Hellsing Fan Fiction ❯ Broken Window ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

For the first time in thirty seven years, things seemed to be . . . peaceful at Hellsing. Integral was being much more forceful in her demeanor, especially in regards to her . . . beloved son. The shouts heard from Integral’s office (she had promptly taken it over four days after Malakai’s arrival) were truly heartwarming . . . to Alucard and Victoria at least. They were sure Walter would have felt the same, had he been alive. But . . . all humans die, and he was already getting on in years when Victoria had arrived.
It would be stupid to suggest that this sudden drastic change really had anything to do with Malakai’s return. It was just the timing. Jonathan had spent the majority of his life driving Integral insane. And she had begun to tire of being the “helpless old woman”. If England and the queen refused to see all that she had done in the past to honor her family . . . she’d make them remember. She was the true Lord and Master of Hellsing . . . she had not named Jonathan as her heir. She had another child, another son, named Isaac (after her cousin, who had been dear to her). He was an intelligent, unselfish boy . . . he was the youngest, and Integral had seen to his education and suchlike herself. Jonathan on the other hand . . . everyone had expected him to be next in line for the leadership of Hellsing, so his father had been the one to educate him (while his father had been alive), and then the male members of the Round Table took over the duty.. So it went without saying that of course the brat would be just like his father, and all the rest of those . . . there really weren’t any words to describe them all. Integral had tolerated the humiliation and degradation for long enough. She had done it for the sake of the queen, and for Hellsing itself . . . but no more.
With a sigh, Integra put down her pen. Jonathan stormed into the room.
“He is following my orders,” Integra replied with as much patience as she could muster.
“Do . . . do your orders . . . include . . . tormenting my men . . . until they cry?” Jonathan said through gritted teeth.
“Not in so many words. But yes. I thought he’d teach them some manners. And some lessons in proper vampire silencing. They are terrible shots,” Integra smiled, “And furthermore, they die so easily. They tend to underestimate their opponents. Freaks, true undead, ghouls . . . it doesn’t matter. They should all be treated with equal caution.”
“So your idea of-of educating them is having those monsters chase them about the property shooting at them with those monstrous guns?!”
“Ah, no. I left the methods of teaching up to them . . . who’s idea was it anyway?”
“From what I can gather, the she-demon fired first, then Alucard seemed to think it was a brilliant idea and followed suit.”
“Brilliant. I’d thought she’d lost her fire after so many years with you giving orders,” Integral said, more to herself than to her son, who’s fury seemed to be almost literally making his blood boil.
Jonathan obviously had nothing to say. The remark was not meant for him . . . in fact, his mother seemed so suddenly absorbed in her thoughts that nothing he said would reach her anyway. Suddenly, Adam, the new (or, well, not so new, he’d replaced Walter only days after his death . . . that was over ten years ago) retainer entered the room, gently closing the door behind him as he approached Integra’s desk.
“It is dinner time, Sir. Was there something in particular you wanted, or . . .”
This boy was obviously nowhere near as competent as Walter, but at least he was considerate . . . but then, that was his job.
“Nothing comes to mind, but . . . bring me some tea. And an aspirin. A fly is buzzing in my ear, and it’s giving me a headache,” Integra said mildly, returning to her paperwork with the same diligence she had before.
“Yes, Sir.”
Anger born of deep-rooted envy flared up in Jonathan. Even over something so small, seeing anyone treat his mother with such sincere respect made him angry. The only reason anyone gave him respect was because he was her son . . . and then it was only half-hearted.
“Get out of my office.”
“Hmm?” Integra looked up.
“Get. Out. Now. Get out of my office, get out of my house,” Jonathan hissed, slapping his palms against the rough surface of the desk, leaning close to Integra’s face.
“Jealous, little boy?” a voice said from behind him.
Jonathan spun around leaning against the desk for support as the sudden movement caused him to lose his balance. Standing in the shadows was a tall male form that Jonathan clearly recognized as Malakai’s. The cold glint in his eyes and the expression on his face both enraged and terrified Jonathan. But what terrified him more was that standing next to him, looking like Malakai’s dark twin with the same expression on his face, was Alucard.
“What? You . . . I . . .”
“Come on, boy, do speak up. I’d expect my master’s son to be a little . . . bolder,” Alucard murmured mockingly.
“Shut your mouth, monster! I don’t answer to you!”
“And I don’t answer to you. I’m afraid that you are sadly mistaken if you believe I won’t kill you for insulting my master with your pathetic commands. Get out of your house? You are the same as that bastard your mother destroyed fifty-seven years ago. Your blood is Hellsing but it reeks of weakness,” Alucard spat back.
