zewl caught the bubble with one of the leaves, and sighed deeply as he watched the result. « Damn….just as I thought…. » He turned to Mitsuko. « You, go get a bag of ice, I want you to place it over Aqua’s heart. » he turned to Kiama. « Little one, check the window, let me know when you see Tails coming back. » He sat next to the sofa. « Miss Aqua, I need you to lie on your back, you need to stay as flat as you can. » Aqua stayed quiet, trying to return to sleep and ignore them.
« Aqua!! » Zewl exploded. « I’m trying to save your life, so stop being so stuck up and arrogant and lie on your damned back!! »
« Don’t bother. » Said a voice from the door. A woman in a white cloak stood there.
« I got the ice-pack! » Mitsuko called as he walked back in from the kitchen. « What….who in the hell are you? » he asked the newcomer cautiously.
« To get someone as ignorant as her, you need to hit her in the heart in order to make her do what you want. » She removed the cloak, revealing herself as a pure white hedgehog, with curled quills.
Mitsuko shook his head. « Whatever…. » he muttered as he helped Zewl force Aqua onto her back, and placed the bag of ice over her heart as Zewl held her down. Kiama came over and squealed
« Tail’s is coming! Tail’s is coming! » until she saw the discarded weeds. « EWWW!!!! Gross!! » she muttered before running off upstairs. Aqua then got a little angry and everything that had some form of water in it began to shake violently, as if the water was becoming alive.
« Let her go. » The hedgehog said. « Allow me. » She walked over. The hedgehog knelt down next to Aqua and took her ear, placing her lips near to it and whispered. Aqua’s eyes widened a little and she became surprisingly obedient.
« I’m not trying to irritate you, but keep reminding her that it’s not just her life at risk and she’ll do as you ask. I came for another reason. » She then looked at Mitsuko. « You’re the light wielder, one of few who carry Shinato, are you not? »
Tails walked in. « I’m back…what’s going on? » She asked, on entering.
Mitsuko tapped Zewl on the shoulder. « Take care of her old man. We may need Hiei’s help someday, and if we let his lover die he sure as hell won’t give it to us. » he looked at the stranger as Zewl walked over the Tails and got the herbs, asking her to come and help while he explained what he could.
« I do have the honour of wielding Shinato, yes. »
« Getting help from a dead man won’t be easy… » Tails said, following Zewl.
Mitsuko decided to ignore Tails, instead questioning the stranger further. « Why do you want to know? »
« Mitsuko…have you ever heard of this card? » She asked as she held up a small crystal display box with a special card inside.
He took a look. « Impossible…it’s…it’s a fake!! » he spluttered.
« What is it? » Tails asked, curiously.
« It’s the real deal, I can assure you. » The hedgehog said.
After making Aqua drink a potion he’d concocted, which made her run to the bathroom immediately and begin to vomit horrendously, Zewl stood and walked over, looking at the display case. « And why do you have such a rare and powerful card Miss? » he asked politely.
« I’m the guardian of the Winged Dragon of Ra, my only purpose is to protect this card from falling into the wrong hands. » The hedgehog said.
« My only purpose is to protect this card from falling into the wrong hands. » The hedgehog said.
« Wait….you think my hands are the right ones? » Mitsuko gawked in disbelief.
« I never said I am giving this card to you. » The woman said.
Aqua returned from the bathroom. « Can I please get some water…? » She asked, sickly.
Kiama smiled and ran off to the kitchen to get Aqua some water, while Zewl walked over to her and began to explain quietly about what had happened. Mitsuko however looked extremely confused. « Ok, it’s been a long day. Care to explain instead of talking in riddles? »
« Let’s take a seat and introduce ourselves, shall we? » Tails offered, taking a seat. The woman followed, placing the box on the table.
« My name is Tokimi, I like to be known as the Lordess of the light. » Tokimi introduced herself.
« Mitsuko, do you know you are an S ranked duellist? » Tokimi said.
« Erm….S ranked? » he said in confusion.
« Yes, S ranked. That classifies you as the 3rd strongest class of duellists in the world. » Tokimi continued. « Wait…4th strongest… » She corrected herself.
