❯ Broken – Sweet Dreams ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fruits Basket, 3×3 eyes, or Sailor Moon. I do own the random men and women that appear through out the story. And Gojyo-sama (no relation to Gojyo in Saiyuki) is mine as well, created to be the warped, disturbed man. I don’t own the female Yuki, she’s my friend’s chika Toki: -.- that’s a demented face…

Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams

« Ayame-kun, do you love me? » Tomeo Hotaru asked as she sat, leaning against the Sakura tree. Her black, shoulder length black hair fell in her pale face. She was wearing a black skirt and a red tank top. Her black stockings were ripped and she wore black knee high heeled boots. Her amethyst eyes were on him.

 » Why do you ask, my dear? » he smirked. His long, platinum blonde hair was tied up in a braid. He wore simply blue jeans and a black shirt. His violet eyes met her’s.

 » That’s why I asked. I don’t know… » she said softly yet sadly. She stood up. « I don’t want to play pretend and be who I am not. Do you love me for who I am? Not just what I have. »

` This isn’t a question of romance,’ he thought, ` She wants to know if I’ll love her no matter what her fate is.’ He turned and smiled.  » Yes Hotaru I do love you. »

Hotaru smiled. She wanted to throw her arms around him, but she couldn’t. He’d turn into a snake.  » Thank you Ayame-kun. I want you to know I love you for you and not for- »

She was cut short. Her eyes were wide and the smile had disappeared. He looked at her eyes to see crimson tears running down her face. It was a blow to the head. The culprit was behind her but he was gone with the wind. Ayame caught Hotaru as he kept replaying the scene in his head. He never saw the person until Hotaru was struck and the person’s eyes seemed to shatter his soul. They were dark and emotionless.
 » Hotaru-chan, Hotaru- chan?!?!? Wake up!! » He yelled shaking her. She didn’t respond. She just lay there, stiff and beautiful. ` No… no… Hotaru… I ….I-`

Ayame sprang up from his bed. He was covered in a cold sweat. ` What a horrible dream,’ he muttered. He looked at his clock. It read 3:27 a.m. ` I’ll call Hotaru-chan, » he thought.

Her phone rang twice and he heard her pick up.
 » Moshi moshi… » she muttered,  » Ayame-kun, what’s wrong? »

 » Thank God,  » He said,  » You’re all right. »

 » Ayame, what’s wrong, what happened? »

 » I dreamt you died…I needed to her your voice, » He said.

 » Oh… do you need me to come over? » she asked.

 » I dunno, » he sighed,  » Sure. »

 » I’ll be right over, » she said. They hung up.

Hotaru got out of her bed and got dressed. She dressed simply in a black dress and black motorcycle boots. It contradicted her pale skin. She looked in the mirror to put on her makeup. She smiled as she lifted her bangs to revel the Japanese character for death, shi.
 » Hmm, my third eye, » she said in a Romanian accent. She was done primping and walked outside. She thought of telling her foster parents she was going out but she left them a note on the dinner table. She got in her black convertible and started for the Sohma household.

` I wonder what’s wrong with Ayame-kun…’ she thought, ` He’s been having these nightmares for over a month now.’

She stopped at a red light. Across from her was a man in a red convertible. He had the most demonic looking black eyes she had seen. For a brief moment she swore the whites of his eyes turned black and his irises were red.. She shook her head and he was staring at her. She went straight rather quickly and the man turned. Hotaru shook of the encounter and parked at the Sohma house.

When she walked inside, she took off her boots quietly and slipped on Kyo’s slippers that had been left at the door. He was at his girlfriend Yuki’s house to stay with one last night before he left for college in Europe.

She slipped up the stairs in a way that didn’t seem human, but more cat-like. She needed to move quietly and rather sneaky or else Akito would hurt her mentally. She slid opened Ayame’s door and walked in.
Ayame sat on his futon covered by tons of blankets. He smiled at her when she walked in.
 » Hotaru-chan, » he whispered as she knelled down on the futon. She lightly kissed his cheek.
 » I’m sorry Ayame… this is all my fault you are having these night mares. If we never meet in that alley that night I wouldn’t have done this to you… » she sighed.
 » It’s not your fault, » he reassured her. She shook her head.
 » But it is!! If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t have saved you and you wouldn’t be a Wu!! » she hissed.  » Now you won’t die unless I die!! So If I die in a stupid accident I- »

He cut her short as he kissed her. She let him. He’s hands moved up her back and she wished she could hug him back but… he’d turn into a rat. She couldn’t help but sweatdrop.
 » Are you gonna stay with me? » he asked.
 » I guess, you’ve got me, » she smiled.  » Do you feel better? »
 » Yes… » he whispered in her ear.

Chapter 1: Owarii