Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Car Accident That Caused Something… Unexpected ( Chapter 1 )

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Car Accident That Caused Something… Unexpected
Yuki and Kyo were having a normal day, well, normal as far as a day at the Shigure Sohma’s house went.
Also known as: Not normal in the slightest.
But in the sense that it was normal, Yuki was tired, accidentally fell on Kyo’s shoulder, Kyo got mad, and Kyo was sent twenty feet away by a simple kick.
The day was nice enough, with the cool green leaves fluttering in the wind and yesterday’s laundry flapping under the strain of the gusts and their bonds to the clothesline, but the fire burned white hot under Kyo Sohma’s almost-red eyes.
“Damn rat! Do you ever let up?!” Kyo’s cat ears on his head gave off the clear message that he was ticked, the left side of his jawbone sporting a painful looking (and brand new) bruise.
His usual cargo pants and tight black shirt were nowhere to be seen, instead, the white shirt of his school uniform caught the sun’s light and nearly blinded anyone who looked at it, although almost everyone would argue that his cousin, Yuki’s, `light’ would outshine even lightning striking the sun.
“Can’t you even let me sleep?” Yuki returned in a chiding way, fixing his shirt as he padded off to the kitchen. His socks, always clean and freshly washed by Tohru Honda were as white as Kyo’s shirt, because he never had to get them dirty, even when fighting—winning against his cousin for the… well, he’d lost track of just how many times he’d beaten Kyo.
“Tohru! I’m starving!” Shigure wined, exiting his office in his usual writer’s kimono and slumping off to the kitchen. His thumb was hooked in the sash, but his other hand left the duty of shielding his eyes from the sunlight to brush aside the overhead curtain leading from the veranda to the kitchen.
Kyo growled, he considered chasing after Yuki and challenging him to another fight, but the smell of salmon caught his nose and instead he huffed, stomping after Shigure and Yuki.
He shoveled the food into his mouth as fast as he could, desperate to get away from the damn rat as fast as he could. It was creeping him out the way Yuki was staring, even if he was half asleep.
Maybe it was his hair, it was quite a sight.
Two words: Bright Orange.
There was no other explanation needed, even people he didn’t know would pass him in the streets and harass him about it. But whether or not they were just teasing or actually looking to start a fight, they always ended up bloodied on the ground by Kyo’s quick-flaring temper.
He hadn’t always had such an obnoxiously large chip on his shoulder, but sixteen years of everyone telling him how horrid he was had chiseled at his temper until he snapped at the tiniest things. Whether it was Yuki staring or Hatsuharu picking another fight at all the wrong times, and then getting violent when Kyo refused, he always snapped.
“I’m going ahead.” He growled, grabbing his bag and throwing it over his shoulder. He jolted up from the table, making a mental note to destroy the rat later and marched over to the door.
“Oh, Kyo, why don’t you wait? I’ll be done in a few minutes, and I’ll walk with you.” Tohru smiled up at him, setting her bowl down while talking to him to be polite.
“Oh, uh… you don’t…” he stuttered, a small blush forming on his upper cheek. He unconsciously gripped the paper door tighter as she smiled at him.
“It’s ok, I don’t want you to walk alone.” She said sweetly, her smile shining right through his former mood.
“Whatever. I’ll be by the front.” He huffed, turning in a rush to hide his pink cheeks and stomped out the door, letting Yuki’s mutter of “Stupid cat.” Slide for once.
He dropped his bag by the door and fell back against the wall, sliding down to sit and watch the clouds. Why was it that he got so happy every time she smiled, and how could she make him want to smile every time she laughed?
He gritted his teeth and tried not to take his frustration out on the paper door or on the veranda, he didn’t need Shigure after him again for breaking the house.
He knew what it was, even though he would never ever admit it, even to himself. It scared him.
The way he reacted around her, the way his heart lit up when she smiled, the way his body temperature shot through the roof along with his brain every time she got too close. He had never experienced anything like that before, and it scared him to think that he would have a… a… weakness like that.
Yuki stepped out onto the veranda next and set his bag down, leaning back against the wall and looking at the sky. Kyo glared up at him, considering whether or not to attack him, but decided against it when Tohru stepped out onto the veranda.
“Isn’t it a beautiful day?” she beamed at the sky, her hand up to shield her eyes from the sun.
“Yeah, whatever, lets just go.” Kyo muttered, grabbing his bag and walking off down the path.