« Well….gee… » Mitsuko blushed. « So what does Ra have to do with this? »
« It’s simply, by ancient scriptures, The Winged Dragon of Ra is guarded by a duellist pure of heart and mind, who wouldn’t be tempted by the card to use it for the wrong reasons. However, it’s limited to so many years before the guardian must find an heir to the God Guardian and pass on the job. » Tokimi explained. « I have guarded this card near beyond that time, so I must find the new guardian of the card. »
Mitsuko was hooked. « So what do I have to do to prove I’m worthy? »
Tokimi pushed the box over to Mitsuko, stood and looked at Tails. « May I use your bathroom? » she asked. Tails nodded and pointed. Tokimi walked over, cape blowing as she does. She enters the toilet and locks it behind her. Mitsuko stared at the box, looking at the card locked away within. Kiama poked him.
« Mitsuko, can I have a look? » she whined. He chuckled and picked up the box as Kiama leaned over to look down at the most powerful of the Egyptian Gods, the most legendary creatures in duel-monsters. « He’s pretty Mitsuko. » she chirped happily. Aqua took a seat and looked over to Zewl.
« Sorry… » She said.
Zewl shook his head. « No….you do not need to apologise Miss Aqua. I was out of line with my words and my actions…I’m just worried about Kiros, and what happened to you just proved I was right… »
« I should have been more behaved…but why are you helping me, I tried to hurt you all… » Aqua said.
The old man sighed, and looked over to Mitsuko and Kiama, the pair cuddled up happily as the little girl held the Egyptian god in her hand delicately, having retrieved it from the box, and gazing down at it almost hypnotized. « Look at them Aqua. With everything that’s going on, they have each other…and that’s all they need. » He turned back to her. « Mitsuko hurt many of the Shadow Clan to get his sister’s soul back. But would you want to claim vengeance, looking at them now? » the mole continued.
« I got my just deserts…unlike you, I did not leave…with all the ones I love… »
Zewl patted Aqua on the shoulder. « No, I suppose you did not. But if I had let you die from the Red Lotus, how do you think those that love you in return would feel, knowing they’d never see you again? »
« There isn’t anyone left to care… » Aqua said, burying her face into her hands.
« So, Hiei really is dead, then… » Tails questioned, carefully.
Kiama gave Mitsuko the god-card, who put it back in its case gently, and went and sat on Aqua’s lap and put her arms around the woman’s shoulders, trying to comfort her. « I care. » she said sweetly.
Aqua looked at Kiama curiously. « But… » She said, seemingly mesmerized either motherly or confused at her. Tokimi returned from the toilet and walked over, retaking her seat.
Kiama reach over and grabbed Aqua’s deck. « I saved it, when you fell over earlier. » she smiled.
Aqua took her cards and looked at them. Tears filled in her arms as she placed them on the table, lowing her head, so her hair covered her tearful eyes.
« Thank you…but I don’t want them anymore…I’ve no reason left to duel… »
« Oh put a sock in it. » Tokimi said. « If you think Hiei was weak enough to be killed in that tower then you love him a lot less than you let on… »
Kiama glared at Tokimi. « You don’t have to be so mean about it! »
Aqua instead of lashing out like expected, she just let her tears roll down her face.
« Seriously though, who in this room believes Hiei can be killed so easily? » Tokimi asked.
Mitsuko shook his head. « He’s way too strong to just be killed by a falling building. »
« I know what happened in that room. » Tokimi said.
Zewl stood up. « While I’m intrigued to know, I have to go and find Kiros. He’s in trouble, and I can’t just leave him. »
« I see. » Tokimi said. « The fight never concluded, as the two charged in for the finishing blow, Hiei’s daughter Kerin walked in and called out for her father, Hiei naturally was distracted, giving Nazaruda the edge, though Hiei nearly was killed, he still managed to dodge enough to avoid a fatal wound, Nazaruda then left as Hiei protected his daughter from the rubble. He’s not been heard of since. However, I don’t think he’s dead. »
Mitsuko watched as Zewl left. He stood as well. « Can’t let the old man go alone. Aqua, can you look after Kiama while I’m gone? » he asked as he grabbed his coat and slotted his deck into his duel disk in preparation.
