Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ Brothers will always be brothers ( Chapter 3 )

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Hyoga smiled, listening to Takura as she chatted in the back seat. He wasn’t quite sure what she was going on about, but it was easy to tell that she was happy, having not stopped talking since she woke up from her nap less then ten minutes ago.
“Right daddy?” Takura asked, giggling as she nodded her head.
“What Gem…I didn’t hear you.” He told her, wondering what she was asking him. Truth be told he hadn’t been listening to her, just knowing that she was saying something.
“Everything ok now.” She told him, giggling again. She didn’t mind being ignored if she realized that it was an accident.
“Yes baby, everything will be ok now.” He told her, glancing at the passenger seat. Shun had fallen asleep about half way back to the mansion. She had taken a hold of his hand that was on the gearshift, and had shortly after fell asleep, her hand still holding his.
“Mommy?” Takura called, pulling at her seat belt.
“Mommy’s sleeping.” Hyoga told her, glancing back at her, then turned back to watch the road.
“Oh…” She muttered, pouting. “Me tell mommy later.” Hyoga nodded, turning into the driveway of the mansion, heading to park in front of it.
“Gem, can you walk so I can get mommy?” he asked, getting out of the car and opening her door. He unbuckled her, then sat her on the ground.
“Me big girl.” Takura told him, smiling. “Me five.” She said, holding up three fingers.
“Yes, you’re five.” Hyoga told her, closing the car door.
“Hyoga, did you find her.” Ikki asked, coming down the stairs. Hyoga wasn’t to surprised, figuring that he’d been waiting. Hyoga pulled the paper with the address out of his pocket, handing it to Ikki. “What’s this?”
“The address to where she was staying.” Hyoga told him, moving around the car to Shun’s side. “Figured you’d want it.”
“Hyoga?” Ikki asked, fallowing him while Takura went to sit on the stairs, humming. “What’s going on?”
Hyoga opened the door, moving so that Ikki could get by him to his little sister. Ikki moved forward, and slightly bit his lip, looking at her. He moved her face so he could get a better look at it, and then shifted it back to look at the bruise on her neck. Shun moaned, squeezing her eyes shut. She opened her eyes, looked up at Ikki tiredly. “Brother?” She asked, blinking her eyes a few times, then smiled.
“Shun…” He muttered, pushing her hair back, then pulling her to him. “Are you ok?”
“I’ve been threw worse.” She told him smiling, hugging him. “Sorry I lied to you.” She muttered, burying her face into his shoulder. He picked her up, shifting her to hold her close to him, standing up fully. Hyoga closed the door, locking it, then put the keys in his pocket.
“That’s why I gave it to you.” Hyoga told him, sighing. “If I deal with him, I’m not so sure I can stop myself… you have a better chance at stopping yourself then I do.”
“Don’t know.” Ikki told him, heading inside. “Get the door.” He told Hyoga, who went ahead to get it. “Takura, come along.” He called to his niece, knowing that she was still sitting on the stairs. Shun curled slightly, going back to sleep, smiling. It’d been almost 6 years since her brother had carried her in any form, and she had missed the feeling of safety that came with it.
“Uncle Ikki?” Takura asked, walking next to him as the moved into the mansion.
“Yeah kid?” he asked, glancing down at her.
“Me sleep with mommy.” Takura told him, skipping along.
“Does mommy like that?” Hyoga asked her, picking her up.
“Like sleeping with mommy.” Takura told him, nodding her head. Takura had a habit of leaving out words, or changing them.
“You can sleep with her, but lets get her cleaned up, I want to see just how bad off she is.” Hyoga told her, kissing her head as she squealed. Hyoga opened the door, letting Ikki go first, then fallowing. Ikki sat her down on the bed, and then turned to him with a level look. “What?”
“I’m trusting you to look after her, I’ll be back later… and I think I may be taking Seiya and Shiryu with me.”
“You’re planning on killing him aren’t you?” Hyoga asked, sitting Takura down on the bed.
“No… we have families to worry about.” Ikki told him, looking at Shun. “But, damn-it, she’s my little sister and I will teach him a lesson.”
“Try to watch you language.” Hyoga told him, lightly taping Shun’s cheek, trying to get her up. “Shun?” he called, and she opened her eyes to look at him, smiling.
“Yeah?” she asked, sitting up slowly.
“Can you take you’re shirt off, I need to see how hurt you are.” Hyoga told her, and she looked down uncomfortably. “Wait a minute and you can get a shower, then I’ll look; that better?” Hyoga asked her, and she nodded. She got off the bed, then went into the adjoining bathroom.
“Hyoga.” Ikki warned, glancing at Takura. “Last time you were alone and told her to get undressed, you know where that went to.”
“Gem, can you go play for a little while.” Hyoga asked her, knowing where this would be going, and he needed to talk Ikki about something.
