Other Fan Fiction ❯ Brothers: Forbidden Friendship ( Chapter 20 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Brothers: Forbidden Friendship (rough draft)
A DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon fanfic by Raberba girl

Christmas gift for my friend Anna~

Summary: « Forbidden Friendship » from Toothless’s
point of view.


Hungry hungry so hungry fish fish bad fish flee away from me SO
HUNGRY those birds shoot them out of the sky but the SUN I
HATE TOO BRIGHT, I can’t aim I miss they flee and



I don’t know what it is but I’m scared, scared distressed too many
bad bad very so much BAD things happening to me, hide hide kill I

A thing. Little. Human but– ??????


I smell his human smell but he’s alone, so small, barely any weight
for his footsteps to make sounds.


I smell it, I NEED IT, but there’s only one and the human
thing is too close and he is hunting.

He’s hunting, but he is very bad at it, prey will sense him coming
before he even knows they’re there, and then he is frustrated silly
I don’t want to be amused right now, his shell got

He comes into this bad trap place anyway. Soft and defenseless, if
his flesh was good to eat I would kill him right now and it would
be very so much easy, but human meat is yucky. This bad thing, I
will kill him and then I will feel safe to eat that FISH.

He claims the fish first, this very stupid human, he thinks he can
protect that thing I want from me. I want it and he is very weak
and I will take it, but if he claims it even though he’s so weak,
maybe he is strong in a way I don’t know?? I remember once,
fighting those strange foreigners, they were small and I thought
they were easy to beat but they shot bad something at me,
not fire, it hurt hurt hurt, I thought they were weak but they were
strong instead and I didn’t know, this human is like that??
This human is not like that??

He is hunting/frightened. Why is he frightened if he’s hunting?

If he’s frightened, he doesn’t have a hidden strength; he’s weak
for real. Weak and STUPID, to claim my fish when he can’t protect

I will take my fish. I won’t even have to kill him, he is so weak I
can eat it right out of his paws and he can’t stop me. Look how
frightened he is, stupid thing didn’t even know I was here and now
he’s more scared. Very much easy.

« I challenge you, » I say, soft because I know this weak
scared thing will not fight–

He does not say « I submit! » He does not say « I challenge
you! »
He does not flee.

He says « Offer, » THIS CRAZY THING!!!!


Mine?! Mine?! No fighting no dominating no chasing, he
gives??? He gives like a queen who says « I will provide for
you »
to her flocklings, he gives like a friend who says « I
will share with you because I love you, »
why does this
enemy-human give instead of lose?!

hurt, I’ve seen my flockmates bleed, he wants to lure me
with fish and then hurt me with that bad human thing, this is
deception, he LIES!! I hate humans!

« …No, » he says with his strange little paws.
« Reluctant, CAREFUL. » He uses the very tips of his soft
little talons, he makes the blade go away from him like he thinks
it is bad, too. « That bad thing, I throw away. »


Maybe he’s not human. His smells say he’s human, but it is a person
who says again, « Offer, » who threw away the tiny bit of
strength he had so I would be safe. This strange safe thing with
FISH. It’s confusing, confusing, but my stomach is empty empty
empty and I need/want that fish, he chitters softly as he
gives, I will take it. Yes. It’s good. Strange and scary but I
think it’s good.


More?! More?!

He squawks and backs away as I look for more, the scent is still on
him but it’s too light, there is no more.

His chittering is meaningless and his body talks strangely:
« Nervous, don’t touch me, I want to stay here but don’t touch
me. »
It’s a very strange fear, this doesn’t-want-to-run fear.
He wants something.

He wants food, of course. He hasn’t eaten recently; he brought me
fish but he’s hungry, too.

Fiiiiiiiiiiine, this very strange Interesting Thing that
offers, I will offer back….

I sit back, Interesting Thing is sitting in that weird way. It’s
uncomfortable, so it must be a word. I’m saying his word for « I
want to stay here but don’t touch me. »

I forgot, Interesting Thing is very stupid. He comes into
dangerous places with no shell, he hunts even though he’s bad at
it, he lets his own prey sneak up on him, and now he DOESN’T KNOW
HOW TO EAT. The fish is RIGHT THERE IN HIS PAWS but he’s not
eating it
. I’m so hungry and he’s hungry, why doesn’t he

Maybe he is a baby?? No, his body says he is a juvenile, HE SHOULD

Maybe he’s so stupid that his packmates feed him. Maybe they put
food right in his mouth so he won’t die. I think I will have to put
the fish in his mouth, what a stupid creature this is….

No, no, he did it! He put it in his mouth but HE’S NOT SWALLOWING,
how can anyone live so long without KNOWING HOW TO EAT???

« Swallow, » I say.

There. That good fish in his stomach. What a very much stupid

« I threaten you, » he says, except he says it VERY SO MUCH
WEIRD so it’s not really « I threaten you. » I don’t know what
it means, but he’s not angry. His shoulders slump and his eyes are
not alert. He doesn’t feel like he’s in danger anymore. Maybe this
is a good word, not a challenge word or an angry/upset word.

I say his strange word back to him. I don’t want to threaten, so I
have to say it without teeth. When he responds, maybe I will learn
what the word means.

No no no I DON’T LIKE THIS WORD bad word, he thinks I gave
him permission to approach!! His strange paw too close to
, NO. I will not say that word anymore, whatever it is, it’s
bad! I do not give permission!!