« The god card? » Tokimi asked.
« It’s on the table in its box. » Mitsuko called over his shoulder as he ran out after Zewl.
Tokimi looked at the box and smiled, took it, stood and walked out after them.
Tails stood and stretched.
“So, Aqua, Kiama. Feel like some television since there’s supposed to be an interview with Pegasus on around…” She then looked at the time. “Oops, we’re missing it.” She turned on the television and flicked through the channels until Pegasus was on the screen.
“Yes, yes…” He said, answering a missed question. “The Cyber Dragon have been reduced due to the overuse of them in many decks and it’s about time that they were given a challenge.”
“But Mr Pegasus, sir, doesn’t cutting the Cyber Dragons to two mean that’s the end of the Cyber End Dragon?”
“Not at all as you can still use the Proto-Cyber Dragon and The Light – Hex-Sealed Fusion cards, plus other fusions material replacement cards to bring out the Cyber End Dragon.” Pegasus answered.
“What about the Call of the Haunted and Monster Reborn Cards, sir? Have you any comments?”
“I actually do not, it’s simply reliability on the Call of the Haunted, but either way I have some more announcements so no more questions on the ban list, my reasons for each card are not well thought through…”
It was not just Tails and her guests who were watching this, it appeared many around such as Knuckles, Amy and many other Freedom Fighters were all glued to the Screen, except for Sonic who was actually there live.
“Now, I’ve just finished calibrating a new Duel Points system which is being transferred via Satellite to all the duel disks of the world, your recorded duels have ranked you all on your performance and places you in the categories of U, G, F, E, D, C, B, A, A+, S, S+, S++ and finally, Z. You have all got a score which is based off of previous experience, win or lose, and that will change as duels in the near-future finish.
“The beginner duellists will be marked U, or Unclassified, as they advance, the letter will change and you will be noticed for your skills as you deserve, so if you are a brilliant duellist, your rank will show it, as everyone will know who’s a newbie or a sucky duellist. Now, I will not spoil the fun of how many points per group, but its fare I’ll tell you that. Now, there are some rules, to avoid bullies. You may only duel duellists and gain from them if they are between 2 levels below or above you. So no picking on the little people to get points. Also, you’ll be given added bonuses for defeating someone higher than yourself, but lose points from the total for picking on the weak.
A reporter cleared his throat. « Mr Pegasus sir, it sounds like a very complicated system, more suitable for a tournament system than the way duellists around the globe play? »
« Ah, I see what you mean, however, this is suitable for such an event, you see every few years a special worldwide event comes into play. This is organised beyond my saying as it’s been done in ancient times and naturally, history will repeat itself. This event will take place sometime in the near to somewhat far future and these duel ranks will be what separates the best from the wannabe’s.
« In other words, the finalists will be the highest ranking duellists. »
A vixen, wearing perhaps too much make-up, stood as the other reporter sat down. « And what about the duellists who don’t want to participate? »
« That’s up to them, they can refuse to take part in the event later on this year or soon next year, but the ranking will stand as it is. It also gives duellists reason to become better if they truly seek it. Have you ever walked around and seen that big boy in the playground picking on a bunch of younger kids for being the ‘greatest duellist’ but never manages to back that up with a challenge? If they think they are so great, then they now have the chance to see for themselves just how good they really are. »
« So what is the top prize? An event of this magnitude must surely have an impressive reward! » another called out.
Pegasus chuckled. « With the amounts of tournament official announcements I have given, surely you have gotten used to some of my well hidden secrets, I will for now hold back on revealing the ultimate prize for the ultimate duellist.”
“If there are no further questions, then I will not have any more to say. » Pegasus said, trying to finish up.
« One more question, Mr Pegasus!! » A reporter called from the back of the room.
« Please, go on. » Pegasus said.
« I’ve heard rumours of ‘Duel Gangs’ who prey on duellists for their cards. Will you be implementing security to prevent this sort of thing? » Pegasus thought for a moment.
