Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Bringing Light to the Shadows ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Gohan was squished beneath the foot of the behemoth; he looked over and could see that Serena was trapped under the other foot. Gohan struggled but could not manage to get any leverage; try as he might Gohan was trapped.
Outside the ruined palace the remainder of the Z-Scouts looked on in astonishment at Umbra’s true form, Ami was beginning to scan it when Uub charged at it releasing a devastating “Lightning Arrow!” the energy cut through the shadows. Quickly the shadow crept back together. It turned its attention to Uub and with a single energy charged punch Uub was unconscious lying on the cold grey ground.
Ami let out a scream as the creature turned to her, she was paralyzed in fear. “Rolling Heart Vibration!” the golden orb smashed into the monsters striking hand causing it to dissipate. With a move to fast to see, Umbra swung with his tail smashing Mina to the ground, and slammed his tail on to her knocking her out cold. Umbra didn’t waste a second as his arm re-gathered he swatted Ami out of consciousness. The creature raised its foot off of Serena; Darien looked down to see his love unconscious. He instinctively dived to her rescued as Umbra had planned; within a millisecond of Darien grabbing her Umbra slammed his foot back down, pushing the two lovers through the ground. “Princess!” Lita and Rei yelled being the last two scouts. “We will end this now!”
“Mars Snake Fire!” Rei summoned her massive flame snake as Lita formed her lightning dragon, wrapping it around the snake forming a shell of electricity. The energy creature crashed into the shadow figures chest. Umbra raised his right hand and from his palm shot the electric flame snake covered in black spikes, back at the girls. Dende jumped in front of them forming a great barrier. It was a valiant effort but in vain none the less, the energy being broke through the barrier knock all three unconscious as they fell to the ground.
“Uhm, looks like it’s my turn,” 17 said with a smirk. The mixture of man and machine charged at the being of shadow, delivering a powerful blow to Umbra. A large dark hard smacked 17 out of the air, the android looked up just in time to see the large foot bear down on him. Videl floated beside Trunks in shock how could the two of them defeat this monster when it had taken down everyone else in seconds. She worried not knowing what had happened to Gohan, fearing for his life.
“I’ve got this,” Trunks said stepping in front Videl. He began to charge, his aura shifted to gold. His hair stood upright now a golden color. As he continued to charge, lightning cracked around him, he had now become a Super Saiyan 2. Videl knew that a Super Saiyan 2 was no match for this monster, as it had easily defeated Uub, and Mina whose power levels were higher than a Super Saiyan 2. To Videl’s surprise Trunks did not stop charging, slowly he began to sweat and within an instant the long hair on his head grew down to his lower back maintaining its golden color and spiky style, the hair on the sides of his head did not grow they stayed at their incredibly short length.
“3! You can go Super Saiyan 3!” Videl said in shock knowing that it took an incredible amount of power to reach this level. She knew Goku had reached it but he had the extra energy of Other World to aid him, and Gotenks had also achieved it but he was a fusion giving him two power sources to draw upon.
“Ever since I heard Goku did it I’ve wanted to try, so here goes,” Trunks said as he blasted off towards the enemy. The first punch staggered the creature, in shock Umbra allowed Trunks to get in a second shot. Trunks went into a furry of hits that were blocked by Umbra’s forearm. Umbra readied his strike, but before he attacked Trunks fell from the sky his aura faded as he hit the ground.
Videl flew down to him, “Trunks!” He was out cold the strain of the form must have been too much for him. Videl looked up at the beast, his large toothy grin smiling down on her.
The monster said its first words since this battle began, “Looks like it’s just you and me, so should I kill them or you first,” his voice was still the same sophisticated voice from his past form. Gohan had been able to get his one arm into a position that he could use to lift when Trunks first hit Umbra, and with the second hit he was able to get his other arm into a similar position. Gohan pushed with all his might toppling the beast over.
“Videl,” Gohan said as he flew over to his girlfriend. Videl starred at his beaten and bloody figure, she was just happy he was alive. Gohan turned back to the beast as it rose from the ground. He charged at the shadow delivering a series of powerful punches to its face. Umbra laughed off the attack, swatting Gohan to the side. To the god’s surprise Gohan flew back at him, again attacking this time combining ki blast with his punches. Again the shadow god fully healed, this time Gohan was able to dodge the first strike and block the second hand, but was knocked back by the tail creating a massive crater where he collided with the ground. Videl watched in horror as he didn’t surface.
“So, Videl do I kill him first?” Umbra asked tauntingly. His eyes grew huge as he looked past her, Videl turned following his gaze to see Gohan pulling himself out of the hole.