I’m done with Unsettling Thing. I’m so tired, it’s so late and too
bright, I will rest now. I can’t sleep until Strange Thing
goes away, but I don’t want to talk to him anymore.

I make a bed for myself, and the heat seeps up into my hide and
soothes me. Soothes my body, but not my heart; I am lonely, I miss
my flockmates and I miss the sky and I’m still

A day-creature bird chips. She can fly, I envy her, her
wings are whole but mine are broken, she is free but I am


Strange Thing says « I am not a threat, » he is cautious but
friendly now that I’m not approaching him, but I already told
we’re finished. I have to say it louder so even a stupid
person like him will understand: « NOT INTERESTED. LEAVE ME

…I don’t think Strange Thing even knows how to talk. He
didn’t know how to eat and now he doesn’t know what to talk,
I said very clearly « GO AWAY » but he acts like I said the

No, he knows. He pretended he didn’t, but he knows because
all I do is look at him and he says « No no no I am good I wasn’t
approaching you I’m going away, see? I’m good! »

I’m not safe on the ground. Strange Thing is too weak and
not-threatening to hurt me, but he will try to touch me without
if I let my guard down, so I must sleep high where
he can’t reach. I’m very tired.


Waking up…fish, I smell old fish that’s gone now, I smell–

He’s still here.

Strange Thing. He’s over there by the water, saying quietly,
« Lonely, bored, waiting, sad. »

………….I am those things, too. Both of us are Lonely
Bored Waiting Sad.

What is he doing?? I go to look, he is making marks in the dirt,
but he doesn’t know how to make marks. He doesn’t know how
to eat or talk right, of course he doesn’t know how to mark right,
either; they’re only scribbles.

I will teach him how to mark like I taught him how to eat, but what
can we mark?? There is no food here, this is no one’s territory,
there are no females ready to mate nearby.

But I must mark something to teach him. I will mark that
there are two of us who are lonely together. I’m marking those and
I think of more things to mark, this bad trap place that other
dragons shouldn’t come; I mark that I am confused because
Interesting Thing is confusing….

It feels strange to mark like this, when there is no one to see but
Stupid Thing, but I like it. I like to mark how I feel and what’s
happening to me. Maybe that’s why Interesting Thing was making his
nonsense-marks, to put his feelings instead of messages in the

I like my marks, I like them very much more than any marks I ever
made before, or anyone else’s marks. They are good marks. They have
a tiny bit of me in them, like I called to the sky and my
voice is still here, calling and calling even though I finished,
and Interesting Thing is here to hear me.

« Confused, curious? » he says to my marks.


« Stop that, » I growl.

« Sorry! » he says with his shoulders and forepaws, but he
doesn’t even know what he’s sorry for until he looks at his stupid
hind paw and moves it OFF my mark.

« Good. »

« …….This is bad? »


« This? »

« STOP IT. »

Finally he puts his paw right. Cheeky little runt was
TEASING ME, I don’t like it…. He is brave, though, to tease me
when I’m so much stronger.

He picks his way carefully across my marks…his little forelegs
almost look like wings when he holds them out like that. He is a
very strange not-dragon.

He got too close to me…. His shoulders say he didn’t mean to, but
he barely backs away. He reaches again, why does this person
want to touch me so much?! He is not my friend, not my flockmate,
not even a dragon! He’s not allowed!


Then he says.

« I give you my trust. »

So much trust.

He reaches and he says he trusts me not to kill him, he says he
will die reaching, that’s how much he wants me to reach back.

…That’s what it is. He wants me but he wants me to want him,

Why does he like me so much when we are strangers?!?!

Why does he like me so much when we are enemies?!?!

We are strangers, he’s not a dragon, but he’s reaching and he’s
trusting, his delicate little paw so close and no eyes to
threaten, I won’t give myself to a stranger, but…I can give. Just
a little bit. To this trusting, offering person. He won’t
hurt me.

His paw smells like fish and wood and charcoal. It feels cool and
so soft against my nose. It doesn’t move or threaten–

But EYES, you sneaky thing you looked at me when I wasn’t
looking, you tricked me! Strange, stupid, probably wasn’t trusting
after all, he’s stupid enough to give himself just because he
doesn’t know any better, he’d put his neck right in my jaws, just
wanted to touch my scales, would give up his whole body and his
life just to explore something interesting, like a stupid little

Finally he goes away. But I think about him, thinking and thinking
about his nice smells and his trust – his stupidity is a
kind of trust. He says, « You won’t hurt me. » He says, « I
can be as stupid as a baby with you, but it’s okay because you
won’t hurt me. »

Why was he reaching? Why does he want me?

…Why am I glad I reached back?


Author’s Notes: If I ever get around to writing that « HTTYD1
from Tooth’s perspective » fic, I’ll integrate this story into it,
along with my « Tooth’s backstory » fics. For the time being, this
will just be a standalone.

This scene, even from Tooth’s perspective, has been done a MILLION
times before in fanfiction, so I worried for a long time that I
wouldn’t be able to put a fresh spin on it. I was pleasantly
shocked when Anna’s request finally prompted me to make the
attempt, and the story flow was really good the entire time; I’d
been worrying for nothing. XD Hopefully my version of this scene
was unique enough to be interesting. Let me know if I succeeded or

The One I'd Catch {post-HTTYD2; Cloudjumper, Toothless, & Valka}