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Chapter 13: Can Heroes be Evil?
Having arrived in the next room, which resembled a company boss office, the team looked around, hoping to see Tails, to no avail. The office chair spun around, revealing a white Ocelot.
“Welcome, but I don’t remember saying you could come into my office.” He said. “My name is Rufus, and I own the Company which rivals Industrial Illusions.” He stood up and walked to the centre of the room. “We manufacture and design duel disks with a little more bite to that of Pegasus, and seeing as he is the rightful owner of the card game, we are not allowed to publish anything my company comes up with. However, we were given permission to design state of the art holographic projectors for the game and all of its monsters.”
“No offence or anything, but what do we care?” Kiros asked.
“Because…as soon as you are out of the picture, my friends, Industrial Illusions will fall into the hands of the Shadow Clan, because as soon as all of you are out of the way, we, the Shadow Clan, will attack and overthrow Pegasus J. Crawford!” Rufus grinned slyly, with a hint of evil in his face. “Now, without further adieu, let’s begin.” Rufus activated his duel disk, shuffled and slotted. Charmy flew forward.
“My turn! My turn!” He cheered.
“Good luck little buddy!” Vector called after him. Charmy shuffled his cards, activated the disk and slotted, hovering over the floor.
“Since you barged into my office, I will go first.” Rufus said, drawing 6 cards, as Charmy drew 5.
“Cheater, Cheater.” Charmy moaned.
Rufus began.
“First I’ll set 4 cards, then I’ll summon Different Dimension Assailant and end.” He said, as his warrior appeared. (1700/1600)
Charmy drew.
“Now, I’ll reveal Golden Ladybug from my hand and this allows me to gain 500 life points. <8500> But the card remains revealed till the end of my turn, so I’ll leave it facing you. Let’s begin the real match with a Forest!” And the room altered from the office into a luxurious forest. “And now I’ll summon Pinch Hopper.” (1000/1200) “Now, I’ll attack your D. D. Assailant.”
“Charmy! It’s too weak.” Vector yelled, hoping Charmy didn’t realise.
“I know.” Charmy said, excitedly. His monster charged in and was destroyed. <7800> “Seeing as he was destroyed as a result of battle, I can special summon an insect monster from my hand. So I’ll bring out my Ultimate Insect LV5.” Charmy said as his bug arrived on the field. “Now, he counts as a new monster, so I’ll attack with him too.” Charmy said. Ultimate Insect charged in and slaughtered the Assailant.
“Now I’ll trigger my monsters effect. When destroyed, I remove both my monster and your monster from play.” Rufus said, pocketing his Assailant. Charmy did the same.
“Aww man.” He moaned. “One card down and end.” Charmy set his card, then turned Golden Ladybug around again.
Rufus drew. “Bringing out Exiled Force.” (1000/1000) “Attack him directly. Charmy was knocked down by the force. <6800> “And I’ll end my turn.”
“First, showing off my Golden Ladybug first <7300>. Now I’ll use my DNA Surgery and choose Insect.” Charmy said, then drew. “I summon Ultimate Insect LV3.” He summoned his bug. (1400/900) “Now, attack the…”
“Sakuretsu Armor stops your attack.” Rufus interrupted, the Armour rose and attached itself to the Insect, destroying it.
“Pooie…” Charmy cursed. “Fine, one card down and end.” Turning his bug around, he ended.
Rufus drew. “Another Direct attack!” He ordered.
“I use Negate Attack!” Charmy said.
“I activate Royal Decree!” Rufus countered.
“Crap!” And Charmy was knocked again. <6300>
“And end.”
Charmy drew. “Again!” He turned his bug around. <6800> “I got nothing, go.” He said, turning his bug back to front.
“Figured as much.” Rufus said, as he drew. “I summon Elemental Hero Neos Alius.” The miniature Neos appeared ready for combat. (1900/1300) “Now, attack him directly my monsters!” Charmy got struck down by the Exiled Force <5800> followed by Neos Alius. <3900> “And I end my turn.”
“Come on, Charmy! You can do this!” Vector called.
“I’m not so sure, he’s doing really badly.” Hitomi commented.
“He’ll be fine, he’ll win and we’ll free another friend.” Espio replied.
“I hope so, otherwise we’ll have another friend to need to save.” Zewl countered with the same lack of enthusiasm as Hitomi.
Charmy Drew. “Bug! <4400> Facedown!” Charmy set a card. “And end.” Turned his bug around.
“Pathetic, not even my lesser creatures are worth wasting their attacks on you.” Rufus spat, then drew. “Time to end this, I’ll summon my second Exiled Force (1000/1000) and attack with all of my monsters.”
`I’d use my trap, but Royal Decree stops me…I’m doomed.’ Charmy thought in fear, then began to cower. He got hit by the two forces <2400> and then Alius. <500>
“I’m scared…I’m really scared…” He cried as he cowered on the floor.
“Charmy! You can do this!” Vector cried to him.
