Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Broken Communications ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
AS A NOTE TO NEW READERS WHO HAVE JUST GOT HERE: Episodes 2-6 are mostly the same as episodes… 2-6. There are deviations, some Rebuild stuff, and some new stuff, but that’s how it goes. Episode 2 mostly happened as before, except Misato is a bit colder to Shinji and there’s less silliness. Skip ahead to « The bathroom ceiling light. » for actually new content.


Eva-01 and the Angel stare at each other.


The Eva.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Are you ready, Pilot?”

Shinji, scared.
Shinji “Er… yes…”

Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Release the final lock.”

The restraints on the shoulders disengage.

Ritsuko “Now, Child One, advance.”

Eva-01 staggers forward.
Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “Good. Just focus on walking for now.”

Shinji, determined and scared, nods.
Shinji “Right. One step…”

Eva-01’s foot hits the ground.
SE: concrete cracking

Eva-01’s front. The other leg lifts, stumbles.
Eva-01 falls on its face.


Shinji leaning forward, clutching his head.
Shinji “Ugggggh…..”
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Child One…”


Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Get up, and hurry.”
The Angel draws towards Shinji’s head.

Shinji looks up, terrified.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “I said get up!”
Shinji screams.

The Angel’s hand draws near, filling the screen.

The Angel grabs Eva-01’s head and pulls it up. It seems more like a machine than anything.

Shinji watches all of this on the monitor, frozen in terror.

Shinji UP

The Angel grabs the Eva’s arm and pulls it up.
Shinji (OFF) gasps.

The muscles of the Angel expand suddenly.

It squeezes on Eva-01’s arm and begins to break it.
Shinji (OFF) screams.

He clutches at his own arm.
Misato (OFF) “Child One! Focus! That’s not your real arm!”
Shinji whimpers.

The Angel continues twists Eva-01’s arm arm around.

Ritsuko “What’s happening with the defense?”
Ibuki “It’s not deploying!”
Ritsuko “What?! It’s useless?”

Ritsuko types at a keyboard desperately.
SE: wires snapping

Off-color Shinji.
Hyuga (OFF) “The left arm has broken!”

Aoba “Circuits have snapped!”

Ikari watches coldly.

Ikari front, the screen behind.
Ikari (muttered) “What is she waiting for…?”

Ritsuko turns to Ikari for a moment.
Ritsuko “What was that, sir?”

Ikari “Nothing. Can you eject the entry plug?”

Misato shakes her head.
Misato “Not yet, sir. We should see if he can snap out of this.”
Ikari (OFF) “Very well.”

The Angel pulls Eva-01 up further.
Its elbow forms a perfect right angle.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Child One, do something now!”

Shinji, paralyzed in fear.

A red orb on the Angel’s hand lights up.

A bone protrudes from the Angel’s elbow.
The bone structure rapidly slides back into place

Eva-01 is rocked backward.

Shinji clutches at his forehead in pain.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Come on already!”

Misato “Fight back!”

The bone slams into Eva-01 twice more.

Shinji is crying from his left eye, covering his right.

The Eva and the Angel, the onslaught continuing.

Ibuki “A crack is forming in the cranial armor!”
Hyuga “It can’t hold much longer!”

The bone finally breaks through Eva-01’s right eye.

The bone sticks out through the back of Eva-01’s skull.
Shinji (OFF) screams.

The bone slides all the way back.
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “Do something!”

The bone collides with Eva-01.
It flies backwards and collides against a tower.
Its head falls downward.
It begins to bleed.

A display of Eva-01’s nerve links. They begin to go dark.
Hyuga “The circuits are disconnecting!”

Aoba “No response from the pilot!”
Ibuki pounds her fist against a keyboard in frustration.

Misato is terrified for Shinji for the first time.
Misato “Shinji-kun!”


Text: “Episode #02: Broken Communications”

Red fluid continues to spurt out of the Eva.

BGM START: E-5 fast tempo, rhythm only [HARBINGER OF TRAGEDY]

“Emergency Situation” display, UP
SE: All types of warning sounds

Side monitor; the displays light up one after another from the bottom.
Aoba (OFF) “The head has been damaged! Extent unknown!”
Ibuki (OFF) “We’re can’t keep maintaining activation!”

