Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Cat's In The Bag ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The Year of the Misfits

Chapter one: Cat’s in the Bag

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruit’s Basket or Kyo.

Author’s note: This is a reader-insert fic. (your name) will be used when someone addresses you or you say your name. By the way, this is my first reader-insert…heh. (.)

You’re a teen, you’re mad, and you’re storming down the street to a forest. You’re new to Japan, and as a result, are wearing blue jeans and a baggy black T-shirt over a black tank-top. You have on black boots and a dog chain around your neck. A cold wind rushes by, lifting your dark hair up and around. Some gets plastered to your mouth and you hastily brush it away. The wind pushes it back in your face and you can’t see.

All at once you feel yourself lose your footing and scream bloody murder as you tumble down a slope. You hit your head on a rock and fall unconscious.

When next you wake, night has fallen outside. You’re on the floor of a brightly lit room on top of a thin green mat. You sit up, but fall back down as your head spins rapidly.

« What the hell? Did I get drugged or something? » you mutter grumpily, rubbing your eyes and forehead in an attempt to think and see straight.

« Tch. » scoffs a male voice to your right, « Who would need to drug the likes of you? All it takes is bad balance and a friggin’ rock. »

You look over to the source of the voice, and are shocked to see a carrot-topped boy leaning moodily against the door frame. Your gaze is drawn to the bracelet on his arm, which is made of black and white beads. The boy glares darkly at you when he notices what you’re looking at.

« What? Never seen a guy wear jewelry? » he snaps. « What’s your name, klutz? »

« (your name). » you respond. « What’s your’s? Sir, something-crawled-up-my-ass-and-died? » the boy scowls, then stomps off somewhere else in the house.

You sit in silence a few minutes, wondering where the hell you are and if you can leave without use of force. As you ponder, the boy returns, hands on his hips.

« Do you mind? You’re in my room, on my mat, and I need to get dressed into more suitable clothing for sleeping. » he growls. You lift your eyebrow.

« Actually I do mind. This mat ain’t half bad, your room’s cleaner than mine, and if clothing’s a problem, make like a real man and sleep in the nude. » you reply, yawning and stretching out comfortably on his mat. The boy gapes at you, then punches a hole through his wall. He starts to storm off again when you stop him.

« Say, carrot-top. You never told me your name. » you add, inspecting your nails for dirt in a rather I’m-so-bored-I’m-cool fashion. The boy looks over his shoulder but otherwise doesn’t move.

« Kyo. » he says after a moment. You smile.

« Kyo, huh? So, in Japanese your friends would call you Kyo-kun, correct? Sorry – I’m new here. Just moved from the U.S. » you respond. Kyo lifts an eyebrow.

« Should I be impressed or laughing my ass off? » he replies over his shoulder.

« I guess you should be impressed – doesn’t look like you have much of an ass to laugh off. » you retort. He glares at you and your smart-ass comments.

« Tch…Girls. What do you know? » he questions haughtily. You smile an evil grin.

« Well, Kyo-kun, I know from the last few minutes that you have a really bad attitude. What do you know? » you respond.

« I know you’re a clumsy little bitch with a ton of wise-cracks that just so happens to be in my room on my mat. And wearing my clothes. »

« What? » you yell, glancing down at a shirt that’s too big for you and pants that you need to roll the pant legs up on because they’re so much longer than your own. « What the hell happened to my clothing? And… » your eyes narrow, « Who the hell dressed me? » Kyo backs up slightly, now that he’s turned to face you.

« Tch. I didn’t look, okay? You were scratched and scrapped pretty bad. I did what I could to bandage you up, but I’m at a loss when it comes to fixing clothes. » he says, looking off out the window. You silently seethe – no one touches you at all. And definately not a snot-nosed, pumpkin-haired boy with a bracelet. You prepare to beat the crap out of him. Then you calm, vowing first to repay him for getting you bandaged…Even if it did go against your codes.

« So…What time is it? » you inquire. Kyo raises an eyebrow, then glances at his watch on his other arm.

« Late. Where do you live? You’re parents will be worried you’re not home by now, won’t they? » he asks. Your eyes turn downcast, and a sharp pain fills your chest.

« My parents gave me away when I was young. They said I was a curse upon the family. I was only five. » you respond, hastily wiping away slippery tears that had breached your emotional wall. Kyo jumps as you start crying.

« Hey, hey, hey! Look I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to…Ah, hell. » he exclaims, before glancing uncomfortably around the room.

« I’m sorry. » you manage weakly, before exhaustion kicks in and you fall asleep. You curl into a little ball, and you vaguely hear Kyo mutter something.

You wake the next morning feeling rather comfortable. You start stretching when, quite suddenly, your elbow brushes something hard. Someone gasps behind you, and you spring to your feet. Kyo lays next to the mat, clasping his hands over his stomach.

« You did that on purpose. » he growls through pants, before you start to hit him.

« YOU ASS! WHAT WERE YOU DOING THAT CLOSE TO ME! » you scream. Kyo covers his ears. Suddenly, another boy enters the room. He has purple eyes and hair of the same hue.

« Kyo, what did you do this time? And who is this? » he asks. You hold out a hand.

« Name’s (your name). Who are you? »

« Nice to meet you your name. I’m Yuki. » he responds. You smile.

« Yuki, eh? Doesn’t that mean snow? » you question. Yuki nods. Kyo makes a gaging noise.

« Sheesh! Just introduced and you two might as well already be lovers! And Yuki with Tohru already! » he yells, getting to his feet and stretching.

« Well, at least I can get a lover, now can’t I? And I’m sure (your name) here has already had many boys approach asking her on a date. » Yuki says in retort. Kyo angers.

« Actually, » you interupt, « Almost every boy I run into ends up running away from me or never speaks to me. » Kyo gapes.

« But…Ah, nevermind. » Kyo turns to leave. You grab his arm to pull him to face you, but his foot catches on one of your boots and you both fall to the floor with him on top. In a puff of smoke, Kyo is replaced by…

« A…cat? Where’s Kyo? And where’d this cat come from? » you ask Yuki. The boy sighs.

« Kyo? Should we tell her? » Yuki asks, looking down at his feet.

« …When we hug or brush bodies with someone of the opposite sex, we turn into one of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac…Well, Yuki and our other family members. I turn into the cat. » says the orange cat that’s now sitting on your chest.

« This is all one big, sick joke, right? » you ask, before another puff of smoke and Kyo – a very naked Kyo – is sitting on you instead of the cat.

Needless to say, you faint.

Bare Payback