“Ok!” she said, getting off the bed and heading to the door. “Me back later.”
“Ok.” Hyoga told her, waiting for her to leave, and then looked at Ikki. “Ikki, you know what happened wasn’t supposed to. I went back to Siberia to see if I could get out of the marriage, then I was going to ask Shun to marry me.”
“I know…” Ikki told him, sighing.
“Ikki… can I ask you something?” Hyoga asked, glancing at the bathroom door then back to Ikki.
“What?” Ikki asked him, looking right back at him.
“Can I have Shun’s hand in marriage?” Hyoga asked, looking down.
“Why?” Ikki asked, looking straight back at him, annoyance in his voice.
“Because I love her, and you know it, and she does.” Hyoga told him, looking up at him. “I would have married her by now, but because of…everything…I didn’t get to. Ikki, I’m asking because you’re her brother, and Takura’s uncle, I think I should ask you for her hand.”
“If she says yes, then I’ll approve of it.” Ikki told him, turning to leave. “Hurt her and die.” Ikki warned, and then left to get Seiya and Shiryu to go after the bastard that had hurt his sister. Hyoga sighed, moving to Shiryu’s room for the medical kit. When he got back to the room, Shun was sitting on the bed in a towel.
“Hyoga?” Shun asked, looking up at him. “Where’s Gem?”
“Down stairs playing.” Hyoga told her, sitting down next to her. “Can you remove the towel?” he asked, and she blushes bright red.
“Do I have to?” she asked, looking up at him pleadingly.
“I guess not, but I’d like to see what I’m working with…please Angel.” Hyoga asked, and she bit her lip, looking away. “I’ll work with what I can see for now.” Hyoga told her, handing her a hair tie he got out if Shiryu’s room and his hair brush. She accepted them, brushing her hair out, then pulled it up and into a bun on top of her head. Hyoga gently touched her neck, now being able to see the bruise go all the way around it. “What happened?” He asked, moving his hands down to trace the scratches and bruises on her arms.
“I made him mad.” She told him, looking away. “It doesn’t hurt that much.” Hyoga sighed, telling himself to calm down. “I don’t have to take the towel off.” She muttered. “He works around the cloths, so I’m not hurt under it.” Hyoga nodded, sighing again. He picked up one of the gars that were in the medical box, a mixture to help bruises heal faster. He put it on her neck and on her arms, and then wrapped them. He then disinfects the scratches, and covered them.
“I’ll get you something to put on.” Hyoga told her, putting the things away. He then got up, and moved to his dresser. Opening it, he pulled out a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, going back over to her, and held them out. Shun took the boxers, smiling up at him. She stood up, and pulled the boxers on under her towel. She them dropped it without a thought, reaching for the shirt. “I thought you said you were hurt.” Hyoga muttered, sitting the shirt on the bed, and then bent down to look at her hips. She covered her chest with her arms, realizing what she’d done without thinking. “What happened?” Hyoga demanded to know, knowing that there was more to it then Shun was saying.
“It’s nothing.” She told him, reaching over with one of her arms to get the shirt, but Hyoga grabbed her hand.
“Let me cover this.” He told her, standing up and getting things out of the medical box. He covered the hand shaped bruises, and bit his lip when she flinched from the pain. “What happened?” he asked her again, moving to put things away as she pulled the shirt on.
“I…” She stopped, looking down. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she turned away from him.
“Shun?” He asked, moving to her. He hesitated for a minute, and then wrapped his arms around Shun’s waist. Shun stiffened, first reaction was to move away from him. “I won’t hurt you Shun, never.”
“I…trust you.” She muttered, relaxing against Hyoga. She turned around, hugging him with a fall her strength, not wanting to lose the safety that she was in here.
“Oh Shun.” He muttered, holding her close. “It’s ok; you don’t have to tell me, I think I understand.”
“No.” Shun muttered, looking up at him, eyes begging him to believe her. “It’s not what you think, don’t believe him. I’m not a slut, I’m not.”
“I know.” Hyoga told her, kissing the top of her head. “I never said that you were.” He assured her, moving to sit on the bed, letting her sit in his lap, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around her waist. “The bruises say that you didn’t willingly let him.” Hyoga told her, gently rocking.
“Don’t hate me.” She whispered, moving closer. “Please don’t.”
“I never could, even if you had slept with every man in the world, willing or not.” Hyoga told her, kissing her head again, gently rubbing her back. “I could never hate an angel, let alone my angel.”
“Thank you.” She told him, calming down. She lay against him, smiling slightly as he didn’t stop. She closed her eyes, and let herself go to sleep. Hyoga waited for her breathing to slow, and then he laid her down on the bed, covering her up. He got up and moved out of the room, downstairs.