Misato “Status!?”

The graph scrolls sideways.
Ibuki (OFF) “His synchronization is collapsing!”

Ritsuko is calmly standing next to Ibuki.
Ritsuko “Deactivate the A-10 Nerve unit.”
Ibuki “We can’t!”

Display close-up. The graphs disengage one by one.
Ibuki (OFF) “The signal is being refused! We can’t deactivate!”

Misato leans over Hyuga.
Misato “What about Shinji-kun!?”

The graph flows downward; everything is going black.
Hyuga (OFF) “The sensors are deactivated! He could be dead!”

Eva-01, its head hanging.
Aoba (OFF) “Eva-01 is completely silent!”

Ritsuko turns around.
Ritsuko “Misato!”

Misato (resolute) “We’ve got to stop this. (looks at Ibuki) Abort the operation! The pilot’s protection is top priority! Force-eject the plug!”

Ibuki turns to Misato.
Ibuki (desperately) “We can’t! It’s completely out of control!”

Misato “What? How?!”

Front close-up of the Eva.

Zoom in from previous cut. The right eye is smashed in.

Shinji UP. (T-U. Fade to black.)

Eva UP. Its left eye lights up.

Mouth UP. The joint tears and the jaw splits above and below. Organic-looking teeth lay within.

Female Operator (OFF) “The Eva has reactivated.”
Ibuki “…it shouldn’t be able to move.”

Misato (shock) “Impossible.”

Ritsuko (shock) “It’s gone berserk…”


BGM START: E-5 fast tempo [THE BEAST]

The Eva lifts her head and bellows.

The Eva squats down, and then jumps!

It flies toward the front of the screen, rolling once in mid-air.

It strikes the top of the Angel and holds fast as he tries to shake it off. Soon, it is once again airborne.

Eva-01 lands.

A close-up of the mouth as it roars again.

It stands up from a squat, bellowing as it looks skyward.

The Eva running, its appearance like that of a wild beast.

Eva-01 charging. The Angel straightens its body out. The Eva hits a wall of light!

Ritsuko “The AT Field? Dammit!”

The Angel spreading its Field.

Eva-01 pounds against the octagons.

Misato “It’s no use! As long as that AT Field is up…”

Ritsuko “…it can’t touch the Angel!”

Suddenly, Eva-01 rears back slightly. As it swings its left arm up, it is fully regenerated. It clenches its fist.

Everyone watches.
Aoba (OFF) “The left arm is fully restored!”
Hyuga (OFF) “Both mechanical and biological parts!”
Misato “Incredible.”

Eva plunges into the AT Field’s shapes with both hands.

Eva tearing the AT Field with both hands, with the Angel in front.

Ibuki “Eva-01 is also expanding an AT Field.”

Graph close-up. The curves are overlapping one another.
Ibuki (OFF) “They’re cancelling each other out!”

Ikari’s mouth, grinning triumphant.
Ikari “About time.”

Ritsuko side profile, in complete disbelief.
Ritsuko “No, it’s eroding it!”

Eva-01 ripping the Field apart!

Eva opens the Field as if it were separating curtains.

Misato “That A.T. Field was so easily…”

Eva pushes its head into the Field.

Front close-up of the Angel, his face-like structure cracked and broken. The holes light up!
SE: Mechanical whirring

The front of Eva is bathed in light. It bends backwards.

The light extends beyond the Eva.

Bird’s-eye view. The light speeds through the street. Finally, it turns into a cross.

Eva’s body eerily lurches forward into a stoop. A moment later, its left hand enters the foreground until it fills the screen.

From the Eva’s point of view. Its left arm lashes out at the Angel’s hands.

With a fiendish face, the Eva pulls the Angel’s hands over its head and twists them with a loud crack.

The Eva lifts the Angel’s arms and deals a sudden kick. The Angel goes flying.

The Angel flying backwards.

The Angel comes flying into an alcove formed by the buildings and crashes into one of them.