Integra watched this in silence, noting that Malakai was choosing to allow Alucard to “vent” rather than interfere. It seemed to be a good idea. The tension in the air was stifling.
“What the hell are you talking about?!”
“Oh, she never told you? Your mother killed her uncle, years ago, because he tried to steal Hellsing away from her. You will suffer a similar fate, I think,” Alucard replied, “But this time, I will be the one to send you to hell!”
He pulled the Casull from the depths of his red coat, and aimed for Jonathan’s heart. He’d shoot him . . . Integra knew that. He’d shoot the bastard as if he were just another freak vampire or ghoul . . . he meant nothing to Alucard. He was just an annoyance. She wanted to stop him, she knew she should, but . . .
Don’t worry about it.
Her gaze turned immediately to Malakai’s who’s gaze only momentarily flicked to meet her own before returning to Alucard.
Don’t worry? Alucard is about to kill my son.
Nah. He can’t.
He. Can’t. It’s forbidden for him to kill a Hellsing himself . . . that’s why you had to kill your uncle all those years ago, otherwise, he’d have done it himself. He can only kill a Hellsing if that Hellsing asks to die
, Malakai explained.
Though it was strange to see him standing before her as if ignoring her and yet to hear him speak in her mind was rather disturbing, she asked him, How do you know that?
He told me. He is intimately familiar with his bonds to your family, with the rules and regulations and restrictions . . . and he’s passed a great deal of that knowledge on to me. Though you have primary control over him, Jonathan has some and every time Alucard disobeys he receives pain. He’s rather irritable about the whole thing, so just let him be for now
, Malakai replied.
“If you say so,” Integra muttered, as she really was in no mood to argue.
“So, little Hellsing, what are you going to do?” Alucard said mockingly.
“You monster!” Jonathan screamed.
“Oh, wait, wait, I think I’ve heard that before. Yes, I can feel the Gods of Redundancy shining down upon us all. Very clever boy, you. Very clever,” Malakai laughed.
In the name of God the impure-
“Souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation. Don’t use that mantra against me, boy, I have heard it before,” Alucard snapped.
“You-you bastard! I’ll kill you!”
Jonathan drew a handgun from within his own jacket. It was really quite pathetic in comparison to Alucard’s Casull (though it wasn’t a terribly small gun) . . . Alucard fired, changing targets. The gun in Jonathan’s hand shattered, sending shards of metal into the Hellsing’s body, blood spilling from the wounds the moment they opened.
“You’ll kill me . . .” Alucard murmured, dark hair hiding his eyes even as a maniacal grin spread over his face.
“What . . . Alucard!” Integra’s eyes widened in shock, as she gaped at the scene before her.
Suddenly, the palm of a strong hand met with the side of Alucard’s head, the sound of flesh striking flesh reverberating off the walls of the office. Malakai had just done the unthinkable. He’d slapped Alucard across the face.
“Stupid. You are so stupid! What in the hell is wrong with you!” Malakai exclaimed suddenly.
Now, the problem with this was that for some reason or another, Malakai had reverted back to his first language. Which certainly was not English. Due to this fact, neither Integral nor her wounded (and possibly dying) son could understand them. Alucard, however, was an entirely different story.
“He should not,” Alucard replied, in the same language, “have insulted my master.”
“Alucard, old friend, you may have forgotten, or maybe you just don’t care, that you have just mortally wounded your master’s son? I am willing to guess that it is the latter,” Malakai said dryly.
I can’t believe it! He’s just shot . . . and they’re just . . . standing there having a conversation! Integra thought in utter amazement, intertwined with slight amusement and profound alarm as she realized the gravity of the situation.
Jonathan was dying. Suddenly, all conversation ceased. Integra knelt down by Jonathan, inspecting the cuts that poured blood onto the carpet. And as she inspected the wounds, tears began pooling in here eyes. Tears that would never fall.
“Why are you crying? He’s not going to die, my dear knight,” Malakai said, kneeling down next to her.
“You heard me. He isn’t going to die. Or . . . not unless you want him to,” Malakai smiled, raising an eyebrow suggestively.
“Unless I want him to . . .”
Pain. But it was natural, she knew that. This pain meant that right now, in this very moment, she was bringing a child, her first son, into the world. In a few moments . . . there he was, screaming, small, and she loved him. It was unusual to feel this close to another creature, for her, but this was not the same. This was hers, he was hers, he came from her. Integra smiled a small, barely noticeable smile as the doctor handed her son over to her.