« No. I create the game, I enforce the laws within the game, I am not a police force and neither are my employees. »
« But are you not worried that such actions might cause problems? »
Pegasus sighed. « If you must know, then I can assure you that there is a team led by the legendary Seto Kaiba called the Blue Eyes White Force. If you must take up issues on duel clans or gangs or whatever they want to be called, then he’s the man that has the force behind him. » Every reporter in the room opened a notebook of varying kinds and jotting down this new revelation.
« Anyone else? » Pegasus asked.
A silence hung in the air. « Well then, this interview is finished, have a nice evening and thank you for your patience. » Pegasus then left the stage.
“Wow, not expecting that…” Tails honestly spoke.
Kiama tugged on Tail’s coat. « Tails! » she whined. « Will big brother know about this? »
« We’ll tell him later if he doesn’t. » Tails smiled down at her. Aqua began playing with her duel disk.
« Seems Calibrations haven’t begun yet…it’s all the same still. » She said.
Kiama pulled her deck from her pocket and looked at it sadly. « I hope I can get better, I’d love to show Mitsuko what I can do. » she said.
Aqua looked over to her. « Can I see? » She asked.
Kiama nodded. « It’s not a very good deck…. » she said as she passed the deck to the Water Queen
Aqua took the deck and flicked through it. « Hm, a basic deck. » She said. « You use a good set of water based monsters, you should stick to them. They’re powerful creatures, and the ocean is ever such a beautiful place. »
Kiama grinned proudly. « I will! » Aqua smiled as she gave the deck back. Tails looked toward her.
« You know, we never got to duel you in the end… » She said to Aqua.
« Huh? » Aqua questioned.
« When we invaded, I don’t think we duelled you. »
Kiama bounced up and down happily. « Oh oh oh can I duel!! »
Aqua shrugged. « Pass… » She said.
« And why? » Tails asked.
« I can’t and won’t duel without Hiei… » Aqua replied, lowering her head.
In the distance, the noise of a helicopter could be heard.
« It’s a ‘copter!!! » Kiama squealed with excitement as she ran off in the direction of the helicopter, the hyper little girl disappearing quickly. Tails stood and ran after her, making sure she didn’t fall over any of the steep slopes surrounding her house. As she got outside, she noticed the Helicopter was flying toward the area. Soon it hovered above the open area and came in to land. Aqua joined the other two outside.
« Expecting anyone? » Aqua asked.
« Nope… » Tails honestly replied.
« Maybe it’s brother!!! » Kiama said hopefully.
« In a helicopter? » Aqua questioned her.
Soon, the doors of the copter opened and men in black suits and shades got off, followed by the man in red, with long silver hair, Maximillion Pegasus.
« Well well, Pegasus…what brings you here again? » Tails asked, smugly.
« Nice to see you as well, Tails. » Pegasus replied, walking over.
« Crud… » Aqua said, backing off.
« Don’t worry your little head, Aqua-girl, I’ve no intention of throwing you in prison or claiming your deck for all your misdeeds in the past. I’ve come to ask a favour of Ms Prower, actually. » Pegasus said.
« What kind of favour? » Tails questioned.
Kiros walked towards the abandoned building where Nazaruda had told him Kirika had last been seen. On either side of him were Nazaruda’s flunkies, there to make sure he did the job right. Sighing, the hare walked into the building, climbing over fallen beams and parts of destroyed walls. The flunkies assigned to Kiros clambered after him, stumbling and cursing as their feet constantly got caught in the rubble. Sighing, Kiros continued on, holding the knives dipped in Red Lotus tightly, until he came upon an open area where Kirika sat before him. Nazaruda’s goons stood beside him, urging him on.
« Kirika! » Kiros called out, his voice echoing in the large room. Kirika was curled into a heap on the floor, not flinching at her name.
« Looks like the boss was right, she is a pathetic piece of garbage now. » A goon laughed.
« You know what guys…. » Kiros said as he gripped the daggers in his hand, flexing his wrists ever so slightly.
Kirika began to stand up. « What do you want… » She asked.
« We’re here to end your obsolete ass… » The other goon said, cockily.