Eva brings its head down and plunges forward.

Eva plows headfirst into the sitting Angel, hitting him directly.

The building slides as smoke rises.

Eva straddles the Angel, the ground hollowed out into ruin.

Eva behind the Angel’s core and rib bones. It punches, dashing against the surface of the core and smashing the bone. It punches a second time from above. Finally, it seizes the rib bones.

Eva grandly brandishes the bone fragment.

Core UP. Eva strikes it with the bone and a crack appears.

Eva continues to strike the core.

The Angel lifts its face.

When the Angel swings its arms, they become whip-like! They go towards the Eva.

The Angel twines both hand and both feet around the Eva’s arms, legs, etc. and draws itself over it. The entire body transforms, almost completely covering the Eva.

Everyone in the command room watching it. Misato leans forward.

Misato “It’s going to self-destruct!”


The Angel’s core lies adjacent to the Eva’s head. Eva’s body is completely entangled by the Angel’s rubbery exterior.

The two are enveloped by light.

A sphere of light rises up behind the buildings.

The command room monitor fills with white.

A cross-shaped light shines in the sky. Ashinoko in front.

Everyone watching.
Misato “Is the Eva…?”

Eva slowly walks out of the blaze.
SE: footsteps

As the Nerv personnel watch this, they are wrapped in terror rather than joy.
SE: footsteps

Nerv personnel watching.
SE: footsteps

Ritsuko behind Ibuki (shot from below). They are both afraid (Ritsuko for the first time).
SE: footsteps
Ritsuko “That is Eva’s…”

Misato, accompanied by a sense of awe.
SE: footsteps
Misato “…true state.”

Ikari looking at Eva being displayed on the monitor. (He is the only person harboring a smile.)

Eva standing in a street lined with large buildings that had escaped meltdown. Further in, flame from the explosion.

Fade-in from a black screen to Shinji, still in a daze.
SE (fade-in): Monitor noise and off-screen dialogue
Aoba (OFF – radio) “The Eva is back online.”
Ibuki (OFF – radio) “Systems recovered. Everything checks out normal.”
Hyuga (OFF – radio) “Pilot life signs confirmed.”

Shinji side profile UP. In the monitor, we can see the Eva being reflected on the wall of a building outside. Shinji is motionless.
Ritsuko (OFF – radio) “Unit recovery squad, hurry.”
Misato (OFF – radio) “The pilot’s safety is the top priority.”

The Eva’s face falls to its feet and springs up.

Shinji looking down, eyes UP.

Eva’s head lying at its feet.

Shinji facing down. He becomes aware of something to the side and turns his face.

Shinji in front. Reflecting in the glass of the building is the Eva’s true face.

Shinji. Eye UP.

Eva in front, its form reflected by the building.

Shinji’s eye widens, UP.

From beneath the part of the face gouged out by the Angel, an eyeball appears.
It swivels around for a few seconds, before focusing on one point.

Shinji blinks. Terror…
SE: heavy breathing

Shinji in front of the Eva. He looks at the eye that has appeared.

Shinji’s eye UP.

Eva’s eye UP.

Shinji’s eye UP.
Shinji (OFF) “Uwaaaaaaaa!” (bleed)

The glowing shape of a woman floats over Shinji. It is faceless.
Woman “Shh…. Calm down…”

The faceless head.
Woman “I won’t hurt you…”

Evangelion Unit 01.
Shinji continues to scream loudly.
SE: a thud
Shinji suddenly stops screaming.

An Eva cage.
Unit-00 is being repaired.

Ikari smiles to himself.
Ikari “She has awakened, it seems.”

Ritsuko nods.
Ritsuko “Evangelion Unit 01’s artificial intelligence system is operating at full capacity. Much better than we expected for such a low synch ratio.”

Ikari “Much better than we dared hope for… But I think we both knew how successful the project would be.”
Ritsuko scoffs.
Ritsuko (OFF) “And the girl?”

Ikari (OFF) “She’ll be better in twenty-one days.”
Ritsuko “Why not just accelerate her schedule?”