“How is this possible? No being could take that much of a beating,” Umbra said in shock.
“Gohan,” Videl said softly.
“Hey Videl, you ready?” Gohan asked clutching his side as he floated to into the sky beside her.
“For what?” Videl wondered.
“My new move.” Gohan spread his legs shoulder with apart, bending them at the knees. His arms were bent at his sides, fists forward. His aura began to burn a pure brilliant white as blue lightning danced around him, slowly his aura condensed around his right fist. Gohan sped at Umbra, fist forward as the energy took the form of a white energy dragon’s head, similar in shape to Shenron, but with blue lightning eyes. “Mystic Dragon Fist!” Gohan screamed as his fist connected with Umbra’s face, punching a hole straight through. The dragon head shot off Gohan’s fist as its snake like body formed following it from Gohan’s outstretched arm. The dragon being mentally controlled by Gohan wrapped around the god cracking with blue lightning. It held Umbra in place as it twisted around tightening with each second. Gohan pulled his arm back as the last of the dragon’s tail formed following its path through the hole in Umbra’s head. Gohan brought his forearms up in front of him causing the dragon to explode into a blinding flash of white energy, and blue lightning. As he and Videl regained their sight nothing was left, just a giant indent where the creature had stood.
“Gohan!” Videl screamed as Gohan fell from the sky.
Videl caught him, looking him in the eyes “So how was it?” Gohan asked weakly.
“Truly amazing.” Videl said resting his head in her lap.
“Videl,” her eyes darted up from her unconscious boyfriend to Serena who was clutching her side as she limped towards her.
“Serena!” Videl said in shock as she darted at her friend catching her as she began to fall over. “Are you okay?”
“Not really,” Serena said smiling, “I could sure use Dende. Where is he?”
“Unconscious, just like the rest of them,” Videl said pointing at where Dende’s body lay.
“My healing may not be as good as his but it should get him up again,” Serena said as she stood back up on her own two feet both hands extended forward. “Moon Healing Escalation,” Serena said as she was once again caught by Videl. The healing energy reached Dende as his eyes opened, coughing. He slowly sat up looking around the battlefield. Serena let out a smile as she fainted.
“Dende quick heal yourself so you can save them all,” Videl said in desperation.
“That’s not how my powers work Videl, I can’t heal myself,” Dende said as he got up slowly, using Videl as a crutch to heal each of their friends, slowly one by one they were almost all healed. Gohan carried Dende to Trunks, the only one left unconscious. Dende tried his hardest but nothing changed, “I can’t.” Dende said trying to catch his breath after exerting all his energy. “For some reason it’s as if his body is feeding off of what little energy he has left. What happened?” The whole group turned to Videl.
“He went Super Saiyan 3, and then eventually collapsed without being hit,” Videl retold as the group looked back towards Trunks.
“What, doesn’t he know that one body can’t support that level of energy output?” Gohan said in a panic. “Quick Dende we’ve got to get him back to the Lookout so you can fix him.” Without wasting a minute Dende opened a portal and the group travelled back to the lookout. Gohan was first through the portal and before the rest had even finished coming through Gohan was landing back on the platform, a small bag in hand. “Here Dende eat this,” Gohan said flicking a small bean at his buddy, while Uub placed Trunks on a bed created by the now present Mr. Popo. Gohan sped over to Trunks and put the bean in his mouth forcing him to chew and swallow it. By this time Dende had regained much of his health and walked over to Trunks. “Quick you`ve got to save him.”
“Gohan, it’s ok,” Videl said walking up to Gohan, “If he dies we can use the Dragon Balls to bring him back.”
“No we can’t that’s the problem,” Gohan said never taking his eyes off his friend from the past. “When I was training with Supreme Kai I saw my Dad go Super Saiyan 3 and asked why I didn’t just learn that to defeat Buu when it was explained to me. A sole living body cannot support that power output; slowly the body will begin to eat away at itself until there is nothing left, not even the Dragon Balls could bring the person back.” Videl grabbed onto his arm, placing her hand in his as he squeezed it. “Even after my full potential was unlocked Supreme Kai warned me that even I probably could not survive the transformation. Elder Kai then warned me that if I went Super Saiyan I could destroy planets with my energy output, warning me that not only would Super Saiyan 3 most likely kill me but would probably destroy the universe.” Videl looked in shock at the thought of the power levels Gohan was talking about emitting. She and Gohan had recently discovered in their studies of ki, that going Super Saiyan didn’t allow one to access more of their own power but was a form of ki control unique to Saiyan biology that allowed one to amplify their own power exponentially through almost mystic means.
“Are you saying that if he dies here,” Rei broke apart into tears, “that he will be gone forever.”