“It is a beautiful day.” Yuki agreed with Tohru, making Kyo grit his teeth. That damn rat was always butting in and being the goody-two-shoes for her. Just another reason for Kyo to despised him; he wasn’t good with people, and all that damn Yuki had to do was smile to attract everyone else.

It wasn’t fair, Yuki got everything. The attention, the love, the friends, the… everything. But it was never fair. It had never been fair, and it would never be fair. He was the cat and Yuki was the rat, that was the way it would always be, and nothing could change that.
Kyo drowned out the chitchat of his bastard of a cousin and Tohru will the memories of his last fight with Haru. The one good thing about Haru showing up at all the wrong times to fight, was that Kyo was always mad at Yuki at that second, so he was able to blow off some serious steam.
He wished that Haru would jump out of the bushes because of his crappy sense of direction and demand for another fight right now. It would be a good reason to skip school if nothing else.
After School
School was boring as usual. He got mad at Yuki and Yuki buried him. It was another good reason for Uo, Tohru’s Yankee friend to harass him for his hair.
“Kyo, do you want to play Rich Man, Poor Man?” Tohru asked him, holding out a deck of cards. He looked up from his book to her eyes poking from over the top of the binding.
“Why the heck would I want to play that stupid game?” he snapped, trying not to upset her, but this day was just pissing him off for some reason.
“You a coward?” Uo sneered, placing her elbow on his head and leaning all her weight on him. He smacked her arm off.
“Who says?! I just don’t want to play the damn game!” he barked.
“Stupid cat.” Yuki muttered, putting the broom back in the closet now that cleaning the classroom was done.
“What was that, you damn rat?” Kyo snapped, out of his seat and by Yuki’s side in milliseconds.
“Nothing.” Yuki sighed. “Miss Honda, may I play?” he asked sweetly, walking up to her and holding out his hand, offering to shuffle the cards.
“Of course!” she grinned widely at him and passed him the cards.
“Hey.” Haru said suddenly, sliding open the classroom door. “Kyo, I’ve been looking for you.”
“Yeah? For how many days?” Kyo sniffed. Ok, he looks calm enough now, but…
“Why were you looking for cat-lover?” one of the boys in the class approached the younger boy.
“Hey!” Kyo snapped.
“I want him to fight me.” Haru answered plainly and Kyo cursed. The phrase “Never getting out of this alive” ran through his mind as he thought of just walking away to not fight Haru.
“Not now.” Kyo snapped, grabbing his bag and walking out as fast as he could.
“He really is a coward.” Uo laughed, beside her, Hana’s hair was sticking up from Haru’s, his and Uo’s electrical charges in the room.
“Damn Yank! Take that back!” he yelled, getting right in her face.
“Kyo, just fight him, before—” Yuki began, eyeing Haru.
“I said no, you damn rat!” Kyo shot back.
“He’s a weakling.” Hana murmured.
“What did you say?!” Kyo demanded, rounding on her.
“Kyo…” Yuki began again.
“Shut up—AAAH!” Kyo clutched his side in pain as Haru lowered his foot to the ground, the necklaces around Haru’s neck almost floating from the anger flowing inside of him.
“You sicken me, using pathetic excuses to get out of a duel.” Haru growled from beneath his bangs.
“Uh oh.” Some of the kids in the class murmured, edging towards the door.
“I told him.” Yuki rolled his eyes, placing his papers in his bag and flipping the top closed.
“You damn brat!” Kyo shot up from the floor, preparing to take Haru’s face of, or at least his nose.
“You pansy! You can’t even fight me! You’re using excuses because you’re too afraid to fight me!” Haru laughed menacingly before Kyo’s fist connected with his cheek, sending him flying backwards, and the battle commenced.
Everyone fled the room as Haru and Kyo smashed through the desks, trying to be the first one to beat the other to a pulp.
“Tohru!” Momiji called, running into the room with a lollypop in his mouth and three more in his left hand, his right hand was busy waving at light speed.
“Oh, Momiji!” Tohru clasped her hands together as Momiji came to a skidding halt beside Tohru and holding a lollypop to Yuki who quickly refused.
“Let’s go Miss Honda.” Yuki walked over to her, glaring the two sparring buffoons over by the windows. “This could take hours.”
“A-alright.” She said unsurely, following Yuki out with Momiji skipping behind her.
Kyo wiped the bleeding lump on his bottom lip, it was courtesy of Haru, but Kyo was glad that he had won. Again.
