Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ CardCaptors On The FLY ( Chapter 2 )

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It had only been a few minutes since Kero dubbed me and Sakura as « CardCaptors. » And although Kero said that we were both the right people for the job, Sakura and I still felt a little dismissive. « I don’t think we have the time to do something as dangerous as this » Sakura and I said to Kero. « Excuse me, who let the cards out of the book? » Kero said. « We did » Sakura and I both said in a depressed sounding tone of voice.

It was then that Sakura and I heard a loud noise that sounded like a bird screeching. Sakura and I then ran to the window, and upon looking out the window, we noticed a giant blue bird flying in the sky. « What is that? » Sakura and I asked Kero as he approached the window. « It’s a Clow Card » Kero said. Sakura and I gulped; we both knew then what we had to do.

A few seconds later, Sakura and I ran out of the room, downstairs, and out the door. As both Sakura and I ran down the street, Kero flew right in between us. « Its the Fly card, Sakura, Zachary, release you staffs just like I showed you! » Kero said. « Right! » Sakura and I said in unison. Sakura and I then reached down our shirts and pulled out our respective keys. « Oh key of clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite, RELEASE! Sakura and I chanted in unison. With our staffs now in hand, I turned to Sakura, « You distract the bird, and I seal it? » I asked. « Sounds like a plan to me » Sakura said in response while smiling.

It was then that Sakura approached the giant bird. But, while I wasn’t looking, the bird spread its wings and took off into the sky, and, little did I know was that Sakura had jumped onto the bird and was taken along for the ride.

It was when I looked up at the Fly card that I noticed Sakura holding on for dear life. « Don’t worry Sakura, I’ll handle this! » I said while quickly pulling out the Windy Card. I then raised my staff and said « Windy Card, encircle the Fly card and bind its wings, WINDY, RELEASE AND DISPEL! » I chanted as I tapped the card with the tip of my staff. A few seconds later, the Windy Card appeared and started encircling the giant bird. Once the giant bird’s wings were bound by Windy, it began to fall at a rapid speed, a few seconds after that, Sakura fell off the giant blue bird, but thankfully, I was able to use the Windy Card to catch Sakura before she hit the ground. « That was too close for comfort » I said while wiping the sweat from my forehead. « Nice quick thinking Zachary » Kero said as he flew beside me. « Thanks for the compliment Kero, but I think I should go and see if Sakura is alright » I said as I ran towards Sakura who was still on the ground.

It was when I was kneeling beside Sakura that she finally woke up, « uh…What happened? » Sakura asked. « You almost got hurt when I bound the Fly card with Windy, but thankfully I was able to catch you in time » I said. « Thank you Zachary » Sakura said as she smiled at me. « Your welcome » I said as I helped her up.

It was then that we turned our attention back to the bound Fly card, and Kero then flew right beside us. « There is one thing that both of you must know before sealing the card, both of you will have to swing your staffs down in unison, or else the capture won’t work. » Kero said. « Right! » Sakura and I replied in unison.

It was then that we turned to the giant bird and raised our staffs at the same time and said, « Fly card, we command you to return to you power confined, FLY CARD! Sakura and I shouted in unison as we swung our respective staffs down at the same time.

About a few seconds after that, nothing happened, but a few seconds later, one half of a card materialized on the tips of our staffs. The Fly card spirit was then split in half, and then one half of it went into both of our card halves. The captured Fly card then fluttered to the ground, and then both Sakura and I dropped to our knees.

« I thought I was going to fail » Sakura said in a shocked tone of voice. « Same here » I said in response.

It was then that Kero landed in front of us and said, « both of you will need to write your names on the card so that it won’t escape. »

And with that, Sakura and I wrote our names on the bottom of the Fly Card with Sakura’s name below mine.

« Why don’t the both of you try it out? » Kero asked after Sakura and I were both done writing our names on the card. « What can the card do? » Sakura asked. « I think I got a pretty good idea » I said as I crouched down and picked up the Fly Card.

Sakura and I then once again raised our staffs, swung both of them down at the same time, and tapped the Fly Card at the same time. « FLY! » Sakura and I yelled out in unison, and after the one word was said, both of our staffs grew wings on the top. Sakura and I then got on our respective winged staffs, and then, after a few seconds, we took off into the sky. « This is awesome! » Sakura and I said in unison. « I knew I could count on you two CardCaptor Sakura and Zachary » Kero said. « Hold on, we haven’t agreed to anything yet » Sakura and I said in unison as all three of us flew across the sky.

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