“No!” Dende said still attempting to heal Trunks, “I won’t let him die. Gohan go get Buu, his magic is needed.” Without a word Gohan released Videl’s hand and took off in a rocket like fashion in a brilliant white blast.

The group sat around Trunks’ bedside as Dende continued to heal him, when there was a pair of almost simultaneous sonic booms, all but Dende turned their head, covering their eyes as the wind blew their hair back. Gohan landed followed by Buu. “Buu, do you wish to help?” Dende asked.
“Buu help! Buu help!” Buu bounced around in an almost dance like fashion.
“Good,” Dende said breaking his healing stance. “I need you to transfer some of your energy to Trunks to make him feel better can you do that?”
“If you need extra Buu take mine?” Gohan added. Soon followed by everyone else present agreeing to give up some of their own energy as well. Buu began to concentrate as his head tail stood upright, pink lightning arced from it and into Trunks forehead.
“That’s great Buu just a little more, we need enough to feed the hunger” Dende said a smile finally forming on his face. “Just a bit more he’s almost fully healed.” He turned his head to see the hero slowly collapsing to the ground. “Buu!”
The group turned towards their pink friend, “Buu was saved by Spiky Glow Man, now Buu save other Spiky Glow Man. BUU BE HERO!” with that Buu fell to the ground and turned to pink energy. Uub’s eyes began to glow pink, the energy that was once Buu darted towards him, there was a blinding flash of pink light.
As the smoke cleared there was a new voice “I am Majin Uub, the true form of good Buu.” What stood before the group of heroes looked like a more muscular version of Uub who was now about the same age as Gohan. He wore Buu’s black vest and white pants, instead of Uub’s blue gi. Mina and Lita stood there hearts pounding in their eyes.
“My God!” Ami stood there her visor going berserk, “You’re so much more powerful then you were before.  You’ve easily out powered your old self. You’ve pushed into Rank 2.”
“Rank 2?” the group turned to see Trunks getting out of bed with Rei’s assistance. “What is Rank 2?” Trunks starred at Ami.
“Well Rank 2 is the second strongest rank in my visors computer system, in which I place our power levels.” Ami said as she typed on her little compact keyboard attached to her wrist. “In order of strength we have Rank 1 which is Gohan, a piece below that is Rank 2 which is Serena followed by Uub. Where Uub was is Rank 3 which is Mina followed by Trunks. Rank 4 is 17 followed by Rei, and Dende who are almost even and Lita. The lowest is Rank 5 which is lead by Videl, followed by me then Darien.” The group looked at her as they all realized where the stood in power rankings. They had all known it due to their ki sensing abilities but after it was put out there, there was a sense of awkwardness.
Gohan was the first to break the silence, “So whose up for some dinner?”
“Phff, easy for you to get over it huh, mister top rank all to yourself?” Videl said teasingly. “Come on you guys we can all go back to our place for dinner, if you want too?”
“Dinner,” Serena said as she and Gohan began to drool, thinking of the food. Soon the whole group took off into the skies in the direction of the duos house.
Videl turned to Gohan, “How did you know he wouldn’t heal from your mystic dragon fist?”
“It was Serena actually,” Gohan turned to Videl, “She informed me that Umbra couldn’t heal from her moon blast, at first i thought it was her specifically, and then it just hit me. What destroys living shadow; blinding light.” Gohan flew in front of her turning his back to his travelling direction, facing her as they flew, rubbing the back of his head, “It also helps that I completely destroyed his essence.” Gohan laughed.

Far across dimensions a being peered into a silver mirror, watching the events unfold, darkness surrounded the mirror shattering it, “Those children shall pay for the death of my brother.” A white mask came from the darkness, its red lipped mouth moving with each word “I promise Death will come for each of you.” The gapping black eye holes of the mask narrowed in furry.

Gohan and his friends sat around his table as they all ate, Gohan and Serena ate at a speed unmatched by most people, Darien and Videl looked over embarrassed sweat drops forming on their heads.
After the feast the group began a small celebration in honor of their victory, Lita cuddled up to 17 hearts twinkling in her eyes, “So are you going to join our group?”
“Not a chance,” 17 said as he stood up and walked out of the dome house without anyone noticing, due to the victory celebration.
Lita chased him outside, “17 wait.” He turned to face her, “I want you to join us,” with these words 17 moved closer, and Lita closed her eyes reading herself for his kiss. SWOOSH she opened her eyes and 17 was gone, just a twinkle in the sky where he flew off. “I will get you some day 17,” Lita said determination in her eyes.

Showdown at Shadow Palace
Weeks Later and New Lives