Eva-00 is slowly being frozen in a purple compound.
It roars slightly, struggling against the force.

Ikari “We still need it, and risking things like that so quickly would be unwise. A change in schedule has never been tested.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “We could just make a new one, you know.”

Ikari’s mouth twists into a smile.

Ikari shrugs.

A hospital room.

BGM START: C-1 No Latin Percussion [Waking Up in the Morning]

Shinji lying on the bed.

Close-up of his eyes as they open.

Shinji sits up, and looks around for a minute.
He is alone.

He sighs and lies back down.

Shinji, staring up at the ceiling.
Shinji “…This place feels so unfamiliar.”

The hospital room through an open window.
Shinji “I don’t want to be here at all.”

A nurse opens the door.
Nurse “Ah – good, you’re awake.”

Shinji nods silently.

The nurse pushes a cart into the room.
Nurse “Do you remember anything?”
Shinji (OFF) “Huh?”

Nurse (OFF) “About the battle?”
Shinji looks confused.

Nurse “Good. Then mental contamination is unlikely. Sit up, it’s time for lunch.”


Dirt ground.
ZOOM OUT to reveal crater.
On the outskirts are special vehicles and red lights. Underground armor plates are exposed in the central part.
SE: Helicopter sounds

Sign UP: “Danger, No Entry Zone”
SE: Sounds of helicopter (faint), crane, whistle, cars, etc

The Eva’s head is being transported. The battlefield is behind it.
SE: Crane sounds, whistle sounds, the hum of voices, etc

From inside a damaged building, the Eva’s head can be seen outside.
Committeeman A (OFF) “So the Angels have… been released?”

A small council room, seen from above. Ikari, along with five other men.
A “We were not expecting them to arrive so soon.”
B “They seem to be like forces of nature than anything else.”

C “We are glad to hear that not all of our preparations were in vain.”

D “Don’t be so sure. That was one Angel. The Dead Sea Scrolls predicts fourteen more and th-”
B (OFF) “Enough of that.”

B “We should focus on one battle at a time.”

A “Yes, and before that, there’s something else we must worry about.”

C “Now that Evangelion has been unveiled, Nerv will have to restrict information on them, to ensure that the public receives only the best view of the situation.”

Ikari “That has been taken care of already, I assure you.”

The crater again, but the camera is centered on one of the tents.
SE: birds, cicadas

Misato sits in front of a TV in the tent, changing the channel every now and again.
A news program blares on the TV.
Woman A (Channel 12) “…the government announcement was delivered this morning-…”
Man A (Channel 4) “-in this incident-”
Woman B (Channel 8) “…the UN forces…into Japan…”
Man B (Channel 1~BS7) “…an alien attack…”
Misato (pre.) “So, public news. That’s scenario B-22.”

Ritsuko “Our PR people are happy to have something to do, I guess. But…”
Misato (OFF) “But everybody’s nervous.”

The small council room, seen from above.
A “Good. Then we have little else to worry about.
B “However, there are definitely other problems.”

D “Eva-00 is currently in reparative stasis…”
C “And Eva-01 is, while repairable, heavily damaged.”
B (OFF) “You are going to bankrupt us, Ikari.”

C “And there is something else to worry about.”

Ikari sits in his chair, motionless.
C (OFF) “The Human Instrumentality Project. Your highest priority.”

Kiel “In any case, the rest of the meeting no longer concerns you, Ikari.”

The committee members disappear.

Kiel “We do this to save mankind. There is no turning back from paradise… We do this to rise in our image and in God’s. Amen.”

Kiel too, disappears.

Ikari “I know. Mankind has no time left.”


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 2: Berserker Warrior”

The outside of a hospital building. Shinji stares out the window.
SE: voices of cicadas

The corridor. Shinji suddenly becomes aware of something.
SE: voices of cicadas

He turns away from the window.
SE: a door opening, gurney wheels

Rei’s bed passes through the corridor.

She gazes at Shinji as she passes. She is devoid of emotion.

Shinji watches her go by.
SE: wheels

Rei’s gurney vanishes into the corridor like a coffin.