“Good fight.” Haru mused, straightening the last of the desks that they had nearly demolished. It was a wonder the teachers hadn’t called the police because of the sounds of nuclear bombs being exploded in one of the classrooms. Although, the teachers were probably used to the mayhem the Sohmas had brought with them by now.
“Damn brat.” Kyo spat.
“Admit it, you had fun.” Haru smiled, back to his white self again. He wiped his forehead and heaved a huge breath.
“You didn’t have to destroy the classroom in the process.” Kyo chided, although he did have fun.
“Kyo Sohma, or Hatsuharu Sohma?”
Kyo and Haru looked up to the newcomer poking his head in the door. A teacher from one of the younger classes was leaning in with his hands behind his back.
“Yeah?” Haru answered for them both.
“There’s a telephone call for the both of you, down in the main office.”
Haru nodded politely and walked out, Kyo right beside him.
“Hello?” Haru picked up the phone while Kyo leaned back against the front desk, hands in his pockets and eyes closed, as if he were still trying to cool down.
“Hatori?” Haru’s brow furrowed.
Kyo looked over. Why would Hatori want both of us?
“What?” Haru practically shouted, his hand slamming down on the desk making everyone in the office jump.
“Ok, I understand.” Haru nodded and hung up.
“That was Hatori.” Haru said slowly, staring at the desk.
“Yeah, I heard.” Kyo pressed him for the information. “Hey!” he yelled as Haru took off running out of the office.
“What did the bastard want?” Kyo barked, catching up to him without any trouble.
“He was calling from the hospital,” Haru replied, his eyes narrowed, “Yuki got hit by a car.”
Seven Blocks Away
“He looks fine, no serious head injuries, but I haven’t had the time to talk to him yet.” Hatori told them calmly, his hands loosely draped in the pockets of his white doctor’s coat.
“Thank goodness!” Tohru sighed, clasping her hands tightly in front of her, tears sprinkling her eyes.
“How did it happen?” Haru asked, both him and Kyo out of breath from running all the way from the school to the hospital.
“The usual car accident.” Hatori replied in his usual monotone voice. “He was crossing the street and a drunk driver came speeding around the corner, he wasn’t able to get out of the way in time.”
“I hope he wakes up soon!” Momiji bubbled.
“Indeed.” Hatori said, but as if he were dealing with Momiji’s usual antics.
“Ah, our poor Yuki!” Shigure cried dramatically, his hand over his eyes. “What cruel twist of fate has dragged you down this dangerous path?! How could the stars be so unkind to our little boy of the rat?”
“That’s enough Shigure.” Hatori ordered. “We are in a hospital, and the are other patients being taken care of and trying to sleep here.”
“Oh Hari, you never fail to find ways to spoil my fun!” Shigure sobbed, hiding behind his fan with his teary eyes poking over the top.
“Excuse me doctor?” a nurse poked her head out of Yuki’s room, where no one but Hatori had been allowed in so far.
“Yes?” Hatori turned, making the poor nurse go bright red from the sudden shock of his handsomeness.
“T-the, uh, patient is awake, sir.” She added with a small bow before holding the door open for him.
“Thank you.” He nodded and entered the hospital room, closing the door behind him.
Kyo hadn’t said a word the entire time, but as he looked at Tohru’s terrified expression, he couldn’t help the jealousy bubbling up inside of him, along with something else… worry?
He scoffed. He would never worry about that dam rat, besides, a rogue car clipping Yuki’s hip could never kill him. Sure, he had hit his head pretty hard when he fell to the pavement, but it was nothing like the blows he’d taken in martial arts. Even if they were scarce, Kyo did get the occasional kick to the rat’s head in, though Yuki always destroyed him in the end.
“How is he?” Tohru demanded, if not quietly, when Hatori stepped back out of Yuki’s room, closing the door behind him.
Hatori paused. “…Physically he’s fine.” He answered, the pause he had used to find the right words.
“Physically?” Kyo asked for everyone, picking up easily enough on the key word.
“Yes.” Hatori nodded. “He will only have some bruising and possibly the need of a brace for his hip because the car only clipped him, but when he hit his head…”
“What happened?” Shigure asked, serious for once.
“Well, Yuki has suffered from Dissociative Fugue.” Hatori said slowly, looking out the window.
“And just what the hell is that?” Kyo snorted.
“Well… it’s more commonly known as amnesia.” Hatori explained, ignoring Kyo’s usual attitude.
“Yuki has amnesia?” Momiji squeaked, while Tohru looked like she was about to pass out.