Kiros grinned, and in a flash, the daggers that were in his hands appeared jutting from the bottom of both goons jaws. He walked towards Kirika. « You gotta get out of here. »
Kirika stood upright, but didn’t move.
« Why…? » She asked.
« Muri. » he replied quietly. « Look, I’ll be killed for doing this, so don’t make a fool of me by getting caught… » he ran, leaving the building before another word could be said. Kirika followed him.
« I’m confused. » She said.
He turned quickly. « Damn! Nazaruda said you were quick. » the hare said, gripping his chest melodramatically. « Nearly gave me a heart-attack!! »
« Nazaruda…? » Kirika questioned. « What’s he got to do with this? »
« He has Muri. » Kiros replied seriously. « He made a deal with one of the crime lords in the underworld, sent me to kill you. »
« I know he has Muri…but he promised that if I kept winning, then she’d be left alive, but kill me? » Kirika couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
Kiros shrugged. « Apparently he doesn’t think you’re of any use to him. Look, seriously, you gotta get outta here. I have to return, I have to let Muri know you’re okay… »
« I wouldn’t do that if I were you. » Kirika said, her tone changing a little.
« Why not? » he asked calmly. « Nazaruda’ll kill me, or worse, he’ll hand me over to Oryas to be tortured. Either way, if I don’t go, a lot of people will get hurt when they come looking for me. »
« Nazaruda already knows you couldn’t kill me, and if he doesn’t Muri will tell him if you tell her I am alive. But as you wish. » Kirika then did as she was told and dashed off, disappearing in moments.
Kiros watched, then turned to return to the brothel where Nazaruda and Oryas were waiting for him. « Don’t fear the reaper Kiros… » he muttered to himself.
Kirika meanwhile had made it to the town Plaza, where she was stopped.
« Hello, Kirika. » Shena said, smiling widely, with a real tall red Wolf and short red hedgehog.
« Let’s go for a walk, shall we? » The wolf said, laughing to himself.
« So, do you think he carried out my mission? » Nazaruda asked Oryas.
« I doubt it. » the frog grinned. « And you know full well he didn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have sent your flunkies to catch her when she escaped, would you? »
« Have no idea what you mean, Oryas. » Nazaruda said.
The frog smirked. « You forget who you’re talking too Nazaruda. I own this city. And just in case you didn’t send Shena and the wolf and hedgehog, just to let you know they have Kirika. »
« Interesting. » Nazaruda said.
Oryas poured himself a glass of whiskey, and offered his partner one. « We both knew he wouldn’t go through with it. In any case, you get the pleasure of killing the boy, I get my retirement. And with Kirika in your hands anyway, we all win. »
« Yes, indeed… » Nazaruda said, though he doesn’t seem interested in the whiskey.
The crime lord lowered his glass. « You don’t seem happy my friend. What’s bothering you? »
« It seems some of my other plans are not going as they should be. » Nazaruda said.
« What do you mean? »
« A few side plans, it’s nothing too serious. » Nazaruda said. « You might want to relocate soon. An…old friend is making his way here and I don’t think it’s wise we meet him. » Nazaruda said and turned to leave.
« Who is this ‘old friend’ Nazaruda? You seem…worried…about him turning up. » The frog asked as he too stood.
« Ever heard of the Dragon Soldier? » Nazaruda asked.
« I thought you killed Hiei. » Oryas said coldly. « No matter, this place has served its purpose. Come, we should leave through the back entrance, it leads out straight to the train station. » Nazaruda nodded and followed.
« Hiei is…how should we say…persistent. »
« An admirable quality, if he wasn’t such an irritation. » Oryas muttered as he pulled on a lampshade and the wall ahead of them opened. « I know its cliché, but it works. » he grinned.
« I see… » Nazaruda wasn’t impressed. « Well, either way, Muri will go a different way, its better if we don’t keep in a large group, less conspicuous. » Oryas nodded, and motioned for Nazaruda to enter the escape tunnel, before walking after him and shutting the entrance behind them.
Chapter 20: So comes the next enemy…
The Dragon Soldier Lives!