Shinji lowers his head, and walks in the opposite direction.
SE: cicadas

He enters a large room, with several elevator doors.
He approaches one.

Shinji’s finger, pressing the elevator door button.

The doors open.
Ikari is on the other side.

Shinji takes a step backward.

The elevator doors close.

A large trailer carts Eva-01’s head back to Nerv HQ.

Inside the trailer, Ritsuko and Misato sit.
Misato “You know, I think that if next fight we don’t get our Evas so damaged, we just might have a chance.”

Ritsuko turns to Misato, amused.
Ritsuko “I see I’m friends with an optimist…”

Misato scowls.
Misato “What? Shinji and Rei are competent.”

Ritsuko just shakes her head.
Ritsuko “You really overestimate them, and the Evas…”
Misato (OFF) “An attitude like that won’t get us anywhere!”
Ritsuko “Maybe not, but he got pretty beat up.”

Misato, concerned.
Ritsuko (OFF) “I still haven’t heard if he was contaminated or not… And even if he isn’t…”

Ritsuko “Do you really think he’s going to pilot again?”

Misato “I…”
Ritsuko (OFF) “And as for Rei…”

Ritsuko “She’s really only good at following orders.”
Misato (OFF) “Well, it’s a start.”

The Evangelion’s head.
Misato (OFF) “Don’t be such a downer.”

Shinji, standing in front of the elevator door, not moving.
Misato (OFF) “I know we can do this if we try hard enough.”

Rei, without a bandage. Her eye socket is empty.
Misato (OFF) “With a team like this,”

Eva-00, slowly being unthawed for repairs.
Misato “…plus the other Evangelion units like the one arriving next month…”

The damaged city towers.
Misato “and everyone in the city works at full efficiency…”

Misato smiling.
Misato “Then I’m sure we can do it!”

Ritsuko shakes her head again.

The elevator doors open.
Misato steps out.
She sees Shinji.

She walks to him.
Misato “Hi!”

Shinji looks up.
Shinji “Oh… hello.”

Misato “Are you discharged, then?”
Shinji (OFF) “Yes.”
Misato “Good!”

An escalator. Ritsuko and Ibuki ride down it.
Ibuki “They don’t want to live together? You’d think they’d find that unnatural…”

Misato and Shinji stand in a room above the pyramid.
Misato “You’ll be living alone?”
Shinji nods.

Shinji “I’m fine with that, really, it’s no big deal.”

Misato shakes her head.
Misato “Of course it is!”

Ritsuko, holding a phone.
Ritsuko “What!?”

Misato holds the phone away from her head.
Ritsuko (OFF – PHONE) “I can’t believe this!”
Misato puts the phone back to her ear.
Misato “Rits-chan…”

Shinji, sitting on a bench.
Misato (OFF) “Come on. He’s alone. You can’t really expect me to just leave him to live by himself.”

Ritsuko “I can!”

Misato giggles. “What are you afraid of, Ritsuko? He’s half my age.”
Ritsuko (OFF – PHONE) “He’s fourteen! How can you even think about that!?”
Misato sighs.
Misato “No sense of humor, huh?”

Misato takes a deep breath.

Misato “Okay, look, Ritsuko… It’s done, okay?”

Ritsuko “Then you’re taking full responsibility of him, I assume?”
Misato (OFF – PHONE) “I… well, of course.”
Ritsuko takes a deep breath.

An ashtray filled with cigarettes.

Ritsuko “Then I guess you’re in charge. Fine.”

Misato smiles and bows.
Misato “Don’t worry. He’ll be fine.”
Ritsuko (OFF – PHONE) “Good luck…”

A car passing through a tunnel.

Misato is driving.
Misato “Mind if we make a quick stop before we head up to my apartment?”

Shinji looks at her, confused.
Shinji “Where are we going?”
Misato (OFF) “To get party supplies, of course!”

Misato “I’m getting a new roommate!”
Shinji “Oh.”


A convenience store.

Misato’s goods.
Housewife A (OFF) “I think we’re gonna be moving soon…”
Housewife B (OFF) “Us too! This city’s just too dangerous…”

Shinji sighs.

