❯ Can I Call You Yomi? – One-Shot

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Koyomi entered the classroom on her first day of kindergarten. She hardly knew anyone there and was about to content herself with being alone when she saw another girl in the corner, crying.

She went over to the other girl. « What’s wrong? » Koyomi asked.

« A man came and took Mommy away, » said the other girl.

« Why? »

« I don’t know! » said the girl, who then began crying even louder.

Just then, Koyomi had an idea. « Wanna sit with me? »

« Okay, » said the girl, who by now had managed to stop crying. « My name’s Tomo. »

« I’m Koyomi. »

« Okay, Ko… Koyo… um… can I call you Yomi? »

« Okay then, » said Yomi.

Yomi and Tomo continued going to school together, eventually becoming the closest of friends, contrary to the impression many passers-by get. Finally they graduated high school.

« Piece of cake, » said Tomo.

« Admit it, » Yomi said, « you had your doubts sometimes. »

« All great minds struggle with inner demons! »

Yomi hadn’t quite come down from her post-graduation buzz, so she just let that go without comment.

It was now fifteen years since Yomi first met Tomo. Despite their best efforts, their investigation of Mrs. Takino’s abduction had gone virtually nowhere. Still, Tomo and her father refused to give up. It was sometimes apparent, though, that he resented having to raise his daughter alone.

« Is something wrong? » asked Yomi, who noticed Tomo was deep in thought.

« Nothing really, » said Tomo. « Just thinking about Mom. »

Yomi didn’t bother saying anything. She certainly wasn’t going to offer up any BS about knowing how Tomo felt.

« It really is nothing, » Tomo added. « Dad and I are doing just fine on our own. Besides, I have no doubt we’ll eventually get her back. »

Yomi just nodded.

« Enough about that. Let’s go to an arcade for a while! »

« Okay, but only for a little while. My family’s going out to eat, to celebrate my getting into college. »

« That, and thank the gods for your miracle! » Tomo commented.

Yomi was somewhat annoyed; she was the last of their group to get into a college, and even now was a bit sensitive regarding this fact.

« But seriously, I never doubted you could do it. »

« Um… » said Yomi, who’d been caught off-guard. « Thanks. »

They then headed off to the arcade for a while. Soon they would be going to different colleges, but they were going to do their best to stay in touch.