“Hyoga, is she alright?” Esmeralda asked him, looking up at him with fear filled eyes. “Ikki was so mad when he and the others left. What’s going on?”
“She’s safe now.” Hyoga told her, and then moved to Takura who was sitting on the floor with her twin cousins. He picked her up, hugging close to him. “Takura, go to your mommy.” He told her, and then sat her down again. She took off out of the room, moving to go upstairs. Hyoga went to the phone, picking it up to call Shiryu’s cell, figuring that he’s be the only one that remembered it.
`Hello?’ Shiryu asked, sounding slightly annoyed and angry.
“Shiryu, give the phone to Ikki.” Hyoga told him, and he heard a slight shuffle and Ikki as on the phone.
`What?’ Ikki asked, and Hyoga bit his lip, moving out of the living room and into the kitchen.
“One sec.” Hyoga told him, then looked at Kioko. “Can you leave for a moment?” He asked her, and she nodded, moving to sit with Esmeralda. “Ikki, I got Shun cleaned up.”
`You could have told me when I got back.’ Ikki told him, sounding annoyed at being told something that wasn’t important.
“He rapped her.” Hyoga told him, sighing. “She didn’t tell me, but she’s got bruises on her hips and kept telling me that he lied, that she wasn’t a slut.”
Everything was quite on the other side of the phone, and then Ikki’s voice came back eerily calmly. “Stay with her, don’t leave her alone. She may do something drastic if she thinks we’ll hate her.”
“Ok.” Hyoga told him, then hung up. He headed back upstairs, telling Kioko that he was done as he passed the living room. He went into his room, closing the door behind him, smiling at the seen. Takura had lain down with Shun, and was curled up against her chest; Shun was holding her close, head on Takura’s blond head.
Hyoga moved over to the bed, and then moved in behind her. He figured that it was best to treat her like he always had. He lay down and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close. She tensed, her breath hitching. “Shh Angel it’s ok, it’s just me.”
Shun relaxed at the sound of his voice, sighing as she relaxed and let herself fall into a deeper sleep. Hyoga sighed, kissing that top of her head. He didn’t like what that bastard did to her, she’s always had trouble with things, and now…he was scared what was going to happen to the person he loved. This `man’ may have destroyed his chance with Shun, destroyed her life. Hyoga now knew that there had been no point in risking his life asking for her hand in marriage because she most likely wouldn’t be able to even date him for years, let alone marry him.
Ikki let himself into Hyoga’s room, closing the door behind him. He moved to the bed, smiling at the seen before him. He couldn’t help but think that they were a very cute family. He reaches down to pick up Takura to put her in her room, but Shun whined, pulling her closer as she moved back. She then whined, trying to move away from the arms holding her. “Shh Angel.” Hyoga told her, kissing her head. “It’s just Ikki and I.”
Shun relaxed again, loosening her hold on Takura. Takura shifted, moving closer to Shun, a smile on both of their faces. “How’d it go?” Hyoga asked him, looking up at Ikki. Ikki just smirked at him, not saying anything, then sat down on the edge of the bed. He reach over, taking a piece of Shun’s hair and began to play with it.
“She still smiles even after the hell she went threw, and even when I lived on Death Queen Island I didn’t go threw half what she’s went threw and I tried to kill her for it.” Ikki muttered, letting go of her hair. “She still loved me after that.” He added, sighing.
“She’s stronger then she gives herself credit for.” Hyoga told him, nodding his head slightly. “And forgiving.” He added.
“She’s always been like that.” Ikki said, standing up. “I’ll leave you three alone; I just wanted to check on her.” Hyoga nods and Ikki leaves that room, heading back downstairs.
“How is she? And Hyoga?” Seiya asks, looking over at him from where Miho was bandaging his busted knuckles. It wasn’t that bad, Takura had hurt him worst when she’d bit him a few weeks back for moving her coloring book. Seiya had had issues with the little girl since then; he still liked her, but didn’t trust her.
“She’s sleeping with Takura, and Hyoga is watching over them.” Ikki told them, sitting next to Esmeralda, picking Cho up off the floor to hold, and her twin brother moved to sit on Esmeralda’s lap.
“He’s a little overprotective isn’t he?” Kioko asked, leaning against Shiryu, wondering when she’d finally get to really talk to Shun.
“More then a little.” Shiryu told her, kissing her lightly on the lips. “Seiya and I are a little.” Kioko smiled, nodding her head in understanding.
“Will she be alright though? I mean, after everything that’s happened?” Kioko asked, the guys having filled the girls in on what had happened.
“I’m sure she will.” Esmeralda told her, smiling. “Shun has a way of surprising people with what she can do.”
“That she does.” Ikki agreed and smiling as Cho began to suck her thumb. “Then again, we all do.” He added, kissing Cho on the head, then Bishamon. “We’ll make it, all of us, together.”
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