Misato looks at him sympathetically.


A road on a hill. Shinji and Misato stand, overlooking the city.

Shinji’s eye.
Shinji “It seems so empty…”
Misato (OFF) “Watch.”
His eye widens.


The towers begin to rise. The camera pans down a street, showing each tower rising in unison, reflecting the setting sun.
Shinji (OFF) “Amazing!”

Misato smiles.
Misato “This is your new home. Tokyo-3.”

She wraps her arm around Shinji, but looks down.
Misato “This is our last defense against the Angels. This is what you’ll have to defend until the war ends.”
Shinji too, looks down.


Misato stops in front of her apartment door. Shinji holds the bags.
Misato “This is your new home.”
She opens the door.

Shinji’s foot over the threshold. It comes down on the carpet of Misato’s apartment.
Shinji “I… I’m home.”

Misato beams.
Misato “Welcome home.”

The apartment’s living room. It is filthy.
Misato (OFF) “Sorry about the mess.”

Shinji’s disgusted face.
Misato (OFF) “It’s not much, so you probably won’t find it so bad.”

A table covered in plates.
Shinji (OFF) “This…”

The floor, scattered with beer cans.
Shinji (OFF) “is a…”

The couch. Several bits of clothing (some male!) lie scattered on it.
Shinji (OFF) “little…?”

Misato sticks her head out of her bedroom.
Misato “Oh! You can just put everything in the fridge!”

The kitchen. There are two refrigerators. It too, is filthy.
Shinji “Wha… which one?”

The smaller fridge.
SE: snoring

Shinji looks scared as he opens the other fridge.

The fridge. Most shelves are beer. Some are instant. One shelf is dedicated to ice.
Shinji sweatdrops.

Shinji “What kind of life does Misato-san lead?”

Misato opens a door and looks inside.

A suitcase sits in a clean room, along with an instrument case.
Misato (OFF) “Oh, good! Shinji, your stuff is all here!”

Shinji stands next to Misato, looking into the room.
Shinji “Good… Oh, Misato-san? What’s in the other refrigerator?”

Misato laughs.
Misato “Oh, him? He’s your other roommate.”

Shinji looks at the fridge with apprehension.
Misato laughs (OFF).

The microwave, cooking food.
SE: microwave beeps
Misato (OFF) “Food’s ready!”

The two sit at a table together.
Misato “Let’s eat!”
Shinji “Let’s eat!”
Misato digs in greedily.

Shinji looks away from her as he eats slowly.


Misato chugs away at a beer and lets out a war cry afterwards.
Then she notices Shinji.
Misato “What’s wrong?”

Shinji puts his bowl down.
Misato (OFF) “It’s all good, even if it is all instant…”

Shinji “I’m just not all that hungry…”
Misato “Are you finicky!?”

She reaches forward.

She grabs Shinji’s forehead and shakes him around.
Misato “Don’t be so picky!”

Then she leans back and sighs contented.
Misato “Isn’t this nice? Eating with another person… It’s sort of like a date.”

Shinji flushes.

Misato smiles at him.
Misato “If you’re not hungry, you could always go take a bath…”


Shinji nods.
Shinji “Yeah, I think I will…”

A naked Shinji in the bathroom.
He looks up at Misato’s laundry rack. Again, not all of the attire is hers.

He opens the door.
A penguin is on the other side.

It flaps its wings aggressively at Shinji.

Shinji screams and runs into the main area.
Shinji “Misato-san!?”

Misato giggles.
Misato “Have you met Pen-Pen?”

Pen-Pen walks by.
Shinji stares.

Shinji (mono) “I’m never going to get used to this place…”

The bathroom ceiling light.
SE: Water sounds (echo attached)
Shinji (MONO) “Misato Katsuragi.”

Shinji (MONO) “She’s not a bad person.”

Misato sits alone at the dining room table.
Misato “I wonder if I’m being too cheery…”

Misato’s sofa. The clothing (male and female) still lies on the sofa.
Misato (OFF) “It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to someone his age…”

She shakes her head.
Misato “Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone his age…”

Shinji (MONO) “But bad memories always seem to find me when I’m in the bath.”
(Flashbacks to Ikari and Rei.)