“It isn’t very serious.” Hatori soothed Tohru. “Dissociative Fugue is a certain, and very rare type of amnesia that is more commonly found in fiction.” (^-^ heehee, that’s also true, by the way.)
“What’s rare about it?” Shigure asked, thinking mostly about uses for it in his novels.
“It’s a condition that hinders the ability for one to recall their past, that or a loss of identity and possibly the formation of a new identity. Yuki has a sort of mix between the three possibilities.”
“Then… what’s wrong with him?” Haru asked, pushing Hatori to the point as fast as he could.
“Well, to be absolutely blunt…” Hatori said, trying to evade the answer as long as possible, “Yuki is convinced that he’s a girl.”
Even the crickets were silent as everyone stared back at Hatori.
“He what?” Kyo verified, pretending to clean his ear out with his pinky.
“While he seems to have no problems with his male body, and has no significant memory loss aside from small things, he does believe that he is female.”
“W-well… that’s ok, right?” Tohru asked, trying to see the light in every situation. “I mean, he’s still Yu—”
OK?!” Kyo bellowed, jumping up.
“Shut up Kyo.” Haru said coolly. “Can he go back? I mean… to being a boy… ish?”
“Dissociative Fugue is almost always temporary, and while it is possible to return, it is very unstable. I suggest that unless you want this condition made permanent, and possibly the wrath of Akito for making it permanent, I urge you all to comply with Yuki’s wishes. It is possible that anything could be traumatic enough—because his condition may already be disorienting for him—that could cause permanent damage.”
“Then… is there anything we should do?” Tohru asked from behind her clasped hands.
“Yes.” Hatori nodded automatically, as if he had been waiting for that question. “Kyo? If Yuki wants to fight, fight him. Just avoid anything to the head if you could.” Hatori looked him in the eye and then turned to Tohru and Shigure after administering his non-verbal threat.
“Tohru and Shigure? If Yuki wants something or wants to do something certain on any given day, it would be best to go along with it and to keep him from getting angered at all costs… Kyo, don’t get him mad means don’t argue with him.” Hatori ordered, suddenly much sterner and harsher.
“Yeah, yeah.” Kyo huffed, jamming his hands in his uniform pants pockets.
“Well, I had better go call Akito and tell him what happened.” Hatori said reluctantly and stopped a nurse in the hall to ask where the telephone was.
“Can we go see him?” Momiji called down the hallway after Hatori.
“You may.” Hatori nodded. “But keep everything to minimum, and that includes noise level Kyo.”
“Damn it! Why do you always gotta single me out?!” Kyo roared across the hallway after Hatori.
“Because you and Yuki are the ones always causing all the ruckus around here.” Shigure answered for Hatori, knocking quietly on Yuki’s door. “And presently, Yuki’s stuck in a hospital bed and is being heavily medicated for the pain.”
“Me?! What about Mr. Bipolar over here?!” Kyo snapped, jabbing his finger at Haru. Everyone just ignored him and opened the door as Yuki told them to come in.
“How are you feeling Yuki?” Tohru asked him quietly, stepping up to his bed.
“I’ll be alright, the car only clipped me, nothing serious.” Yuki smiled.
He doesn’t… seem any different. Kyo cocked his head to the side, wondering what Yuki’s personality change would be like. Does he even know about the amnesia? Knowing Hatori, Yuki wont know unless someone besides the damn doctor spills it.
“You gave us quite a scare.” Shigure smirked. “Poor Tohru was afraid you were going to die.”
“I was not!” Tohru said, instantly defending herself.
“I was joking.” Shigure reassured her, putting his hands up in surrender.
“Did Hatori say when I was going to get out?” Yuki asked next. His hair was mussed, and his clothes a little torn, but other than that, he looked the same, not the way a girl like Tohru would normally act.
“No.” Haru shook his head. “He’s probably going to want you watched for the next few days.”
“He always over reacts.” Yuki sighed, threading a hand through his hair. “Then again, Akito’s almost always at the heart of these things.” He muttered mostly to himself.
“Well, we’ll try to get you out of here as soon as possible.” Shigure waved and walked out of the room singing: “Quiet time, quiet time! The house wont be destroyed!”
“Yeah, I’m going too.” Kyo muttered, grabbing his school bag and walking out after Shigure.
Jeez, this is going to suck. Kyo sniffed, shoving the hospital door open and storming out. And why the hell am I so pissed anyway?!
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