“Ridiculous…” Rufus replied. “Nothing anyone can do at this point, remove my monsters by Lightning vortex, I still have one in my hand, remove my spells, but you’ll not have any monsters to stop me, face it, you’re done. So take your last turn before I seal you away.”
Charmy drew his last card.
“Oh no…another trap…” He said in fear.
“Hah, and my Royal Decree takes care of them.”
“I’ll set this monster and end…” Charmy said, trying one last resort.
“You’re stupid Golden bug won’t stop me.” Rufus said, drawing. “How pathetic. I have lost only 2 cards, one to its own effect, the other was a used trap. Say goodbye, bug boy! Attack!” Rufus ordered his onslaught on the frightened bee.
“No don’t!” Vector roared out, barging past everyone. Charmy’s monster was destroyed by Alius and Exiled Force charged in to strike, just before it did, Vector leaped in the way and took the blow. <0> “This isn’t over.” He barked.
“Yes it is, now you both are punished to the darkness.” Rufus laughed. And the ritual began, Vector and Charmy looked up and felt their lives drain as their souls were sucked into the coin. Both of them dropped lifelessly. “Fool, never interfere in a Duel of Nyte.”
“You fiend!” Espio leaped forward, activating a Shuriken shaped duel disk. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done, you monster!”
“Oh, so the next duel begins so soon, we bad guys never get a break.”
“You don’t deserve them!” Espio snapped at him.
Rufus shuffled up and slotted.
“Very well, hopefully, you’re more entertaining than your pathetic partner.” He drew 6 cards, as Espio drew 5. “First things first. Different Dimension Warrior Lady to the field.” The warrior large came onto the field and drew her sword. (1500/1600) “One card face down and end.”
Espio drew. “First off, I’ll summon Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke!” The ninja came flipping in and pulled out a pair of ninja shuriken. (1800/1000) “Next, I’ll equip him with my Fuhma Shuriken! This card can only be given to a Ninja, as they are the only ones who know how to use them. It grants them a 700 attack boost. (2500 ATK) Sasuke magically got a large star shuriken. “Next, I’ll play my Riryoku spell card! This lets me cut your monsters attack in half until the end phase and give it to any monster I choose, and Sasuke can have it!” D. D. Warrior Lady fell to a knee as her Attack was drained. (750 ATK) but Sasuke stood all the stronger. (3250 ATK)
“Yeah! Nice one Espio!” Sonic cheered.
“Very nicely played.” Zewl agreed.
“Now attack him, Sasuke!” Espio ordered. Sasuke took the shuriken and tossed it toward Rufus.
“I applaud your efforts, but it’s all in vein, activate Sakuretsu Armor!” Sasuke was destroyed. But the shuriken veered off course and struck Rufus. <7300> “What the…?” Rufus asked angrily.
“Did I forget to mention when my Shuriken is sent to the graveyard, you lose 700 life points, so it wasn’t all in vein.” Espio grinned.
“Not bad, but you’ve a long way to go yet.” Rufus replied.
“I’ll end here.”
Rufus drew. “Well, first I’ll activate E – Emergency Call and bring Elemental Hero Avian to my hand. Then I’ll set a card and summon Elemental Hero Avian to the field.” Rufus declared as the green hero appeared. (1000/1000) “Since you’re wide open, feel my wrath! Attack!” And Espio was taken down by Avian. <7000> And then struck down by Warrior Lady. <5500>
“Curses.” Espio said, before heroically leaping up.
“My turn ends.” Rufus said.
Espio drew. “I’ll summon Strike Ninja and attack your D. D. Warrior Lady!”
“I’ll activate her effect, both monsters are removed from play immediately after Damage Calculation.” Rufus said. <7100>
“I end.”
Rufus drew. “My turn. I activate the field spell, Skyscraper 2 – Hero City.” The city morphed to form a brilliant futuristic city. “Now I’ll summon Exiled Force and trigger my trap Elemental Recharge. This lets me gain life points by 1000 per face up Elemental Hero on my field, so 1000 it is, thanks to Avian.” Rufus glowed blue and his points rose. <8100>
“That all?” Espio cursed.
“Not at all, I wouldn’t want you to get bored, so I’ll attack directly with both monsters, since you’re again wide open.” And Espio felt 2000 points worth of pain. <3500> “An extra points lost each turn, you’re as pathetic as the bee.”
“I hate to admit it, but bringing Chaotix was a bad idea.” Kiros whispered to the others, so Espio couldn’t hear.
“My turn is over now.”
Espio drew. “I’ll activate The Warrior Returning Alive. This allows me to take Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke from my graveyard and add him to my hand, however, I’ll save the delay and summon him straight to the field!” Espio said, bringing his monster out. (1800/1000) “Now I’ll…”
“I’ll use my Exiled Force as a tribute to destroy your monster.” Rufus said, destroying both monsters.