Shinji (MONO) “——— Father and…”
(ON) “Rei Ayanami?”

A hand-written sign on the sliding screen:
Text: “Shin-chan’s Room”


Cardboard boxes in front. Shinji lies on his bed.
SE: S-DAT music playing faintly

From Shinji’s POV, cardboard boxes and bags.

Closeup of his change of residence papers.


Closeup of the S-DAT turning. It reverses.


Shinji shuts his eyes and slowly drifts to sleep.

SE: a noise outside
Shinji jerks awake, staring at the ceiling.
Shinji “Just another home I don’t know…”

Ikari stands in the room above the Eva Cage.
Gendo (echo) “Leave!”

Shinji “Not that he cares…”
Shinji sighs despondently.

Misato relaxes in the bath, talking on the phone.
Misato “Yes, yes, I know what I said.”

The medicine cabinet. A box of cigarettes is inside.
Misato (OFF) “Look, work stuff came up, okay?”

She hangs up the phone in frustration.
Misato “I just didn’t want him to be alone…”

Misato “I wanted to make up for how I treated him…”

She rises out of the bath (close-up of her head and shoulders).

Misato “I acted like he was just a tool. I’m as bad as Ritsuko…”

Shinji, staring up at the ceiling.

The ceiling. The patterns on it makes it seem like it is staring back.

Shinji again.

A shot of the moon. It slowly turns red.

A train station.
SE: train sounds

The sky. All is orange.
The train passes by quickly at the bottom of the camera.

Shinji sits in the train. He is listening to his S-DAT, looking down.

Rei sits across from him. Her eyes don’t seem to be seeing him.
She is not injured in any way.
Rei “Ikari-kun.”

Shinji looks up.
Shinji “Huh…?”

Rei “Hello, Ikari-kun.”

Shinji looks around.
Shinji “Am I dreaming?”

Rei shrugs her shoulders.
Rei “Somewhat…”

Shinji looks at Rei uncomfortably.

(flashback) Shinji holds Rei in his arms.
Shinji “I’ll do it! I’ll pilot it!”

Rei “Why did you pilot?”
Shinji (OFF) “Because I had to!”

Shinji is looking away from Rei. She stares resolutely at him.
Rei “No, you didn’t.”
Shinji “If I didn’t, you would have died!”
Rei “Are you so sure?”

Shinji “Yes!”

Rei “What about now?”
Shinji (OFF) “What do you mean?”

Evangelion Unit 01.
Rei (OFF) “I am no longer in danger of dying.”

Evangelion Unit 00.
Rei “Will you pilot now?”

Shinji doesn’t look very confident.

The train doors open.
Moving, pulsating shadows lie beyond them.

Shinji sits up in bed, breathing heavily.

His room, empty and normal.

Shinji lies back down.
He rolls over, away from the ceiling.

His eyes, squeezed shut.
Shinji “If I don’t have to do this…”

A house in rural Japan.
Shinji (OFF) “Can I go back?”

Misato stands outside Shinji’s room.
She opens her mouth to speak, but then shakes her head.
She turns away.

Shinji, in bed.
Misato (OFF) “Good night, Shinji-kun…”

She walks to her room.
Misato “You did a brave thing…”

She shuts her door behind her.
Misato “But for some reason, I’m too cowardly to congratulate you…”

She sighs as she lies down.
Misato “Sometimes I wonder about myself.”

A close-up of her eye.
Misato “If he can be brave, why can’t I?”

A pan around the room.

To be continued…




Text: “Next Time”

Shinji puts trash into an incinerator.
Misato “Shinji adjusts to his new life…”

The fifth Angel floats past a life house.
Misato “Letting himself be carried along by others.”

Kensuke grins at his computer screen.
Misato “Clearly such a boy won’t make friends…”

Toji punches Shinji.
Misato “But being an Eva pilot guarantees attention.”

Toji stands at a phone.
Misato “Next Time: ‘A Greater Fight’”


People Uniting