This time, the pain was worse. There were complications, this time, and suddenly, she feared. She feared for the life of her new son, for her baby, and for her own life. What would Jonathan do if she died? His father had been killed . . . Integra almost regretted even suggesting she had wanted him dead. Jonathan would be alone, an he was so young. But then . . . minutes later, thirty-two agonizing and terrifying minutes later, she was holding her second child in her arms. Isaac . . . he was so beautiful. After a few minutes, they allowed Jonathan into the room. The small boy’s eyes lit up as he saw his baby brother. Integra smiled. There was nothing to worry about. Jonathan carefully climbed up onto the bed and sat beside his mother.
“I hate you.” Those words hurt more than anything else ever had in her entire life. Her son, her eldest child . . . was betraying her. He was breaking her heart. And he didn’t care.
He was taking everything from her. Hellsing, the respect she’d worked her whole life to earn, all of it. She hated that bastard. How that sweet boy had become such a foul-mouthed, pigheaded . . . no. It didn’t matter. There was nothing she could do. Suddenly, every person she’d ever loved stood before her. They gave her their love, their strength, and suddenly, she felt all the power they had to offer her. There was a tug on her soul, and then Alucard was there, viciously defending her against her own son’s insults, his disrespect. Seras was there too . . . and Integral knew she didn’t need anyone else. Let him have Hellsing. With time . . . after he’s truly experienced the true burden that came with being a Hellsing . . . he’d beg for death.
“Let him die,” Integra whispered.
Jonathan’s eyes widened as he heard the words that passed her lips.
“You . . . betrayed me, Jonathan. I could have forgiven you, if you had stopped there. But you betrayed Hellsing, betrayed my men, and that I will never forgive. You . . . killed Isaac,” Integral whispered, hair falling over her eyes as she bowed her head and bent down to whisper in his ear.
Malakai’s sudden, angry exclamation shocked both Integra and Alucard. Though both knew Malakai had been incredibly fond of the human, they had not realized that his death would cause him so much anger. He was just a human, after all, one among many others.
“What,” Jonathan said, voice choked with pain though he attempted to sound as one filled with contempt, “Does that bother you, Vampire? Did I take your precious toy away from you?”
Malakai’s fists clenched tightly, and his eyes flashed and darkened in bloodlust as rage began to envelope him.
“Shut up, bastard. That toy . . . was worth more than you, your ancestors, or any pathetic child you might have had. That toy . . . that man . . . was . . .”
“Calm yourself, Malakai,” Alucard said in their native tongue with a soft warning tone as Malakai stood and approached Integra.
“Why,”Malakai said in deadly soft tones, “Didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you call me? I asked you to protect him.”
“I didn’t even know until it was too late. Isaac just . . . didn’t come back. I wanted to call for you, I knew that . . . you’d want to know, but . . . I couldn’t . . .” Integra said, suddenly understanding for the first time that not only was Isaac an object of affection for Malakai, but that to him, Isaac had been a precious possession.
One that he had obviously planned to keep, permanently. Integral knew a great deal about vampires, but how Malakai had planned on turning Isaac, who was male, and certainly not a virgin, was beyond her. Not that it mattered now. The anger in his crimson eyes was slowly drowned in sadness and pain. That was something Integra did understand. To find someone, to care about them . . . and then to lose them without any choice in the matter, well . . . it hurt. A lot.
“I . . .” Malakai knelt beside the dying body of Jonathan Hellsing, and effortlessly lifted him by the front of his shirt, “should make you suffer. For taking what was mine. For taking a human life without regard for the consequences. But it’s a bit late. You are already dying.”
Jonathan spit at his face, spit blood at him, and Integra winced as it slid down Malakai’s pale skin. But he didn’t react, didn’t stop to lick away the blood as Alucard would have, didn’t smile, didn’t become angry, didn’t throw some sarcastic remark at the offending person, didn’t even seem disgusted.
This wasn’t Malakai, the compassionate, kind, childishly wise person that Integra had come to know. This was Malakai, the vampire, enraged at the loss of someone who was not only his property, but a person he cared deeply about. He pulled him close, and licked blood off the male Hellsing’s neck.
For a moment, Integra thought he was going to bite him, but instead, a cold light came to Malakai’s eyes as he turned slightly and said, “Forgive me, Integra.”
And with those words, he tossed Jonathan out the window, shattering the glass. Jonathan flew back a few more feet before falling out of sight.
“You’ll have to have that repaired,” Malakai said, explaining his earlier apology.