“No…” Espio cursed under his breath. “I’ll end…”
“This is long over.” Rufus said, drawing. “I’ll use Dark Fusion to fuse my Avian and Burstinatrix.”
“Dark fusion?” Hitomi questioned. “That’s a legend…”
“Huh? What legend?” Shadow asked in response.
“It’s a dark art similar to Polymerization, I never knew it existed.” Zewl added his surprise.
“Wait, aren’t you old pals of these guys?” Kiros asked Hitomi. “Shouldn’t you have known about this?”
“He didn’t have it when I knew him.” Hitomi honestly replied.
“Come forth Evil Hero Inferno Wing!” Rufus ordered, as dark red flames burst from the ground and the demonic Hero appeared.
“Evil Hero?!” Marine yelped in shock.
“Can heroes be Evil?!” Kiros was equally shocked.
“No…fucking…way…” Shadow spat in shock.
“This is unreal.” Sonic added.
“Welcome to doom.” Rufus grinned.
“Not good.” Espio grunted, sweat forming on his head.
“Just think of this as a bad version of Elemental Hero Flame Wingman.” Rufus said as his monster laughed manically. (2100/1200) “Now, attack him directly!” Espio felt the burn of the attack. <1400> “One attack to go and you fry. End.”
`I must come back from this…’ Espio drew. `Yes! Just what I needed, now I’m safe! He said his monster is an evil Flame Wingman, that means that if he destroys my monster, the attack comes out of my life, so, by using this trap, he can’t touch my life, because I’ll put my ninja in defence and this card prevents it’s destruction. Genius…With no spells or traps on his field, that also means no royal decree, this should buy me some time…’ He thought to himself. “I’ll set a card and a monster, my turn is over.” Espio said.
“Let’s up that deal of ours, shall we? If I don’t defeat you this turn, you can have your friends Charmy and Vector back and I’ll forfeit.” Rufus grinned, knowingly.
“Huh? Sounds dumb, but I accept!” Espio said.
“However, if I do…well, then I get to take another of your friends with you.” Rufus grinned.
`I know I am safe so long as he doesn’t remove my trap, I can’t lose. Even if he sets Royal decree, it can’t be used till next turn.’ Espio smiled and idiotically replied. “I still accept.
“Hah, fine, then Marine the water duellist will join you in darkness.” Rufus grinned madly.
“What! NO!” Marine cried in fear.
“Don’t worry, he can’t beat me this turn, I know it.” Espio said confidently. “Take your move.”
“You fool!” Zewl barked at Espio.
`I know what I am doing.’ Espio thought.
Rufus drew. “Now, I’ll use Mystical Space typhoon on your face down card.” Rufus said, as Espio’s card was blown to pieces.
“No!” He cried out.
“Now, you’re doomed. You see, Evil Hero Inferno Wing has 2 abilities. 1. The difference in your monsters defence and his attack come out of your life points.” Rufus said. “Attack!” And Inferno Wing blasted the face down Strike Ninja (1700/1200) “Well, 1200 take from 2100 is 900.” Espio felt the blast. <500>
“Looks like you didn’t finish me off!” Espio barked. “I win.”
“Don’t be so hasty, did you forget I said he has 2 abilities. After I destroy your monster, the Attack OR Defence come out of your life points, whichever was higher. So, you lose 1700 life points. Sorry, you lose and your friends suffer as a result.” Rufus laughed. Espio fell to a knee.
“No…How could I have been so wrong? How could I fail? I’m sorry…” The ritual began and his soul was drained dry as his body slouched. Rufus looked over to Marine.
“Your turn.” He said.
“No! I dun wanna go! It’s not fare!” Marine cried loudly, wailing her arms. Shadow leaped over in a rage.
“Arr! No, I won’t let you take Marine, you’re taking our friends on unfair odds.” He roared.
“It’s not my fault your friend agreed to the terms.” Rufus said.
“You knew you’d win those terms!” Shadow barked.
“Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have made them.” Rufus replied. “Your friend played a gamble and lost, live with it.” Rufus said.
“Forget it, you’re not taking Marine, take my soul instead!” Shadow offered, in rage.
“Oh interesting…”
“Shadow! No!” Sonic yelled out. Shadow looked over his shoulder at them.
“You better save Tails, you hear me?!” He called to them.
“Shadow…Arr, you bet I will!” Sonic called to him. Shadow was then covered in a dark mist and slumped to the ground.
“Rufus! I’m taking you down, Right Here, Right Now!” Sonic yelled in anger.
“Nah, you continue and lose to the next person, I’m done here, I have a company to run and I’ve wasted enough time.” Rufus pulled a twice and pressed it, the floor beneath him lowered him into the ground where it closed before anyone could do anything.
“Oh Shadow…” Hitomi said sadly.
`You bastard Shadow Clan! I’ll get you for this! I’ll get you good!’ Sonic clenched his fists. “You’re going to pay! You hear me! You’re all going to PAAY!”
Some fates are unavoidable.
A great comeback.